Reading Traumnovelle Author Arthur Schnitzler Un Giovane Medico E Sua Moglie, Belli, Innamorati E Felici, Al Ritorno Da Una Festa In Maschera Prendono A Raccontarsi Episodi Non Si Sa Se Realmente Accaduti O Se Frutto Di Fantasia Che Fino A Quel Momento Non Si Erano Reciprocamente Confessati Si Innesca In Tal Modo Per Ambedue, Quasi Al Di L Della Loro Volont O Coscienza, Una Spirale Visionaria Fatta Di Maschere Sommamente Inquietanti, Di Ambienti Misteriosi E Segreti, Di Desideri Repressi Venuti Improvvisamente Alla Luce, Di Tensioni Erotiche Rimaste Per Tanto Tempo Sotterranee Una Spirale Che Raggiunge Il Suo Acme In Una Notte In Cui La Verit Delle Proprie Pulsioni Non Pu Pi Essere Dissimulata, E Che Perci Cambier Profondamente La Vita Dei Due Coniugi Sigmund Freud Aveva Esitato A Lungo Prima Di Incontrare Arthur Schnitzler Per Una Sorta Di Ti Del Sosia E In Effetti Forse Mai Scrittore Riuscito A Rappresentare Con Maggior Evidenza E Tangibilit I Fantasmi Dell Inconscio, Forse Mai Narratore Arrivato Tanto In Profondit Nel Far Emergere Il Rimosso E Farne Materia Quasi Esclusiva Di Racconto Doppio Sogno Trova In Questa Difficile Impresa Una Misura E Un Equilibrio Espressivo Pressoch Perfetti Nonostante Le Ridotte Dimensioni, Resta Un Classico Novecentesco Fra I Pi Importanti E Coinvolgenti, Certo Uno Degli Esiti Pi Alti E Maturi Della Grande Civilt Letteraria Mitteleuropea.Traumnovelle

Arthur Schnitzler was an Austrian author and dramatist.The son of a prominent Hungarian Jewish laryngologist Johann Schnitzler and Luise Markbreiter a daughter of the Viennese doctor Philipp Markbreiter , was born in Vienna in the Austro Hungarian Empire, and began studying medicine at the local university in 1879 He received his doctorate of medicine in 1885 and worked at the Vienna s General H

[Epub] ↠ Traumnovelle Author Arthur Schnitzler –
  • Hardcover
  • 94 pages
  • Traumnovelle
  • Arthur Schnitzler
  • Italian
  • 14 March 2017
  • 9788481304664

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    Am I sure Only as sure as I am that the reality of one night, let alone that of a whole lifetime, can ever be the whole truth The Bride 1918 by KlimtIt all begins with a confession of sorts as his wife Albertine tells him of a fantasy she had involving a man that she saw on their vacation Fridolin also confesses that he had desired a young woman on the beach It seems fairly harmless after all When we marry, we don t go numb from the waist down and the neck up We continue to notice attractive people and continue to be titillated by charming and intelligent ones, as well It could be a ruggedly handsome waiter in a restaurant or a pretty pearl wearing bartender or a French beret wearing poet or a saucy librarian with libidinous thoughts There are a host of emotions that are involved with noticing that our spouse is interested in some other person If it is one sided, it can just be amusing or mildly annoying If the interest is reciprocated, then it can unleash a torrent of reactions from fear to pride to jealousy to finding your spouse that much alluring because someone else recognized those qualities that you may have started to take for granted Flirtations or mild crushes, in most cases, just adds a bit of spice to life For Fridolin, this confession of his wife, eve...

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    The big shock and surprise for me about this story was that it written in 1926, it feels like something that belongs to an era twenty or thirty years earlier, perhaps that is part of the point.In a cafe by chance the main character Doctor Fridolin, meets his old friend Nightingale, Nightingale has a wife and four children back in Lemburg who he supports by playing the piano badly in various shady establishments The thing is that in 1926 Lemburg wasn t Lemburg, it was Lwow and had been for a few years this type of thing can happen to you if you are a city, you sit around minding your own business then suddenly somebody imposes a change of identity on you or maybe they reveal your true identity, or allow the potential for a new identity to emerge Something that seems at first very absolute and stable literally a fact on the ground, turns out to be insubstantial and provisional and indeed a little while down the road the city would be L vov, and then L viv Is one name, one identity real, correct, or did they all co exist in reality, just that mostly only one is on display at anyone time Yet the city is a fact It does exist, it did exist, it will exist, just what it is called changes and each name ...

