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PDF Epub Pay For Play Author Ronald A Smith In An Era When College Football Coaches Frequently Command Higher Salaries Than University Presidents, Many Call For Reform To Restore The Balance Between Amateur Athletics And The Educational Mission Of Schools This Book Traces Attempts At College Athletics Reform From 1855 Through The Early Twenty First Century While Analyzing The Different Roles Played By Students, Faculty, Conferences, University Presidents, The NCAA, Legislatures, And The Supreme Court Pay For Play A History Of Big Time College Athletic Reform Also Tackles Critically Important Questions About Eligibility, Compensation, Recruiting, Sponsorship, And Rules Enforcement Discussing Reasons For Reform To Combat Corruption, To Level The Playing Field, And To Make Sports Accessible To Minorities And Women Ronald A Smith Candidly Explains Why Attempts At Change Have Often Failed Of Interest To Historians, Athletic Reformers, College Administrators, NCAA Officials, And Sports Journalists, This Thoughtful Book Considers The Difficulty In Balancing The Principles Of Amateurism With The Need To Draw Income From Sporting Events.Pay for Play

Ronald A Smith is Professor Emeritus of Exercise and Sport Science at Pennsylvania State University He has written, edited, or collaborated on several books on sport history.

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  • 09 May 2019
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    This book needed editing the U of Illinois should be ashamed of the repetitions and solecisms, overlooking Mother Hubbard the dress as reference to the nursery rhyme, lightening for lightning, etc I should have finished reading this three days ago if the unnecessary repetitions had been eliminated.The subtitle misleads as the book, excellent in its historical survey and detail in presenting failed attempts at reform, proves the opposite true The only successful interventions in the past 160 years have been Title IX legislation and Affirmative Action along with court rulings which have supported their intent.Initially begun and run by students, intercollegiate competition has passed to boards of trustees, boosters, and presidents but actually is ruled by money The faculty has been effectively cut out of the equation.Smith offers no hope for effective reform arising from any source but the federal government, at this late date You may look long and hard at Congress to find someone who cares for ethical standards and believes in education in the liberal sense.The book made me regret that, in three terms as a faculty senate president, I never even thought of adding a committee to deal with the athletic situation on campus there was a college committee charged with that responsibility, but it was stacked with jock sniffers as the faculty senate might have been.I can recollect one year in which, by accident I am sure, I taught an intro...

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    This book highlights attempts at college athletics reform from 1850s through the early 2000s while analyzing the different roles played by student, athletes, coaches, and the NCAA I only read this book because I had a college informational essay that required me to use...

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    A phenomenally well researched book with an incredible ability to stay on task While it can be a bit dry at times, and the lack of diversity in schools discussed can be frustrating at times, the dutiful work is on display on every single page I look forward to utilizing this in PhD work in ...

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