Riddley Walker

A Hero With Huck Finn S Heart And Charm, Lighting By El Greco And Jokes By Punch And Judy Riddley Walker Is Haunting And Fiercely Imagined And This Matters Most Intensely Ponderable Benjamin DeMott, The New York Times Book Review This Is What Literature Is Meant To Be Anthony Burgess Russell Hoban Has Brought Off An Extraordinary Feat Of Imagination And Style The Conviction And Consistency Are Total Funny, Terrible, Haunting And Unsettling, This Book Is A Masterpiece Anthony Thwaite, Observer Extraordinary Suffused With Melancholy And Wonder, Beautifully Written, Riddley Walker Is A Novel That People Will Be Reading For A Long, Long Time Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World Stunning, Delicious, Designed To Prevent The Modern Reader From Becoming Stupid John Leonard, The New York Times Highly Enjoyable An Intriguing Plot Ferociously Inventive Walter Clemons, Newsweek Astounding Hoban S Soaring Flight Of Imagination Is That Golden Rarity, A Dazzlingly Realized Work Of Genius Jane Clapperton, Cosmopolitan An Imaginative Intensity That Is Rare In Contemporary Fiction Paul Gray, TimeRiddley Walker Is A Brilliant, Unique, Completely Realized Work Of Fiction One Reads It Again And Again, Discovering New Wonders Every Time Through Set In A Remote Future In A Post Nuclear Holocaust England Inland , Hoban Has Imagined A Humanity Regressed To An Iron Age, Semi Literate State And Invented A Language To Represent It Riddley Is At Once The Huck Finn And The Stephen Dedalus Of His Culture Rebel, Change Agent, And Artist Read Again Or For The First Time This Masterpiece Of 20th Century Literature With New Material By The Author.Riddley Walker

Russell Conwell Hoban was an American expatriate writer His works span many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mainstream fiction, magical realism, poetry, and children s books He lived in London, England, from 1969 until his death Wikipedia

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Riddley Walker
  • Russell Hoban
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9780671451189

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    _Riddley Walker_ is the book that put Russell Hoban on the map inasmuch as he is on the map he is criminally neglected as an author and will likely be the one work for which he will be remembered sadly he passed away in late 2011 So far I have read three other Hoban novels and while I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them I must admit that I think this one is his very best Many, upon reading the first page, will dismiss the book as gimmicky I am growing to hate that term as applied to books due to the style in which Hoban writes Admittedly his language isn t easy to slip right into given that he has created his own broken, not quite phonetic, future version of English that is further complicated for many readers by being based on the Kentish dialect Thus we have as our introduction to Riddley and his world On my naming day when I come 12 I gone front spear and kilt a wyld boar he parbly ben the las wyld pig on the Bundel Downs any how there hadnt ben none for a long time befor him nor I aint looking to see none agen That s definitely on...

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    On my naming day when I come 12 I gone front spear and kilt a wyld boar he parbly ben the las wyld pig on the Bundel Downs any how there hadnt ben none for a long time befor him nor I aint looking to see none agen He dint make the groun shake nor nothing like that when he come on to my spear he wernt all that big plus he lookit poorly He done the reqwyrt he ternt and stood and clattert his teef and made his rush and there we wer then Him on 1 end of the spear kicking his life out and me on the other end watching him dy I said, Your tern now my tern later The other spears gone in then and he wer dead and the steam coming up off him in the rain and we all yelt, Offert The woal thing fealt jus that littl bit stupid Us running that boar thru that las littl scrump of woodling with the forms all roun Cows mooing sheap baaing cocks crowing and us foraging our las boar in a thin grey girzel on the day I come a man.These are the opening lines of Riddley Walker and we jump right in, to a new world and a new language.But look again the language is not so n...

