The Eyes of the Overworld

Epub The Eyes Of The Overworld Author Jack Vance Scoundrel Cugel Is Sent Far Away, By A Magician He Has Wronged, To Retrieve Magical Lenses That Reveal The Overworld Goaded By A Homesick Monster Magically Attached To His Liver, He Journeys Across Wastelands Home To Almery With A Cult Group On A Pilgrimage, He Crosses The Silver Desert, And Meets Danger And Betrayal As He Betrays Others.The Eyes of the Overworld

John Holbrook Vance,

[Ebook] ➦ The Eyes of the Overworld  Author Jack Vance –
  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • The Eyes of the Overworld
  • Jack Vance
  • English
  • 20 August 2018
  • 9780583121279

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    Underneath the fading sun, Cugel a hero emerges Well, sort of a hero, but of a trickster Less Hector, Ulysses less Samson, Jacob less Tom, and a lot Huck Cugel, however, is less likable than any of the these Selfish, exploitative, and filled with unlimited self regard, he continually overestimates his own considerable intelligence and fails where a lesser man might have succeeded.Paradoxically, it is Cugel s flaws and failures that keep us on his side during his picaresque journey, and his personality helps organize what might otherwise seem a disconnect series of tales Vance s prose is still eccentric but fluid than in the previous Dying Earth collection, and his imagination co...

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    Tales of a trickster god.Like stories about Anansi, Coyote and Loki Jack Vance describes the misadventures of Cugel the Clever in picaresque fashion Set in Vance s far, far future world of the The Dying Earth, in his inimitable style blending elements of science fiction and fantasy, this 1966 publication is at times hilarious but always entertaining.While reading I smiled frequently and laughed out loud at least a couple of times and Vance made me think about the irascible nature of loveable rogues No doubt from time immemorial, their have been stories about those who think outside the box, those who march to the beat of a different drummer, who for all purposes make their own rules and make the rest of us insane, make us roll our eyes and smirk.My wife and I raised three boys and there were times when, as parents, we needing to punish a child for some behavior I can recall many times when, even amidst the scolding, I had to turn my head so the little imp would not see me smile What is it about mis...

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    I have already gushed enthusiastic about the opening volume in the Dying Earth epic It seems I should have kept some of the hyperbole in reserve for later books, as the appeal of the setting and of the characters show no sign of slacking with this second book It s also interesting to note that the saga of Cugel the Clever is not simply an iteration of a success formula In many ways it is an improvement over the experiments in style from the first book.For one thing, the book is better structured, with a framing story of the hero being sent on a quest and a sequence of related picaresque adventures as Cugel traverses exotic lands and meets monsters, maidens, ghosts, flying men, pygmies, giants, grotesque mutants and magic adepts Concentrating on a single main character also helps, as there s no need to introduce and establish a new face in every episode What lands lie between us and Almery They are wide and dangerous and peopled by gids, erbs, and deodands, as well as leucomorphs, ghouls and grues Otherwise I am ignorant If we survive the journey, it will be a miracle indeed For a second thing, the presentation is less melancholic and resigned to a doomed future Cugel is a lot pro active about ...

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    Oddly enough, I think I enjoyed this second book of Vance s Dying Earth much better than the first It s not only smoother but it also tickles most of my funny bones.Cugel is one hell of a damned rogue Very flexible of morals, quick of wit, and easily a loveable hateable anti hero In most respects, I felt like I was reading a high fantasy version of Gulliver s Travels, always skirting the edge of high satire and always roving knee deep in extremely lucky circumstance, tragic reversals, and yet inexplicable adventure.The man is charmed and cursed in a very enjoyable fashion.Best of all, Vance never dumbs down his text I ...

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    Whereas Vance s previous volume in the The Dying Earth series was composed of several short stories, each featuring a different character, The Eyes of the Overworld focuses on one character, Cugel the Clever Though the book is episodic in nature each story was published separately over the course of a couple of years before being compiled in this volume , the character is consistent And while the characters in The Dying Earth were capably presented in their individual stories, Cugel the Clever is featured in every story in this volume.And rightfully so The character that Vance has created here deserves, nay, needs a lengthy format to shine Vance is able to extrude the subtleties if they can be called that of his main character with this form because Cugel is, if not clever, complex Well, he is clever from time to time or, appropriately, cunning, but there are several times when he fancies himself much clever than he actually is Still, he is no clown This presents a wonderful Wodehousian dynamic to the whole book In a nutshell, it is rather funny throughout The section that I will call The Lodermulch Ruse had me laughing aloud, and demonstrated one instance in which Cugel s ability to improvise proved brilliant Still, his mis steps make me think that Sergio Aragones must have read this work before penning his comic Groo The Wanderer If anything, the title clever should have been reserved for Vance, not ...

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    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.I ve already said, numerous times, how much I love Jack Vance, so I ll skip all that this time You can read other reviews on this page if you missed that.The Eyes of the Overworld is the second part of Tales of the Dying Earth and the main character is one of my favorite Vance characters the self titled Cugel the Clever Cugel is not the kind of guy you want to have dealings with he s clever, sneaky, completely selfish and remorseless He is always trying to figure out how he can take advantage of other people in order to make his own circumstances better.In The Eyes of the Overworld, Cugel decides to burglarize the house of Iucounu the Laughing Magician so he can sell some of Iucounu s thaumaturgical artifacts But the magician catches Cugel and punishes him by setting him on a quest to procure a lens which allows the wearer to view the overworld.Cugel is clever, but as clever as he is, he often finds himself facing a foe who, at least temporarily, manages to outwit him which invariably su...

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    In this treasure island of a book Jack Vance had hidden two treasure troves his wild imagination and his flowery language And it is pure delight to find them both Cugel was a man of many capabilities, with a disposition at once flexible and pertinacious He was long of leg, deft of hand, light of finger, soft of tongue His hair was the blackest of black fur, growing low down his forehead, coving sharply back above his eyebrows His darting eye, long inquisitive nose and droll mouth gave his somewhat lean and bony face an expression of vivacity, candor, and affability He had known many vicissitudes, gaining therefrom a suppleness, a fine discretion, a mastery of both bravado and stealth Coming into the possession of an ancient lead coffin after discarding the contents he had formed a number of leaden l...

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    5.0 stars Jack Vance deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Robery Heinlein He is a master story teller and, unlike the aforementioned authors, Vance s books do not seem dated and can be read today with the same sense of wonder as when they were first written T...

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    The Eyes of the Overworld is the second novel in Jack Vance s Tales of the Dying Earth I think I liked this installment even better than the first which I loved The story is about the adventures and misadventures of a Cugel the clever, who is a pretty thorough rogue I suppose he is clever at times, but he can also be stupid Fortunately for Cugel, he does have some luck good and bad though the bad is of the non killing sort I know this is Fantasy, but if you like the historical fiction character Flashman, you may also like Cugel Just imagine Flashman in Alice s Wonderland The first story in the Dying Earth sequence also titled The Dying Earth , introduced the reader to a strange world that is a dangerous mix of science and magic In many ways I was reminded of The Wizard of Oz That novel is really a collection of short stories all taking place in the same world, a world increasingly haunted by shadows as the sun burns itself out The fact that the world is dying doesn t stop or alter the weirdness in any way In other words, humans will be humans no matter the circumstances The fact that the world may be ending is always on the back burner, a...

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    Vance s writing style is refined in the second volume in the Dying Earth series this story can be read without reading the first volume which makes for a smoother and interesting read Vance packs in a nu...

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