Night Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, #3)

THEIR LOVE IS DESTINED TO RISE AGAIN Ailish Donovan Is A Witch Ready To Do Battle Raised Unaware Of Her Powers, She Is Just Sixteen When Her Mother Tricks Her Into Binding With The Demon Asmodeus Pure Hearted Ailish Escapes With The Connection Incomplete But Pays A Heavy Price For The Next Eight Years, She Is Shunned By Her Earth Sisters And Tormented By Asmodeus S Lust After Hardening Her Body And Mind As A Champion Kickboxer, Ailish Returns Home To Break The Bond Or Die.The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq Is Sworn To Protect Earth Witches, But He Is Shaken By Ailish S Fierce Independence And His Own Forbidden Cravings Dark, Impulsive, And Haunted By His Troubled Past, Phoenix Likewise Arouses Ailish In Ways She Finds Disturbing And Irresistible Torn Between Mistrust And Desire, Each Must Go To Hell And Back To Seek The Magic That Could Set Them Both Free.Night Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, #3)

Jennifer Lyon is the pseudonym for USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Apodaca Jen lives in Southern California where she continually plots ways to convince her husband that they should get a dog After all, they met at the dog pound, fell in love, married and had three wonderful sons So far, however, she has failed in her doggy endeavor She consoles herself by pouring her passion into writin

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  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Night Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, #3)
  • Jennifer Lyon
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9780345520067

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    This is by far my favourite in the series This book outshines the previous two books well for me anyway It has been a long time since I have read anything unique and original and I bow before Ms Lyon for her imagination and the execution of this book 5 She s my second chance Stars Days remaining of handfast contract Fourteen Ailish is an Earth Witch with a Demon Witch as a mother Her mother batered with her to Asmodeus as she is the siren through trickery and deceit she accepts the handfast but doesn t complete the ritual She runs away and through witch karma becomes blind It was worth it to save her friend Haley s life She is back in Glassbreakers to break the curse either die trying and then the Demon Coven dies with her Phoenix has pledged his life to Wing Slayer to stop the Rogues Asmodeus The last two months he has been compelled by a voice in his head As his mother died of schizophrenia he is scared that the same will happen to him And they lived on the streets and that is how Key Phoenix met They don t get on very well at the beginning as Ailish is very independent and Phoenix doesn t want to be a babysitter like he did for his mother No one will help Ailish because she is handfasted to a demon She wants to save her soul to get into Summerland But the handfast needs to be broken Or her mother needs to be eliminated There is a legend about the siren the phoenix, they belon...

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    5 Flaming Stars I loved it I m on a roll lately What I like so much about this series is the impossible circumstances the two main characters must overcome to get to their HEA In this episode Phoenix, whom I truly adored in this book, not only has to overcome his craving for witch blood and becoming a rogue, but his aversion to being in a relationship at all It sounds like he s a jerk, but he is anything but Because of his past presumed failure, he carries a ton of guilt and has a deep fear of failing any woman he may come to truly care for On the other hand he has a huge hero complex and women adore him But he had always been a love em and leave em happy kind of guy Not a jerk, just not into relationships He can t have anyone having to depend on him Ailish is a blind witch that has been handfasted to a daemon for almost eight years Because of the ultimate betrayal by a person she should have been able to trust, she doesn t trust anyone Not even her own thoughts and desires But Ailish has resisted the deamon since she was 16 years old She was strong and determined, and never gave up But her time is running out If she doesn t give in by her 24th birthday, she will die If she does give in she looses her soul to the deamon forever She may go on the favorite female lead list I liked this girl a lot This book was so full of action, and mystery, and sweet romance Not to mention HOT There was never a dull moment I m so happy I stumble across this series I cannot wait...