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    Riddley Walker has clear precedents, such as the postmodern invented language of A Clockwork Orange and the post apocalyptic search for lost knowledge that drives A Canticle for Leibowitz, but Hoban s novel remains a singularly original work The language is the most striking thing about it, of course A pidgin mishmash of broken, phonetically spelled English and familiar words deconstructed and reconstructed, Riddley s language at first seems like an attention grabbing gimmick, but it is anything but It requires extra attention and thought on the part of the reader, but ultimately it leads to a much immersive experience than if the book were written in standard English There s a bit of Huck Finn in it, Pogo His Pals, and Cockney brogue It takes getting used to, but once you settle into it, it reveals its poetry.Looking at the moon all col and wite and oansome Lorna said to me, You know Riddley theres something in us it don t have no name I said, what thing is that She said, Its some kynd of thing it aint us yet its in us Its looking out thru our eye hoals Its all 1 girt thing bigger nor the worl and lorn and loan and oansome, Tremmering it is and feart It puts us on like we put on our cloes Some times we dont fit Some times it cant fynd the arm hoals and it tears us a part I dont think I took all that much noatis of it when I ben yung Now ...

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    I am not necessarily adverse to an author expanding his creative vision into an exploration of communicative styles Anthony Burgess brilliant A Clockwork Orange comes to mind Frank Herbert s Dune also developed a vocabulary to further develop his vision Stream of consciousness tales, though, tend to lose me Norman Mailer s Why Are We in Vietnam was a hot mess of syntax that left me gasping on the rails of my deep sea literary vessel, wanting the swells to die down some William Burroughs Naked Lunch was a thick as molasses alphabet soup of words, and vile to boot, lacking the quirky, gonzo charm of Hunter S Thompson Faulkner s The Sound and the Fury is a 900 page run on sentence that has eluded me and I have yet to scale that ascent And that leads to Riddley Walker, written entirely in a first person narrative in a language that resembles English, and I guess in a broad sense it still is, but is, to me at least, incomprehensible Author Russell Hoban has created what very possibly may be a work of genius This was no doubt a labor of inspired brilliance However, it is so difficult to read that its dystopian adventure, a storyline I would ordinarily enjoy,...

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    Set in a primitive future society and told in the imagined dialect of the time, involving malapropistic phoneticisms and accidental puns and clearly an inspiration for one story of Mitchell s Cloud Atlas , so not something you can read quickly at least, not till you get used to it This is the story of a would be story teller, trying to make sense of the present in the light of minimal understanding of the past, tied in with versions of 20th century life history especially the atom bomb mixed traditional legends such as St Eustace Oddly, I found the slang in this based on mishearings of English harder than Russian based slang of Clockwork Orange , despite the fact I speak English but not Russian I think that is partly because Burgess is the better, or at least careful, writer, but also because the whole of this book is written in dialect, whereas in Clockwork Orange, it s con...

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    Riddley Walker isn t just the strangest post apocalyptic dystopia I ve ever read, it is also a fine linguistic puzzle A new post nuclear era needs new myths and new myths are told in a modern iron age newfangled language There is the Hart of the Wud in the Eusa Story that wer a stag every 1 knows that There is the hart of the wood meaning the veryes deap of it thats a nother thing There is the hart of the wood where they bern the chard coal thats a nother thing agen innit Thats a nother thing Berning the chard coal in the hart of the wood Thats what they call the stack of wood you see The stack of wood in the shape they do it for chard coal berning Why do they call it the hart tho Thats what this here story tels of.Every 1 knows about Bad Time and what come after Bad Time 1st and bad times after Not many come thru it a live.There come a man and a woman and a chyld out of a berning town they sheltert in the woodlings and foraging the bes they cud Starveling wer what they wer doing Dint have no weapons nor dint know how to make a snare nor...

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    i did a lot of things wrong and painful with and to my daughter seriously that s not guilt, that s the reality we are fine and ever finer.and then there are the things i did inadvertently that made some kind of wild tender balance that built in a tool kit with which to cope with me and everything else that was ever gonna traumatize her for no good reason.this book is one of those things even kids you are fucking with love you and pay attention to what moves you maybe they pay attention when something gets you so excited and happy that they associate that thing with you being human for a split second or when something thrills you so much that you share the thrill with them because they are the only person available and you pour all your thrills into them with no regard for their capacity to really understand.and, of course, they DO understand cause ...

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