Call Me Irresistible

➺ Call Me Irresistible Free ➰ Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips – RSVP to the most riotous wedding of the yearLucy Jorik is the daughter of a former president of the United StatesMeg Koranda is the offspring of legendsOne of them is about to marry Mr Irresistible— RSVP to the most riotous wedding of the yearLucy Jorik is the daughter of a former president of the United StatesMeg Koranda is the offspring of legendsOne of them is about to marry Mr Irresistible—Ted Beaudine—the favorite son of Wynette Texas The other is not happy about it and is determined to save her friend from a mess of heartacheBut even though Meg knows that breaking up her best friend's wedding is the right thing to do no one else seems to agree Faster than Lucy can say I don't Call Me PDF/EPUB ² Meg becomes the most hated woman in town—a town she's stuck in with a dead car an empty wallet and a very angry bridegroomBroke stranded and without her famous parents at her back Meg is sure she can survive on her own wits What's the worst that can happen Lose her heart to the one and only Mr Irresistible Not likely Not likely at all Call Me Irresistible is the book Susan Elizabeth Phillips's readers and listeners have long awaited Ted better known as little Teddy the nine year old heartbreak kid from Phillips's first best seller Fancy Pants and as young Teddy the hunky new college graduate in Lady Be Good is all grown up now—along with Lucy from First Lady and Meg from What I Did for Love They're ready to take center stage in a saucy funny and highly addictive tale fans will love.Call Me Irresistible

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is the creator of the sports romance beginning with her bestseller FANCY PANTS An internationally acclaimed author her books have been published in over languages She’s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Susan'.

Call Me Irresistible MOBI ¶ Call Me  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Hardcover
  • 385 pages
  • Call Me Irresistible
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • English
  • 03 June 2016
  • 9780061351525

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    I simply adore Meg Coranda and Ted Beaudine These two stole my heart some 4 years ago when I read this for the first time You can read my praise below But I have to say the audiobook kicked things up a notch If there was a way to assign 10 stars I would It was a FABULOUS audiobookJust putting a voice to Meg and Ted and all the other characters made me fall in love with this story all over again ❤ I laughed I cried and I swooned These folks of Wynette Texas truly are one of a kindYou all must think I am a bit crazy reading one SEP book after another but what can I say Susan Elizabeth Philips just does it for me Her writing is a bit whimsical and her stories never fail to make me happy Right from the beginning I always lose myself in the story fall in love with the characters and all that is going on around them and as I emerge at the end I always have a stupid grin on my faceCall me Irresistible was no different I LOVED IT This is Meg Coranda and Ted Beaudine’s story These two lived their lives so differently Meg was rather undisciplined and Ted was rather compliant They knew a little about each other but had never met But the big day was finally here Lucy was marrying Ted and Meg was a bridesmaid But shortly after Meg arrives she knows Lucy is about to make a big mistake by marrying Ted Deep down Lucy knew this too As the wedding begins Lucy becomes that “runaway bride” making what everyone thinks is the biggest mistake of her life Everyone thinks Meg is to blame Poor Meg it wasn’t a good day for her Ted Beaudine he was perfect Seriously there really wasn’t anything he could do wrong There wasn’t one thing about him that you wouldn’t fall in love with He was handsome sweet sexy kind brilliant and simply amazing But so was Lucy or at least the life she had settled in They fit together but then they didn’t When things fell apart he handled it was such grace and composure But his feathers were about to get ruffled Meg would be the one to make him lose control and be a little reckless Meg Coranda she was perfect too Not in the traditional way but in her own way She was floating through life with no real sense of direction She could have it all the beautiful home the perfect husband and all the material things every woman wanted But she was still searching for that one thing she wanted to do the thing that would make her the happiest She stumbled upon that one thing while being in Wynette Texas trying to come out from under a black cloud that settled over her What she hadn’t expected to find was the one person that would make her settleto make her want a home Making this home and grabbing hold of what was making her happy wouldn’t be an easy task The people of Wynette wanted the best for their Teddy He deserved the perfect woman and in their eyes that had been Lucy and Meg was to blame for what went wrong Some of the ladies were not nice at all Women can be such bitches Birdie Haley and Kayla did whatever they could to make Meg miserable Francesca and Lady Emma were not too far behind but they had class Torie was the one to saddle up alongside Meg giving her the nudges she needed to stand her ground Meg wouldn’t give in or give up But Meg was like this little yellow chick She was trying to fit in where no one really wanted her Ted wanted her though They were both falling for each other One was falling in love and the other was falling into something Their passion and desire was apparent but would it be enough Ted’s control would be tested in a way it had never been tested and Meg would finally make the decision to settle and no longer be that wanderer What would come of these two? Are these words said before it is too late?

