Branded (Fall of Angels, #1)

Ebook Branded Fall Of Angels, 1 Author Keary Taylor Jessica S Had The Nightmares For As Long As She Can Remember Nightmares Of Being Judged For People Who Have Died, Of Being Branded By The Angels Her Friends And Family Think She S A Crazy Because Of It All Yet She Carries The Mark Of The Condemned, Seared Into The Back Of Her Neck, And Hides It And Herself Away From The World.But When Two Men She Can T Ignore Enter Her Life Everything Changes, Including The Nightmares The Two Of Them Couldn T Be Different She Will Do Anything To Be With One Of Them Even Tell Him The Truth About Angels, Why She Never Sleeps, And The Scar On The Back Of Her Neck But One Of The Two Has Set Events Into Motion What Will Puller Her Toward Her Own Judgment And Turn Her Into The Object Of Her Greatest Fear.Branded (Fall of Angels, #1)

Keary Taylor is the USA TODAY bestselling author of over twenty novels She grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love She now splits her time between a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and Utah, with her husband and their two children She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequen

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  • 04 August 2018

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    The Good Branded has a very interesting premise angels are not the glorified beings they re hyped as Instead, they are the cause for the main character s torment Neat.The story line is decent as well It kept me guessing until the end It s not all that predictable except for the romance bit and the author keeps some semblance of suspense up until the very end.The Bad For one thing, the ending seems very rushed Taylor manages to cram the entire resolution of the story into pretty much a paragraph Wow That s amazingly bad.The other thing is that Keary Taylor is in dire need of an editor The writing is unsophisticated at best, with awkwardly stilted sentences and cheesy dialogue There are some typos as well, such as tough instead of though and so on Speaking of which, the mindless repetition of certain words sometimes, though, etc made the writing style even clumsier.The kindle edition is also formatted badly I don t know how much of this reflects on Taylor as I ve never published anything for the kindle However, it s rather distracting to have random line breaks and indentations in the middle of sentences There were a few indescrepencies as well Not huge ones, but noticeable after one nightmare, Jessica notes that her skin is almost as flawless as an angel s Then Alex walks in and says that she looks awful, and she agrees What I thought her skin was flawless Her father also sends her a letter in the mail asking where she was, as he apparently has no clue where ...

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    First off, let me say I finishedno devoured the first two books in two days time I was wary to start it I mean bad angels didn t sound awesome to me but I gave it a shot and was not dissapointed The characters were not annoying as I find they are in alot of fantasy novels They were relateable and caring towards one another Their relationship was sweet and believable, no patronizing I m not turned on by female roles who are whiny and selfish And the male roles are usually so arrogant but they re hot so it makes up for it or he s broken and she has to fix him Jessica was extrememly likeable and Alex was divine and they progressed together nicely The bad guy was well written and the situations were easy to understand and believe Jessica and Alex didn t have sex in the book and I was ecstatic about that It s almost impossible any to read paranomal romance novels without it being littered with sex scenes All in all a good series The end will leave you buying the next b...

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    Well, I had to give my own work 5 stars right Keep an eye out for Forsaken, the second book in the Fall of Angels, coming this fall

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    First of all negative stars, a shelf created especially for this book, because it left such a bad taste in my mouth that the only stars I can possibly give are those below zero As you might have guessed, Branded made me angry, and therefore it will be impossible to review this without spoilers However, many of the plot is so obvious and unoriginal that the spoilers aren t that substantial Also, some explicit language will be used, because sometimes there is just no better way to express your opinion Note as well that this is a rant disguised as a review, so it s long You have been warned.I considered several times to just DNF this one, but a part of me hoped it would get better It did not.I originally had this one classified as high hopes , but after re reading the blurb, I honestly have no idea what gave me that impression I blame the cover because angst, love triangle, and insta love were already pretty much announced It s probably my soft spot for fallen angels retellings, although the only decent ones I have read this far are Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Angelfall Edit I can t believe I forgot Unearthly How did that happen I blame you, Branded.The basic set upJessica is a 20 year old runaway who is a housekeepe...