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    Even though I still struggle a bit with the bloodlust but no vampires at the heart of Lyon s witch mythos which makes an unmated witch hunter struggle not to kill a witch, I really did think that this was the best of Lyon s series to date and ended up really liking the story once the hero forms enough of a connection to the heroine that he s not thinking of killing her everytime he s in her presence.Both leads Phoenix and Ailish are good, with poignant back stories that have turned them into heroic people willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others, and Lyon weaves into their story a legendary element Not only are they soul mirrors soul mates and a familiar who have been fractured by a demon bargain and who are only whole if they are lucky enough to find each other and bond but they are also the legendary Phoenix and Siren I just liked the destined connection which allows her song to reunite them and to call him back from the ashes life time after life time I also liked that the Ailish has found a loophole in the witches harm none after suffering the backlash of witch karma that left her blind as a teen she s honed her fighting skills and a purely physical attack doesn t carry the tenfold reprecussions And I am such a sucker for a hero with wings.With the ending than balancing out the...

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    Loved Night Magic Phoenix is my favorite Wing Slayer Hunter so far Can t wait for Key s story

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    I liked this one A lot Probably the best so far Hey, I have a special spot for Phoenixes and Dragons so I have a good feeling about the next book I also have a real soft spot for damaged disabled MCs I don t know, they just get my protective instincts all revved up The unfortunate part is the similarities and the cookie cutter plot lines each book seems to follow It s easy to love the characters but the story is basically the same in each Read one, ...

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    Night Magic was quite a good book Lyon did a good job of bringing the world and characters to life I liked the characters, felt invested in them, and wanted them to triumph The sex scenes were very well done The thing is, I think this book could have been even better, for three reasons 1 Although a good enough writer, Lyon struggles with show don t tell I see a lot potential if she would work on this.2 The ending felt a bit clumsy to me.3 Magic, magic, magic, MAGIC He felt it, she felt it, they felt it, she felt it in her pelvis, she felt it in her nipples, she felt it when he kissed her, he saw it shimmering on her skin, he felt it emanate from her, she felt it from the other witches, they felt it in his tattoo, it called to him, it tore through her, magic, magic, magic Obviously, magic is hug...

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    WOW what else I can say about these amazing stories I m really impressed to how different each plot has been in the first three books This one had me engrossed with the image of our heroine Ailish being a blind tough kickboxing witch Although, it didn t seem to keep her from being sliced and diced almost to death The suspense and danger, the good versus evil, felt true to life And, the emotional battle for both Phoenix and Ailish made this feel like a realistic story And, that s saying something when it s a paranormal romance fairy tale.Ailish My heart hurt for this character She suffered her entire young life And, at the ripe old age of twenty three, eleven months, and two weeks she came home to die Powerful strength of character in this heroine Phoenix I came to understand this character And, Phoenix this guilt ridden man, well, Love Ennobled him Very swoon worthy.The moral Good always wins over evil.This story held me in suspe...

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    Original review I m a big fan of this series but I have to say, Jennifer Lyon reached deep inside her characters and told a story that is both heart wrenching and romantic Phoenix Torq is a man who cannot walk away from from a woman in trouble Ailish is a blind witch desperate to break the bond her mother, a rogue witch, tricked her into on her sixteenth birthday These two are thrown together for better or worse When a book touches me so much I cry, it automatically goes on my keeper shelf But when a book makes me want to immediately go back to the beginning a...

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    Jennifer Lyon continues her exciting world of witches and witch hunters in Night Magic with the leather wearing, motorcycle riding Wing Slayer Hunter, Phoenix Weaving a story of destiny and magic, Lyon provides readers with non stop action and suspense Night Magic was another one that kept me on the edge of my seat, because just when you think the main couple of Phoenix and Ailish were going to make it to a HEA, another twist was thrown at you Taking readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions the author kept me guessing as to the outcome of the story the whole ride through Phoenix and Ailish...

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    What an amazing series, it seems that this series gets better as it moves on Ailish and Phoenix were amazing together and te story of the sirenand te phoenix rising is so good I also like that we get to stil...

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