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[PDF / Epub] ✎ See Jane Score ☂ Rachel Gibson – This is Jane A little subdued A little stubborn A little tired of going out on blind dates with men who drive vans with sofas in the back Jane Alcott is living the Single Girl existence in the big cit This is Jane A little subdued A little stubborn A little tired of going out on blind dates with men who drive vans with sofas in the back Jane Alcott is living the Single Girl existence in the big city She is also leading a double life By day she's a reporter covering the raucous Seattle See Jane Kindle - Chinooks hockey team—especially their notorious goalie Luc Martineau By night she's a writer secretly creating the scandalous adventures of Honey Piethe magazine series that has all the men talking See Jane spar Luc has made his feelings about parasite reporters—and Jane—perfectly clear But if he thinks he's going to make her life a misery he'd better think again See Jane attract For as long as he can remember Luc has been single minded about his career The last thing he needs is a smart mouthed pain in the backside reporter digging into his past and getting in his way But once the little reporter shed her black and gray clothes in favor of a sexy red dress Luc sees that there is to Jane than originally meets the eyeMaybe it's time to take a risk Maybe it's time to live out fantasies Maybe it's time to See Jane Score.See Jane Score

Rachel Gibson is a New York times and USAToday bestselling author of books.

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  • 15 February 2016
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    35 stars Less emotional than the first book but still enjoyable I don’t know what it is about this author’s writing as well as SEP’s writing but even blatant sexism both in words and actions didn’t hinder my enjoyment of it Usually if a male character doesn’t really show growth and is a biased first class jerk with opinions about women that are so antiuated they can go back to pre WWI well I don’t enjoy reading about them but somehow these people men are humanised or shall I say normalised I know normalising that behaviour is not a good thing but the perfect heroes don’t exist Sure they can be written but they would be fake and I guess this inside look at the guys in a hockey team their banter family history kids wives and ex wives cheating habits etc it made the story feel very authentic because let’s be honest that kind of talk is freuent Anyway the couple in this one was ok but I didn’t feel the chemistry as much as I did in the previous book I felt like Jane’s character shifted at some point and she became a little too emotional and cheesy As for Luc he was very constant throughout I didn’t feel any growth on his side except that he fell in love which I only know because he declared it so Basically this couple tried to sell it but I didn’t buy it is what I’m saying That being said I still had a good time reading it

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    I absolutely loved this book Why? First it's a sports romance my favorite Second the snappy writing Funny super sexy with plenty of sharp witty dialogue and plenty of sparring between the Hh superstar hockey goalie Luc Martineau and the reporter assigned to cover his team natural girl Jane Alcott Fantastic sexual tension in this one And third and most important the characters Unlike the first book in this series Simply Irresistible I had no issues with the hero and heroine they were very likable even if Luc was a bit spoiled and a little selfish and so well written that they just jumped off the pages and into my heart It was so easy to root for Jane who was so physically unlike the Barbie types that Luc was normally attracted to To watch her attract the sexy stud with a reputation Luc's interest with her smarts guts and personality instead of her body was a pleasure to read Jane was short 5' small breasted dressed in unfashionable mostly black clothes and wasn't a fan of makeup And Luc kept telling himself that Jane wasn't his type Jane Luc I also loved how Jane had a sort of second secret career as a writer for a men's magazine detailing the scandalous adventures of Honey Pie and how this secret came between her and Luc Honey Pie was Jane's alter ego Gorgeous Uninhibited Every man's dream A hedonist who left men in sweaty comas throughout Seattle wrung out and incapable of speech yet somehow able to beg for Ahh I could go on and on This book read like a dream and I breezed through it in less than a day It made me laugh and it made me cry It had me turning the pages and wishing for It had me hoping that all the remaining books in this series are as good as this one It had sexual tension and it had heat It had a heroine I adored and a hero that made me swoon Readers interested in sports romance don't miss this series Even though the author might not know as much about hockey lingo as I thought she did after reading the first book referring to a loss as they lost 2 to 3 instead of 3 to 2 and saying things like he made a goal instead of he scored a goal and they lost by 2 points instead of they lost by 2 goals those were just blips in an otherwise fantastic Cinderella story With this book I've become a fan 5 stars