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    A game of gallantry, seduction, resistance and fulfilment with a whiff of freedom, danger, and adventure That s the intention, anyway.Many editions have one of Klimt s golden paintings on the cover a mystical, sexual enticement that seems to fit the dreamy, steamy story At first But recreate those pictures with real people, as above, and they become disturbing in a way that is far appropriate to the full dark arc of the story.This novella takes place over barely 48 hours It opens with an idyllic family scene and fond reference to the frisson of flirting at a masked ball the night before But masks rarely symbolise anything benign, especially not black masksFidelity, Temptation, and TruthIf we promise and expect fidelity, we re usually thinking of sexual exclusivity, but the word also means truth, in the sense of a full and accurate recreation or reportage Where does honest confession of sexual infidelity real or imagined fit Is relishing the fantasy of betrayal as bad as committing it in the flesh, as the Bible says Is seeking temptation, but not submitting to it, dishonourable, dange...

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    But now that the day work was done the child had gone to bed and no disturbance was likely the shadowy forms of the masquerade, the melancholy stranger and the red dominoes, rose again into reality And all at once those insignificant events were imbued, magically and painfully, with the deceptive glow of neglected opportunities Fridolin and Albertina names that seem destined to be part of a commedia del arte show are a young and happily married couple in pre war Vienna, that city that was the very symbol of the belle epoque era, a hub of scientific research and of elegantly wasting your life to the tune of a Strauss waltz They are living their happy ever after dream life, raising a child, taking care of a private doctor s practice, basking in the warmth of their shared feelings for each other But they are both wearing masks, even after returning home from a fashionable evening at a bal masque Behind the conventional picture of marital happiness lurks the shadowy urges of the subconscious They spoke of those mysterious regions of which they were hardly conscious but toward which the incomprehensible wind of fate might some day drive them, even if only in their dreams For though they were united in thought and feeling, they knew that the preceding day had not been the first time that the spirit of adventure, freedom and danger had beckoned them ...

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    Traumnovelle Dream Story, Arthur Schnitzler Rhapsody A Dream Novel, also known as Dream Story, is a 1926 novella by the Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler Dream Story is set in early 20th century Vienna The protagonist of the story is Fr...

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    What a read Before sticking my nose into this I had no idea how faithful Eyes Wide Shut is to this novella, almost scene for scene, but as usual the book outdoes the movie though unfortunately I could not rid my mind of the movie s images as I was reading I actually like Tom Cruise but I don t want him and his brilliant white choppers in my head when I m reading Begone shorty There s something very reminiscent of Chekhov in Schnitzler s writing a kind of styleless style wedded to superb storytelling with an emphasis on mundane details that manage to bore deep into the characters psyches Literary pragmatism if you will Maybe these similarities have something to do with both being doctors roughly around the same time But Schnitzler is infected in a darkly deliciously sinister way with a viral sexuality that manifests as suppurating boil after boil in sentence after sentence in the dream narrative of this novella This is a masterpiece unpeeling layer after layer of reality to show that there is no core reality besides sex and death maybe , only illusion after illusion.Something that helps create the dream atmosphere of this book are the inconsequential details that...

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    Of course, one remembers some dreams, but there must be others one completely forgets, of which nothing remains but a mysterious mood, a curious numbness Atmospheric and haunting Schnitzler s novella is a perfect Dream or dream like Story He doesn t create the kind of dream world that is engineered by hanging two moons from the ceiling His world only consists of realistic things and events and yet it is shadowed by something intangible and unsettling He simply colors the world his characters inhabit with a hypnotic quality that seduces the reader into the dream scape And how subtly he does that Little details one elusive gesture, one innocent looking piece of the setting, one fleeting thought all come together beautifully to create the atmosphere The novella explores the intimate life of a married couple Schnitzler digs into the psyche of his characters by gently leading them to a space where their hidden thoughts, desires and anxieties find the freedom to manifest themselves He lets the characters assess what con...

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