Model Student

Reading Model Student Author Shae Connor Making His Living As A Model Allows Aaron Stevens To Pay His Way Through Film School At NYU While On A Photo Shoot, He Meets Matt Carson, A Journalism Student Who Wants To Interview Aaron For His Senior Project, And They Feel An Instant Connection That Catches Them Both Off Guard As Their Relationship Develops Over The Next Week, They Open Up To Each Other About Their Pasts, But Attraction Won T Be Enough To Keep Them Together Unless They Can Share Their Secrets Too.Model Student

Shae Connor lives in Atlanta, where she s a lackadaisical government worker by day and writes sweet hot romance under the cover of night She s been making things up for as long as she can remember, but it took her a while to figure out that maybe she should try writing them down Shae is part Jersey, part Irish, and all Southern, which explains why she never shuts up When she s not chained to he

[Read] ➱ Model Student  Author Shae Connor –
  • ebook
  • 73 pages
  • Model Student
  • Shae Connor
  • English
  • 18 February 2019
  • 9781615816538

10 thoughts on “Model Student

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    I loved this fast short story I loved the characters and also Shae Connor s writing Sorry I am not native english speaker so I evaluate also this criteria I hope someday I can read a long story by this author but there are so many books on Dreamspinner

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    Insta lust, insta love, barely there conflict, HFN That s about it.

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    Model Student was an incredibly sweet, feel good read, that left me smiling.Aaron Stevens is 20 years old, a sopho at New York University and a catalog model Matt Carson is also 20 years old, from Wisconsin and a junior journalism student at Columbia University The two young men meet at a photo shoot Aaron is doing Matt has a project for school he s working on, that s on high profile occupations in New York and he would like to interview Aaron about being a model and gain some insight into the modeling industry.Matt and Aaron end up going for coffee to discuss the project and eventually make their way from the coffee shop to the park, where each of them divulge a little about themselves and their pasts Neither of them have had a perfect life, they both have skeletons in their closets, of which are reveled as the story progresses, but they get along well together, they mesh, and what was suppose to be an interview evolves into a date.They meet few times, making one another dinner and growing closer, when Aaron discovers that Matt wasn t exactly upfront with him when they initially met In fact, he was downright deceptive about a few things and he may have been planning to come clean eventually, but Aaron learns of his duplicity from Jamie, Matt s roommate, which only seems to exacerbate the betrayal Jamie assumed that Matt had already told Aaron the truth, but unfortunately he hadn t and Aaron is hurt ...

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    3.5 starsAaron Stevens is a NYU student making his living as a model One day, during a photo shoot, he meets Matt Carson, a journalism student who wants to interview Aaron for his senior project Instant attraction connects them in short time But each has a history in the past that they need to overcome before they can continue their relationshipIt s a sweet story thought not too sugary it doesn t have any complicated issue The two characters are lovable I give 3 stars for the story ...

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    It is so strange to realize how hard you have to work sometimes to avoid turning into the person you don t want to be Aaron and Matt both have fathers who are better off avoided, yet both fear being just like them The story is sweet and fairly uncomplicated and Bernie the cat is adorable There is a...

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    Such a sweet story.

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    2.5 stars

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    Model Student is the story of model Aaron Stevens, and journalism student Matt Carson It s told in third person through Aaron s eyes.2.5 Stars view spoiler This book follows a pat formula of instant lust, falling in love in a couple days, conflict at the usual point in the story that was easily overcome, and then the HFN that leans heavily towards HEA The plot was low key with the two MCs getting to know each other over two days The conflict was very low angst and I didn t think it was that big a deal I have to honestly say that the story had difficulty keeping my attention, my mind wandered often.The MC s are in college, Matt a junior, and Aaron a sopho Aaron is a virgin in all ways, and Matt has little experience I did find it odd that Aaron knew how to get Matt ready since Aaron had no experience There wasn t even any joking about him watching porn or videos in order to know Both MC s voices sounded the same even though the behavior of the two struck me as male and female persons with the type of gestur...

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    Aaron is a film student who supports himself by modeling One day on a shoot he s introduced to Matt who s doing a journalism thesis and wants to use Aaron as an example of a model student There s an instant attraction and they start to get to know each other Things are going well and virgin Aaron finally believes he s found the one , when a secret Matt was keeping from him crops up, and sends them both spinning into dealing with crap from their pasts and old negative behaviours I like stories with young guys and to be honest, these guys seemed young I don t mean that negatively necessarily but they reminded me of teenagers both 20 , falling in love easi...

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    this was an ok little story the characters were cute and it was basically a meet cute and then sex agree with everyone who said the fight stemmed from a complete overreaction, but things were quickly rectified.

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