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PDF Epub The Report Jessica Francis Kane A Stunning First Novel That Is An Evocative Re Imagining Of A World War II Civilian DisasterOn A March Night In 1943, On The Steps Of A London Tube Station, 173 People Die In A Crowd Seeking Shelter From What Seemed To Be Another Air Raid When The Devastated Neighborhood Demands An Inquiry, The Job Falls To Magistrate Laurence Dunne.In This Beautifully Crafted Novel, Jessica Francis Kane Paints A Vivid Portrait Of London At War As Dunne Investigates, He Finds The Truth To Be Precarious, Even Damaging When He Is Forced To Reflect On His Report Several Decades Later, He Must Consider Whether The Course He Chose Was The Right One The Report Is A Provocative Commentary On The Way All Tragedies Are Remembered And Endured.The Report

JESSICA FRANCIS KANE is the author of The Report Graywolf, 2010 , a finalist for the 2010 Flaherty Dunnan First Novel Prize from the Center for Fiction and a Barnes Noble Discover pick She is also the author of the story collections Bending Heaven Counterpoint, 2002 and This Close Graywolf, 2013 , which was an NPR best book of the year and a finalist for The Story Prize Her stories h

[KINDLE] ❂ The Report Author Jessica Francis Kane –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Report
  • Jessica Francis Kane
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9781846272790

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    After putting off this book for almost a year I finally decided to give this one a go This is such a gripping novel about a horrific incident that took place in 1943 in Bethnal Green tube station 173 people were...

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    The greatest experience you can have as a reader is to entrust yourself to an author you have never heard of before, to read a book about which you know nothing, and to be rewarded for this leap of faith with a glorious read I have no idea why I put this book on my to read list nor indeed any memory of how it actually reached my bookshelf I suspect my wife despite her denials sneaked it in the to read bookshelf in an ongoing quest to widen my blinkered horizons The story is a sparse and understated account of the Bethnal Green Tube disaster where a stampede occured in 1943, when a crowd surged into the station seeking protection from German bombers In the ensuing inquiry the magistrate initially seeks to apportion responsibility but is forced into making decisions based not on the facts but on what he judges as the most healing of answers.I loved this book for so so many reasons The style is so crisp, a clinic on how to let the images conveyed deliver the emotional force without resorting to cheap gimmicks or purple prose I cannot remember a book since Alone in Berlin by falleda which so exposes the gut wrenching misery of war st...

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    This is the story of an accident that claimed the lives of one hundred seventy three Londoners at the entrance to an air raid shelter on the evening of March 3, 1943 and of how individuals, a community, and a government dealt with its aftermath It is a novel based on an actual incident during World War II Kane leads us to an understanding of the accident by following the conduct of the official inquiry into its causes and the preparation of a documentary on The Report of the inquiry thirty years afterward In coming to this understanding, we also begin to see that events of a disastrous or catostrophic nature are seldom the result of a single cause and thus defy the justification of laying the blame at any one individual s or group s feet despite the desire of some to find who s ass to kick The story also highlights the fact that, after such an incident, almost everyone involved wishes to hide some aspect of it whether for selfish reasons or noble whether for actual guilt or merely...

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    This is a fictionalized look at an event that really happened 173 really did die, suddenly and unexpectedly, in a London air raid shelter during WWII So With a book like this, where you know Something Bad is going to happen, the question is only When The author teases things out, gets us invested in the characters and their lives, making note of tiny little details that might seem important or tragic later, and the suspense is all built up by the reader wondering when when when is this Bad Thing going to happen This book is absolutely nothing like that The Bad Thing happen so fast it s actually shocking I was like Wait, what It s happening I m not ready Brilliant, right True to life The Bad Thing happens, and we spend the book taking it apart, and seeing what happened to the people afterward It s a slow fade, rather than a cymbal crash The writing is absolutely stunning, and it s remarkable that Kane is able to find little moments of grace and beauty in a story that is so, so, so, so sad It s brutal I don t even know how a person writes a story like this A mother who lost one of her two children in the crush says I think I could endure anything I m not even scared If I died I would miss Tilly, but I feel as though I have a child on each side of an abyss now and death wou...

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    This novel was fascinating to me I love wartime set stories and this one drew me in because it s based on a true event I enjoyed how many themes were included guilt, blame, grief hindsight and how sometimes the truth isn t always best Just wish the novel was longer.

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    The Bethnal Green Tube shelter disaster took place on the evening of Wednesday March 3, 1943 173 people died in a terrifying crush as panic spread through the crowds of people trying to enter the station s bomb shelter in the East End of London.However, no bomb struck and not a single casualty was the direct result of military aggression, making it the deadliest civilian incident of World War Two Jessica Francis Kane, read the full historical transcript of the enquiry into this, the worst civilian disaster of the Second World War, and she used what she read as the basis of her debut novel, a wonderfully vivid picture of people living through the event and its aftermath.She tells her story through a number of characters A mother who lost her younger daughter her elder daughter, who survived but would not speak the warden of the shelter, devastated by what has happened a young man who was delayed, who wonders if he might have been able to make a difference a vicar, looking for answers, wanting to offer comfort and supportAll of their stories are beautifully observed, with just the right details picked to illuminate those lives A hand held t...

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    I was intrigued as to what an American author s take on this English wartime tragedy would be Her source material was a government commissioned inquiry, later published by HMSO in book form At first it seemed too dry, but actually her approach works very well The main character is JP Laurie Dunne, author of the report, but it also focuses on others involved in the case Without resorting to Spirit of the Blitz cliche, Jessi...

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    A compelling read Like following a thread you can t take your eyes from as slowly Kane builds tension Beautifully written with passages that are so good you have to read them again for the pure pleasure of the language I highly recommend it

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    It s a risky, unexpected move for a novel about a historical tragedy to focus not on the action of the event, but rather the bureaucratic reconstruction and presentation of it, but Jessica Francis Kane pulls it off It s impressive how smoothly The Report balances direct engagement of questions about historical construction, textuality, and authorship with a keen, humane, but never sentimental focus on the lives at stake in how the Bethnal Green tragedy gets remembered.I ve probably made it sound terribly academic with that description, because of how softly the novel s self awareness lay on the page There are multiple reminders that this history is constructed, fiction rather than fact, but it s always organic to the character s experience rather than didactic authorial insertions For instance, a character is asked why she has taken up drawing, and replies that,since the bombing had started, people had spent a lot of time saying, It s unimaginable, but she thought they meant, I hadn t imagined it before this Her blue eyes steady and dry, she said, I will I ll draw and remember and I won t be surprised again There are sparrows maimed by bombs but rebuilding their nest, and there s a quilt of the Ger...

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    The Report is a fictional version of the events leading up to, and the inquiry into, the Bethnal Green Tube Station disaster which occurred on 3rd March 1943, when 173 people died.The novel looks into the lives of some of the people involved in the disaster, focussing particularly on the Magistrate Laurence Dunne who was appointed to handle the inquiry, a local family who lost one of their children in the disaster, a Clerk working for the Council, one of the wardens whose job it was to maintain the shelter, and a local clergyman.Most of the novel is set in 1943, dealing with the events immediately after the disaster which is covered only briefly towards the start of the novel and in quite a subdued manner , and in the days following the tragedy It is interspersed with an interview between a young reporter called Paul and the now very elderly Laurence Dunne, in 1973, in preparation for a television documentary retrospective on the 30th anniversary of the disas...

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