Sheila Rae, the Brave

KINDLE Sheila Rae, The Brave Author Kevin Henkes Written And Illustrated By Kevin Henkes, The Nationally Bestselling And Celebrated Creator Of Lilly S Purple Plastic Purse, Owen, And Kitten S First Full Moon, Shelia Rae, The Brave Is A Warm, Humorous, And Loving Story Of Sibling Sympathy And Support Just Because Sheila Rae Is Older, She Doesn T Always Know Better I Am Very Brave, Sheila Rae Said, Patting Herself On The Back She Wasn T Afraid Of Anything Not Thunder, Not Lightning, Not The Big Black Dog At The End Of The Block And When She Wanted To Walk Home A New Way And Louise Wouldn T, She Called Her Sister A Scaredy Cat And Set Out Alone But All The Bravado In The World Failed To Help When Sheila Rae Found Herself Lost Luckily, Her Sister Was Not Far Behind Children Will Love It School Library JournalSupports The Common Core State StandardsSheila Rae, the Brave

Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.

PDF ✎ Sheila Rae, the Brave Author Kevin Henkes –
  • Hardcover
  • Sheila Rae, the Brave
  • Kevin Henkes
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9780688071554

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    This was an old standby that I read many times to and with kids in the early 90s I just reread it so I could review it here on Goodreads.I see why it was so popular and why it was so much fun for me to read All the things Sheila Rae isn t afraid of are things kids are going to be afraid of at times, and what eventually frightens Sheila Rae is a fear with which every child can identify Sheila Rae and her sister Louise show kids that everyone is sometimes brave and everyone is scared sometimes too.The illustrations are adorable and had me smiling throughout.This is a wonderful book to read with siblings, particularly older and young sisters.It s done in play so I should not take offense, but with this reading I was slightly taken aback and admit I was a tad disturbed when Sheila Rae growled at stray dogs and bared her teeth at stray cats, scaring both Otherwise, she...

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    I wasn t quite as touched by this one as I usually am by Henkes work, but it s still quite worthy of a read Here we have the big sister, Sheila Rae, who is not afraid of anything And we have the little sister who is always looking up to Sheila Rae and always in her shad...

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    I read this all by myself today I liked how Sheila Rae thought she was brave, but her sister was really the one who was bravest.

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    I like how the book turned everything on its head, although the character s personalities seemed to switch It was interesting, but didn t make much sense However, I thought it was great and am adding Kevin Henkes to my list of authors to check out.

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    This is such a cute book about a brave little mouse who stands up to anything, until she gets lost Her sister who Sheila Rae believes is not brave, comes to the rescue and saves her I like this book because it reinforces th...

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    What a sweet,convincing personified animal story A lot of what Henkes does is subtle but carries you through the story the text is laid out with two or three illustrations on a page when he wants to move you along in a quick pace and then full page when there is something to linger on He hooked me to the premise of her being brave when he starts the story showing her standing on a chair to kiss a spider suspended from the ceiling He does so much with tilt of a head, facial expressions that help you embrace the mice as real people as well as their actions little sister Louise covering her eyes with her boths, peeking out from under a tablecloth As Sheila Rae continuously proves how brave she is by stepping on cracks on the sidewalk, riding her bike with her eyes closed, etc her little sister just looks on Until Sheila Rae decides to take a new way home from school and takes off, after accusing her sister of always being a scaredy cat am not, whispered Louise She does all sort of brave looking t...

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    Sheila Rae, the Brave is a children s book written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes and it is about how a brave little mouse named Sheila Rae tells everyone that she is not afraid of anything, at least until she gets lost in the woods when she tried to find a new way home Sheila Rae, the Brave is an unforgettable classic that children both young and old will cherish for many years to come Kevin Henkes has brilliantly written and illustrated the charming story about Sheila Rae showing everyone how brave she is and how her younger sister Louise eventually showed her that she does not have to be brave by herself Kevin Henkes makes the theme of the story worthwhile since Sheila Rae claims that she is not afraid of anything and even calls Louise a scaredy cat because Louise was always afraid of everything But, when Sheila Rae is lost in the woods, it is her sister Louise who comes to the rescue, proving that the power of love is enough courage for anyone Kevin Henkes illustrations are colorful and cute as the main characters are mice, which is evident in most of his books The illustration that I loved the most was the illustration of Sheila Rae and Louise hugging each other after Sheila Rae gets lost in the woods since it shows how much the two care for e...

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    There is a point of brave and there is a point of stupidI don t think Shelia Rae is all that brave, she is kind of tempting fate She is a little reckless Why not just play with fire I am fearless Play chicken on a train track I am brave I like the elements of overcoming fears, but her bravery gets her in trouble I don t think the author meant to portray that careless element but it is there It is suppose to be Brav...

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    This book made me cringe The things Sheila Rae did were rarely brave Mostly inconsiderate or dangerous I don t think many children would understand why stepping on sidewalk crack would make you brave A bit of a dated concept Not a book my son could connect to.

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    Mommy says Kevin Henkes is just dandy Here s a story about a very brave big sister who learns just how brave her timid little sister is Younger siblings will love this.

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