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    Funny touching romantic and interesting all at once I loved this story It was absolutely perfect for the mood I was in My first read by RG and I can't wait to read A few things I loved about See Jane Score1 The heroine isn't TSTL at all She's professional mature and sweet I loved Jane2 The hero is absolutely swoon worthy but not overly cliched 3 The relationship between Jane and Luc develops naturally and realistically 4 No over the top drama in here Thank God 5 Well developed side characters I especially liked Luc's sister 6 The writing flows smoothly and simply; you don't need to think too much with this one A plus as far as I'm concerned 7 I skipped book 1 but didn't feel lost at all Yay8 SJS has a perfect balance between sports talk and romance I enjoyed both aspects of the book9 I still get the warm fuzzies whenever I think about this story

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    Being sucked into that literary vortex of all things dramatic melancholy and depressing for uite some time now I needed to put aside the Virgin Riverites and Regency rakes rogues and read something uplifting She picks She scores lol I LOVED this book The hero is Luc Martineau a Canadian hottie who plays professional hockey for the Seattle Chinooks He is drop dead gorgeous with a lean athletic body and a killer tattoo that begins at the base of his hoohaa and peeks out from the top of his boxers Yum He's into blondes boobs and beer and is having a stellar season tending the net The heroine is Jane Alcott a five foot nothing flat chested brunette who writes a single girl in the city column for the Seattle Times has just been given the temporary assignment of covering the Chinooks for a season She's into bottled water wearing black and dealing with the fact she sucks in serious relationships She's also into the column she writes in secret for a men's mag about a barmaid named Honey Pie a trash talking gum popping nymphomaniac who screws men into comas but I won't go into thatObviously Luc Jane are polar opposites and neither can imagine ever hooking up with the other HoweverLuc does wonder what Jane would look like minus the hideous clothes and Jane does admit she fantasizes about following the path of that tattoo Fortunately for us Rachel Gibson doesn't wait long to put her protagonists completely in the know about each otherbringing them both literally to their knees though not at the same time of courseThe book has some great laugh out loud moments as Jane takes some hard knocks in her uest to become one of the boys and prove that women do indeed have the right to be in a locker room ahemas long as you don't look down Luc on the other hand fights a constant battle with himself about what he thinks he wants as opposed to what he knows he wants A few misunderstandings are easy enough for the couple to deal with as they seem to be on their way to a HEAuntil Jane pulls a bonehead chick move that turns everything upside downThis is the cutest book Anyone looking for a light humorous read possibly one sitting with a hot hero who says aboot and a tiny heroine with a big attituteshould read this book There are a few touching scenes that help keep the story grounded but the couple's sexual chemistry made evident during the bedroom scenes blows it right back through the roof His lips were warm and welcoming and she slid into the kiss with the abandonment of a true nympho Because sometimes in life Ken didn't always choose Barbie For that he had to be rewardedRachel Gibson rocks Thank you K for pointing me in her direction

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    Review written March 1 20184 Stars Simply lovelySo much fun Perfect traditional light and teasing style for a SEP romances admirer as me It will be a lot reading or listening to Gibson’s books and the first to pick uo is the next part in this mf hockey heroes series standalonesGreat start I’m happy dancing I listened to the 9 hours audibook terrific narrated by Kathleen EarlyI LIKE witty heroines and sexy strong hockey players who doesn’t?

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    Here's the full reviewI REALLY enjoyed this I still have a soft spot for Rachel Gibson after all Her Chinooks series is amongst some of my favourtie contemporary romances and as an added bonus I happen to love sport Gibson's combination of light humour endearing heroines and reformed asshole heros makes her books the perfect little light reads plus she doesn't overdo the steam and profane language is kept to a minimum thank god I do dislike eroticaJane happens to be the shy sort which makes this a shy girl gets the hot man sort of storyline which never fails to work wonders and Gibson takes full advantage of it Her heros are always shaped realistically In other words her men aren't perfect in fact they are always sporting assholes who have their nose up their asses to be honest But then again Luc's confusion over his attraction to Jane was adorable I love Rachel Gibson's writing style because she doesn't overdo it she keeps it simple and sweet relying on gentle humour and curbing excessive use of sex scenes and expletives that most of the 'popular' contemporary romances are fond of Kristen Ashley comes to mind I loved watching Luc's character develop his transition from jerk to don't know what hit him love of course She raised one brow and looked at him as if he were an idiot He sort of felt like an idiot “I’m telling you the truth All the guys last night were thinking of unhooking your dress” None of the guys had mentioned it to Luc but he figured that if he’d been thinking it they had too

