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Epub North And South Elizabeth Gaskell When Her Father Leaves The Church, Margaret Hale Is Uprooted From Her Comfortable Home In Hampshire To Move With Her Family To The North Of England Initially Repulsed By The Ugliness Of Her New Surroundings In The Industrial Town Of Milton, Margaret Becomes Aware Of The Poverty And Suffering Of Local Mill Workers And Develops A Passionate Sense Of Social Justice In North And South , Gaskell Skillfully Fused Individual Feeling With Social Concern And In Margaret Hale Created One Of The Most Original Heroines Of Victorian Literature Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ISBN 10 0141028122North and South

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, n e Stevenson 29 September 1810 12 November 1865 , often referred to simply as Mrs Gaskell, was an English novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era She is perhaps best known for her biography of Charlotte Bront Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, including the very poor, and as such are of interest to socia

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    It s Pride and Prejudice for Socialists.

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    This will be a quote pic review, I don t have time for a long one, and this is such a classic, that whatever I write won t be good enough There will be spoilers as some of my fav quotes, just so you know Thornton and Margaret 3 He almost said to himself that he did not like her, before their conversation ended he tried so to compensate himself for the mortified feeling, that while he looked upon her with an admiration he could not repress, she looked at him with proud indifference, taking him, he thought, for what, in his irritation, he told himself he was a great rough fellow, with not a grace or a refinement about him He shook hands with Margaret He knew it was the first time their hands had met, though she was perfectly unconscious of the fact He laid her down softly, and looking on her pure white face, the sense of what she was to him came upon him so keenly that he spoke it out in his pain Oh, my Margaret my Margaret no one can tell what you are to me I dare not hope I never was fainthearted before but I cannot believe such a creature cares for me But I know she does not care for me I shall put myself at her feet I must If it were but one chance in a thousand or a million I should do it You look as if you thought it tainted you to be loved by me You cannot avoid it Nay, I, if I would, cannot cleanse you from it But I would not, if I could I have never loved any woman before my life has been too busy, my thoughts too much absor...

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    I have just completed reading this book for the second time and it has been even better then the first time.I d already seen the BBC series before reading the first time so I already knew the story, and I wish I d come to the books afresh in a way though I do not think that would have altered in anyway, the way I perceived them Though Richard Armitage certainly does help and I swooned over Thornton even .What I love about North and South is the passion and the realness of the characters, the emotion between the characters I loved the passion of Thornton, his feelings and emotion so strong and real they almost popped off the page.The characters aren t characters but people, and they feel real and honest, not caricatures of people or flat emotionless representations North and South is Pride and Prejudice meets Industrial Revolution in the North of England Only, Mr Darcy is of a Margaret in that she snobs Mr Thornton in the beginning Like Lizzie though, Margaret is a strong woman and fiercely independent.Both of these books would make an interesting comparison Both books are set in rather different times North and South in a time when women could own property and so could be independent The industrial revolution was in full fledge with the rising middle class during a great time of progress The rai...

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    Update June 16, 2018 I watched the BBC production this past week and it was outstanding I highly recommend pairing the book with the movie While I rated the book 4 stars, the entire package of paper and screen is a sure 5 stars The movie adds that extra bit of magic that I found didn t come across as well in the writing alone And the acting superb Yes, I did need to fan myself on several occasions thank you Richard Armitage And that ending sigh About three or four years ago I picked up a copy of Gaskell s Wives and Daughters on a whim, never before having heard of the book or even the author for that matter I know, thank goodness for Goodreads or I would forever remain in a state of ignorance I did not expect to become absolutely smitten with both the novel and its characters I immediately placed it on my favorites shelf and added numerous other Gaskell works to my list Finally, I have gotten around to reading another.I will start out by saying that I truly enjoyed and appreciated this work of fiction Set in England during the time of the Industrial Revolution, North and South tackles some of the major economic and social issues of the time Gaskell earnestly depicts the differences between the north of England and the south of England both geographically as well as through her characters With great insight, she portrays the conflicts between the working class and the affluent mill owners, the masters She is sympathetic to...

