Venus im Pelz

Venus Im Pelz Epub Author Leopold Von Sacher Masoch Sia Principessa O Contadina, Sia Che Indossi L Ermellino O Il Mantello Foderato Di Pelo D Agnello, Sempre Questa Donna Con La Pelliccia E La Frusta, Che Rende L Uomo Suo Schiavo, Una Mia Creatura Con Queste Parole Lo Scrittore Galiziano Leopold Von Sacher Masoch 1836 1895 Ha Tratteggiato L Ossessivo Fantasma Della Propria Esistenza E Della Propria Fantasia Artistica, Quell Immagine Di Donna Preludio Alle Dispotiche E Crudeli Figure Femminili Della Letteratura Fin De Si Cle Che Ha Possentemente Ispirato La Pi Nota Delle Sue Opere, La Venere In Pelliccia, Qui Presentata Nella Seconda E Definitiva Edizione Del 1878.Venus im Pelz

Austrian writer and journalist, who gained renown for his romantic stories of Galician life The term masochism is derived from his name.During his lifetime, Sacher Masoch was well known as a man of letters, a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non fiction Most of his works remain untranslated into English The novel Venus in Furs is his only book common

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  • Venus im Pelz
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  1. says: watch v PK8ijrapwA8 Way back in 1869 Leopold wrote this book about some fun he was having.Tis true Leo gave the world a new label for these exploits masochism What we ve done with it since then is our own bus...

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    Umm, okayThe first portion of this book is wonderful The forced lasciviousness of the female protagonist, the pathetic attempts at seeming like a banshee, a Siren, all draped in furs and spouting some bullshit about Paganism I have met this girl before, and this boy, I have watched their pitiful dance of apathy, their ham handed fears of monotony and monogamy, the in my opinion bullshit notion that caring in the romantic sense for one chosen and well suited person with whom you specifically connect and no other and it goes without saying, no many others is selfish and demeaning to the notion of 100% Venus like, hypersensual love of sexuality sensation, inhibits one s ability to love all other human beings genuinely, and denies pure, primitive desires, bladdy fuckin blah I mean, I have greeted lovers with apathy, sternness, initial doubts which reached fruition in feelings chilling, freezing, eventually frozen I would be completely out of touch with myself if I were to believe otherwise We have all been cruel, we have all wavered, our eyes have wandered, ou...

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    My initial fears with Venus in Furs was would it sink into the darker depths of depravity similar with that of Donatien Alphonse Fran ois the Marquis de Sade , but didn t need to worry, because I was pleasantly surprised by it s charming and playful nature Predominantly only two characters take centre stage, with nobleman Severin von Kusiemski falling under the seductive spell of the flame haired Wanda von Dunajew, he loves her so much to the extent of wanting to be her slave, and encourages to treat him progressively sadistic Severin describes his lustful expierences as suprasensuality , and being dominated by a women and the total control and power she holds over him clearly rocks his boat.I wouldn t exactly call the actions that unfold here as sadomasochism, at least not as it is recognized today, and there is nothing extreme than being tied up, whipped and licking ones feet throughout the story, I think the real pain here lies psychologically, with mental anguish and humiliation in front of others that changes Severin s pleasure to one of inner turmoil, as he constantly pleads his undying love for her His name would change to Gregor as her servant, they travel to Florence and take up residence in a villa close to the Arno river, and this luscious setting would see other gentleman catch the desirable eye of Wanda, a German painter who puts brush to canvas while in the midd...

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    You interest me Most men are very commonplace, without verve or poetry In you there is a certain depth and capacity for enthusiasm and a deep seriousness, which delight me I might learn to love you 20 This line really jumped out at me, because it s just what I imagine a lot of nerds imagine some lady will say to them some day And they ll be like yeah I have a depth and capacity for enthusiasm I was just waiting for someone to notice I bet nerds really like this book, which was written by a nerd and then translated to English by a different nerd.You know that old defunct Tumblr, Nice Guys Of OK Cupid It was a collection of dating profiles from guys who were all I m so nice, why don t any women love me I would treat a woman like a goddess but I guess they don t want to be treated like goddesses, they all want some asshole instead Women are such bitches, because they don t love me They re descendants of this loser Masoch can t stop quoting this one line from Goethe, You must be hammer or anvil He thinks that Woman demands that she can look up to a man, but one like our dorktagonist Severin who voluntarily places his neck under foot, she uses as a welcome plaything, only to toss i...

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    To be the slave of a woman, a beautiful woman, whom I love, whom I worship And who mistreats you for it, Wanda broke in, laughing Yes, who ties me up and whips me, who kicks me when she belong to another man If submission and bondage is your thing, then you will probably like this book In a nutshell, Severin likes women Severin likes women who are filthy rich Severin likes women who are filthy rich and treat him like shit Wanda is that woman That is pretty much what Venus in Furs is about Leopold Von Sacher Masoch apparently drew from his own masochistic experience with Baroness Fanny Von Pistor He agreed to be her slave, and renounce all claim on his own life she could even kill him if she wished , and this is reflected in Venus in Furs The contract gives Wanda or Mistress free reign to make Severin suffer in a variety of ways whipping him regularly, kicking him around, starving him, torturing him emotionally, etc And Severin seems to get off on it In fact, he begs her to punish him I want to be your dog As long as she wears her furs whilst doing...

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    I love this book so much it worries me.

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    Haven t reviewed on goodreads in a while, but was googling this work s translation dates and came across the negative reviews here Thought I should contribute my defence.What Makes Venus in Furs a groundbreaking and thoroughly enjoyable work 1 Literary traditionThe finely rendered frame structure follows the German novella tradition s strong, almost proscriptive, tradition of narrative framing think Goethe, Storm, Hoffmann Accordingly, it created a sensation among early readers by presenting shocking content deviant sexuality within a deeply conservative, conventional form.2 Interpretation dreams and ekphrasis What desires does a given dream or artwork represent, directly or indirectly The novella demands that we read the layers of art within art, dream within fiction It anticipates the work of his fellow Austrian, Sigmund Freud, particularly his Interpretation of Dreams 1900.3 Sexual Theory Venus in Furs undoubtedly ranks in the top ten books of the nineteenth century for advancing new ideas about sexual practice The famous sexologist Kraft Ebbing is deeply indebted to Sacher Masoch, as one sees in the monumental Psychopathia sexualis 1886.4 Contract TheoryThe work carries interesting implications for the student of law in literature The sadist Wanda and the masochist Severin set up a contract wherein he relinquishes himself utterly to her will The fiction s contract was based on ...

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