Special Topics in Calamity Physics

KINDLE Special Topics In Calamity Physics Author Marisha Pessl Liversite.co.uk Calamity Physics The Resulting Explosion Of Energy, Light, Heartbreak, And Wonder As Blue Van Meer Enters A Small, Elite School In A Sleepy Mountain Town Blue S Highly Unusual Past Draws Her To A Charismatic Group Of Friends At St Gallway And Their Captivating Teacher, Hannah Schneider A Sudden Drowning, A Series Of Inexplicable Events, And Finally The Shocking Death Of Hannah Herself Lead To A Confluence Of Mysteries And Blue Is Left To Make Sens Of It All With Only Her Gimlet Eyed Instinct And Cultural Lexicon To Guide Her Back CoverSpecial Topics in Calamity Physics

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  • Paperback
  • 514 pages
  • Special Topics in Calamity Physics
  • Marisha Pessl
  • English
  • 13 March 2019
  • 9780143112129

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    Reviews of Special Topics in Calamity Physics and the Bottle of A a Juice I Bought for Lunch Cleverly Masked as SAT Test QuestionsChoices a Special Topics in Calamity Physics b The bottle of a a juice I bought for lunch c Both a and b d Neither a nor bQuestions 1 __ I had heard good things about it 2 __ I bought it on a whim 3 __ If feeling extremely charitable, I might call it frothy 4 __ It seemed sort of good in the beginning, but by the end I was like, Blaahahhgajh End, end, end 5 __ Contains metaphors that go down like a junebug having lion sex in a bourbon mood 6 __ Blue things totally dissed 7 __ Nabokov rolling in his grave 8 __ Authoritative blurb raises questions about agenda of blurber 9 __ Handy pronunciation key for difficult to pronounce words like a a or pessl 10 __ I m confused about what editors, like, do 11 __ Maybe I don t need this many antioxidants and or self indulgence 12 __ Post BBC Office is anyone allowed to be named Gareth Really Really Pencils down Answers 1...

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    There s a special cold black place in my heart for writers under thirty who come out of nowhere with a best selling much praised first novel for which they receive huge advances and instant fame The feeling is called jealousy deep, shoulda been me jealousy that clouds my ability to judge the book itself.Which brings us to Marisha Pessl and Special Topics in Calamity Physics Every big review I read of it was glowing and every writer under thirty I talked to said it was a piece of steaming shit but that I should totally read the novel they re working on Turns out that my opinion falls somewhere squarely in the middle.The parts of the book that failed were the overly quirky bits and the gimmicky bits Although the narrator is characterized as smart and scholarly, much of the book is over written, especially during slow periods What do I mean by over written Describing a pair of boots as being the shape of Italy or someone s face being shaped like a box of Valentines Day candy Say the boots were shaped like boots Say the woman had a heart shaped face Pessl leans hard on the simile and the metaphor in this book, many times at the expense of simple, straightforward description By havi...

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    Donna Tartt wrote a splendid book called The Secret History which both celebrated and skewered hyper intellectualism as well as explored the process of interacting with a text and the pleasures of narrative devices This book follows roughly the same storyline and, incidentally, the storyline of Daniel Handler s The Basic Eight, down to the study questions at the end , except there s absolutely no reason for the precious chapter titles and the annotated references they have no bearing on the story itself and the general effect is talking with someone who s read a lot of books and hasn t understood a damn one of them.The irritating dialogue is reminiscent of chick lit than of anything spoken in real life or in the realm of drama, and the narrator is utterly divorced from the grand intellectual she is supposed to be again see The Secret History for an excellent depiction of young scholars No one has any sort of believable emotional reaction to anything, because no one has any discernable personality traits Charles, Camilla, and Frances wander over from Tartt s novel to halfheartedly play roles as Charles, Leulah really and Nigel, and then get bored and leave after the story inexplicably becomes a murder mystery The only possible killer is so obviously telegraphed from early on that all of Blue s supermarket paperback mystery sleuthing is enragingly tiresome Also, there s some sort o...