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    So about 5 years ago a friend and I were fangirling about Jane Austen generally and debating the merits of the various film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth and Elizabeth Garvie from the 1980 BBC version FTW, by the way and she says, You have to watch this and hands me a couple of DVDs of North and South And I say thank you but I m thinking to myself, well, Patrick Swayze was pretty hot back in the day, but why on earth is she giving me DVDs of a U.S Civil War miniseries when all we ve been talking about is Jane Austen So the DVDs got lost in the depths of my entertainment center and I never watched them Then a year or so ago I met some GR friends who were all, North and South Richard Armitage and lots of pictures only some of them shirtless accompanied this gushing And very gradually it dawned on me that just maybe my friend had something other than the Civil War in mind with those North South DVDs So I dug out the DVDs and blew off the dust Sure enough, they contain Richard Armitage, not Patrick Swayze So I confessed to her she got a good laugh out of it and I ve actually both watched the DVDs now and read the book, which I had never heard of before I joined Goodreads, so ...

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    Pride and Prejudice wouldn t have been a bad title for this comparative study of English society in the midst of the Industrial Revolution I must say that I was prejudiced against it before starting, and have to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong I thought it would be a dry copy cat version of Hard Times, as the circumstances of its publication seemed to suggest that But never trust your prejudices that is what I learned from reading this highly entertaining and original story, and it also constitutes the enduring message of the unfolding plot.A clash of cultures in miniature, between the traditional life style and manners of the South, and the raw, harsh, booming manufacturer ways of the North, it offers plenty of opportunities to play on different layers of pride and prejudice The charm lies in the fact that each social group has its own code of honour, and feels contempt towards all other groups within English society Margaret Hale and her parents, representing the South, despise the rough and straightforward behaviour of the rich and thrifty manufacturing people, and consider their education lacking and their company uninspiring.The North, on the other hand, represented by Mr Thornton and his family, sees th...

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    I finally figured out why I love North South so fucking much John Thornton is as invested in his relationship as I am And that means a great deal It s very rare to get such a deep look into the emotions of the male love interest but Gaskell didn t shy away from showing us our beautiful precious son from his most vulnerable side The way he is in a non creepy way so preoccupied with Margaret and constantly talks about her, so that his mother and sister get super annoyed just by the mention of her name, like HONESTLY SAME, JOHN, I, too, do nothing else but talk about Margaret and you This is some relatable content right there Elizabeth Gaskell has such a way with words, I am so obsessed with her beautiful language and also with all of the fitting poems that she chose as epigraphs for her chapters, gosh I literally cannot believe that she was friends with Charlotte Bront like hun, you can do better Anyway, back to my favorite topic Mr John Thornton I have written down his TOP 10 moments in chronological order and, of course, I ll gladly share the list with you 1 His first meeting with Margaret He almost said to himself that he did not like her, before their...

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    Oh, Mr Thornton, I am not good enough Not good enough Don t mock my own deep feeling of unworthiness It took Margaret and Mr Thornton 451 pages my edition to reach here and what a journey it was Painful at times, and adorable at others Margaret came to the industrial town of Milton from Haleston, a village Her father who is a parson took Mr Thornton as his student Soon Margaret and Mr Thornton find themselves on the opposite side of wall which has poor people on one side and rich on the other Mr Thornton realizes early on about his feelings for Margaret but as a proud and arrogant girl, she refused to see the utter devotion with which he loves her Later on she came to sense but it was too late by then and she was on her way to other town and thousands of pounds richer.Ms Gaskell sho...

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    Cualquiera que ans e vivir la Revoluci n Industrial desde todos los puntos de vista, NECESITA este libro.

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    I can t quite put my finger on why I love this book quite as much as I do And even for someone who does re read books as much as I do, to get through 3 copies of one book is quite a feat For me, the most remarkable achievement of Gaskell is that she is able to combine so many elements of various 19th century novelistic traditions and yet not have the novel collapse into incomprehensibility.The broad scope of the novel, coupled with insightful depth and comment means that each reading of the book can offer something new Read it as a straight forward or not love story, a fictional romantic biography Then discover the class politics that run through the novel Or perhaps the debate as the title suggests between the rapidly industrialising north and the gentrified south Or the sexual and gender politics that create a constant thematic pulse throughout the book Or any other matter you choose to seek out from religion to the nature of authority and so on and so forth There is so much to be gained from the many directions in which this book can pull you I person...

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