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➬ [Ebook] ➧ Vision in White By Nora Roberts ➸ – Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker Emma Laurel and Mac—the founders of Vows one of Connecticut's premier wedding planning companiesAfter years of throwing make belie Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker Emma Laurel and Mac—the founders of Vows one Vision in MOBI :ò of Connecticut's premier wedding planning companiesAfter years of throwing make believe weddings in the backyard flowers photography desserts and details are what these women do best a guaranteed perfect beautiful day full of memories to last the rest of your lifeWith bridal magazine covers to her credit Mackensie Mac Elliot is most at home behind the camera—ready to capture the happy moments she never experienced while growing up Her father replaced his first family with a second and now her mother moving on to yet another man begs Mac for attention and money Mac's foundation is jostled again moments before an important wedding planning meeting when she bumps into the bride to be's brotheran encounter that has them both seeing starsCarter Maguire is definitely not her type he's stable and he's safe He's even an English teacher at their high school alma mater There's something about him that makes Mac think a casual fling is just what she needs to take her mind off dealing with bridezillas and screening her mother's phone calls But a casual fling can turn into something when you least expect it And with the help of her three best friends—and business partners—Mac must learn how to make her own happy memories.Vision in White

JD Robb There are than million copies of her books in print.

Vision in White PDF/EPUB ó Vision in  MOBI :ò
  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Vision in White
  • Nora Roberts
  • English
  • 02 October 2016
  • 9780425227510

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    Pure boring This audio book should come with a warning “Don’t listen to while operating moving vehicles may cause severe drowsiness” I now know WAAAAAY about wedding planning and passiveaggressive relationships than I ever cared to know Where was the entertainment the spark between heroheroine and the romance in all that page filler? It started out pretty good but degraded as it went on It became just one stupid self imposed conflict after another sandwiched between way too many inane conversations about wedding planning Mac the heroine had a mother who drove me up the wall She should have had a much lesser role as she was just pure annoying The romance was flat and predictable but I did like Carter He was too good for Mac though As the book continued I found myself liking Mac less and less She was a twit with little common sense By the end I was hoping Carter would meet someone else I doubt I will continue with series

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    Nora Roberts almost never lets me down Her In Death series is one of my favorites and a few of her mysteryromances have given me book boyfriends Not as good as Roarke of course Never as good as RoarkeAww that's so sweetIn this book we have four female friends who own a wedding planning company They each have a specific part of it and our heroine Mac is the photographer It's just a good thing that one of the other girls likes to bake wedding cakes another is a florist and the fourth has a mansion that they use as a venue along with her awesome planning skills So yeah that wasfortuitous Mac has a meet cute with Carter but he actually remembers her from high school So it's a re meet cute He had a huge crush on her back then but he was the geeky boy that she never noticed Luckily he's grown up and now is a geeky man Yeah his character I wasn't so sure about He's clumsy Like Bella in Twilight clumsy He literally falls and bumps into things He's insecure Like teenage boy in a classroom with an unexpected erection kind of thing The guy literally can't figure out how to take a girl on a date and he is hyperventilating when he does It took awkward to a whole new level Oh but not When he kisses her he's all smoothness and hot He suddenly turns into Trojan for her pleasureBut seriously? If the guy can't even find his way into an open door without banging into the side and hurting himself what are the odds? So let's take a look at Mac the girl She's a typical Nora Roberts heroine tall thin short hair bitchy and commitment phobic The problem I had with her other than the bitchiness was the constant descriptions of her hair I know that's weird but it hung me up because they called her hair orange and it was always sticking out everywhere I don't know a mean girl with short orange hair that sticks out everywhere makes me think of thisJust walk away slowlyIn other words I didn't get what the nerdy man saw in her Of course maybe just the fact that she let him touch a booby was enoughWhatever I am actually interested in the next books with the other less clown like girls And I did like the writing and the friendship between the women

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    This was my first Nora Roberts's book and I'm very disappointed After all the things I've heard about her writing this was not what I expected Mackensie Elliot aka Mac runs a Wedding Planning business with her childhood friends and is a successful photographer Absentee father and selfish mother with a penchant for drama have wrecked her childhood and left her a cynical commitment phobic Enter the hero a gorgeous nerd who emits goodness and has been crushing on Mac for than a decade Chemistry does its thing and both of them start dating Amidst a flurry of brides mothers of brides heroine's mother's petulant tantrums and a series of talk of the town weddings these two make a way towards their own wedding There's a bit of girl friends' bonding and a rather lame seduction attempt by a cheating ex girlfriend thrown into the mix Now if I could find the person who suggested this book to me Agreed Carter was cute and I do have a thing for shy guys but where was the awesomeness I was promised??? The unforgettable romance? The Nora Roberts' magic? All I got was a bunch of girls trying to run the show with sporadic claims of what great friends they are and an extremely annoying attention grubbing mother Half way through the book it became so drab that I had to force myself to continue reading I don't think this is my cup of tea I suppose 25 stars would have to suffice

