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❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Gerusalemme liberata Author Torquato Tasso – Arguably the greatest Italian poet after Dante Toruato Tasso was born in Sorrento in 1544 and died in Rome in 1595 having served as the court poet in Ferrara been confined for years in a madhouse afte Arguably the greatest Italian poet after Dante Toruato Tasso was born in Sorrento in and died in Rome in having served as the court poet in Ferrara been confined for years in a madhouse after attacking a servant with a knife and composed one of the great works of Renaissance literature Unjustly neglected today Tasso's epic poem 'Jerusalem Delivered'first published in is set in the th century and tells the story of the First Crusade and the siege which gave Christian armies control over Jerusalem and the Holy Lands for a timeAs in other epic poems 'Jerusalem Delivered' deftly mixes history and myth Tasso's heroes Godfrey leader of the Christian armies; Rinaldo bravest of the Christian warriors; and Tancred the Italian prince who falls in love with the pagan warrioress Clorinda whom he eventually andsimultaneously converts and kills must face not only the Saracens and their allies but also a host of fearsome and manipulative devils demons and sorcerers This is a sweeping and often thrilling tale of war faith love and sex that easily rivals its classical predecessors Writing at a time when Christianity was bitterly divided Tasso was naturally concerned with the nature of leadership and loyalty with the importance of sacrifice with the evils of corruption and with the existence of truth themes that continue to resonate today No wonder that for three centuries 'Jerusalem Delivered' was considered the great modern epic Indeed Spenser borrowed scenes and episodes from this poem in writing the 'Faerie ueen' and Milton was greatly influenced by Tasso when writing his own Christian epic 'Paradise Lost'English language readers who are familiar with Tasso's grand romance have until now known it only through a verse translation by English poet Edward Fairfax published in In order to fit Tasso's stanzas into the then popular Spenserian verse form Fairfax had to alter the original poem considerably Now years later Anthony Esolen presents a new translation that transforms 'Jerusalem Delivered' into an English language masterpiece The first major verse translation into English since Fairfax's Esolen's version is both true to its original source and fluid than that of hisElizabethan predecessor Esolen has translated 'Jerusalem Delivered' with the care of poet capturing the delight of Tasso's descriptions the different voices of its cast of characters the shadingsbetween glory and tragedy and does them all in an English as powerful as Tasso's Italian Esolen's will immediately be acclaimed as the definitive translation of this powerful work of faith and war Like theFagles 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey' the Pinsky 'Inferno' and Seamus Heaney's imaginative new rendering of 'Beowulf' Anthony Esolen's bold fast moving and faithful translation of Tasso'sCrusade era adventure will introduce a new generation of readers to a masterpiece of world literature.Gerusalemme liberata

Toruato Tasso March – April was an Italian poet of the th century best known for his poem La Gerusalemme liberata Jerusalem Delivered in which he depicts a highly imaginative version of the combats between Christians and Muslims at the end of the First Crusade during the siege of Jerusalem He died a few days before he was due to be crowned as the king of poets by.

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    How wonderful I can say that I hated it so much during high school and now nearly 25 years later i love it much The reading was long and tiring challenging if not sometimes impossible to understand events under a clear historical and allegorical basis The story tells the deeds of Geoffrey of Bouillon who went on a crusade to free Jerusalem Many events and characters will be presented in the various songs so that the exact plot is difficult to understand without the help of some epic compendiumThe final part with the death of Clorinda wrongly killed by his beloved Tancredi is moving to say at least I had already seen in the past the melodrama Rinaldo by Handel also in this case a wonder for the soul so having read the book of Tasso with his songs gave me a complete understanding of the drama in uestionIt is not a reading for everyone there are many characters I read the book in vulgar Italian and I almost had to read the paraphrase text many times side by sideChe meraviglia e dire che l' ho odiato così tanto durante il liceoLa lettura è stata lunga e faticosa impegnativa se non a volte impossibile nel capire gli avvenimenti sotto una chiara base storica e allegorica La storia parla delle gesta di Goffredo da Buglione andato in crociata appunto per liberare Gerusalemme Tantissimi eventi e personaggi verranno presentati nei vari canti tanto che l' esatta trama è difficile da comprendere senza un aiuto di ualche compendio ei epicaLa parte finale con la morte di Clorinda uccisa erroneamente da suo amato Tancredi è commovente a dir poco Avevo già visto in passato il melodramma Rinaldo di Handel anche in uesto caso una meraviglia per l'anima l'aver letto uindi il libro di Tasso con i suoi canti mi ha dato una completa comprensione del dramma in uestioneNon è una lettura per tutti vi sono tantissimi personaggi ho letto il libro in italiano volgare e ho dovuto uasi sempre leggermi la parafrasi fianco testo

