Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

A Jaw Dropping Story Of How A Girl From The Suburbs Ends Up In A Prince S Harem, And Emerges From The Secret Xanadu Both Richer And Wiser At Eighteen, Jillian Lauren Was An NYU Theater School Dropout With A Tip About An Upcoming Audition The Casting Director Told Her That A Rich Businessman In Singapore Would Pay Pretty American Girls 20,000 If They Stayed For Two Weeks To Spice Up His Parties Soon, Jillian Was On A Plane To Borneo, Where She Would Spend The Next Eighteen Months In The Harem Of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, Youngest Brother Of The Sultan Of Brunei, Leaving Behind Her Gritty East Village Apartment For A Palace With Rugs Laced With Gold And Trading Her Band Of Artist Friends For A Coterie Of Backstabbing Beauties More Than Just A Sexy Read Set In An Exotic Land, Some Girls Is Also The Story Of How A Rebellious Teen Found Herself And The Courage To Meet Her Birth Mother And Eventually Adopt A Baby Boy.Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

Jillian is the author of the new memoir, EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED, the New York Times bestselling memoir, SOME GIRLS My Life in a Harem, and the novel, PRETTY, all from Plume Penguin SOME GIRLS, which chronicles her time spent in the harem of the Prince of Brunei, has been translated into eighteen languages.EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED is the story of Jillian s most radical act learning the st

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  • English
  • 18 September 2017
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    Why, hello there Your Royal Highness Pengiran Digadong Sahibul Mal Pengiran Muda Jefri Bolkiah ibni Al Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa adul Khairi Waddien or, in short, Prince Jefri aka Robin for the ladies Wow, this man and his lifestyle really intrigues me I had heard the rumors, but thanks to this excellent memoir by Jillian Lauren I started to really roam the Internet Prince Jefri is the youngest brother of the sultan of Brunei He is or in fact, was known for his extravagant lifestyle He owned a collection of 2000 luxury cars, a private Boeing 747, countless properties, including hotels all over the world, an enormous art collection and a yacht names Tits its lifeboats were called Nipple 1 and Nipple 2 He s also a notorious playboy in case you hadn t guessed it yet with a Yacht named like that, ha Despite his 4 wives and 18 children, he was spending upward of 250 million per year just to fly in expensive calls girls, centerfolds and runaway teens from all over the world to compete for a position in his infamous harem And that s where Jillian Lauren, the author of the memoir Some girls my life in a harem, comes into play In tight, effective prose she describes how she w...

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    I heard the author give an interview on Howard Stern about this book, and was intrigued not so much by her harem hooker past but by the fact she is now married to the bassist of Weezer, and they adopted a little boy from Ethiopia just like me the Ethiopia part, not the Weezer part And okay, the harem thing was sort of interesting But though this book was readable, by the end I was totally annoyed by the writer She has the pretense of being this fantastic author who honed her craft during her second tour of duty in the Brunei harem, but there ...

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    I saw this author on The View promoting this book I immediately thought 2 things 1 I am about to rewrite a story that is set in a modern day harem and this would be good for research and 2 here is another person who got a publishing contract not because she can write, but because she happened to have a good story which in light of the recent Oprah book club memoir debacles may or may not be true Amid the depressing thoughts that I would perhaps have to join a harem to get a NY publishing contract, I ordered the book immediately.Again, I was proved wrong This woman was no sham, she can really write It is later revealed in the text why To keep her sanity while in this harem she would write First a journal, later short stories, then later her memoir.This book is very thought provoking, the main question being how in the world does a girl who grew up in New Jersey end up in a Prince s harem in this day and age The answer soon follows in this passage Besides the money, jewels, nightly parties, free flowing champagne and gourmet food, designer clothes, lush accommodations and free international travel, there was this begin quote Sometimes I fell prey to fantasies ...

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    I found this book sad and disturbing, bereft of any real point.I picked it up out of curiosity about Brunei and an abiding interest in each person s unique story, but finished it only to see if the poor girl eventuallyfound some sort of redemption It seems she didn t.Jillian and her brother Johnny grew up in the middle class non observantJewish family into which they were both adopted Both experienced troubledand wild teenage years Johnny found fulfillment in God, becoming a devoutHasid Jillian takes a condescending view of her brother s path, whileproceeding to make one unfortunate decision after another In the courseof the story, which is told in very vulgar and melodramatic terms, she becomes a stripper, a prostitute, a porn performance artist, and the mother of an aborted child She is perpetually miserable, and yet refuses to seek any path that might lead to true freedom and joy Her primary philosophicalguideline is What would Patti...