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    3 12 starsNobody writes friendship like NR and I really enjoyed watching the interactions between Mac and her friends Carter's slightly crazy friend Bob with his helpful lists was also fun to be with In fact everyone besides the accidental stressed B G MOB FOB MOG FOG MOH BM FG and any other acronym the wedding business can come up with was nice and fun That lead to a lack of real conflict in the story hence my lukewarm rating I liked this book and its characters since it was impossible to hate such nice people and the story was very easy to read but I can't say I loved itWill I be reading the rest of the series? Of course I'm curious about Carter and Mac's friends and I'm pretty sure their stories will be at least as nice as this onePS After rereading my review I couldn't help noticing how many times I used the adjective nice Well what can I say? This was a nice story LOL

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    Contemporary romance fans rejoice Nora Roberts latest release Vision in White is a light and fun read that leaves you with a big grin on your face It's the first in a four book series about a group of women who've been friends since childhood and grow up to run a bridal business together The manager the baker the flower lady and the photographer each with different backgrounds and different outlooks on life and love This first story is about the photographer MackensieMac's home life taught her a lot about love and weddings mainly that neither were permanent or could be counted on With the exception of her childhood girlfriends Mac's never really known much stability in her life So when she meets the 'Mary Poppins' ie perfect man one who makes her feel special and cared for and important she freaks outmajorlyCarter had a crush on Mackensie back in school And now that he's a manwell he still has a crush on her But it seems that every time he makes headway in their relationship Mac gets scared and backs off Good thing Carter is a patient manCarter is my new best ever Beta hero He's a professor and uite the nerd but he's also sweet protective and even a bit clumsy The you read about him the you just want to take him home with youand then do unspeakably fun things with him with or without the glasses And Mac? Well she has some pretty serious issues to deal with and her self worth is right there at the top of the list She's stubborn but she does grow on you and pretty soon I was cheering every forward step she madeNora Roberts is a genius writer She somehow taps into the subconscious of women and men everywhere Her books have a happy ending yes but her characters also have to work for that happy ending She does her trademark work and brings her cast of characters to life with such vividness that I felt if I just went to their city I would recognize these people want to spend time with them commiserate with them and celebrate with them For me that's the brilliance of La Roberts' storiesVision in White isn't a melodramatic emotion wrenching read Instead it reminds me very much of some of her earlier works the ones that are just darn good romances No special gimmicks no mysteries no death or destruction just two people living their lives and then discovering that love does exist and it's worth the work to cherish it Pure romance

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    ★★★ 3 Rom Com stars★★★Vision in White starts of by introducing a group of besties that run a very successful Event planning agency dedicated mostly to a bride's most defining moment Her Wedding How I ended up picking this book Vision in White was basically my first Nora RobertsSo its safe to say I didn't really go in with super high expectations or suchHeard a lot about this author from my besties here on GR and thought to just give this one a goout of pure curiosityshrug My thoughts on the plot The book started predictably enoughWe have the heroine Mackensie Mac Elliot who puts in her weight at the agency as the event's official wedding photographerShe makes it her mission in life is to always be on the look out for that perfect moment that defines her client's special day “Moments came and went she thought It was love that bound them together into a life” I found Mac a little hard to love to be honestGiven her personal family issuesits not hard to understand why she tends to run away from love so muchBut Damn It made the plot line so repetitive boring PShe runs toward love or in this case our male lead CarterAnd then she runs away from himThen she runs towards himAnd then she pulls awayAnd then she wants himAnd then she yade yade yaYou get the gist of it right ?My only saving grace was Carter MaguireDamn I want to marry that man so bad He's so sweet compassionate understanding kind loving sweet extraordinary loving amazing shy endearingBasically perfect And a god in bed ; “Love's scary and sometimes it's transient But it's worth the risks and the nerves It's even worth the pain” Sign Ladies This must be love D Final Thoughts Didn't really find the plot line original from any angle at all to be honestEvery character sounded like someone pulled out straight from a Rom comNeither was the back story nor the ending that original or unpredictable to keep me engagedSo this one's going to have to stay a 3 star for meWill I be continuing the series ?Liked the secondary characters but not enough to continue the series Would recommend to all Rom Com fans out there

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    This is the first in a uartet of books about four childhood friends and how each one finds the man of her dreams Romance the way Nora Roberts writes it somehow just as schmaltzy and sugary as every other romance writer but with a touch of something else which makes it a much tolerable read for me I am really not a romance reader but Roberts does it so wellIn this story Mackenzie is the photographer in the four friend's wedding planner business When she meets Carter she knows he is completely not her type but when does love ever take that into account Carter is an English Professor and there is a very entertaining chapter when the two of them are discussing booksA nice story about love and supportive friends and a very pleasant read