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    UPDATE October 2019 4 stars Absolutely wonderful Bad boy hockey player falls for plain Jane journalist 45 starsWhen I first read See Jane Score I thought it was absolutely amazing and would have given it way than five stars if I could have I first read it from the library and immediately got it online afterwards since I knew this would be a multiple future reread for me I have already reread it once so far and although the second time my rating went down to 45 stars it is still definitely one of my favorite contemporary romances Jane and Luc were wonderful characters and their interactions were very enjoyable; the supporting cast was also great Jane's friend Caroline was a riot watching Luc develop a relationship with his sister Marie was very sweet and the other hockey players Darby added a lot of humor I've read a fair amount of romances probably an understatement and though they have most all been historicals I think it's usual in the romance genre that when an author has one of the main characters do something that creates conflict for the couple and causes issuesa fight towards the end it's almost always the guy That's why it was a nice change to have in this book the heroine be the one who does something that causes the conflict one of Jane's Honey Pie articles and have her be the one with all the regret and guilt and the hero be the injured party Basically wonderful wonderful wonderful READ IT CHINOOKS HOCKEY TEAM SERIES1 Simply Irresistible 2 See Jane Score3 The Trouble With Valentine's Day 4 True Love and Other Disasters 5 Nothing But Trouble RECOMMENDATIONSFor other wonderful sports related contemporary romances check out these books 1 Heaven Texas Chicago Stars Book 2 by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 5 stars 2 Match Me If You Can Chicago Stars Book 6 by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 45 stars 3 Body Check New York Blades Book 1 by Deirdre Martin 4 stars

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    This is the second book I've read by Rachel Gibson and I really liked it I liked it than the first one in this series but both are excellentI loved Luc and his uncomplicated life that was made complicated by Jane a woman unlike any female Luc had dated While at first she was a nuisance he couldn't stop noticing her And then eventually against his better judgement didn't want to stopJane was a very relatable character She wasn't the 'barbie' style Luc often gravitated towards but damn if she didn't get under his skin Jane was attracted to the French Canadian from the beginning although she was hard pressed to admit that initiallyAnd like a Cinderella story magic happened between Jane and Luc making this a very sweet and 'rooting for the underdog' type story I was also pleased Luc was from Edmonton my hometown so kudos for thatI plan on reading much from Rachel Gibson She writes realistically and creates very 'humanized' characters That may sound odd but I feel I could be reading about my neighbor or the woman down the street Her characters are real fleshed out and that is refreshing Great book and a great love story that delivers plenty of the good stuff

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    Another enjoyable read by Rachel Gibson This only my second book by her and I really like her writing style She gives you sweet sexy and just the right amount of angstThis is Jane and Luc's story I loved the 'plain Jane' catching the attention of the unattainable hot hockey player The push and pull between them had me flipping the pages It did take a bit of time for things to heat up between them Then the red dress happened and there was no turning back

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    A couple of years ago someone recommended Rachel Gibson because I adore SEP I read Any Man of Mine and was horrified It has to be one of the most upsetting “romance” books I’ve ever read and that’s saying something I’ve avoided Rachel Gibson since then But I miss sports And this series is on all of the top hockey romance lists I can see Gibson’s similarities to SEP Jerkface heroes for sure But I feel Phillips stops just this side of some imaginary line And Gibsondoes not This was certainly better than the other book And it is fun to watch an aloof man fall But there’s something a tad too mean in these heroes so far Something nearly cruel And I haven’t found the humor to somehow make it okay I don’t know I’d need to read an SEP and a Gibson simultaneously to find out why one of them is amongst the best authors I’ve ever read and the other makes me feel a littleskeevy

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