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    Thanks I didn't need my heart anyway “You were my best friend's fiancé And if that's not good enough don't forget that I basically hate you“ He hit her full force with those golden brown eyes “You basically like me too Not your fault It just happened““I'm going to make it un happen“ The romance genre is typically looked down upon by sophisticated readers and intellectuals I'm neither sophisticated nor an intellectual Confession time I've spent my summer avoiding books like the plague – all while avoiding the actual plague like the plague Me It's been a long drawn out reading slump Also me spends uarantine sunbathing ingesting too much sugar watching true crime podcasts American Horror Story Narcos Breaking Bad The Golden Girls and the terrible latest instalment in the Star Wars sagaI suppose I'm partly to blame Luckily nothing lasts forever not even the dreaded reading slump The solution came in the form of a glorious romance novel Set in good ol' Texas the story follows Meg Koranda a free spirited rebel and adventurer and Ted Beaudine Lone Star State' very own Mr Perfect She's wild emotion He's calm logic Her life is in disarray He is a pillar of the community She's a down on her luck former wild child He's a rich handsome brainiac with a bit of a savior complex basically Bruce Wayne but less brooding The entire town despises her He is the town's patron saint She hates him He hates her They're completely wrong for each other Or are they? The country's former president's daughter gets cold feet and ditches her own wedding Her best friend the daughter of Hollywood royalty finds herself stuck in a hostile town where everyone treats her like she's the next Hannibal Lecter Mr Perfect the town's hotsmartrichenvironmentally conscious Mayor might just be too charming for his own good Welcome to Texas Enemies to lovers best friend's ex fiancé imperfect mess of a heroine hot texans snark bickering not a virgin in sight This is the uality content I'm here for “This is America We’re entitled to our opinions”“Wrong This is Texas And my opinion is the only one that counts” In the words of Emperor Palpatine I love democracy Keep feeding me delicious lines Mrs Phillips You're earned a standing ovation You are the Steven Spielberg of romance authors PlaylistLana Del Rey Tomorrow Never Came ft Sean Ono LennonAndrew Belle – In My VeinsAmber Run – I FoundArctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna KnowBillie Eilish Khalid – LovelyLewis Capaldi Rush ft Jessie ReyezRyan Star Losing Your MemorySasha Sloan – Dancing With Your GhostSleeping At Last – SaturnThe Civil Wars Poison WineHozier Work SongPost Malone – Goodbyes Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The RestTaylor Swift The Last Great American DynastyPS Call Me Irresistible is a spin off of Glitter Baby Meg's parents First Lady Lucy's adoptive parents Fancy Pants Ted's parents Lady Be Good and What I Did for Love Meg's first appearance However it can be read as a stand alone