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    Jessica Bailey is tormented Every time she falls asleep, her nightmare begins The first chapter got me into reading the book It was different It started where most books end on judgment However, after a couple of chapters, the story goes downhill FAST The author tends to overelaborate on everything, leaving nothing to the imagination There are a few pages full of just descriptions of surroundings, and feelings I gets boring fast when every detail is explained and explored The book feels like a very long prologue That everything could have been explained in 3000 words or less The events are uneventful, the villain is easily defeated and love conquers all yet again But the struggle wasn t clear The message wasn t clear If it s love, and the sacrifice of someone, the story did not warrant such devotions Alex and Jessica s feelings for each other resemble that of teenagers and puppy love There s no basis for the love, no foundation, aside from mutual attraction But attraction is where it starts, not where it should end SPOILERS The main character, Jessica, doesn t have character For someone who is too cautious and too shy, she admits to falling in love with a guy she barely knew Trusting him with her secrets as when he did not do anything to warrant the confidence This...

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    WARNING SPOILERS SLIGHT Initially I was really into this book I loved Jessica s character The premise intrigued me The writing was decent Then Alex happened.I did not like Alex, at all He was too chipper Too eager At least, he is in the beginning He and Jessica fall in together way too quickly for my piece of mind I mean, Jessica hasn t known him a day and already she s okay with him walking in on her in the shower Not only that, but he thinks its okay to invade her privacy this way Ummm, hello She barely knows him For all she knows, he could be a crazy rapist Not to mention, a stalker He can t seem to leave Jessica alone Within 24 hours of meeting her, Alex wants Jessica to come into town with him he barges into the bathroom while she s taking a shower he cooks dinner for her and he follows her to Sal s I mean, what gives All of this was done with a puppy dog manner that was completely unappealing This is the point where I stopped reading.Alex is what ruined this for me When...

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    review by Megsly Warning possible spoilers ahead Branded follows 20 year old Jessica Bailey, who is a teenage run away who never sleeps She can usually reach almost 100 hours with no sleep before her body starts caving in on her The reason she doesn t sleep is because she has night terrors, extreme night terrors In her dreams, she finds herself locked in a room, awaiting trial An angel she calls Adam, with gray eyes which is apparently indicative of whether or not they are fallen or not Gray means he s neutral territory , retrieves her from her cell and takes her to face a jury of ten five condemned angels, and five exalted angels decide her fate If she passes, she is thrown upwards into the heavens, and if she fails a hot bar of metal shaped like an X is pressed into the nape of her neck, branding her before she is hurled down to the pits of hell by the condemned She s never tried as Jessica Bailey though, it s always someone else s name that is called out.Sometimes she s tried as a man, sometimes as a woman Sometimes she s young and sometimes she s old Every once in a while the good list far outweighs the list of bad things the person has done and sometimes she is lifted to the heavens, but most of the times she s thrown down Every time, however, she feels the excruciating agony of wings bursting forth from her back, no matter if she s being sent to heaven or hell Funny thing is, the nightmares aren t just nightmares Every time s...

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    The story and the characters definitely kept me reading I purchased this book on a whim I love to read the work of local authors and jumped at the chance to help support a local up and coming when I saw this book at a bookstore near my office, in Seattle I read every day on my way to and from work on public transit, and sometimes, while reading this book, I d almost forget where I was Once, I almost missed my stop The story is compelling, the scenery and set building very full without dragging down the pace of the story Jessica often notices the weather and its effects on her surroundings, but then, living in this part of the country, it s hard not to notice, and the weather plays as big a role in this story as it does in the real lives of those of us living in the Pacific Northwest There were a few issues with w...

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    So I did enjoy the story in this book, but I am not sure I liked how it was executed The idea was fantastic and very original I am not sure if this was the writer s first book, but the flow of the book was off There was so much build up and not enough character development to fill the pages While I liked there characters in the book okayI didn t feel like I knew enough about them to love them There was so much room to get you emotionally involved with the characters but since you didn t really know much about them it kept them as strangers With the character development being a little lacking in this book the love story also fell slightly flat It just wasn t believeable enough for me I also had a big problem with the fact that the characters said ya all the time For some reason this bothered me to no end I would actually start to cringe when I read it If you read the book, I am 100% positive you will know what I mean by that That being said, the last 40 or so pages of the book actually almost completely make up for the fact that alot of the book was lacking The villian in the book really begins to blossum as does the main character The emotions that are written towards the end of the book are portrayed so much better than in the beginning Your connection to the characters begins to dev...

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    I received a copy from Smashwords as a freebie This was an enjoyable read The story was well written and interesting Also, the characters were great I really liked Jessica and Alex I thought their relationship was perfect Their chemistry was great I thought the en...

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