Rachmaninoff Free Author S.L Armstrong Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Editorial Reviews I Love Rachmaninoff And The Writing Of S.L Armstrong And K Piet In The Beginning, I Was Unsure If The Story Would Be Strong Enough To Keep Me Interested, But I Soon Realized Rachmaninoff Has Than What It Takes I Love The Slow Formation Of Their Relationship And The Erotic Love They Come To Share The Coming Together Of These Two Extremely Strong Men Is So Realistic Yet Romantic, And I Would Recommend That You Give The Words Of Rachmaninoff A Listen Delane, Coffee Time Romance The Authors Have Done An Excellent Job Mixing The Old World Vampire With The Modern One Readers Have Become Familiar With Rachmaninoff Spans A Period Of Several Years, And Is At Times Dark And Intense Yet Watching Aric And Nikola Find Their Way Will Keep You Turning The Pages I Was Happy With The Way The Authors Wrapped Up The Story And Will Than Likely Read It Again Literary Nymphs I Found This Book To Be A Fascinating Amalgam Of History, Character Development, Romance And Just Plain Human Interest And I Was Somewhat Surprised, Although Pleasantly So, To Find Myself Eager To Just Sit And Absorb As I Read EBook Addict ReviewsBook Description Nineteen Year Old Aric Reynolds Has Spent Most Of His Life In Boarding Schools, Summer Camps, Or On Tour As A Prodigy With The Piano His Wealthy Parents Have Never Had Time For Him, And After A Failed Year At College, They Have Decided On A Final Course Of Action Aric Is Brought To Nikola Jovanovi S Beautiful, Sprawling Manor In Serbia.Nikola Is Known The World Around As A Master In Music, Unsurpassed By Any, But Terribly Reclusive For One Year, Aric Is To Be His Student, But In The Modern Day, It Is Easy For Aric To Learn Nikola S Secrets With A Dark Shadow Lurking From Nikola S Past And Aric S Stubborn, Promiscuous Nature, The Sexual Tension Between The Pair Simply Explodes, And Aric S Very Mortal Life Is Held In The Balance.Rachmaninoff

Support S.L Armstrong K Piet on Patreon S.L Armstrong has been writing for as long as she can remember Art and reading have played a large part in her life since young childhood, but around fourteen, writing became her passion Voraciously consuming every book in front of her opened up hundreds of worlds in her head, and she soon wanted to create worlds for other people as well She has a particular fondness for gothic horror, horror, high fantasy, urban fantasy, and romance novels The authors she turns to time and again are Stephen King, L.J Smith, V.C Andrews, R.L Stine, and Anne Rice, among others She has no shame in picking up the young adult novels she loved as a child, and she will talk your ear off about grammar and punctuation.After she married her husband over seventeen years ago, she began to truly delve into the world of writing for public consumption It was sheer chance that she stumbled on M M fanfiction, and she s not looked back Though fanfiction will always have a fond place in her heart, she soon grew tired of playing in other people s sandboxes When she discovered M M romance, and how it was now a legitimate branch of romance writing, she knew her course S.L plans to release F F, M M, M F, and multiple partner books as she continues her writing career M M romance is where her heart lies, no matter what else she may write or read, and it s where she keeps returning to There is something about two men passionately in love that just makes her heart melt, and she has no intention of giving that up anytime soon.S.L Armstrong lives in Florida with her husband, partner, two dogs, and twelve cats She hates the heat and longs for a northern, snowy climate She writes with K Piet on a number of projects, but she also writes her own solitary titles as well.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Rachmaninoff
  • S.L. Armstrong
  • English
  • 10 November 2019