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    5 STARSI’m going to make this short and sweet SENSATIONAL Pure SEP gold as I’ve come to expect it now I have yet to give her less than full marks on any of her books This one takes us back to good ole Wynette Texas and all of the folks that go along with it And yes the one and onlyTed Beaudine The devastatingly handsome only son and boy genius of the world famous golf champion Dallas Beaudine and his eually famous and exuisitely beautiful wife Francesca Day Beaudine This guy is perfect in every way Every woman who meets him falls in love with him Pre teens crush on him Old ladies fawn over him Even the birds sing in his presence and halos of light follow his gorgeous profile His genius I has him saving the environment from the car he drives to the home he lives in He’s so well known and loved in his home town of Wynette that they elected him Mayor “He sounds like Jesus Except rich and sexy” “Watch it Meg In this town joking about Jesus could get you shot You’ve never seen so many of the faithful who’re armed” And just in case that isn’t enough his lovemaking skills are a thing of legend Completely unselfish His mouth and hands perform magic on the female form like he was born to please He never gets upset and his good deeds know no boundsAnd Lucy Jorik is about to marry him How she landed this perfect male specimen she’ll never understand But everyone says they’re perfect together So why did she leave him at the alter during their highly publicized wedding The only one who understood what she was feeling was her best friend Meg Koranda The daughter of Hollywood royalty Meg’s life was mess She’d dropped out of college she’d traveled to foreign lands sought adventure at every corner of the earth and completely fucked up her life And now she was fucking up Lucy’s as wellAt least that’s how everyone else saw it After Lucy disappears she left Meg to clean up the mess she left behind in Wynette And Meg found herself trapped in a town that hated her No friends no money and no family to dig her out of this colossal disaster And then there is the wrath of Ted No wonder he was a legend He knew exactly how to drive a woman to her maximum sexual pleasure So why was she so disappointed I absolutely LOVED Meg’s character She was tough uick witted and completely comfortable in her own skin Even when she’d lost everything she’d just suck it up hold her head up high and do what she had to do to survive “Come on Ted I’m not exactly the type to be a rich man’s bimbo”“That’s true” A world of compassion softened his voice “Bimbos are generally good hearted women who are pleasant to be around”“Spoken from experience I’m sure By the way you may be God Almighty on the golf course but you’re a lousy dancer Let me lead” There were so many hilariously funny scenes in this book and just as many touching onesThe entire Wynette clan was present in full force so it will be much better if you’ve read the series in order “This is America We’re entitled to our opinions”“Wrong This is Texas And my opinion is the only one that counts” So many fabulous uotes and the supporting characters were just fantastic The final showdown is epic with the whole town present for the fall of their town hero There was a epilogue with a lovely HEA I loved everything about the book Ok I guess this wasn’t as short and sweet as I’d intended Sorry “The sooner we get through this the sooner I can strip you naked lose my self control and humiliate myself again” Enjoy the book I’m on to Wynette #7 Lucy’s story

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    I had book club on Saturday and we talked about the different types of readers and how what you read affects your ratings and reviews on Goodreads If you are a heavy enough GR user you know who the people are in every group— It’s funny to read the reviews of romance books that primarily lit fic readers write It’s also funny to read the reviews of well complicated reads done by people who do not usually venture into those realms That’s why I am a fan of Vinaya’s “comparative 5 stars” shelfbut not enough of a fan to go through all my books and change all my ratings At least for me there are some books that I rate 4 or 5 stars that might not get the same rating when compared to books in other genres but that definitely stand out amongst their direct competitors However there are obviously always those that will hold their own against even the most nitpicky readers Anyway I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips books Compared to other books in her genre she is consistent in her plotwork and writing I know that I will laugh at her jokes fall for several characters not necessarily in a romantic sense just that I root for them and get some reassurances that I’ll be able to figure everything out in my life like why I can never figure out a third item for lists I writeThis book might not appeal to those who haven’t read and enjoyed other SEP books specifically Fancy Pants Gah that title I know and Lady Be Good Her series books tend to be massively self referential which can be enjoyable if you remember all the characters and storylines from her other books but I think it mightprobably would hinder the enjoyment of those who are unfamiliar with her earlier work Characters also show up from Glitter Baby What I Did For Love and First Lady Another point we discussed at book club was whether or not we enjoyed authors who set several books in the same world despite them not really being a series In case anyone is wondering our book club pick was The Windup Girl whose author has written several other stories in the same world Feelings ran the gamut from love to author laziness In the case of romance series I appreciate the little glimpses we get into the lives of characters after their particular romantic stories have been told but sometimes I get sick of reading about the “couple that is still head over heels who are still having wild sex and have several perfect children and perfect lives” coughNora Roberts coughThis book was a little too heavy on the Look Those other characters are still in love but I still loved reading about Ted and Meg falling for each other The story in Call Me Irresistable felt maybe too similar to Ain’t She Sweet Main female character that people believe is too entitled? Check Made to work at a job that might be considered beneath her but she scrapes by and maintains her dignity and honor? Check And she is ridiculed and made to feel unwelcome by the townspeople? Check While the male romantic interest is a guy whose life she arguably ruined? Check He treats her like dirt? Check Until they fall in love? Check Uh ohBut I gave it four stars That’s right and I am sticking to my guns I don’t care that it wasn’t very original All I care about is that when I laid in my bed to go to sleep and picked this book up I didn’t put it down until it was done

