The Woman Who Walked into Doors

PDF Epub The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Author Roddy Doyle By The Author Of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, Winner Of The 1993 Booker Prize, This Is The Life History Of Paula Spencer Her Contented Childhood, Her Romance With Charlo, And Her Sad Marriage It Is The Story Of A Working Class Woman In Her 30s Who Is Both Vulnerable And Strong.The Woman Who Walked into Doors

Roddy Doyle Irish Ruaidhr D ill is an Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter Several of his books have been made into successful films, beginning with The Commitments in 1991 He won the Booker Prize in 1993.Doyle grew up in Kilbarrack, Dublin He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University College, Dublin He spent several years as an English and geography teacher before becoming

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  • 226 pages
  • The Woman Who Walked into Doors
  • Roddy Doyle
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
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    This author has been on my radar since a creative course in university, when my lecturer provided us with her self curated list of 100 books authors to read in our lifetime Roddy Doyle s name headed the piece I acquired a collection of his best known works and then did nothing else with them for a few years.I admit I was fearful that his writing might not have aged well, when I read the synopsis and reviews that spoke of this cultural focus I was wrong So very wrong Doyle provides a startling and insightful vision of suburban Irish dialogue and society His characters felt authentic and their flaws exuded life and vitality often missing from other contemporary literature, I have read The dialogue also radiated personality Each character was given a voice truly of their own and the nuances in tone and expression made them immediately recognisable, to the reader.This was also a devastatingly sad read As protagonist, Paula, takes us through her life in a series of flashbacks, we are invited to bear witness to the utter sorrow that has chronicled it This entire piece was raw emotion In places it was almost too sorrowful to continue reading and I spent much of my reading straining to make sense of the words, through tear filled and red rimmed eyes There is a brutality evide...

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    I love this author He is raw with emotion i love this passage Everything made you on thing or the other It tired you out sometimes I remember spending ages exhausted and upset It was nice knowing that boys wanted you then you couldn t want them back If you smiled at than one you were a slut if you didn t smile at all you were a tight bitch If you smiled at the wrong boy you were back to being a slut and you might get a hiding from his girlfriend, and she d be a slut for pulling your hair and you d be one for letting her Boys could ask you to go with them and you c...

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    The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle.Roddy Doyle is a wonderful writer Normally his books are fast reads, he writes is an easy going flowing way His books contain a certain amount of humour but that is because he writes slice of life stories His characters are real, the stories are real and real life or so I ve been told contains a certain amount of humour.The Woman Who walked Into Doors possesses many of these ingredients but there is a shadow over the book It is a love story but it is the story of a victim, a woman who is beaten by her husband, a woman who spends time in hospital, hiding the beatings with a simple excuse I walked into a door Whereas normally Doyle s stories flow, this shadow makes the book a slow read It is a thin book, a mere 200 pages, but it is a very thick read The end of the book contains so much violence, violence of language, violence of action, violence of deeds It is a redeeming story, Paula Spencer finally escapes from her prison instead of walking into doors she finds the key to open the door and leave But the story is so harrowing that there is no sense of relief at the end I finished the book drained and upset.Doyle has written a follow up, called Paula Spencer, that sits on my bookshel...

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    I have given The Speech at least a hundred times At least The setting, the words, and sadly the result are essentially the same.There is bustle all about But I find the quietest room available It s me And Her And a cop or a counselor It s not always the same HER, of course But some are repeaters Those ones have heard The Speech before, but they act as if they haven t.She s been beaten A little or a lot Enough to call the cops And now here we are, three to seven days later She wants him out, which I know means She will take him back The Speech is explanatory, detailed some of it is cover my ass When The Speech is over it will be my call, not Her s Yet almost every time I will do what She wants It s just first I have to give The Speech She will want him out because of the kids Which is why, near the end of The Speech, I make sure I tell Her that these things are generational that if her son sees this, he will grow up to hit and if her daughter sees this she will grow up and let herself be beaten It is at that moment that I see a flicker of understanding But it doesn t change the resolve I have not changed Her mind It is then I think, and sometimes say, that the next beaten women who call the cops and follows through will be the first That sadness sometimes gets a flicker too, but nothing .Paula Spencer, in The Women Who Walked into Doors, is such a...

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    Paula una donna come tante , cresciuta in una famiglia con il padre padrone , ma non sono mancati i momenti felici , almeno cos lei ricorda Si sposa con Charlo un bulletto ammirato e osannato da tutti a scuola , ma tra tante sceglie lei Il matrimonio , la luna di miele tutto il sogno idilliaco si trasformer presto in un incubo Charlo non lavora , spende i pochi soldi per bere Paula rimane incinta e da questo i primi disagi , le incomprensioni e le mani Gli schiaffi , le scuse , le domande Sei caduta Sei sbattuta nella porta Scuse e scuse che doveva raccontare al pronto soccorso I dottori e le infermiere le credono nessuno le domanda cosa successo davvero Il suo urlo interiore Chiedetemelo un urlo durato 17 lunghissimi anni Il naso rotto , i denti traballanti , le costole incrinate, punti in bocca , sul mento...

