Herzog Author Saul Bellow Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Solo Nella Grande Vecchia Casa Di Campagna, L Ebreo Moses Elkanah Herzog Alter Ego Dell Autore Scrive Febbrilmente Lettere Su Lettere Agli Amici, Alla Famiglia, Persino A Morti Illustri A Tutti Pone Quesiti Sull Esistenza Personaggio Quanto Mai Contradditorio, Portavoce Delle Inquietudini Intellettuali Dell Americano Dopo Kennedy, Egli Non Ha La Risposta Al Mistero Della Vita Spoglio Di Ogni Romantica Illusione, Herzog Un Umiliato Che Va Fiero Della Propria Umiliazione, E Nel Disastro Delle Sua Vita Si Sente Tuttavia Fiducioso.Herzog

Saul Bellow was born in Lachine, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal, in 1915, and was raised in Chicago He attended the University of Chicago, received his Bachelor s degree from Northwestern University in 1937, with honors in sociology and anthropology, did graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, and served in the Merchant Marines during World War II.Mr Bellow s first novel, Dangling Man, was p

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  • Hardcover
  • 415 pages
  • Herzog
  • Saul Bellow
  • Italian
  • 12 February 2017
  • 9788481305395

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    Dear Saul,I m afraid it s over I can no longer have you on my favorite authors list No, no let go of F Scott s sleeve You re only making this harder than it needs to be I want to tell you how much I loved Henderson the Rain King One of my favorites It was so full of wit and energy Then I had to go and read this piece of crap, Herzog Whereas Henderson was an adventure, this was just a big long bitch session Hey, give Borges back his cane Yes, fine maybe it s me In fact I m sure it is Just like songs with melodies I can easily whistle, I need books with plots where things happen I m just not smart enough to be satisfied with the philosophy laden interior monologues that comprise most of this book 416 pages, for chrissakes I mean I can t make heads or tails of this passage Whereas a man like me has shown the arbitrary withdrawal of proud sub...

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    Herzog is one of Bellow s most enduring characters and this is one of his best books When not screwing up his life, his letters to people real, dead and imaginary kept me laughing the entire time I loved how despite everything, there is a feeling of exuberance about life in this book and it made me want to go back and read it again in a year Highly entertaining, there is never a du...

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    During the time I was reading Herzog, NPR coincidentally ran one of its You Must Read This pieces, this one by Jeffrey Eugenides and touting Saul Bellow s novel In the piece, Eugenides says There s a little thing I do when I can t write When I m feeling sleepy, when my head is in a fog, I reach across my desk, digging under the piles of unanswered mail, to unearth my copy of Herzog by Saul Bellow And then I open the book anywhere and read a paragraph.It always works Right away I m restored to full alertness and clarity Style, in literature, has gone out of style People think it s just ornament But it s not The work that goes into a writer s style, the choices that are taken, the cliches that are chucked, represent a refining of thought and feeling into their purest, most intelligent, most moral form.The danger with great stylists such as Bellow, Eugenides says, is that the style can overshadow the substance Bellow, he argues, successfully avoids this potential pitfall His sentences pack maximum sensual, emotional and intellectual information into minimum s...

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    Herzog, Saul BellowHerzog is a 1964 novel by Saul Bellow, composed in large part of letters from the protagonist Moses E Herzog It won the U.S National Book Award for Fiction and the Prix International In 2005, Time magazine named it one of the 100 ...

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    This book has warts oh, does it have warts Like Moses Herzog himself, this book is marred and marked with warts But it is a book of genius nonetheless and not just in parts, but in whole in scope and in depth I rarely write reviews about fiction I m not a literary type One of the very few I ve written worth reading is that of The Sun Also Rises Fiction is not amenable to the type of analysis that comes most naturally to me Besides, I ve only been reading fiction, after a long hiatus, for a year or two so really , what s to say But since most of my GR friends who liked this book have not commented on it while those who have, mostly don t like it I feel I need to say something in defense of poor Herzog.When I started this, I had the sinking feeling I had when I tried to read Henderson, The Rain King many, many years ago Something just didn t click Bellow s names sound indeed, they are artificial something that bugs me no end in a book and it s hard to construct a universe in the opening pages, in any event so that one has doubts early on And so, I almost gave up But that would have been a great mistake For this is a large book, a book written in grandi dimensioni.Andre Gide I think it was commented about Dostoevsky that, in his novels, ideas became fles...

