The Razor's Edge

The Razor S Edge Download Author W Somerset Maugham Natus Quando Um Amigo E Colega De Combate Morre Ao Tentar Salv Lo, A Vida De Larry Darrell Muda Para Sempre Para O Jovem Aviador Americano, A Morte Passa Ent O A Ter Um Rosto O Inexor Vel Mist Rio Da Morte Leva O A Questionar O Significado Ltimo Da Fr Gil Condi O Humana E A Embarcar Numa Obstinada E Redentora Odisseia Espiritual Ao Recusar Viver Segundo As Conven Es Impostas Pela Sociedade Para Buscar O Sentido Da Vida Que Encontrar , Certa Manh , Algures Na Ndia , Larry Torna Se Simultaneamente Uma Frustra O Para Os Que O Rodeiam Principalmente Para Isabel, A Namorada, E Elliott, Tio Desta, Que Cultivam Acima De Tudo A Aceita O E O Prest Gio Sociais E A Personifica O De Um Ideal De Espiritualidade E N O Compromisso Por Duas Vezes Adaptado Ao Cinema, O Fio Da Navalha Um Romance Intemporal As Ansiedades E D Vidas De Larry S O Tamb M As Nossas Continuamos At Hoje A Buscar Um Sentido Para A Nossa Exist Ncia Para Encarnar Essa Luta Contra O Destino, Somerset Maugham Criou Um Dos Mais Fascinantes Personagens Do Seu Vasto Legado Liter Rio Da Primeira Segunda Guerra Mundial, Passando Pela Grande Depress O, Ele Leva Nos, Atrav S Das Sociedades Francesa, Americana E Inglesa, Verdade Mais Rec Ndita Da Alma E Do Sentimento Humanos.The Razor's Edge

William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in 1874 He spoke French even before he spoke a word of English, a fact to which some critics attribute the purity of his style His parents died early and, after an unhappy boyhood, which he recorded poignantly in Of Human Bondage, Maugham became a qualified physician But writing was his true vocation For ten years before his first success, he almost l

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    In all big cities there are self contained groups that exist without intercommunication, small worlds within a greater world that lead their lives, their members dependent upon one another for companionship, as though they inhabited islands separated from each other by an unnavigable strait Of no city, in my experience, is this true than of Paris. 4 stars I liked this book a lot Much than Maugham s Of Human Bondage, but not quite as much as The Painted Veil The first person minor perspective works really well here Maugham inserts himself into the story, but mostly exists as an observer and messenger, retelling the tales passed to him by Elliott, Larry, Isabel and others I think this is one of the most interesting narrative structures we are still a part of the story, not looking down on it, but we are also an outsider peering in It seems to be exactly the right amount of proximity and distance to suit me.I also like Maugham best when he is fondly mocking human nature Elliott has to be the most lovable snob I ve ever had the pleasure of encountering It is he that introduces the narrator to young couple, Larry and Isabel, and he isn t shy about his views on their impending marriage In F...

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    The best novel I ve read since joining Goodreads might be The Razor s Edge, the 20th century bestseller by prolific British playwright and author W Somerset Maugham Published in the U.S in 1944 a bit of my euphoria has to do with the book much of my intoxication has to do with the time in my life which I read this particular book In 2016, I came into a creative stride, writing first drafts of a short story and a novella and completing the groundwork for the final draft of a novel I started smoking a pipe I m learning to play chess I started a new job which will finance A, B and C pipe smoking and chess playing being modest luxuries but my new salary being modest as well I m reading close to fifty novels a year and feel as if I ve developed a palate for vivid storytelling, well developed characters and disarming dialogue Amid a lot of desire and confusion, The Razor s Edge put a customs stamp on these passages in my life It s the story of six characters not including Maugham...

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    570 The Razor s Edge William Somerset MaughamThe Razor s Edge is a novel by W Somerset Maugham The book was first published in 1944 It tells the story of Larry Darrell, an American pilot traumatized by his experiences in World War I, who sets off in search of some transcendent meaning in his life The story begins through the eyes of Larry s friends and acquaintances as they witness his personality change after the War His rejection of conventional life and search for meaningful experience allows him to thrive whil...

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    Its a toss up when you decide to leave the beaten track Many are called, few are chosen. A classic which is really worth reading The author narrates the tale of a man who is in search of the true meanings of life by turning down opportunities and taking up a road less taken lifestyle In The Razor s Edge Maugham introduces the reader with Larry Darrel, an American pilot who is in shock after his experiences during the World War I After returning from war, he was so changed with his perspectives about life that leaving his fianc e and the opportunities of an affluent lifestyle he sets on a journey in search of the truth regarding the life After a lot of loafing about and trying his hand at several arduous jobs like mining and farming he becomes a ship man which takes him to India where he is influenced by the Eastern mysticism and discovers the path of salvation The book makes the reader ask himself some very difficult to answer, but pretty straight forward questions about life The book dwells on some major concepts of Advaita Ved nta Philosophy and Maugham s lucid narrative combined with his clever style of placing himself inside the story as a narrator and taking the story forward by focusing on people around Larry and sketching their reactions on the changes that occur in Larry s lifestyle makes this a fantastic book to read The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over thus the wise say the path to Salv...