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    Did a uick re read in preparation for the next book of the series Did I like it again the second time around? Yes I did It was great She sure is a talented author She is one author I would love to meet actually I think she would be great fun Her sense of humour seems to come through in her writing Her voice gained strength with the rightness of what she was doing “You all know what I mean The way the birds start to sing when he walks outside That’s creepy right? And those halos that keep popping up around his head?” Ted is Wynette's Golden Boy Everybody loves him And what's not to love He is Mr Perfect But Meg realises he is not perfect for her best friend Lucy Lucy knows this deep down too and on her wedding day she runsAnd Meg is left to face the music But even though Meg knows that breaking up her best friend's wedding is the right thing to do no one else seems to agree Faster than Lucy can say I don't Meg becomes the most hated woman in town—a town she's stuck in with a dead car an empty wallet and a very angry bridegroom SkeetMeg is uirky fun and not afraid to speak her mind She is broke but that won't stop her surviving We get to meet characters from previous books Dallie swoon Francesca Jake Fleur Skeet These were Texan men tall lean steely eyed and rugged manly men who'd never heard of male moisturisers chest waxes or paying than twenty dollars for a haircut They were the genuine article the archetypal American hero civilising the West with a set of golf clubs instead of a winchester This was his revenge He was going to foreplay her to death Ted and Meg give into their attraction But being polar opposites it's not going to be easy There will have to be compromises Hearts will be broken but hopefully it will all work outI don't play golf myself but do watch the big ones the Masters the Majors have even been to Pebble Beach Golf club So there Skipjack you are not the only one that can name drop Did he ever lose control? Hard to get rid of old friends Check out SEP's little video about the bookhttpswwwgoodreadscomvideos3268See what I mean about her sense of humour

