The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee

Reading The Bedwetter Stories Of Courage, Redemption And Pee Sarah Silverman Warning From Publisher To Reader At HarperCollins, We Are Committed To Customer Satisfaction Before Proceeding With Your Purchase, Please Take The Following Questionnaire 1 Which Of The Following Do You Appreciate A Women With Somewhat Horse Ish Facial Features.B Women Who, While Not Super Jew Y, Are Identifiably Jewish Than, Say, Natalie Portman.C Frequent Discussion Of Unwanted Body Hair.2 Are You Offended By The Following Behavior A Instructing One S Grandmother To Place Baked Goods In Her Rectal Cavity.B Stripping Naked In Public Eleven Times In A Row.C Stabbing One S Boss In The Head With A Writing Implement.3 The Best Way To Treat An Emotionally Fragile Young Girl Is A Murder The Main Course Of Her Thanksgiving Dinner Before Her Very Eyes.B Tell Her That Her Older Sister Is Prettier Than She, And Then Immediately Die.C Prevent Her Suicide By Recommending She Stay Away From Open Windows.If You Read The Above Questions Without Getting Nauseous Or Forming A Hate Web Site, You Are Ready To Buy This Audiobook Please Proceed To The Cashier.The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee

Sarah Kate Silverman is an Emmy winning American comedian, writer, singer, guitarist, and actress Although usually credited as Sarah Silverman, she is sometimes credited by her nickname, Big S Her satirical comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics such as racism, sexism, and religion.She often performs her act as a caricature of a Jewish American princess, mocking bigotry and ster

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    A couple nights ago, I was licking jelly off my boyfriend s penis And I thought, Oh my God I m turning into my mother Sarah Silverman exposes herselfwellconstantly That s her ironic, here s what terrible people say thing It s not real You understand that, right In The Bedwetter Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee Silverman exposes the real her From early childhood to her recent successes in comedy and television, some of the private and embarrassing episodes of her life are sketched out in this pretty darn funny autobiography I saw my father s penis once But it was okay, because I was soooo young and sooo drunk.While not the best written, most well constructed piece of literature, it is however unabashedly honest and revealing And of course it never veers far from the realm of painfully silly or hilariously cringe worthy I want to get an abortion But my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving.Readers looking for a step by step, linear tale of her personal history will be disappointed The narrative is kept well enough in line to be comprehendible, even if it is not absolutely comprehensive If you re a fan of comedy and you want to hear insider stories or back stage tales about other comedians or what it s like writing briefly for SNL, you ll find even enjo...

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    Sarah Silverman is a fun workout companion I listened to this on audio, mostly while I was on the treadmill, and it is an amusing book.The narrative isn t chronological and the stories jump around There were a few times it was a bit confusing and I wish she had either explained events better, or rearranged the chapters The trajectory of her comedy career was especially jumpy, with anecdotes scattered throughout but rarely in order.But really, who cares Sarah is a comedian and this is her memoir, and if she wants to skip around in her storytelling, fine This isn t a presidential biography it has a lot of penis, fart and urine jokes, so, it s not exactly highbrow However, there were some heartfelt passages Sarah was open about the fact that she had a serious bedwetting problem for years and years, and it traumatized her as a kid Going to a friend s house for a sleepover made her panic She also suffered from depression as a teenager, and was put on a crazy amount of Xanax But she said she thinks this early trauma actually helped her as a comedian, because bombing on stage didn t seem as scary as the terror of wetting the bed in front of your friends.She was also upfront about the different controversies she s been involved in about her jokes In these cases I tend to side with the comedians, because over analyzing a joke is the surest...

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    I have to give Sarah Silverman A for candidness As uncomfortable and awkward as these memoirs got, I have to hand it to her for speaking so openly, succinctly, humorously, and yes, even elegantly, about horribly humiliating episodes of her childhood as a bed wetter, and being mercilessly scolded and ostracized for it by children who didn t know better and adults who should have Sarah s personal tales of her unconventional family, her teenage battle with depression, her I can t believe it s true catastrophes with health care experts who were anything but prescribing a teenager a sixteen Xanax a day dose that could have very well killed her , were the most riveting part of these memoirs I have never particularly liked her humor or her not exactly warm, nurturing persona, but I definitely related and connected to her when she was speaking about the adversity she faced growing I also really respect her for not putting out the big violins and asking us, the reader, to feel sorry for her She is not a victim, not even a survivor, though she did survive some incredibly dark times such as grossly violent episodes of bullying and other kinds of physical assaults She just is.The stuff about her paying her dues to become a stand up comic, her short stint at SNL and her career in Hollywood was equally sincere and no holds barred in its approach but my interest really dwindled A...

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    Sarah Silverman s lightning rod comedy irreverent, snarky, grotesque, un PC and offensive to those who lack an ironic sense invariably causes her to have to sometimes justify, explain and defend herself to humorless people, who still won t get it anyway.My review of this book will be a little bit like that, because, even though I m giving it a fairly lowly two stars, I m not saying it s not enjoyable, funny, revealing, sometimes thoughtful, and a good read The book is like spending the evening with Silverman in her living room as she plies you with conversational reminiscences There s some courage, not terribly much redemption, and hella lots of pee The stories alternate between the funny and the sad she was a loner and heavily medicated for depression in her youth and could not suppress her bedwetting habit until her early adulthood She fairly well explains the early familial and social influences that led to her unique outlook and comedy style.The narrative is broken into short one and two page biographical anecdotes, and even though there s an overall chronological arc the bits seem to randomly jump ...