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    This has to be the most endearing and accessible of Maugham s books With the right smattering of philosophy and literary techniques to keep one challenged too.It has been one of the defining books in my life.

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    In 1919 war hero Larry Laurence Darrell returns to his hometown of Chicago, wounded twice, the brave aviator, has a deeper injury which changes him considerably A comrade saved his life but lost his, over France, dying on the cold ground Isabel Bradley, Larry s faithful fiancee notices the alteration.When his best friend Gay Maturin, gets his millionaire father Henry to offer his pal a good job Darrell turns it down, he doesn t want to sell bonds, who does Still you can make a lot of lovely money, in the roaringera of wealth, naturally some acceptable dissipation occurs by hungry men, for the mighty dollar W.Somerset Maugham the famous British author is visiting the windy city yes, he the novelist puts himself in the story Another of his books, The Moon and Sixpence , has just been published and is an unexpected bestseller Doing interviews with the local newspapers, Maugham gets an invitation to have lunch with Elliott Templeton, an old friend and Isabel s rich uncle Elliott lives in Paris and comes home to see his family, Maugham the great writer, resides mostly in France too Mr.Templeton is a big snob and proud of it, he nevertheless surprisingly also a kind man, loves High Society and thinks Paris is the only place to live Later Maugham has din...

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    Rating 4.25 of fiveThe Publisher Says Intimate acquaintances but less than friends, they meet and part in postwar London and Paris Elliot, the arch snob but also the kindest of men Isabel, considered to be entertaining, gracious, and tactful Gray, the quintessence of the Regular Guy Suzanne, shrewd, roving, and friendly Sophie, lost, wanton, with a vicious attractiveness about her and finally Larry, so hard and so trustful, lost in the world s confusion Their story, one of Somerset Maugham s best, encompasses the pain, passion, and poignancy of life itself.My Review It is pleasant to give yourself over to the care of a master, or mistress, of craft The Razor s Edge is masterful It is an expression of the mastery Maugham earned through many long years of novel writing and mostly successful critical reception of his work that this book, which came almost forty years into a career of than sixty years, feels as fresh as his first great novel Of Human Bondage, 1915 It deals, as is the case with so many writers oeuvres, with many of the same themes and issues as the first book and most of his subsequent work.A critic reviewing The Razor s Edge today would likely fa...

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    One of Maugham s three major novels TIME That s high praise coming from TIME magazine This MUST be good.I m sure some of you are familiar with a little American television drama series that aired on HBO from 2002 2008 called The Wire I was way late to the party, but over the past 6 months or so, I ve managed to watch all 5 glorious seasons back to back to back Well, glorious to a point But what the hell happened in season 5 I kept waiting for it to get good, kept waiting for something to happen Waiting for the outlaw Omar Little to come along, whistling The Farmer in the Dell, and take that bitch Marlo down Man Talk about anticlimactic How you gonna do Omar like that, huh I had a similar experience with this book I was really digging it for about 200 pages Then an unfortunate thing happened I forgive the weirdness of Maugham interjecting himself as a minor character in the story and the weirdness of him being the narrator I forgive the implausibility of every character just happening to feel the need to unburden themselves in his presence, whether they real...

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    _ _ 200 .

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    I didn t love it as much as I expected The premise that Eastern philosophy has something to offer us in the West just isn t as novel as when this book was originally published Maugham s description of upper crust society in Paris is bitchy and wonderfully astute at times But, like most authors, he found it easier to describe the sinners than the saints Larry Darrell, the saint of this book, just doesn t seem human or interesting He and his quest for enlightenment and or belief in God are one big yawnfest All Maugham can do is describe Larry s scintillating eyes and his smile over and over and over again and by the end of the book, even Maugham is apologizing for that Also, Maugham allows himself to be the first person narrator and, as such, does than his fair share of self aggrandizing in the book He befriends prostitutes down on their luck, flies to the deathbed of people he s mildly acquainted with and even pays the funeral expenses of heroin addicted nymphomaniacs What a prince The female cast of characters can pretty much be summed up as a gay man s view of women Maugham was bisexual, I think, but leaned towards men Not terribly flattering or fleshed out to say the least.Women reading this book should glean three lessons from it 1 It s not much fun to date a saint unl...

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