Perfect Lives

Read Perfect Lives Author Polly Samson In An English Seaside Town, Lovers And Children, Young Men And Middle Aged Women Weave In And Out Of Each Other S Lives And Stories.A Mother Is Tormented By Her Daughter S Tattoo Another Only Pretends To Love Her Baby A Wife Stalks Her Husband And His New Lover A Broken Egg Through A Letterbox Tells A Story That Will Not Go Away The Cat Thinks He Knows Best Threaded Throughout Are Longings For Love And Poignant Disappointments, Surprising Pleasures And Temptations Some Will Fall But Some, Like The Small Boy At The Circus Who Sees His Babysitter Fly Past On A Trapeze Wearing Little Than A Blue Bra And Spangles, Will Retain Their Feeling Of Awe.PERFECT LIVES, Follows Polly Samson S Rapturously Received First Collection, LYING IN BED They Are Rueful, Knowing, Witty, Poignant, Bashful, Bold Her Genius Is In The Nuance.Perfect Lives

Polly Samson is married to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd She has four children and four step children.She has written two short story collections, and one novel.

!!> Reading ➶ Perfect Lives  ➮ Author Polly Samson –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Perfect Lives
  • Polly Samson
  • English
  • 14 August 2017
  • 9781860499920

10 thoughts on “Perfect Lives

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    July 2011 update I want to make it clear that although I mention below Charlie Gilmour s behaviour at the student protests last year, that I approve wholeheartedly of his actions most of them and was shocked and disgusted by the 16 month sentence given out by the judge last week The state has done appalling violence to the British education system and has no mandate to do so I think every single person who voted LibDem was against the hike in tuition fees, indeed many who voted libdem did so entireley because they were opposed to them before the election, so the government has no majority in this case and therefore violence to property is an entirely legitimate and justified response In the normal course of events the things that he did would have merited a suspended sentence or perhaps community service That would have been appropriate So sorry if anyone thought I was having a dig at his actions below All my sympathy goes to him and his mother, the author of this book I should hate this book, because it was reviewed in the Guardian the same day as mine was, we were next to each other Both good ...

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    I m not even finished with this book and i already want to read it again.

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    Perfect Lives by Polly Samson is a collection of 11 interlocked stories, all of which are captivated by the same theme Perfect Lives is the second short story collection i ve read and not alone was enthused, but I was left wanting to read Each story reveals the perfect lives of which cracks soon prevails, essentially leading to dismantled families on the ritzy side of a seaside town One thing I loved about this series is the portraya...

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    I absolutely loved these interconnected stories about the highs and lows of life in a small seaside town Nothing is as it seems, there is pathos and joy, the small dramas of lives being lived described beautifully, in language that awes you and moves you in equal measure Loved,...

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    Beautiful collection of short stories linked by characters, even frocks, moving easily from one story to another Polly Samson s prose is lyrical and visually vivid leaving imprints of her stories on her...

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    The writing was ok, I just didn t feel the story.

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    Polly Samson s writing is amazing And my favourite story was the one about the Leica camera.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Each short story was beautifully written, looking at a group of middle class people in a seaside town whose lives are interlinked On the surface their lives seem perfect but there is always something to spoil things The conciseness of each...

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    Short stories are possibly my favorite genre, and I read far too few This is another wonderful example So British, so sustained and beautifully written I almost want to start reading the book again right away.

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    Some parts were better than others.

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