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    A disappointing read There s a fair amount of style and polish to the writing here, and I think these writers are talented, but the story is a simple and familiar one and at 240 pages it felt bloated and unwieldy An aggressive edit with an eye to streamlining and freshening would have done amazing things for this.On the plus side, the vampires ARE vampires There is blood here and violence I liked the framework of music although I do feel like I ve seen this a thousand times and I liked the Serbian setting, and wish had been done to draw on the distinctive qualities of that country ButThis book is twice to thrice as long as it should be and pretty much marches from point A to point B without any surprises or reversals No unexpeected development or invention in all its length not in plot, character, detail, spectacle, erotica etc Tortured vampire Master check Nubile juvenile check Storms and tantrums and generic gothic setting check No bills, no twists, no digression From page 5 you know exactly where it s headed and it proceeds with the grim efficiency of a flourmill I had to PUSH to plow through this to the all too expected end.Even the concert pianist subplot is used as a kickoff and then blurs into airy vagueness late in the novel As I said of another book lately, this book felt fan fictiony in its bloat, as if it was long because the authors kept typing, not because the story warranted the wordcount I enjoyed parts of this book, but it...

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    After a dismal first year at college Aric s parents decide to take him Serbia to be privately tutored by Nikola Jovanovic They hope this time with the reclusive yet world renowned music master will set Aric on the road to success Unhappy to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with the eccentric Nikola at first Aric can see no good in his situation But slowly his interest in the older man grows and before long Nikola is teaching him much than music Passion, and love grows, but with it also comes danger and heartbreak Will Aric be able to understand and accept all of Nikola and when the time comes will Nikola accept who Aric s become for him Rachmaninoff started out really slow for me It took a while for me to connect with the characters and their relationship In fact, there were times I didn t really like either one However, the I got into their story the they grew on me Nikola represents the ideal of the classic vampire handsome if a bit moody and he even wears a cloak Aric for his part is a talented young man who deeply feels the lack of familial love in his life He s also a bit wild and loves to have sex but deep down he s a vulnerabl...

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    Rachmaninoff is a bit of a mixed bag It starts so slow that I almost gave up several times In fact if I hadn t really forced myself to continue I wouldn t have gotten through it Yet the story does pick up towards the second half, but by the end all I could think was that there is so much missed opportunity to the story I didn t particularly enjoy reading this and while there are some brief glimpses of good moments, overall this is not a book I d recommend sadly The story plays on some classical vampire themes, which I actually liked since I m a vamp fan of old Nikola is an ancient vampire in a spooky, creepy house in the far end of nowhere He dresses like he did when he was turned many centuries ago and no one seems to think that s odd Nikola s been obsessed with piano genius Aric for years and finally gets the boy as a student when Aric is older After a few months Aric and Nikola become lovers, travel the world together and prepare for a future The only question is whether Aric will remain living or become a vampire like Nikola Unfortunately, the plot is very slow to materialize and sort of meanders from the very start The beginning is filled with repetitious descriptions and scenes where Aric attempts to seduce Nikola, gets rebuffed and runs off to have anonymous sex with strangers Most of this sex is thankfully off pa...

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    There are a lot of things that irked me in this book details are below.Overall, I will say that Rachmaninoff is an indulgent romp of a novel First, there s a vampire a la Alucard Long blond hair Check Cape Check Tortured soul Check, check, check Then, there are descriptions of riches, nobility, decadence, and several simmering sex scenes It s an over the top glut and there isn t much plot to speak of until you hit the second half of the book BUT simmering sex scenes Very simmer y The following are some of the issues that proved irritating as I ploughed through it Many of the issues have to do with poor editing Spastic POV changes sometimes mid sentence and a constantly changing narrator 3rd person character narration to 3rd person omniscient, etc Some wince worthy descriptions of music and piano playing I can understand that music and the playing of music is difficult to dramatize and put into words but, like the rest of the book, it was done in an over the top way that had me skimming those pages as quickly as possible.Extremely odd jumps in plot Example No sentences at all literally are devoted to Aric s suspicions about Nikola s vampirism or how Aric convinced himself that Nikola was a vampire Instead what we get is a sudden Did you ever drink his blood confrontation for the flimsiest ...

