Dread in the Beast: The Novel

PDF Epub Dread In The Beast The Novel By Charlee Jacob Bandcamptomp3.co.uk DREAD IN THE BEAST Used To Be A Novella About The Goddess Of Waste And The King Of Wasters Now It Is A Novel, Stuffed Full Of The Gruesome And Horrible Taken From The Mythologies And Histories Of Humankind, It Follows The Trail Of The Mother Spririt Of The Worst That The World Is Capable Of Producing From The Catacombs Of Ancient Rome Where A Blasphemous Sect Twisted The Message Of The Early Christians To Modern America With Its Obsession With Violence, Deities And Saints And The Reincarnations Of Beasts Battle Over Sublime And Profane, Where The Very Reasons For Existence For Us All May Lie In The Unthinkable.Edward Lee Author Of CITY INFERNAL, MONSTROSITY, INCUBI, And SUCCUBI Says In His Introduction To This New Novel Length Version, What S Most Unique Of All Here And Jealously Fascinating Are The Creative Guts Of The Author If There S An Ultimate Dichotomy In The Horror Genre, It S Got To Be Jacobarmed With A Talent To Write The Most Beautiful Prose Yet Using That Talent To Examine The Most Unspeakable And Detestable Horror It S One Of My All Time Favorite Novels In The Field.Dread in the Beast: The Novel

Charlee Jacob has been a digger for dinosaur bones, a seller of designer rags, and a cook to mention only a few things With than 950 publishing credits, Charlee has been writing dark poetry and prose for than 25 years Some of her recent publishing events include the novel STILL Necro , the poetry collection HERESY Necro , and the novel DARK MOODS She is a three time Bram Stoker Aw

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  • 296 pages
  • Dread in the Beast: The Novel
  • Charlee Jacob
  • English
  • 15 March 2018

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    Trigger warning this review discusses sexual violence.Let s get straight to the point Charlee Jacob has the most fucked up imagination of any living author I ve read I suspected it with Haunter 2003 and This Symbiotic Fascination 1997 and my recent reading of Dread in the Beast 2005 confirmed it Certainly no other horror author I ve read comes close to the extremity of her work Haunter remains the most extreme horror novel I ve ever read, easily eclipsing Ed Lee s notorious The Bighead a novel which gets a shout out in Dread in the Beast In all three of the aforementioned novels Jacob dredges the darkest depths of her psyche and puts it to paper with audacious abandon The horrors she conjures arise from the most vile, abject elements of human existence sexual brutality described in stomach churning detail , scatological perversion early in Dread in the Beast an infant is drowned in human excrement , night terrors traumatic nightmares that leave one psychically scarred , body horror the notion that out bodies are susceptible to infestations or mutations beyond out control i.e a character in Dread in the Beast plays hos...

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    I approached Dread in the Beast as part of my quest to find the best 21st century horror novel Charlee Jacobs novel won both awards and attention, and its reputation attracted me.I haven t read anything else by Jacobs, including the novella I believe this novel is based upon.Oh, I wanted to like this than I did.How to describe Dread in the Beast it s a visionary horror novel, a very ambitious epic about the rediscovery and reemergence of a forgotten and forbidden deity To get there Jacobs runs several plot lines an archaeologist pursuing an obsession that sometimes costs him a young woman afraid of losing her mind as her identity unspools after a cruel sexual encounter an enthusiastic serial killer, warped by a deranged childhood, aiming for transcendence amid gore and philosophy.But don t let that description give the wrong impression Dread in the Beast isn t driven very far by plotting It s playing in a world different from that of the thriller or potboiler horror tale, a visionary and taboo focused field, one sown and tilled by the likes of Octave Mirbeau and Georges Bataille with touches of Charles Fort Jacobs uses this novel to explore obsession and the cracks in the wor...

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    The literary equivalent of listening to a Whitehouse record at max volume in a portable toilet that s locked inside a mausoleum.

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    Dread In The Beast was originally a mind expanding 16 story collection of hardcore horror that I picked up at the Necro Publications stand at Horrorfind 2002 in Balti, MD Four years later and here s the novel that was a short novella in that collection.Let me first confess that I love Charlee Jacob s writing she is one of the truly disturbing genre writers in a torpid sea of sallow mediocrity As Ed Lee wisely points out in his extensive introduction to this novel, If there s an ultimate dichotomy in the horror genre, it s got to be Jacob armed with a talent to write the most beautiful prose yet using that talent to examine the most unspeakable and detestable horror And he s right I ve had the privilege of collaborating on short stories with Charlee Jacob She is adept at rendering astonishing worlds of pain and suffering She s won World Horror Association gross out competitions, Stoker Awards and Among the horror fraternity Jacob can do no wrong But she s not yet written a decent novel.My first encounter with Charlee Jacob, novelist, was the Leisure mass market paperback This Symbiotic Fascination I suspected then that maybe her over bearing editors had been a bit brutal with her, asking her to go back through her usual tor...

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    Whew This is quite a, er, unique Existential horror novel about a goddess of shit and those who worship her I m just finished with it, and I will say that it s amazing how the author describes shit eaters and mutilation...

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    Not for the faint of heart Brutal, graphic, downright gross Recommend not eating while reading many portions.

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    Man, that s a lot of poop.

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    Is Charlee Jacob an evil genius I ve been asking myself this question since I started reading Dread in the Beast, and after finishing it, I m still open to the possibility.I m rather astounded that this book won the Bram Stoker Award technically tied , not because it s below par, but because it is so damn brazen It contains a premise that is immediately vulgar and taboo, and Jacob not only runs with it, she shoves it over a cliff where it tumbles into the roiling cesspit below and drowns in filth A nice change of pace from so many novels that treat their horror with a dainty touch, like the author s afraid to get their hands dirty I don t know if I have ever read anything so profane and debouched, and yet, the prose is dense and intelligent, each chapter packed with stylized language worth unraveling.Of course, all of this ma...

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    It s a good book but I almost did not understand it although it s quite interesting

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    Brutal, beauthiful, very intresting novel I loved it

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