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    Absolutely beautiful work and my favorite epic poem hands down I had never heard of this work until I took a class called From Homer to Star Wars in which we as the name implies started with Homer's epics and followed major epics through to Star Wars There are several comments which I wish to make about this incredible piece1 The poetry is incredible The description of Satan put my hair on end and left me speechless Also note the brilliance of the description of the soldiers marching blending into the sun at the horizon wings on their feet and wings in their heart lifting them toward battle I was spellbound The same mastery is found throughout the tale2 When reading the epics chronologically note that this is the FIRST of the major epics in which all of the female characters are JUST as developed as the male characters Yes Penelope is a strong female character but not in comparison to the women here3 Pay special attention to Tasso's understanding of psychology A perfect example is when Tancred who is always described as having never been afraid first experiences fear Keep in mind that Tasso suffered from mental illness himself and was therefore most likely very attuned to the inner workings of the mindBrilliant Magical Spellbinding A true work of art I could go on but it's probably best if you just find out for yourself

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    Jerusalem DelivreeBy Toruato Tasso 1544 1595Tasso was an Italian poet of the 16th centuryHe published this major work in 1580 which is an epic imaginative and poetic version of the historic First Crusade and the siege and battles before Jerusalem 1099This edition is a new French translation from the original medieval Italian originalThe language is still colourful and dramatic but the beauty of the original rhymed style is lostI suggest that a reader interested in the beauty of Tasso’s poem should read it if possible only in its original Italian versionAs for historical facts the author has taken great liberty with names and places of the battles He has written his work about 500 years after the events and drew his knowledge from the literature on chivalry and romantic fictions around the theme of King Arthur and his knights Homer and Virgil are the muses for Tasso in many lines of his poemDetails of the siege however and the general attack resulting in the fall of Jerusalem are exact copies of reports from historiansHe had little knowledge of Islamic traditions and behaviourEvents involving armed female warriors and romantic love affairs were uite impossible at the time and placeMy personal interest in this book was satisfied with elaborate extensive notes after each chapter; we find the exact known events taken from reports by historians both French and Arabic of the Xth centuryThe reports are about the crusader's road to Jerusalem with battles and conuests of the different Kingdoms and Cities on the way Notably the siege and conuest of Nicée and Antioch were some of the pilgrim's leaders remained to reign over these important placesThe names of the leading French noblemen are recorded and so are many fights and duelsof individuals The most disturbing issues are the cruel and inhuman behaviour of the Christian crusaders towards the civilian population of Jerusalem All without distinction of age and sex were massacred by the thousandsHistorical monuments dating from the times of Salomon looted and destroyed without distinctionAs history would have it the conuest of Jerusalem was of a short life Only eighty eight years after Saladin the great Muslim conuerer recovered Jerusalem from the Christian Kings and new crusades started over againTasso died a few days before he was due to be crowned as the king of poets by the Pope Until the beginning of the 19th century he remained one of the most widely read poets in Europe My recommendation as I said above is twofold; one for lovers of ancient epic poems to read it in original Italian language The other is for readers of historical events is the biography of Tasso and the rich collection of reports from ancient French and Arabic historians

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    A true epic in scope and delivery and Wickert's work is what every translator should strive for This is a highly fictionalised rendering of the First Crusade's taking of Jerusalem Hints of 'The Iliad' and 'The Aeneid' are everywhere although Tasso's depiction of war is somber and less heroic His evil council of Hell in turn influenced Milton's 'Paradise Lost'Godfrey of Bouillon heroic Tancred and invincible Rinaldo vie for supremacy with the likes of Solyman the Sultan unstoppable Argant and Clorinda warrior maiden extraordinaire The action is emotionally charged the interludes are interesting and a nice change of pace and the side stories are a plus instead of being distractions The whole thing is beautiful charming and kinda cool Methinks I will look for Italian classics

