Reading Shadoweyes Author Kathryn Ptacek The First Deaths Go Unnoticed The Next Are Unreported The People Of Albuquerque Are Suddenly Unsuspecting Prey For Something Swift And Unseen Something With Golden Eyes And Razor Sharp Teeth Something Eternally Evil, Unspeakably Powerful, And Totally Hungry.Only Chato Del Klinne, A Restless Apache Searching For A Way Of Life Congenial Than Teaching College Students, And Laura Rainey, A Young, Ambitious Newspaper Reporter, Suspect The Nature Of Terror That Authorities Seem To Be Covering Up.Only The Tribal Teaching That Chato Has Abandoned Can Possibly Save Them.But Time Is Short The Shadoweyes Have Tasted Blood They Re After.Shadoweyes

Les Simons,

➵ Shadoweyes Read ➼ Author Kathryn Ptacek –
  • Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • Shadoweyes
  • Kathryn Ptacek
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780812518580

10 thoughts on “Shadoweyes

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    Almost done Just a few pages So I decided I would just cut to the chase and review it now, because I ll be done this weekend, and I don t want to have to think about it I highly doubt the last few chapters can save this one.The prose is mostly serviceable Until you hit an action scene then it s awful and awkward Or, if you hit a scene that is supposed to ramp up suspense and terrify you Then it s just hokey and over wrought There is nothing notable in her prose It isn t lovely or particularly compelling.Now, I was interested in the setting, New Mexico, since I have never been there and would quite like to go someday I was also interested in the Native American mythology motif, and the racial tension in the Southwest But since the writing is so mediocre, there is no power in any of it It is merely awkward.This novel follows certain horror novel tropes of the 70s and 80s, and I think those tropes suck I ve read a number of novels from that period, and I rarely, if ever, like them They are weak stories with badly drawn characters and stupid twists.I also really hate the two lead women in this They both bang Chato fairly quickly, and we re supposed to believe through Ptacek s lack of compelling buildup, ...

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    Mrs Charles L Grant wrote seven books, this was my first Looking at her other books, looks like she liked the old ways and myths legends of Indian lore, in the southwest This was her second novel, which to me had scenes that felt like I was in fast forward A couple of scenes that didn t m...

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    Review pending

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    I liked the plot that was centered around Native American folklore, culture, and the American Southwest The use of supernatural creatures made it feel a bit like a B movie which I am a huge fan of Some decent carnage and gore in the novel The creatures or Shadoweyes are relentless and cause some serious damage to the people It s not explicitly detailed but my mind was able to conjure up the gruesome images Solid ending that I didn t see coming and it added some spice to the novel The book has a really cool cover One of the best that I own in my collection NEGATIVES The writing is about average but it gets repetitive at times There were many instances in the novel where the same words and phrases were used constantly The scenes that were supposed to establish a sense of dread, terror, or suspense fell flat quite often The characters were stereotypical in virtually every sense of the word I didn t like the main protagonist, Chato He honestly just came off like a confused, immature fool as well as a player The 2 female protagonists came off as if they were only in the story for Chato to have sex with or for the author s embarrassingly poor attempt to establish some sort of romantic connection They had little substance and seemed like they only existed in relation to Chato for the entire story The attempt at social commentary was admirable but didn t work because every character was a cardboard cutout and I didn t care f...

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    Good atmospheric horror Features a native American character and tie ins to Native American culture.

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    Disappointed I really enjoyed Gila and Chato s character so I wanted to read Shadow eyes looked interesting so I gave it a try In this book, all Chato did was whine Sunny was a interesting character than he was The premise was good but execution fell flat Very disappointed.

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    This is one of my favorite books that s not by King or Koontz.I love the story and the detail the author includes in the book.

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