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    This was a pleasant surprise The subtitle gave me pause for a moment, but this memoir was not the tawdry, cheesy and or poorly written mess I feared it might be Why was I reading this at all A 1 find at the library and a mood to indulge in a light, easy breezy summertime read It was that, but , a coming of age story about the author s search for identity at ages 18 and 19 in an unusual setting with a twist, and finally, her learning how to have compassion for her own mistakes and shortcomings The writing here was so much better than I expected I think I ve bumped it up almost a star just for the gap reaction, the happiness I experienced realizing how much of a difference there was between my low expectations and my enjoyment An adopted New Jersey teen with a troubled home life, Jillian Lauren drops out of college and supports herself in New York with a job as a stripper, then graduates to an escort service She s offered an opportunity to go to Brunei to party with a prince why not , an assignment that promises exceptional compensation Yearning for adventure and the cash she leaves her boyfriend, lies to her parents, and lands on Borneo, at a complex of palace adjacent guest houses that are temporary homes to a rotating collection of young women from all over the world who ar...

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    I picked this book up after reading about it in the paper I was unaware that it was a memoir type story I figured it was fiction My bad The writer appears to be bi polar as far as her story is concerned On one hand she glamorizes being a hooker, on the other she tries to show she regrets her choices, wants to be a better personbut keeps going right back to all the perks of being a prostitute She waxes poetic a lot, it s all BS, like a creative writing assignment gone bad Some of the events sound like a lot of BS In her story she says she leaves home at sixteen to go to college, drops out a few months before she turns 18, is left on her own and turns to stripping At 18 she joins the harem, but she likes to throw things in there that make you wonder how someone had time and money to do these things in a six month time span There s an und...

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    I thought this was going to be about Brunei I thought this was going to be about life in a harem I thought this was going to be about a woman s descriptions and feelings about harem life It was none of this Some Girls is a pathetic attempt at storytelling about a woman s boring childhood, family, and sex escapades.First of all, the word harem is used in a very modern sense, and not in the traditional or Islamic sense which means the place where the women of the household live their lives The book starts off with the author whining about her family problems Then she moves on to become a sleazy actress and gets promoted to being a sleazy prostitute All this just takes up and space By the time she flies to Brunei, you are already heartily bored.But it s not like the book picks up once she is in the harem Oh no That would be money for worth So it s basically this woman and a number of other similar boring women whining about shit and having karaoke parties One of the princes makes an occasional appearance and picks out one of them and has sex with them Jeez A newspaper articl...

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    I admit that I gave this memoir five stars instead of four because I know the author, though only distantly I admired her writing early in her career and when I finally read this memoir I was pretty blown away I hear a lot of hating in the comments, but that doesn t really make sense to me It s really quite a beautifully written book Maybe memoir is just one of those things that either clicks with you or doesn t But I ve read a lot of books about sex work, and this one was unquestionably one of the most insightful, sex positive, and non judgmental More importantly, it was amazingly poetic at times and a pleasure to read just for the writing style.Lauren is close ish to my age and I felt very much like the generational aspect was very close to my experience A lot of the wacky bohemians she knew in NY were similar to those I knew in SF, and the era ...

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    I didn t love this book I thought it was a waste of time The language was awful, and I didn t understand many parts She skips around and brings in analogies that don t make a lot of sense Lots of reviews talk about how she found herself and grew up I didn t get that at all Seemed to me like she didn t learn anything from her mistakes It skips 14 years ahead and gives one p...

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    2.5 stars This is a very quick, interesting read The author is looking back at her 18 19 year old self who dropped out of NYU, became a stripper, became an escort, and ended up as a member of the Prince of Brunei s harem this is all on the book jacket, so it s not a spoiler While I really enjoyed some of the passages the scenes where she spends spends spends in Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, etc are crazy , there are a lot of long boring flashbacks to her upper middle class Jewish upbringing in Long Island Since I grew up with a lot of middle class Jewish girls in Westchester, this was really familiar and repetitive to me, especially as it seemed that the author dwelled on a lot of abusive situations without ever blaming her parents, instead internalizing a lot of the abuse I would have liked to have seen some reflection on the events that transpired in the harem, rather than the superficialities of the court what gi...

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