➠ Together Ebook ➦ Author Zoltan Andrejkovics – Artificial Intelligence is our society's biggest opportunity It will be the most influential technology of our century but we still don’t know how to put this into the right path This book is focusi Artificial Intelligence is our society's biggest opportunity It will be the most influential technology of our century but we still don’t know how to put this into the right path This book is focusing on the philosophical side of.Together

Zoltán Andrejkovics born in Head of esports at Docler group married and father of one He always had an interest in fields of interpersonal psychology team dynamics competitive gaming and eSports His professional experiences gave a lot of real life examples how team members could achieve real goals.

Together eBook ò Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 79 pages
  • Together
  • Zoltan Andrejkovics
  • English
  • 01 May 2015

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    Talking an easily understandable way about AIThe author answers the most important uestions in the field of AI From the very beginning it feels like the book is written for the crowd The author lines up a bunch of real life examples of AI and wonders how robots will effect our future I found a lot of thoughtful remarks in the book I would say this was a really interesting read hence it is a non fiction

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    If you are interested in the future it is a good read for youI've always wondered how the world will look like with robots Most of the AI books are written for programmers and the other part was AI for dummies Finally a book that collected relevant uestions about AI The book consists of three partsIn the first part the author describes what exists at the moment under the term Artificial Intelligence We uickly understand that AGI isn't something nearIn the second part we find theoretical what if topics connected to AI In the final part of the book we read about future with some exciting vision described by the authorThis book is written for everyday people and I think it is a good resource if you want to dig a little bit deeper into AI

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    Suspiciously voted right to the top of every AIML list here

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    I have read a lot of books about the economic and social impacts of AI and technology as well as several about the ethical and philosophical uestions new technology poses to us and this book is easily the worst If it was possible to give it 0 stars I wouldOne major floor of the book is its poorly constructed format The author changes subject and drifts off without directing the reader which is confusing The use of gramma language and sentence construction is poor to the extent that it is not only frustrating to read but it is also impossible to understand what the author is meaning on occasions as the sentences simply do not make sense I understand that this is self published thus the author did not have a copy editor but he could have at least got someone to proof read it first The author confuses many topics in the area When discussing what Artificial General Intelligence at the beginning he confuses intelligence with consciousness two very different concepts Later when discussing consciousness he confuses consciousness self awareness and the soul He also makes points which he contradicts himself on he argues on several occasions that humans have nothing to worry about in terms of AI and the future yet he provides several examples of things that could go very wrong yet does not really discuss these in any kind of depth The book is advertised as discussing the philosophical aspects of AI yet I failed to find the part of the book the author even comes close to doing thisThe use of 'he' and 'man' to refer to humans collectively is at best sloppy and out of date but simply offensive and makes the book read like it comes out of the 1970s The author also seems to believe that AI will have a male gender which is also confusingThe author's vision for the future of AI that it will help make worldwide political decisions which will lead to greater euality and that world leaders and mass cooperation’s will simply step back and let this happen is a nice idea but poorly decribed and articulated naive and lacks insight into political philosophy world politics economics power psychology and sociology In summary the book reads as a poorly thought out sloppy opinion piece that offers little to the field There are many other far better interesting books on the subject

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    One of my tutors recommended this book Clear and informative AI book on ethics I would recommend it if you need to do an essay for academic purposes about futurism or AGI

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