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    I have literally hundreds of books I’ve never read staring at me from my shelves or screaming at me from my Kindle and what am I doing? Rereading a Nora Roberts uartet for literally the 7th time I regret nothingHave I mentioned to anyone that I love me some Nora that she’s chicken soup for my soul and a bubble bath for my brain? That her books cheer me up when I’m sad and comfort me when I’m sick? Well she is and they do Which I why I keep going back to her greatest hits time and again instead of reading some of the new and undoubtedly wonderful novels that await on my heavy ladened shelves And this series y’all; it’s definitely one of her greatest hitsincredibly contented sighFour women best friends since childhood open an all inclusive wedding service One is a photographer another a florist the third a baker and the final friend is the coordinator who holds everything together All four women are beautiful in different ways obviously because this is a romance series all four are funny and brimming with character and their relationship with one another is just as important as the romantic relationships that spawn over the course of the four novels Vows the business they started together is just such a lovely creation The weddings held at their headuarters the Brown Estate are always lovely and uniue and just exactly right for the bride and groom I love stories where childhood friends nurture their relationships as adults and find a way to bring their separate passions into a mutual and successful business venture That’s the dream and it’s what Mackenzie Emmaline Laurel and Parker have built for themselvesOkay so while I love the entire uartet this first installment is my favorite Mac is a crazy person funny and focused and messier than she cares to admit She’s a uintessential redhead with the pale skin and temper to prove it and she’s an amazing and passionate photographer And I really enjoy watching her develop But the main reason I love this book so much is Carter Maguire; he’s one of the absolute cutest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about Carter is an English Literature professor formerly from Yale but now happily teaching at the private high school that is his alma mater His PhD might intimidate Mac just the teensiest bit but that doesn’t stop her from finding his tweed jackets and wire rimmed glasses and blushing ears adorable I feel ya girl; I think he’s totally adorable too I have such a soft spot for nerdy guys which is funny considering the fact that I married me a hunk of manly man and Carter is a king of the nerds He’s soft spoken thoughtful nervous and sweet and all of those ualities are wrapped in a dreamy eyed package Not gonna lie I would’ve been totally hot for teacher if he had taught my English classes fans selfAll of that to say I love this series And I love this book in particular It’s sweet and funny not to mention hot This series is perfect for curling up with on a cold night or a sick day or a long rainy weekend It’s my prescription for when you’re feeling down

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    Vision in White Roberts Nora I can always count on Nora Roberts to keep me entertained Be it with a romantic suspense contribution the recently read Night Tales series or a straight contemporary the book I'm reviewing at the moment Because Vision in White delivered on the promise in the blurb and then some I absolutely loved it its friendship angle and its romance angle And the characters oh the characters were simply amazing I couldn't help but love the four girls I can't wait for Jake and Del to have bigger roles I'm impatiently waiting for the mechanic to step into the picture loved the brides hated the heroine's mother who didn't? and I fell for Dr Maguire the hero FYI the instant he smacked into a wall I fell for his battleship sized feet his klutziness his cute little uirks his shyness and a complete about face from his everyday persona he showed in the bedroom lusty grin I know I shouldn't say this about a guy but he was just so utterly adorable There's no other word I could use for Carter Adorable that's him This book didn't make run the whole gamut of emotions but some and appropriate facial expressions were there I cried a little at the sweet and tender descriptions of Mac's photos and weddings I gritted my teeth and rolled my eyes each time Linda and then Corrinda stepped into the picture I kept my fingers crossed whenever Carter and Mac were together I wanted to yell at Mac for being so spineless at the beginning and so stubborn throughout the rest of the book to try and sabotage the vest thing that could've happened to her I LOLed at the little zingers she shot around at the banter between girlfriends at the wedding biz acronyms and at the one liners This wasn't a suspense romance a police procedural or a murder mystery Nope this was a straightforward lightweight despite some minor issues due to the patsy gene the Hh exhibited cute sweet sexy sensual I love how NR writes her sex scenes romantic friendly funny little contemporary romantic comedy Definitely a keeper and highly recommended

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    5 stars – Contemporary RomanceI’m really surprised by how much I enjoyed this especially since it was a random read while I was awaiting some August releases and because other than the JD Robb In Death books I’ve read Nora Roberts often tends to be a little too vanilla ice cream for me But I just loved sweet shy nerdy English professor Carter to bits It was so adorable and funny how he got so embarrassed over his friend Bob’s dating advice And the list? Priceless He made me smile and giggle so many times I just wanted to pinch his cheeks and sueeze him tight And it was sexy when he got all alpha animalistic in the bedroomThe excessive wedding details were a bit boring at times but I just skimmed those parts The friendship moments between Mac Emma Laurel and Parker were very realistic and well done I hated Mac’s narcissistic mother and was so glad when Parker told her off It’s a feel good read that made me smile throughout So a surprising 5 stars and it’s mostly because of a cute geek hero named Carter

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