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    The Noble LionMoses Herzog is an academic, an individual who is used to seeing himself as a prince, a noble, a patrician, a patriarch He s not a plebeian He s not upwardly mobile He believes he s already at the peak He s somebody who stands out from the crowd He has dignity.He displays the pride of the peacock, the lust of the goat, and the wrath of the lion Of these three characteristics, the most significant is that he is leonine the ultimate compliment Saul Bellow would ever pay anyone, as he did William Gaddis , a king of the jungle.Herzog is ensconced in the world of culture, ideas, ideologies, philosophy and metaphysics He has published a well received monograph entitled Romanticism and Christianity. However, his career seems to have stalled, at least partly as a result of tensions in his personal relationships I am a specialist in spiritual self awareness or emotionalism or ideas or nonsense The Broken Down MonarchBy the time we meet Herzog, he has been married twice Daisy and Madeleine , divorced once and now separated a second time, as the result of his cuckolding by a former close friend, t...

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    This is without a doubt my favorite book by Saul Bellow I am not sure it will speak to everybody, but it certainly spoke to ne It captures the world of an educated, liberal, East Coast professor He goes by the name of Moses E Herzog, and yes, he is from a Jewish family He is having a midlife crisis, has just gone through a second divorce and is looking back on his life He is writing letters to friends, relatives and public figures, some dead and some alive But these letters are NOT sent and the further one goes the less do they even resemble letters What he is doing is reminiscing, sizing up his life, determining in what direction he will go next The year is 1964.I liked this book as much as I did because the East Coast of the 1950s and 1960s is familiar to me Psychiatry, Martin Buber, and talk and opinions and talk and opinions about all that is happening around one feels natural to me Everyone has a view on everything and one s views must be expressed What is described is the world of my parents and my own youth Herzog spends time in New York City, Massachusetts, Montreal, Martha s Vineyard and Chicago too What was in the news, what people were talking about, how people dealt with life then is all here I liked the progression of the novel where it starts and where it ends Herzog s next step is n...

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    Most of us have one big advantage over rich people and fictional characters when it comes to dealing with our personal issues For example, look at Moses Herzog in this book Herzog goes through an ugly divorce, and his circumstances allow him to wallow in his misery and behave erratically for months I m sure any of us in similar circumstances would like to put our lives on hold as we picked at our emotional scabs while ignoring our jobs and taking trips across Europe However, most of us don t get that luxury Those are usually the times when we can least afford to screw up so even though all you really want to do is hide under the covers or drink heavily or eat ice cream or drink heavily while eating ice cream under the covers, we gotta get up and go to work And pay the bills And do the laundry And get the oil changed in the car.And that s to our advantage Because getting over something like a divorce means moving on, even if you re faking it half the time Eventually, you re not faking it any, you are actually living your life, and that s how you finally recover Or you just completely lose your shit and end u...

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    Ma io non ci sono pi Bellow pensa che l anima sia un impedimento se sei felice, nascondilo e se il tuo cuore pieno, chiudi la bocca Il suo protagonista, Moses E Herzog, ama le donne con tutto l essere ne attratto, affascinato, ammaliato La sua brama del corpo femminile tale da ingelosire gli d i Fare sesso un atto da buon cittadino Ma la sua natura gli causa dolore ammette e nega il male nello stesso tempo, riluttante e feroce, vuole avere tutto ma ha compassione del possesso La sofferenza che Moses prova non accresce il suo credito morale, una forma estesa di vita, un antidoto all illusione Herzog in crisi perch Madeleine divorzia nel tradimento e in pi si rivolge al suo stesso psichiatra e al suo stesso avvocato del resto, sempre Moses a causare l unione tra moglie e amante Herzog viaggia tra New York e Chicago, tra Martha s Vineyard e le Berkshires Ha due figli ed malinconicamente disordinato, figlio di un contrabbandiere di liquori La sua carriera di studioso in un vuoto temporale, Herzog si interroga per trovare qualche risposta, un sopravvissuto e commette innumerevoli errori Si perde nell irrazionalit e riscopre il valore di cose rare, dimenticate e rinnegate Segue percorsi metafisici in un isolame...

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    To all the people that watched my brave struggle with this book I dedicate this review to you.I have really mixed feelings about this one Was it an absolute struggle to read Did I fall asleep after a page or two many times Was I wishing I was reading something else, something were things actually happened, like, I don t know say The Dark Desires Of the Druids III Desert and Destiny The answer to all these questions is yes.Now, was I reading it with a pencil in my hand underlining sentences so I can put them as facebook updates later on Did I think the opening line If I am out of my mind, it s all right with me, thought Moses Herzog was the best opening line I ve read in a while Did I think it was exceptionally well written Did I admire Bellow for going on for over 300 pages about absolutely nothing an...

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