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    3.5 stars I love, love, love celebrity audiobooks read by themselves They usually do an excellent job with the narration exception Tiffany Haddish , and the books just sound so much alive through audio format That was certainly the case with The Bedwetter Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee by Sarah Silverman I m a Sarah Silverman fan, and I enjoyed her in this book, though it was scattered and uneven It was like listening to Sarah Silverman ramble for a few hours, which isn t that bad of a way to spend your time I personally related to most of her stories being a person who wet the bed later than most kids and pregnancy peeing doesn t count, right , survived a Jewish summer camp in the Berkshires shudder , and who grew up with affectionate and overprotective Jewish parents I thought the book was really funny, even if Sarah reiterated perhaps a few hundred too...

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    Sarah Silverman knows how to write a good joke She does not so much know how to write a good book As a consequence, The Bedwetter is for the most part very funny, but it doesn t really do any of that good memoir stuff like tell about how she lived in devastating poverty in Ireland and was forced to spend her days rummaging for coal to sell so her siblings would have enough to eat before they all died of typhoid fever, or reveal that her monumentally irresponsible and unstable parents kept uprooting their family when the creditors came calling before they eventually settled in a shack in the Ozarks and had to pee in a bucket in the kitchen, or allege that her father injected her with cocaine and had sex with her throughout her childhood though to be fair, Sarah does lament that last one.No, pretty much it just explains that she was a late bloomer and a chronic bedwetter, and her coping mechanism in the face of acute and laser focused teasing was to develop a filthy sense of humor that would make a prison rapist blush Then for roughly the next 200 pages, it offers up randomly grouped anecdotes about her life, her career, her friends and her TV show with no rhyme or reason well, sometimes they rhyme, like the song lyric there s a dream in your head that will never come true there s a stickiness all over and it didn t come from you She ta...

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    I ve always had reservations about this comedian She seriously grosses me out at times, and already feeling adamant about dumb stuff like Georgia O Keefe canvases, her raunchiest jokes may often cause some serious damage in me like, for instance, having a feeble, momentary hatred for women purely superficially, of course Anyway, she pushes buttons but she does this here with, how can I put this grace Actual, legit grace She displays her life openly Always as an act of bravery, always in a very astute fashion Dare I say this It s frickin good Even avant garde in its enlightening Midword mid book, a new staple in cool anecdotal storytelling, and its Afterword written by no other than God This is an above average autobio the kind which I read every other full moon or so which doesn t disappoint but rat...

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    Hello, my name is Sarah Silverman I m not very funny, but I am very pretty Will you buy my book, please Now obviously, there s good and bad in all groups of people In general, we Jewish girls see, I m a Jew How daring of me to come right out and admit it are just as human, frail, heroic, whatever, as anyone else But some of us and I do mean me, not the person reading this review do have a tendency to slack off and use our looks to get what we want out of life It s not exactly new In the Old Testament, that s like, the cool Jewish part of the Bible, where all the sex and killing is Esther married the King of Persia because it was easier than working or coming up with a plan I m like that Me, not Jewish girls in general, and most especially not the ones reading this review I don t have a lot to say, but I sure look good saying it Esther and I both got lucky, but the difference is she just enjoyed being lucky and I try to act like it gives me a pain But...

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    I wouldn t say I m a big fan of Sarah Silverman but if I am flipping the channels and see her on a late night talk show, I ll tune in as she usually can get me to laugh at least a few times She does have a tendency to put her foot in her mouth and has said some pretty offensive things over the years Fair warning, this book will contain stuff that will leave you shaking your head and thinking why would you say that.Given the title, the book obviously goes into detail about Sarah being a bedwetter well into her teenage years and still occasionally having the problem as an adult While I knew Sarah suffered from depression I didn t realize it was so bad growing up she wasn t able to attend school for prolonged periods or that she was prescribed Xanax at such an incredibly high dosage level She also talks about how she got her start in comedy and some of the different projects she has worked on including her Comedy Central show When I read a memoir by a comedi...

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    What I have learned from this book Sarah Silverman is a clever, sensitive, free spirited clown who clearly adores her family and her friends, and who has no fear about talking honestly about her clinical depression or admitting that she wet the bed until she was 16 Also Steve Perry is a racist or was that a joke I don t even know and Louis CK is reserved, mature, and very smart, in some ways as much like his Parks Recreation character as his onstage character.At this point I m a little terrified by the possibility of Dane Cook or someone close to him writing a memoir See, I m pretty comfortable disliking his public comedic persona I don t want to find out that he s like, a horror buff and huge online Scrabble player that just loves cats, or anything else that might endear me to him I like forming opinions about people completely around how they act in front of a crowd, without having to consider the possibilities of nuance and acting for money, and I don t enjoy having those presumptions challenged and proven to be wrong Sarah Silverman, you have ruined me As for the book itself, I m inclined to go with the general consensus of Goodreads The beginning was significantly funnier than the rest of it it does sort of deflate around page 120 or so, picking up...

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