The Honorary Consul

Amor E Ci Me, Trai O E Lealdade, Destino E Vontade Ningu M Consegue Parar De Ler Este Livro At Chegar Apoteose Final.O C Nsul Honor Rio Um Dos Livros Mais Famosos De Graham Greene E Aquele Que O Pr Prio Autor Considerava Como O Seu Melhor Romance E Simultaneamente O Que Lhe Mais Custou A Escrever.A Obra Tem Como Cen Rio Uma Cidade Da Argentina, Mas O Pano De Fundo Ocupado Pela Ditadura Do General Alfredo Stroessner, Que Governou O Paraguai Durante 35 Anos Um Grupo De Guerrilheiros Paraguaios Decide Raptar Um Embaixador Americano Para Exigir Como Resgate A Liberta O De Presos Pol Ticos Mas Quem Acaba Por Ser Raptado Por Engano Charley Fortnum, Um C Nsul Honor Rio Brit Nico E B Bado Diplomado, Sem O M Nimo Valor De Troca Em Termos Pol Ticos O Governo Brit Nico N O Est Interessado Em Salvar O Seu C Nsul, Criando Uma Situa O Extremamente Grave Para Fortnum.Tal Como Todos Os Livros De Greene, O C Nsul Honor Rio Um Romance De Ac O, De Espionagem E, Acima De Tudo, Um Drama Moral O Seu Enredo Engenhoso E O Seu Humor Subtil Inspiraram, Em 1983, Um Filme Com Michael Caine No Magn Fico Papel De C Nsul.The Honorary Consul


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  • The Honorary Consul
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  • 14 March 2018

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    The Honorary Consul, Graham GreeneThe Honorary Consul is a British thriller novel by Graham Greene, published in 1973 It was one of the author s own favourite works The title is a reference to the diplomatic position known as an honorary consul The story is set in the city of Corrientes, part of the Argentine Littoral, on the shore of the Paran River Eduardo Plarr is an unmarried medical doctor of English descent who when a boy left Paraguay with his mother to es...

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    BEYOND THE LIMIT OLTRE IL LIMITE Greene considerava questo romanzo del 1973 forse il suo migliore, per non fu tra i suoi commercialmente pi fortunati Io non saprei dire se il migliore Forse no, credo di no Ma, che fascino, che esotismo, quanto sottile, ingarbugliata eppure lineare, e struggente, la storia raccontata in queste pagine.Michael Caine Charles Fortnum, il console onorario del titolo Il magnifico attore inglese all epoca aveva 50 anni.I consoli onorari sono in fondo alla catena diplomatica contano poco, non sono scelti tra il personale di carriera, ma tra emigrati, gente che ce l ha fatta nel nuovo paese d accoglienza, per lo pi mercanti, che ricoprono la carica senza compenso e senza immunit , in cambio del modesto status che la carica attribuisce Diplomatici low cost Anzi, a costo zero.Grazie al non memorabile film di John Mackenzie del 1983, ma comunque dignitosissimo e gradevole, questo console onorario ha le sembianze indimenticabili di Michael Caine, sullo schermo, che, come le pagine impongono, dedito al bere 24 7 Fino a un dato momento.Il medico Eduardo Parr, nato in Paraguay da genitori inglesi, interpretato da Richard Gere, all epoca 34enne, nel pieno del suo periodo di maggior successo.Siamo nel nord dell Argentina, qualche anno prima che la dittatura facesse scomparire de...

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    Greene has two bonafide genuine masterpieces in The Quiet American The End of the Affair, but by all rights The Honorary Consul takes a very honorary place along The Power and the Glory that is, it s about these incredibly Hollywood esque or legends of important people making choices suffering the inevitable In perfect prose, in lucid detail and exquisite, meaningful dialogue, Consul is intriguing and exciting at all times The characters are very much alive, and their roles all exude pathos at diverse and therefore interesting levels Greene is a total pleasure to read That said, it may be the weakest novel of his I ve read by far Brighton Rock was way unexpected, the aforementioned classic masterpieces Quiet and Affair are complete and utterly, devastatingly hugely beautiful Power and the Glory seems magnificent not as asphyxiated with themes of Catholic Church bashing as t...

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    Description In a provincial Argentinean town, Charley Fortnum, a British consul with dubious authority and a weakness for drink, is kidnapped by Paraguayan revolutionaries who have mistaken him for the American ambassador Dr Eduardo Plarr, a local physician with his own divided loyalties, serves as the negotiator between the rebels and the authorities These fumbling characters play out an absurd drama of failure, hope, love, and betrayal against a backdrop of political chaos The Honorary Consul is both a gripping novel of suspense and a penetrating psychological and sociological study of personal and political corruption Wonderful read, especially after my last Greeneland episode of The Heart of the Matter , which I didn t enjoy very much at all Lots to mull over with this one and it is good to have thought provoking issues on the m...