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    Full review at Vintage NovelsReading Tasso I was struck by how similar epic poems are to the modern epic blockbuster movie Think of the Ridley Scott style oevre You have blithe disregard for historical accuracy unbelievable feats of arms and completely apocryphal romance subplots often starring hilariously waiflike action girls who mow down enemies by the scoreBelieve it or not when our forefathers sat down to write blockbuster poems this was or less the approach they took and Tasso is as much fun as the rest of them You will learn about the medieval and Renaissance conception of the Crusades from this book than you will learn actual historical details this is certainly the Hollywood blockbuster version of events

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    I strongly believe that all serious readers should at least once per year take a trip back in time to read something from another era In this manner Jerusalem Delivered is well worth consideringJerusalem delivered is a great work which shows how close to the classical period European culture was during the Renaissance In English translation this epic poem written in Italian is very similar in feel to Virgil's Latin Epic the Aenid The author who was a purely a man of letters writes interminable descriptions of battles that do not really interest him and which bore the reader intensely Deities and other supernatural creatures regularly intervene in human affairs God and St Michel both participate in the events of Jerusalem Delivered The heroine is a flying witchJerusalem Delivered's best moments are those where it describes the battle of the sexes The female characters are by far superior to the male characters

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    I can't sing enough praise for these 20 cantos that Tasso laid down for us in 1581 I already thought that 'Orlando Furioso' was a clear cut masterpiece and this might just be better in terms of late Renaissance epic poetry Glory and tragedy is rendered through poetic stanzas which depict a highly imaginary crusader setting You can open this textbook size book and flip to any given page point at a block of text and be blown away by Tasso's poetic ability and thats without context plus translated The type of writing that should probably be vaulted and preserved for posterity A shame it's not as widely regarded in the modern world as it was just a couple centuries back

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    In the foreword to his Aeneid Dryden mentions Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata in the same breath as Homer and Virgil That piued my interest and I made an impulse purchase of Anthony Esolen's translation I'm glad I didThe poem is primarily a bloody epic about the First Crusade and the siege of Jersualem in 1099 Esolen and Tasso present combat as abrupt violent and passionate The descriptions are vivid and varied especially compared to the tedium of say Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur And while the broader strategy of the war is presented in detail there are a number of stunning set pieces the night ambush the Miltonesue rousing of the demonic hordes that capture the imagination directlyBut Tasso was a red blooded poet This epic is no sexless Iliad Tancred and Clorinda Tancred and Erminia Rinaldo and Armida any one of these is as good as Aeneas and Dido There's the allegorical angle as well with Godfrey as intellect and Rinaldo as the temper the army as the body and the princes as the higher faculties Jerusalem as the ideal civil state and the attainment of it a means to the end of worshipping GodHighly recommended My favorite epic so far

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    I've been on the fence about reading this for over 4 years now and I have to say I am very happy I finally took the plunge It was a great read Tasso weaves a complex narrative of love faith and duty The cantos dealing with the mission to bring Rinaldo back to the crusaders dragged uite a bit It took me uite a bit to power through it Otherwise I would highly recommend this epic

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    Near the end of the year I was so happy to discover the Renaissance epic Jerusalem Delivered written by the Italian poet Toruato Tasso Anthony Esolen’s translation is uite clear lucid and readable I love the battles the romance the piety the free flowing form the adventures It’s all uite great Next year I hope to read Orlando Furioso which I hear is even funnier and cooler than Tasso’s poem I think the adjective I can use to best describe it is CS Lewis’s own adjective “edifying” Why have we lost the memory of the Italian Renaissance epics? If only we rediscovered them They’re uite good if Tasso’s engrossing poem is any clueThe scenes of Sophronia’s and Olinda’s love for one another that is strong as death of the tyrant Aladine’s poisoning the waters of the countryside the fights of Tancredi and his love Clorinda the healing of Tancredi by Erminia the fight between Rinaldo and the Sultan Soliman the scenes in Armida’s “Bower of Bliss” the baptism of Clorinda as she dies the vision of the archangels that Godfrey of Bouillon the poem’s chief hero sees as he fights for Jerusalem the death of the married warrior couple Gildippe and Edward — these are but a few moments in this epic that reminds me of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and Mel Gibson’s Braveheart two epics that go for bold in their bigness and sheer emotionalismIf the Icelandic sagas are apparently a well kept Secret except for its deepest fans so are the Italian Renaissance epics of the sixteenth century the epic that entertained and delighted some of the greatest Western writers and minds like Spenser Milton and Byron I kept thinking of cinema when reading Tasso; the stanzas and the form and the structure really support my conception that cinema would benefit from a great adaptation of Tasso’s epic

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