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    4 ½ stars Very enjoyable I didn’t want to stop reading Fun escapeREVIEWER’S OPINIONThe author used a similar plot in several books Heroine is down on her luck in an unfriendly place abandoned by familyfriends has no money The locals bully despise andor humiliate her She suffers discovers things about herself becomes responsiblesuccessful and finds love If a reader complains that they’ve read this before I say “Who cares It’s a fun story and she does it well”The first time I read this I was uncomfortable seeing favorite characters from earlier books being mean to Meg But the second time I read this that didn’t bother me at all maybe because I knew they would all like her in the end And the same thing with Ted’s feelings The first time I read the book I wanted of his point of view But the second time I read it I was fine with what happened This book is better the second timePRIOR BOOKSI suggest reading the author’s books in the following order for the character flow5 stars Glitter Baby Fleur is a beautiful model living a glamorous life then has nothing and then brings herself back to the world developing brains strength and relationships along the way She marries famous actorplaywright Jake Meg is their daughter who is now 30 and the heroine in this book Meg’s best friend is Lucy5 stars Fancy Pants Francesca is a rich English girl whose mother dies leaving her penniless and stranded in the US She gets a job as a cleaning lady for a small town radio station She marries famous golfer Dallas Ted is their son the hero in this book5 stars Lady Be Good Emma is headmistress of a girls’ boarding school in England She visits the US for two weeks and meets Kenny a famous bad boy golfer They marry and live in Wynette Texas They are friends with Francesca Dallas and Ted5 stars First Lady Cornelia is wife of the US President who dies in office She meets and marries Matt Jorik a journalist They adopt orphan Lucy Cornelia later becomes President Lucy is now 31 and is engaged to marry Ted in this book Meg is Lucy’s best friend4 stars The Great Escape Lucy Jorik leaves Ted at the altar and runs away She sees a stranger on a motorcycle Patrick Shade “Panda” She asks him for a ride Read this right after First Lady since Lucy has a significant role in both booksSTORY BRIEFTed is close to perfect handsome genius I everyone in town loves him They made him mayor without asking him Most females fall in love with him He is engaged to marry Lucy daughter of the former US PresidentMeg has never had a job dropped out of college and travels the world for fun Her famous parents recently cut her off financially hoping she will become responsible Meg travels to Wynette Texas to be Lucy’s maid of honor Meg raises some uestions which cause Lucy to realize she is not in love Lucy abandons Ted at the altar and wants Meg to do the explaining Everyone in town blames Meg thinking she talked Lucy out of the wedding Lucy left town and no one knows where she is As Meg is checking out of the hotel she realizes her credit cards have been cancelled She doesn’t have enough money to pay the hotel She has over borrowed from everyone she knows and there is no one she can call The police chief threatens to put her in jail if she can’t pay her hotel bill Ted suggests she work it off as a hotel maid which she does She is sleeping in her car and has no money for foodSpencer owns a plumbing company He is looking for a location to open a factory and visits Wynette The town desperately needs jobs and everyone in town hopes he will choose Wynette for the factory Spencer wants to be Meg’s lover and sugar daddy She does not feel the same and tries to avoid him Most people in town dislike Meg and have been mean to her but they want her to be nice to Spencer to get his factoryAUDIOBOOK NARRATORShannon Cochran was pretty good doing this book But she was awful doing “The Great Escape” TGE In TGE she used a weird chipmunk type of voice for many characters In the beginning of this book CMI she used that weird voice twice once for Matt Jorik and once for Dallie Beaudine But after that the narrator didn’t use the weird voice much I was ok with most of the rest of the bookDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 385 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 10 Setting current day mostly Wynette Texas with some California and New York Copyright 2011 Genre contemporary romanceOTHER BOOKSFor a list of my reviews of other Susan Elizabeth Phillips books see my 5 star review of “It Had To Be You”

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    5 Irresistible StarsThere is something to be said about reading a Susan Elizabeth Phillips's book that just get to me every single time I don't know whether it's the humor the witty dialogue or the way you have to suspend reality and just immerse yourself in the story and get out of it feeling lighter with a goofy grin on your face That's exactly how I felt after reading this book On paper this is as far away from realistic romance as you can get Not everyone happens to be the child of a supermodel and a famous actordirector or the child of a famous television personality and a golf champion That alone should me hate the characters and I shouldn't be able to relate to them at all right? And yet I loved every single moment of it Despite their elevated statuses as children of celebrities I felt that SEP captured their insecurities hurts flaws and made it into a great love story I loved both Meg and Ted They are total opposites of each other but at the same time they are also similar They are both children of celebrities and they have to live under the shadow of their great parents Meg isn't your typical heroine in that she was described as spoiled and irresponsible I should have hated her but SEP just has this knack of making me like heroines like Meg I truly did love Meg She was witty and irrepressible and the way her character grew from being this aimless irresponsible woman child into a confident woman was just wonderful to watch I was rooting for her all the way Ted was also a wonderful hero Like many of SEP's heroes he started off as a real jerk and very calculating Although it's truly understandable considering his fiancee left him at the altar but still his treatment of Meg at first was odious Even when he started treating her well there was still this doubt in my mind about how sincere he was about Meg But in the end he had this epic epiphany of sorts which led to one epic groveling complete with a grand gesture that made me happy Loved the secondary characters Not many authors especially in romance can write such vivid and interesting secondary characters Sometimes they just fade into the woodwork unless there's a book planned for them But in this book the secondary characters were wonderfully written Another SEP winner for me Definitely recommended for readers who love their HEA And the epilogue was just right Nothing too sappy or overdone It was just right