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    Sex, love, life, death, whiskey, Catholicism and South American politics all familiar territory to Graham Greene but The Honorary Consul 1973 whilst revisiting and exploring all these themes, is by no means a re tread or a recycling of previous Greene novels.The story this time is ostensibly centred around a bungled kidnapping attempt, all those whom it affects and its catastrophic aftermath This is, as is often than not the case with Green at his best powerful and compelling Whilst not perhaps quite up there with classic Graham Greene End of the Affair, Power and the Glory, Heart of the Matter it is very close The Honorary Consul is intriguing and compelling the unrelenting tension builds throughout Apparently this was one of Green s favourite of his own novels, the reason being given as the way the characters change throughout the course of the story.There is a lot here about fathers of all types both familial and religious and the long shadows that they can cast There is also much here concerning political causes in the wider sense, in relation to the resultant moral and religious dilemmas at a personal level Macro idealism vs reality at...

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    One of his later novels 1973 , it was better than I thought it would be The same themes love, betrayal, justice, and faith, with a newer one machismo Set in northern Argentina on the border with Paraguay, Dr Plarr, of an Argentine mother and British father, seems much older than his 30 years, world weary.Not quite as intense as my favorite 4 The Quiet American The Heart of the Matter A Burnt Out Case The End of the Affair but it s still Greene in top form and convincing Forget Bel Canto, this kidnapping is much real and compelling.There are some very funny parts about a mediocre novelistbut as usual, one comes to feel compassion for the c...

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    I picked up a Graham Greene novel after a long time and it was pure nostalgia to be transported back to Greeneland usually a third world country with a despotic government, with British expatriates forgotten by Her Majesty s Government, where the men are middle aged, guilt ridden and unable to love, men who have lost their faith in God and whose only outlets are the bottle or a prostitute Where the search for redemption is their only remaining life force.Dr, Plarr is the central character, a British Parguayan doctor who sleeps with his patients wives but loves none of them He is secretly loyal to the revolution in Paraguay, to which he lost his father, and lives in a border town on the Argentinian side, while his exiled mother overdoses on pastry and sugar in the affluent suburbs of Buenos Aires Plarr s foil is Fortnum, the Honorary Counsel, a Brit forgotten by his government, consigned to this outpost out of convenience, a drunk and aging man who has fallen in love with his twenty year old wife Clara, a former prostitute from the town s whorehouse Clara has slept with every ...

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    Plenty of reviews already for The Honorary Consul A subdued, understated quality to the characters here As usual with Greene, no winners on offer just an overall sense of loss.

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    From BBC radio 4 Drama 31 01 2016 In a conversation with Nicholas Shakespeare, Graham Greene once named The Honorary Consul as his favourite among all his novels,..because the characters change and that is very difficult to do In this superbly tense story of political kidnap and sexual betrayal set at the beginning of Argentina s Dirty War in early 1970s, Greene s characters find themselves on a switchback ride of love, sacrifice and violence.Isolated Dr Eduardo Plarr, son of a missing political prisoner, is lured into collaborating with a defrocked priest in a kidnap plot, only to find the lives of two people he doesn t care for, suddenly in his hands.Meanwhile Charles Fortnum, the elderly and drunken Honorary Consul in a one horse town near the Paraguayan border, faces his own terrors, and the loss of the young prostitute he has fallen in love with.Greene added For me the sinner and the saint can meet there is no discontinuity, no rupture The basic element I admire in Christianity is its sense of moral failure That is its very foundation For once you re conscious of personal failure, then perhaps in future you become a little less fallible In The Honorary Consul I did suggest this idea, through the guerrilla priest, th...

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    This was an exemplary read Comedic indictments of the Latin ideal of machismo, kidnappers who are absolutely no good at kidnapping, the consistently volatile political situation of Latin American countries, the lonely emptiness of the ex pat, and the utter worthlessness of one man s life when viewed through a Utilitarian framework all of these themes find expression in Greene s Honorary Consul This had been floating around in my to be read queue for a while and I have no regrets about bumping it to the top of my list Greene was a master wordsmith and his characters are always, at the least, interesting constructions The ability he has of writing characters that pursue two goals that are completely at odds with one another is flawless and with it he captures the often maddening complexity of even the most dull person Humans are beautifully flawed and fascinating creatures and too often the challenge of expressing that is above the skills of most writers Greene righ...

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