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    I ve read other reviews and I believe the negative reviews have been written by people who didn t take time to really read the book and follow it all the way through It would be easy to do It s not a book you can speed read See Ulysses by James Joyce Sometimes I ll tear through a good book in a couple of days But there is so much in this book that you have to take your time to really comprehend it and get the good stuff out of it Marisha s writing technique is totally unique with her hundreds of references to great works of fiction, movie stars, reference books, and other explanations of behavior I laughed and enjoyed perhaps 60 percent of these and whipped through some of them, not quite following but knowing they d be worth studying if I were retired and had time Basically, this is a coming of age story The main character, Blue, has been raised by an intellectual professor who is always on the move dragging her around the country to different jobs with different universities Her mother died when she was very young, so her only deep relatinship is with her father And it is a very touching and loving relationship She becomes his Mini M...

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    I really wanted to like this book.But it s a train wreck The literary carnage is so grotesque and horrifying, you can t help but look, read And I promise you, just take my word for it, that metaphor is better than most that Pessl uses in this debut novel of hers Despite what Bayard says, it s amazing what happens when you stop talking about a text and actually interact with it I ll tell you what happens disappointment Utter, utter disappointment.For all intents and purposes, the book doesn t even start until the second half when a certain major character is found dead by the narrator protagonist As readers, we learn about the death with the first line of Chapter 1 Before I tell you about Hannah Schneider s death, I ll tell you about my mother s So essentially, the first half of the book amounts to literary blue balls in which Pessl torments us with bad writing and we writhe in agony praying for release.It is a common formula to take the wit and wisdom of an adult and transplant it into an adolescent from Catcher in the Rye to Juno Pessl brings this trite technique to...

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    I tried with this book I gave it 150 pages, and at this moment in time I just can t get into it The constant literary allusions and pop culture references, mixed with the didactic and wordy writing style kept pushing me out of the story I d skim whole paragraphs just to find the important, plot moving parts of the sentences I held out hope for this one because I chose it for book club sorry, friends and it s been on...

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    Yesterday it took me 5 hours to crawl through 18 pages, so I think it s safe to say I m not really into this I adored Night Film, so I thought I should give this a try, but it s not really my thing Oh well

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    This is a story told through books themselves, a whodunnit, a coming of ager Some will find this book too gimmickythe use of a syllabus outline, the visual aids, the fact that the first word of the book is dad and the last word is me thus encapsulating the entire story arch , the final exam But this book made me feel the way I did during a college lecture on Lolita, where the professor broke down Lolita by numbers, the numbers of the license plates, the hotel room numbers, etc They all swirled and anagrammed their way into a ridiculous formula at the end And so it turned out, that not only was Nabokov churning out a literary masterpiece, but a mathematical formula as well Who knew Certainly not 21 year old Me It might be gimmicky, but these sort of books are the literary equivalent of walking while chewing gum while playing the cello the authors are strange maestros of many art forms And so I ve concluded that Nabokov is the silent, invisible u...

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    Let me start by saying that I did like this book I did Ms Pessl is probably too smart for her own good, but that s never stopped me before That said, as with most over intelectualized writings, I had trouble getting close to her, to her work There s such a lot of time spent obfuscating, demonstrating how clever she is, developing stacked metaphors and allusions, that the story is difficult to get lost in You are constantly reminded that you are reading a novel by a very smart young lady And while some of the characters are extensively developed Hannah, Jade, Blue s father , most of the others, including our heroine, Blue, remain very flat She, most of all, has so little emotion that it s difficult to believe her on the few occasions when she freaks out when she cries or yells, you wonder, Where did that come from Also, some of my friends have complained rightly...

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    What have I learned I ve learned that apparently it s possible for a large number of fawning reviewers to confuse pretentious with intelligent I very likely got what I deserved when I chose to ignore a clear warning, namely the so called Glossary of Terms inside the dustjacket which introduced our 16 year old heroine, Blue van Meer, as a brainy, deadpan, preternaturally erudite girl whohas a head crammed full of literary, scientific, and philosophical knowledge Admittedly, I was taken in by the somewhat amusing and engaging first page, but after thatimagine spending 500 pages with a sheltered, socially inept, overly verbose adolescent know it all Yuck.The kindest thing I can say about this book is that it s desperately trying to be a long winded young adult version of The Secret History with a nasty case of Purple Prose But at last, at the very end of the twisting gra...

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