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    Paula che amava troppo Prima 21 giugno Arrivata alle ultime pagine, mi accorgo che sto digrignando i denti, ho la bocca serrata.Ho tanta rabbia dentro, rabbia che vorrebbe trasformarsi in violenza.In violenza fisica.Vorrei prendere un Charlo qualsiasi e fare a lui tutto quello che gli uomini come lui fanno alle donne come Paula.E poi vorrei farlo anche a tutte le persone, medici infermiere vicini di casa parenti colleghi, che fanno finta di non vedere i lividi, le fratture, le bruciature, gli occhi pesti, i denti saltati, i capelli strappati, credendo, come un bambino crede alle favole, come una donna crede a quell uomo che dice di amarla, che esistono davvero, ancora oggi, le donne che sbattono nelle porte.Ma non servirebbe a nulla, la violenza non si spiega con la violenza.Questo il Doyle che speravo di incontrare Ma adesso ancora troppo presto, sono ancora scossa, magari domani riuscir a scrivere qualcosa anche sul romanzo in s Dopo 22 giugno Irlanda, non troppo tempo fa.Paula O Leary potrei essere io, perch nella storia, scritta nel 1996, non ha nemmeno quarant anni.Ad essere completamente diversa dalla mia, per , la storia della sua vita, una storia di povert e miseria umana in tutto dissimile da quello a cui pensiamo quando ci troviamo a riflettere sulla povert e sulla miseria umana Perch Paula O Leary, Spencer q...

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    O meu nome Paula Nasci na Irlanda em 1956 ramos sete irm os e viv amos com pouco dinheiro O meu pai era r gido, principalmente com as raparigas, e castigava nos se nos pint vamos ou us vamos uma saia mais curta, porque fic vamos com m fama A minha m e n o se metia Aos vinte anos apaixonei me pelo Charlo Cas mo nos e tivemos uma lua de mel maravilhosa os nicos dias de casada em que fui feliz.Tenho trinta e nove anos e quatro filhos Sou vi va e trabalho a fazer limpezas Tenho um t mpano rebentado S tios onde deviam estar dentes Marcas de queimaduras Uma dor nas costas o dia inteiro Um dedo partido Cicatrizes, cicatrizes, cicatrizes,O meu marido bateu me durante dezassete anos E ningu m viu Ningu m quis ver Charlo acompanhava me sempre ao hospital e os m dicos tratavam os ferimentos que eu fazia a mim pr pria, ...

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    I decided to re read this before reading the sequel Paula Spencer I had forgotten just how good this book is, just how well Doyle does a female protagonist The book is painful and sad and unflinching in it s descriptions of marital abuse and alcoholism but as always, Doyle adds in warmth and humor to make it all hurt less After my re read I m not sure that I want to read the sequel I don t want to ruin the image in my head with a new story that might not be as good Plus on the jacket it says that Paula finds a new man in the new book I don t know that I can bear it if the story becomes a cutesy love story.Roddy Doyle tells the story of Paula Spencer, a woman in an abusive marrai...

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    It was interesting to read about domestic violence from a woman s point of viewwritten by a man The first part of the book felt significantly different from the second part the tone, the voice, the narrative itself One part raised the questions and shuffled the puzzle pieces around so they wouldn t quite connect for the reader, and ...

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    I d never have expected what I got in this book just from the cover and title, but once you actually take a second to think about it, think about what the old excuse of Oh I walked into the door to cover up a bruise or black eye actually means, then you ll begin to have an inkling of what this book entails..As I mentioned when I started reading it, I was hesitant to find a male author writing a female protagonist, as we ve all encountered those male authored women who think of nothing else but the way their nipples feel under their shirts all day long I m happy to tell you however, that Roddy Doyle is fully capable of having Paula go through the day without thinking unnecessary sexual thoughts about her OWN SELF I know that s a low bar, but thankfully he also goes above and beyond that, and I really enjoyed her sarcastic, humorous, and tragically beaten down narrative voice..It s set in Dublin and focuses on a working class family, as many of Doyle s books do apparently, and truly Paula s story just broke my heart From her childhood where she was forced to grow up quickly because of the people in her life from her friends, her vile desk mate, and mediocre to downright perverted teachers, I think Doyle paints an accurate if grim picture of working class families in Dublin in the 60s and 70s..And it sadly doesn t ...

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