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    Nineteen year old Aric Reynolds becomes the less than willing student of the vampire Nikola Jovanovi , and he s pissed about his parents dropping him off in a castle in Serbia Nikola s lessons in music and history do start to grow on him, but don t satisfy his cravings to be anywhere else, doing anything else, trying to achieve the oblivion that would be preferable to his emotionally empty life Casual sex and drinking might shut down Aric s mind, but it only infuriates Nikola, who has watched Aric from afar since he was a thirteen year old child prodigy and senses the vast potential Aric carries That is creepy, but this is a vampire they take the long view The lessons turn from the strictly academic and musical, to lessons of the heart, taught in both directions Nikola both holds Aric at a distance and teaches him about intimacy, and Aric tutors Nikola, sometimes with very harsh lessons, about letting go and listening Nikola, unfortunately, is not a very good student.The story divides roughly into two sections, and the first, in set mostly in Nikola s stronghold, contains most of the emotional story arc ...

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    Have to admit i only read a couple of chapters then gave up completely Just cannot STAND the book, characters and the way the author writes Really not for me.

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    I m not really an expert of vampire novels, but I think this one by S.L Armstrong K Piet is pretty much adherent to an old classic vampire novels There is an ancient vampire, Nikola, who not only was a feudal lord who was turned against his will, but he was, and still is, from East Europe At the time when Nikola was turned he lived somewhere in deep Russia, in the XVII century, when the land was fascinating but a little barbaric If I have to be true, Nikola doesn t appear to be a strong man, but someone of the intelligentsia, someone who is used to win his battle with his mind than his body And indeed he is now a renowned expert in historic and music, who is willingly taking a young pupil under his roof for an year of teaching him not only school lessons but also about life.Aric is a child prodigy, already touring in concert at 13 years old, and now at 19 he is burned he has no urge to learn, he feels as he has no strings, not with his country or his parents When his father plans to leave him in Serbia with Nikola, Aric has little choice, but it s not that he complains a lot, really One place equals another, and mostly Aric wants to loose himself, and his chosen way is to have sex with stranger, with whoever and whenever he has a chance.The secret of his tutor being a vampire is not really well kept, and it s not long that Aric confr...

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    I think I ve O.D d on vamp ficseither that, or maybe I m just looking for an original approach I adore the Anne Rice books, but maybe they ve spoiled me for life Either way, Rachmaninoff is no exception it s a good book, but it wasn t that original, breath of fresh air I d been craving view spoiler Nikola is a 400 year old vampire who lives in a castle like dwelling befitting Count Dracula He has set his sights on Aric, a young pianist whose playing inspires something in him Aric is young, talented, and a rebel his parents are happy to be rid of him and dump him on Nikola s doorstep to tutor the young man in the ways of the wealthy elite Aric, it turns out, is gay, and does not hesitate to seek sexual partners to pleasure himself, even while he is staying with Nikola But, of course predictably , Aric starts to develop feel...

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    Rachmaninoff by K Piet and S.L Armstrong is a very different yet interesting story At the beginning I did wonder just where Rachmaninoff, the Russian composer, came into the story he doesn t, other than apocryphally but I did enjoy the way that the authors worked him into the tale.In many ways I found this book to be a fascinating amalgam of history, character development, romance and just plain human interest and I was somewhat surprised, although pleasantly so, to find myself eager to just sit and absorb as I read.Aric and Nikola are about as different as any two man you can find but it made sense the I read Aric is young and, even for someone at the age for rebellion, he takes it to great lengths But, again, as the story progresses it is all too clear just why he acts as he does.Nikola on the other hand, is extremely old fashioned, to such a degree that, without understanding the whys and wherefores, it would seem to be ridicu...

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    2,5 starsAric gets droped of in Serbia, by his parents in the mansion of his new tutor, who happens to be a vampire.Mostly the story featured only Aric and Nikola and they were not all that charming and fascinating, which made it harder for me to get through the book.While not without a merrit, this one story was not as engaging as the other books I ve read this month I got stuck in some places and I really didn t like one of the character all that much, while the other was too aloof and kind of cold Al...

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