Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America's Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

KINDLE Master Detective The Life And Crimes Of Ellis Parker, America S Real Life Sherlock Holmes Author John Reisinger Fascinating Reading For True Crime Buffs And Mystery Fans Alike Max Allan Collins Known As The Greatest Detective In The World, Ellis Parker Was The American Sherlock Holmes Who Solved Ninety Eight Percent Of The Murders He Pursued Yet His Illustrious Forty Year Career Ended Tragically In Prison, Where He Died On The Very Eve Of Certain Presidential Pardon Here Is A Riveting Account Of The Ultimate Sleuth, A Man Who Solved His First Crime As A Teen By Nabbing The Thief Who Stole His Father S Horse And Buggy Drawing On The Emerging Discipline Of Psychology And His Uncanny Deductive Skills, Parker Was A Profiler Long Before The Term Existed, And Often Apprehended Criminals Without Ever Leaving His Desk Then Came The Kidnapping Of Charles Lindbergh S Baby Son In 1932 From That Moment Things Began To Go Wrong Terribly Wrong As Parker Pushed Himself Past The Bounds Of Law In Pursuit Of The Truth A Fascinating Look At America In The Early Years Of A Tumultuous Century, Master Detective Paints A Long Overdue Portrait Of An Exceptionally Talented And Driven Man Who, In The End, Stopped At Nothing In His Quest For Justice A Riveting Read In Reisinger, America S Real Life Sherlock Holmes Has Found His Watson John LutzMaster Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America's Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

John Reisinger is a former Coast Guard officer and engineer, who writes on historic incidents and themes He is the author of Master Detective, the true story of detective Ellis Parker and his controversial involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping investigation Max Allan Collins called Master Detective Fascinating reading for true crime buffs and mystery fans alike John also writes the Max Hurl

[Epub] ↠ Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America's Real-Life Sherlock Holmes Author John Reisinger –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America's Real-Life Sherlock Holmes
  • John Reisinger
  • English
  • 18 August 2019
  • 9780806527505

10 thoughts on “Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America's Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

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    I picked this up in hardback from a dollar store Was not sure what I was going to get Turns out this is a good book One aspect of history that I enjoy is the small stories with the large stories People will always remember the big picture, but not the details This book not only gives a good biography on someone lost in history, but adds another aspect to the Lindbergh kidnapping.With giving the biography of Ellis Parker, not only are we introduced who to someo...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book However, the main reason is I lived in Mt Holly and knew Ellis Parker Jr and his second wife, Betty They were two of the nicest people I have ever known The writer, John Reisinger, did a fine job of telling this story I have been gone from Mt Holly for a long time and...

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    Most impressive to me in reading Reisinger s book is learning of the birth of modern criminology in the early 20th century Brighter minds pored deeply into cases and gathered from increasingly broader pools of research and shared law enforcement libraries of criminal cases, ultimately developing the tool of fingerprinting and creating a national law enforcement database to aid in the apprehending and prosecuting suspects The central character of Master Det...

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    Meticulous recounting of the life and criminal detection career of Ellis Parker Parker s otherwise amazing and exemplary life was marred by his fixation on finding the real kidnapper of the Lindbergh baby He believed a man named Paul Wendel was the actual culprit and that Bruno Hauptmann was innocent He has Wendel kidnapped and tortured into making a confession, which Wendel repudiates at the first opportunity Parker s crew of kidnappers include his son, Ellis, Jr and several gangsters Parker s son, employees and law enforcement associates have sufficient faith in Parker the detective and Parker the man that they aid and abet his efforts, probably experiencing some head shaking doubts along the way Parker had, earlier in his career, kidnapped a suspect to bring him back to Parker s jurisdiction in New Jersey The man was convicted and there was no doubt about his guilt Technically illegal, but morally justifiable, but a slippery slope In Wendel s case, concurrent with the fantastic muddle that was the Lindbergh case, it is much less clear that Wendel played any role at all other than previously teasing Parker about inside knowledge and possible...

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    Kind of surprised this one is fairly unknown Very interesting main character He really is the a real life Sherlock Holmes The book goes through a good 150 pages of little stories about the crimes he solved It could be made into a solid couple of seasons for TV The latter half ...

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    Impossible for me not to love the idea of this book True Crime, History, Lindbergh, Lindbergh Kidnapping, Detective, a Hero brought low by his own transgressions Great stuff I m in And the book delivered.Really incredible to me for such a respected and revered figure to exhibit extremely poor judgement, and t...

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    This book is great historical biographical account of one of the greatest real life detectives to ever live Hailed as the Real Life Sherlock Holmes , Ellis Parker had an uncanny and brilliant capacity for reasoning and deduction This particular account of Ellis Parker s career specifically involves the world famous kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby.From an uncanny and...

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    An interesting read Ellis Parker was definitely a smart and deductive thinker The ending threw a curve ball in how I thought Ellis would spend his remaining years If you find criminal justice interesting, give this book a read.

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    Pretty good book for one I picked up at the dollar store The life of Ellis Parker with his periphral involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping.

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    Another amateur historical work, by a Minnesota author a side character in the Lindbergh kidnappings, a regionally big time detective whose interference really didn t help.

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