Under the Green Hill

Reading Under The Green Hill Author Laura L Sullivan Nature Explore.eu Meg And Her Siblings Have Been Sent To The English Countryside For The Summer To Stay With Elderly Relatives The Children Are Looking Forward To Exploring The Ancient Mansion And Perhaps Discovering A Musty Old Attic Or Two Filled With Treasure, But Never In Their Wildest Dreams Did They Expect To Find Themselves In The Middle Of A Fairy War.When Rowan Pledges To Fight For The Beautiful Fairy Queen, Meg Is Desperate To Save Her Brother But The Midsummer War Is Far Than A Battle Between Mythic Creatures Everything That Lives Depends On It How Can Meg Choose Between Family And The Fate Of The Very Land ItselfUnder the Green Hill

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Under the Green Hill book, this is one of the most wanted Laura L. Sullivan author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • Under the Green Hill
  • Laura L. Sullivan
  • English
  • 22 August 2017
  • 9781429942034

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    When the Morgan children, Rowan, Meg, Silly and James, are shipped off to spend the summer in England with an elderly aunt they ve never met, they aren t exactly thrilled But when they arrive at the Rookery, the castle fills their minds with thoughts of exploring and discovering secret passageways.Those fantasies soon pale when they discover that their family is part of an ancient pact connecting them to the fairies who live under the green hill When they realize that one of them must act as champion to the fairy queen in a coming battle, they all decide to do what they can to help out.Under the Green Hill by Laura L Sullivan paints a richly detailed picture of fairies and other fantasy creatures who live just out of sight of normal humans They can t be trusted, and they like to play tricks on people to get their way The natural world depends on their guardianship, as they depend on the guardianship of certain humans.While the story is mostly about the four Morgan children and their adventures, it focuses mainly on Meg, who ...

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    This book is a beautiful example of the duality in mythical lore there cannot be light without darkness Perfect book for young readers I estimate grades 5 7 , or adults that still enjoy the magic of well written children s literature The author has set the story to allow for a series to follow which I would love , but there is enough closure for this initial offering to stand alone The main characters are well developed, and supporting characters stay in their places until dra...

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    That one was really tough to get through.

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    Despite the super cool premise, there was a little too much head hopping for my tastes, which really stalled me from feeling the storyStill a neat little book though

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    Things I Liked This book had a really rich and detailed atmosphere I loved how I was drawn into the mythology and the setting immediately just as quickly as Rowan is sucked into the fairy war The changeable and unearthly personalities of the fairies was really well done most fairy stories talk about how they are so amoral, but this one really felt that way Meg was a character that you love and that you might get annoyed with at the same time I really enjoyed the writing too, which was quite lovely and detailed A rich and beautiful book Things I Didn t Like I have to admit that the story is very slow Occasionally, I would lost interest because not much seemed to be happening Describing fairies and other magical creatures is only fun for so long I m wondering if it will have much kid appeal too, since ...

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    I so wanted to love this book It s modeled on the early 20th century children s books I love, but I felt like the novel could never quite make up its mind whether it was truly trying to be a part of that genre, an homage to it, or gently mocking it The characters never quite came together for me they didn t feel quite real To be honest, I think it m...

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    A nice surprise I enjoyed it far than I expected The good people weren t disney fied, characters were complex than expected, I really liked the story, and the ending was satisfyingly complete without being trite I m always impressed when an author knows where the end is I could read it again and find...

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    A cute middle grade read When I first started reading it, I thought it was going to be a lot like Fablehaven siblings visiting relatives they really didn t know, and finding out those relatives were in charge of a preserve for mythical creatures Well, not quite The mythical creatures are only fairies, and the relatives are m...

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    R I am not that big on fantasy, but I will read it and sort of enjoy it if it is written well Under the Green Hill completely went against that This book followed childeren as they traveled to England to find ...

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    Do you like fairies, Esteemed Reader No Is it because of that special documentary on the History Channel that revealed that there have been multiple reports throughout history of folks claiming to have experienced missing time and later recalling that they were abducted by fairies with big black eyes and all gray skin that flew around in a UFO Well, I can t say as how I blame you If it s on the History Channel, it must be true, and you are right to be afraid, Esteemed Reader.Laura L Sullivan s fairies are perhaps not the nasty customers the fairies on the History Channel are, but they may as well be They are not overtly mean well, some of them are they re just indifferent to human life, which is an interesting take on the fairies They live in their own separate world with their own separate way of life and humans are not of great concern to them one way or another To them, humans can be used or not and it s all the same, rather the way I imagine an alien might feel about an earthling abducted So what s the deal with this Green Hill and what s under it Well, the fairies are And our heroes Rowan, Meg, Pricilla, and James are about to encounter them The four Morgan children have hair exactly the color of a Brazil nut, a light, rich shade as a hazelnut, very pale almond colored curls, and in one instance, Rowan s burnished hair gleamed chestnut All four of them have skin fair as nutmeats Why...

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