Mending a Tattered Faith

Epub Mending A Tattered Faith Author Susan Vanzanten Description Although Emily Dickinson Is Sometimes Seen As A Religious Skeptic, She Never Gave Up On God, Struggling With Issues Of Faith And Doubt Throughout Her Life Many Of Her Poems Depict Such Struggles, Sometimes With Humor And Sometimes With Despair Reading And Reflecting On These Poems Can Be A Powerful Way To Listen To And Experience God Through The Arts Mending A Tattered Faith Presents, First, An Accessible Introduction To The Mysteries Of Dickinson S Life And Poetry, Considering Her Relationships To Her Family And The Church, The Significant Poetic Strategies She Employed, And The Dramatic Family Struggle Over Publishing Her Poetry That Began Soon After Her Death It Then Offers Twenty Nine Carefully Selected Poems By Dickinson, Each With An Accompanying Meditation By Helping Readers Unpack Dickinson S Intense But Brief Poems, Supplying Absorbing Historical Background And Information, And Relating Some Personal Stories And Reflections, This Book Encourages Readers To Embark Upon Their Own Meditative Journey With Dickinson, Whose Engaging Struggles With Faith And Doubt Can Help Illuminate Our Own Spiritual Questions, Sorrows, And Joys Endorsements Who S Afraid Of Emily Dickinson Not Me, When I Ve Got Susan Emily VanZanten At My Side Precise, Elegant, And Evocative, VanZanten Guides The Reader Through The Spiritual Tangles Of Dickinson S Verse In Ways That Enlighten And Refresh The Soul This Is A Book To Keep And To Treasure Paul J Willis Author Of Rosing From The Dead Poems I Ve Never Read A Book Quite Like This, And I M Hoping It Will Inspire A New Genre Engaged Reading, Slow Reading, Deeply Informed By Scholarship But Inviting To All John Wilson Editor, Books Culture About The Contributor S Susan VanZanten Is Professor Of English At Seattle Pacific University She Is The Author Of Truth And Reconciliation The Confessional Mode In South African Literature 2002 , The Editor Of Postcolonial Literature And The Biblical Call To Justice 1994 , And Co Author With Roger Lundin Of Literature Through The Eyes Of Faith 1989.Mending a Tattered Faith

Susan VanZanten PhD, Emory University is professor of English at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington, and leads faculty workshops and retreats across the country She is the author or editor of seven books, including Joining the Mission A Guide for Mainly New College Faculty, Mending a Tattered Faith Devotions with Dickinson, and Truth and Reconciliation The Confessional Mode

[PDF] ✪ Mending a Tattered Faith  By Susan Vanzanten –
  • Paperback
  • 85 pages
  • Mending a Tattered Faith
  • Susan Vanzanten
  • English
  • 23 February 2017
  • 9781608995103

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    In this little devotional, Susan Vanzanten provides a commentary and meditation on 29 of Dickinson s poems Vanzanten teaches english literature at Seattle Pacific University and sees in Dickinson, a fellow pilgrim who was always reaching for God but eschewing easy faith which paved over difficulties and struggle Dickinson s poems hold many scriptural allusions and she wrestles with prayer, faith, dying, uncertainty She never doubts God s existence, but also didn t make a public commitment to the Christian faith though a priest of her family parish pronounced her sound Vanzanten is not trying to posthumously baptize her, but she sees evidence of faith in many of her poems and doubt in many others.With literary skill, Vanzanten unpacks this selection of poems in order to reveal their spiritual insight Most often she takes her cues from Dickinson herself, though her own faith seems robust and sure than Dickinson s At any rate, he...

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    I read one Emily Dickinson poem each night along with Vanzanten s comments and reflections I would read the poem and think how strange it was and how obscure it seemed Then I would read the comments a...

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    A crash course in poetry in the intro such illumination on Dickinson her walk I m continuing to do the devotional, hard to do because poetry is hard for me, esp with her idiosyncratic ways of versing, it s not easy But beautifully clearly supported by VanZanten.

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