Crackpot: A Novel (New Canadian Library)

Alternate Cover For ISBN 0771098510 9780771098512Hoda, The Protagonist Of Crackpot, Is One Of The Most Captivating Characters In Canadian Fiction Graduating From A Tumultuous Childhood To A Life Of Prostitution, She Becomes A Legend In Her Neighborhood, A Canny And Ingenuous Woman, Generous, Intuitive, And Exuding A Wholesome Lust For Life.Crackpot: A Novel (New Canadian Library)

Adele Wiseman was a Canadian author Her parents were Russian Jews who emigrated from the Ukraine to Canada, in part, to escape the pogroms that accompanied the Russian Civil War.In 1956, Wiseman published her first novel, The Sacrifice, which won the Governor General s Award Her only other novel, Crackpot, was published in 1974 Wiseman also published plays, children s stories, essays, and other

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  • Paperback
  • 437 pages
  • Crackpot: A Novel (New Canadian Library)
  • Adele Wiseman
  • English
  • 11 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Crackpot: A Novel (New Canadian Library)

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    Oh, Hoda, how I will miss you I really will I ll be thinking of you for years to come You got right inside of me, right into my heart and my head You opened up what I thought was already an open mind, and stretched it just a little bit further You were unique and uncomfortable and heartfelt You were incredible I am truly going to miss you and I can t say that that s happened very often for a fictional character Oh, Adele Wiseman, how sad I am that I m only discovering you decades after your death, and that we ll never get a new book from you Thank you for your incredible writing, your command of language, your creativity and the inspiration you ve provided about the limitless way to use words and convey emotion This book is so unique, and so loving With just a few pages left I actually shed tears at the thought of leaving the main character Hoda behi...

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    Extremely good The author is able to flawlessly write from another s perspective with sympathy and realism That or she lived the life of Hoda, which I think is very unlikely This is a hidden gem of CanLit, and puts some of the modern hype meisters t...

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    This was such a disturbing book The story itself was interesting but I couldn t get past the fact that the child in the book was basically a prostitute I just found it really disturbing I had to read it for a university ENG class and I just really did not enjoy it.

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    A classic I should have read ages ago Vivid telling of early Winnipeg North End through the story of a Jewish family Hoda is an overweight girl and then young woman who can talk herself into any situation being for the good of humanity Even when it is prostitution Funny, sad, poignant, and incredi...

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    This is the disturbing and tragic story of Hoda, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants Hoda is a much loved child and she grows up listening to family stories proudly told by her blind father Danile, who naively believes in his good luck in spite of poverty and misfortune Danile and his slightly hunchbacked wife Rahel were married in a graveyard during a cholera epidemic in the old country It appeared that the Jews were not quite as susceptible to the disease as gentiles and as the epidemic continued the threat of a pogrom frightened the Jewish community An old belief held that the marriage of the community s poorest, least able members in a cemetery would end the epidemic Danile and Rahel were chosen In return, the community would provide a dowry, a mud hut, and look after them But as time went on people forgot the epidemic and their responsibility for the couple Eventually they were sponsored to immigrate to Canada by an uncle in Winnipeg who was unaware of Danile s blindness and saw them only as a financial burden once they arrived They found a hovel in the north end of the city and Rahel went out to clean the houses of middle...

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    Wow This is a challenging book, both in terms of subject matter and writing style However, it is really rewarding Honda is one of the most interesting characters in CanLit She is vulgar, yet sensitive coarse, yet charming, world wise, yet incredibly naive As a child she is neglected and abused neglected by her parents because they try, but don t know any better by her teachers because they simply don t care And she is used by her schoolmates and neighbours for sexual favours All leads to an end that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming Through it all, Hoda remains positive, overcomes her self esteem issues and becomes an incredibly strong, resourceful woman This is not a book to take lightly The writing style can be dense and difficult to ...

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    This is by far one of the best books I have read from Adel Wiseman I first read this book in a Ontario Literature Course in University I have since made time to re read it every now and again as the story is one that touches your heart Sometimes the insite we get from the way others ...

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    Great book, but not an easy book It was disturbing, heartwrenching, sometimes humorous and totally captivating I felt like I was witnessing a train wreck A remarkable story of Hoda s survival growing up a in crushing poverty Hardships piled on ...

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    I felt as though this started off slow, picked up a lot in the middle to where I couldn t put it down, and then ended rather abruptly Although I loved the characters, I couldn t help but feel a bit disappointed.

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    I ll hopefully return to this later I ve been distracted by other books recently.

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