Children of Andromeda: Lords of the Sea

Children Of Andromeda Lords Of The Sea Ebook Author Kaitlyn OConnor Were They Destined To Be Enemies Or To Bridge The Gap Between Their Two Races And Bring Peace To A World Gone Mad Sentinel Raen Knew The Intruder Needed Air, But His Body Was Of A Different Mind When Cassie Clung To Him Like A Limpet And Demanded His Mouth Each Time He Pulled Away And He Discovered He Was In No Particular Hurry To Get His Captive To The Holding Cell They D Set Up For The Human Intruders And In No Hurry To Release The Captives When They D Learned What They Could From Them Because He Discovered He Didn T Want To Let Cassie Go At All The Irony Of Falling For A Woman Born Of The Race He D Despised Wasn T Lost On Raen, But He Discovered The Spark That Ignited Between The Two Of Them With Their First Kiss Wasn T Something To Be Denied Or Easily Extinguished Rating Spicy Carnal Adult Situations And Language, Graphic Sexual Scenes And Graphic Violence Genre Futuristic Romance.Children of Andromeda: Lords of the Sea

Stats Kaitlyn has written and completed nearly 140 intellectual properties under several pen names in different genres She has written over 8,000,000 yes, than 8 million words in published works She has nearly 50 partials in various genres in various stages of completion 0 In 2004 she wrote 27 different stories which, together, amounted to nearly a million printed words Howeve

➷ Children of Andromeda: Lords of the Sea Free ➭ Author Kaitlyn O'Connor –
  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Children of Andromeda: Lords of the Sea
  • Kaitlyn O'Connor
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9781452850603

10 thoughts on “Children of Andromeda: Lords of the Sea

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    An interesting take on Atlantis and who what lived there Also contains a tongue in cheek I hope rant on humanity and politics today All this is an erotic story

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    The other books by this author were heavy on the erotica, this is almost romance than anything else I would even say that it doesn t even need the erotica label, unless of course the author wants it for sales or something Cassie goes on a real date with a guy she met on an Internet dating service His idea of a first date is to take her scuba diving for the first time ever for her with a group of people When the boat stalls out, everyone except her goes down to find out what the blue lights in the ocean are She goes to find them after being left alone and literally bumps into Raen, at the same time his statis ends He s an Atlantean, who were actually aliens looking for a home He likes her than is good for him and she has ...

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    I loved it but the reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is because of the ending it s an hea but it ended so abruptly it feels unfinished like there was so much to be said but wasn t

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    This book had it all We begin with a group of divers in the deep sea, a woman a bit too desperate to settle down who accept a first date from her online boyfriend and of course, the worst happens, no power and a storm coming When they discover the lost city of Atlantis, it is not a ruin, is is not only a city and its inhabitants are definitely not myths or dead.Big surprise here with aliens that were actually asleep in the middle of the ocean for thousands of year, aliens that are the origins of the mermaid tale I loved this book for a lot of reasons the originality, the mix of genres romance, supernatural, suspense and science fiction I also loved the different characters Both humans and Atlanteans are very well defined, have all the own personality and view on the present situation and all react ...

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    I have a strange relationship with Ms O Connor s books I either love them or find them boring to death None than Lords of the Sea, though As usual the story world is interesting, but in itself, it doesn t save the book I dragged it along as a very, very tired mule might drag along its dastardly of an owner with resentment and tiredly I didn t care about the plot, about t...

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    Much better than title implies good Sci fi it s not paranormal.Enjoyed story except for a small bit at end regarding the romantic outcomes of supporting characters, view spoiler dude I can accept all the male...

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    Cassie annoyed the hell out of me So much so, it detracted from my enjoyment I found her shrill, self centered and immature at some points Raen definitely deserved better I wish the plot had expanded on the mermaid elements Their scenes together were steamy But the ending was really abrupt.

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    liked it This is a romance for adults.The thought processes of the H and h kept the story interesting I would read it again for the HEA.Was a big problem with wrong words being used chose for choose, royalty for royally, liar for lair, etc would give one star if it was proofread.

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    Cue Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown and you sum up the relationship between these characters all the way to the end, they did not communicate I found the story very interesting, though I d have liked a few questions answered at the end.

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    Loved it

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