The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

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Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
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  • 10 May 2019

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    I went into this book with a bit of an attitude Roger Ackroyd is the only Agatha Christie book featured on the list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, and I was skeptical about the List s claim that this was the only Christie book worth reading But, as much as it pains me to say this, I think the List is right on this one At least a little I m definitely not suggesting that you should read this book and then never pick up a Christie novel ever again, but if you find yourself in a situation where you re going to spend a month on a desert island and can only bring one book, and the only books you ve been offered are from the Agatha Christie canon, you should pick this one The ending which I will not discuss in explicit detail for fear of spoilers is what makes this a 5 star book Let me assure you you will not guess who the murderer is Never ever ever When the murderer is revealed, you will not believe When the murderer goes on to explain his her actions, you will continue to not believe it Only by rereading ...

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    Arabic English Review 15 16 17 18 The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it Women observe subconsciously a thousand little details, without knowing that they are doing so Their subconscious mind adds these little things together and they call the result intuition 16 17 2016 20 2016 A Brief English Review Sep 15, The Queen of Crime, and Mystery Agatha Christie s Birthday.Sep 16, Goodreads recommending this to us as one of the best Twist Reveal in her novels.So, I went to the nearest book store to celebrate the the best selling novelist of all time who literally, she was my mom s favorite author kept generations of readers guessing..Sep 17 Mr Roger Ackroyd found murdered at his office.Sep 18 Me, Mr Hercule Poirot start a hell of time in King s abbott with Dr Sheppard and his ingenious sister, Caroline, trying with all our brain s little grey cells finding out Who Murdered Mr Roger Ackroyd.10 Suspects. I forced to include all, even the narrator Dr Shepparad, as Mr Ackroyd s friend..10 little things, clues unplaced and appears unrelated at all that found by Poirot from a goose quill to a unplaced chair..and even I suspected the killer strongly after half of the novel. You ll never know why..Why, 10 Big Questions of Why, told one by one till the last 10 pages to know why every thing. to connect everything brilliantly and perfectly. Women observe subconsciously a thousa...

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    I read mysteries in between denser reads and Dame Christie never disappoints me As in all of her cases involving Inspector Hercule Poirot, Christie unearths layer upon layer of the case, leaving her readers guessing until the very end Just when you think whodunit, she throws in a twist by revealing a key clue that only Poirot could have thought of Occasionally, I guess the criminal, but other times I am left stumped This time, in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Christie leaves me hanging until her final paragraphs, creating a thrilling case In this particular case Dr James Sheppard meets his old friend Roger Ackroyd for supper and minutes later Ackroyd is found murdered To solve this particular crime involving blackmail, drugs, and forced marriages, Ackroyd s niece Flora turns to Hercule Poirot to get to the bottom of the murder As in the other of his cases that I have read, Poirot just happens to be in the area because he is either retired or on a holiday Here, he claims to be doing Miss Ackroyd a favor and states that this is his last case, which, of course, it is not Just as in the other Poirot tales I have read, he uses his little gray cells, stumps the local police, irks the local populace who are happy to be rid of the little Belgian man, yet solves each case in ways that most detectives are not capable of achieving I am attempting to read primarily women authors during March, Women s History Month This month would not b...

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    The Murder or Roger Ackroyd is one of the most well known mysteries written by Agatha Christie and the only one to be featured in the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die list After having read it I understand why it is so well praised As with all her mysteries, it leaves you guessing until the end who the killers is and in this particular case, the way the murderer was unraveled was particularly interesting Sadly for me, I already knew who the killer was as I accidently found out from an audio course on Crime and myst...

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    Wow just Wow Agatha Christie had me from the first page, hook line sinker and she never lost my attention until the very end No wonder this is considered to be one of her very best.I do not want to say too much about this book, I mean the title pretty much tells you what it is about and to go too much further into any details runs the risk of spoilers If there are others out there, like me, who are late in the game of reading this I do not want to spoil that experience for them in any way.This is only the second Agatha Christie book I have read and my first Hercule Poirot Know this, you will not be bored I spent my time while reading trying t...

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    Agatha Christie offers her readers an invite, an invite to come and solve her tantalising murder mystery.It was a real tricky one, though I did have my suspicions very early on There was a certain emphasis on a tiny bit of information that we didn t really need to know that gave the game away It added little to the story and, for me, only had the purpose of giving her killer an excuse not to be the killer So it was obviously that person Most readers seem to have been utterly dumbfounded at the reveal but I spotted it a mile of, perhaps only because I have seen the same device used in a book by another author I m not going to mention the name of the book because it will give it all away Nevertheless, when it was finally confirmed it still brought me a great deal of delight The actual murder event was ever so discreet, tucked in between two paragraphs in plain sight that will always be missed on an initial read It was the editor afterward that drew my attention to the piece of text, and despite my suspicions I still missed it when I read it the first time When I went back to read it though I noticed exactly how subtle Christie has been it is exceedingly clever writing that s for sure The real success of Christie s writing is her narrative drive It is impossible to read this in a slow leisurely manner I found myself storming through pages and chapters at an alarming rate I ac...

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    My 2018 Review ooh 4.5 starsSo as part of my Hercule Poirot challenge, courtesy of Jessica in Reading the Detectives , I decided to read this book for the 2nd time in 13 months why when I have so many books I want to read I don t know, but I did Was I disappointed, oh no, if anything I m seriously thinking of upping it to 5 stars Despite a gap of only 13 months , I got so much from this re read In fact I ve obviously read so much in that intervening time, that it took me over 3 4 of the book to guess who had done it.I m not going into any spoiler details but it is superbly written with so many red herrings and false clues So so well done Maybe a third time, but give me a few years.My 2017 Review 4 starsWhere to start, well I saw a few other people wanted to read this as a Buddy read, so whilst on a Miss Marple kick challenge I thought why not I cannot remember ever having read this o...

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    I saw a few reviews, before I read this book, saying it was the best Agatha Christie they had read and I think I agree I raced through it in a few hours though still making sure I absorbed every fact and every clue.Not that it did me any good I had plenty of ideas as to who the murderer might be but in the end none of them were correct Poirot kept his secrets right to the end and only then did things become clear It was actually an amazing concl...

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    This Hercule Poirot is a genuine tour de force, a classic of the genre, for a very good reason that you will understand perfectly as soon as you have finish reading it.

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