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    SwoonWhat an amazing ending And by that I mean specifically the last 4 sentences5 stars for this one because I couldn't put it down and I really became consumed by the story It's been a long time since I've read a great book like this SEP's better books are charming and hilarious but also a bit heart breaking The storylines are dense and the characters are multi dimensional often making them annoying at timesThis was one of SEP's better books And I haven't read one of her better books in a long time The last book she released ages ago wasn't very strong in my opinion and a lot of her other amazing books I read in a cluster all at once years ago So it's nice to read some new great materialI HATED Ted in the beginning that only grew to a mild acceptance of him I didn't dislike him because he's a brat and treats Meg like garbage his actions sort of add to Meg's allure in how she deals with him and it did build an interesting sort of chemesty To be honest I never took to the wunder child in other books and that's really the bud of my dislike for him I appreciated his role in Fancy Pants but was unimpressed by his older self in Lady Be Good I didn't read this book for Ted I read it for Meg I liked the glimpses of Meg we saw in What I Did for Love but even so I liked what was going on with Meg in the preview chapter that was released for this book That's what made me excited for the readMeg does not disappoint I found her utterly charming and lovely right from the beginning I once watched an interview where SEP says that her heroines are strong but that we might not always like them right from the beginning cough Francesca Fluer and the main character from kiss an angelr cough but that wasn't the case with Meg I loved her Love love love She could have really wallowed in deserved self pity but she doesn't And she is absolutely hilarious I had to put the book down to relive reading She made a grand gesture toward the recliner 'I’ve taken a new lover Sorry you had to find out like this' in regards to moving in with Skeet That's my type of humour She's was a really well written character Plus she spoke to me I'm not in her shoes in many respects but I am trying to find my 'passion' and figure out my 'calling' So I could relate to her all over the place nessLove love love love LOVED Meg Can't say the same for Ted or for a lot of the old characters that pop up in this book but that might just be what makes it good The story stirred up so many feelings and opinions I really became passionate about those opinions I held That type of interaction doesn't happen often from reading romances at least not for meIn the end the storyline was great Meg was magnificent and even though the romance left a bit to be desired ie no hot romancesex scenes no amazing declarations that really just hit the spot sort of clumsy interactions from the conceded hero this books was fabulousIn my opinion this book was a lot better than 'What I Did For Love' and probably as strong as favourites from the Chicago series and other gems from SEP's classicsI'll be re reading some of my fav SEP books over the next while not including Lady Be Good because I reread that while reading this to refresh who Torie was

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    Top form SEP writing about what I think she writes best opposites attract A runaway bride to be brings Wynette's golden boy and role model Ted Beaudine and bohemian outsider Meg Koranda together in a whirlwind of unexpected attraction golf and small town intriguesJust one complaint taking away a full star though the fact that unlike what usually happens in her books Ted's pov is totally absent until the very final chapters and his actions and motivations annoyingly appear to always come out of the blue leaving what felt like half of the romance and the fun out But minor uibble aside this remains a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy chock full of uirky humour and gustoBuddy read with Jill

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    Lucy Jorik is getting married To the most irresistible man in the world Ted Beaudine Meg Koranda Lucy's best friend and bridesmaid is certain Lucy is doing the wrong thing In Meg's opinion these two perfect people are not meant for each other Caring for Lucy as she does she advises her not to marry Ted And Lucy agrees She's known for a while that maybe Ted and her are not meant to be So when Lucy finally pulls out of the wedding at the church the people of the small town of Wynette Texas soon find out who's to blame for breaking the heart of their favourite sonUnfortunately Meg is unable to leave Hicksville USA having no money and no resources To earn enough to leave she is forced to stay and work under the openly hostile glare of the locals and the cool appraisal of one Ted BeaudineI don't read too many contemporaries In my opinion they are the hardest sub genre of romance to write and pull off well In romantic suspense there is always the action and thrill of the chase Historicals can be filled with details of costumes and rigid social s Fantasy sci fi and paranormals can create entire new worlds and species to hold readers' interestBut how can you sustain a 300 400 page read with everyday 21st century life? Contemporaries usually have to be character driven And salted liberally with humour for me to be able to swallow And this is what SEP does well Really well She can take the most ordinary town and banal situation and make it entertaining Plumped out with intelligent humour uirky side characters lively banter and voila A SEP novelCall Me Irresistible is another great read by the Incomparable SEP

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