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✿ [EPUB] ✷ Practice Makes Perfect By Julie James ❥ – Behind closed doors they're laying down the lawWhen it comes to the laws of attractionPayton Kendall and JD Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection A feminist to the bone Payton has foug Behind closed doors they're laying down the lawWhen it comes to the laws of attractionPayton Kendall and JD Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection A feminist to the bone Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men Born wealthy privileged and cocky JD has fought hard to ignore her Face to face they're perfectly civil They have to be For eight years they have kept a safe distance and tolerated each Practice Makes eBook ☆ other as coworkers for one reason to make partner at the firmThere are no rulesBut all bets are off when they're asked to join forces on a major case Though apprehensive at first they begin to appreciate each other's dedication to the law—and the sparks between them uickly turn into attraction But the increasingly hot connection does not last long when they discover that only one of them will be named partner Now it's an all out war And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar.Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect Kindle ✓ Practice Makes
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 291 pages
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Julie James
  • English
  • 03 February 2016
  • 9780425226742

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    EDIT 140611 In a good mood so I'm going to up my rating It deserves it if I'm being honestI needed to read a book exactly like this I wanted funny easy going and sexy I got it I find there are times when I just want to escape all the classics all the vampires werewolves fairies and whatever else we're trending with now in the supernatural world and especially all the Diana Gabaldon you know I love her really but 1300 effing pages Before I picked up this book I had reached the stage where re reading Bridget Jones's Diary sounded like the best kind of idea and then I discovered Julie JamesIt's chick lit romance I know I know and the ratings of all her books are 4 averages not to mention the large amount of dazzling reviews So I decided to do what every sane person would do and buy three of them in one go from ebay Yeah I'm joking if I had half a brain I'd try out one first right? Well looks like the gamble might have paid off This book delivered everything I was hoping to just curl up and relax with I devoured the story and I loved every character it was neither lacking in plot nor difficult to wrap my head around It was just an all round pleasurable readI wanted to give it 5 stars I still kind of want to roll my mouse up and highlight that last star I just I've come to reserve my 5 star ratings for books that challenge my beliefs make me think shock me you get the idea? I loved this book but did it change my views of the world? No Okay I know that Darkfever doesn't exactly contain some hidden message about the state of humanity but come on Barrons There are exceptions to every rule ;So yeah this book was hilarious No seriously it was funny enough to give Louise Rennison a run for her money There's this one part that I'm dying to comment on that made me laugh out loud in fact I'm here laughing just thinking about it Yes that's right I'm sat here typing and laughing to myself it's only a matter of time before they turn up with a straight jacket What's with the tangents today? Back to what I was saying there are some extremely funny moments Julie James creates easily imaginable situations and people so that when she delivers her humour the reader can just imagine it happeningAs for the characters well Payton is lovable and I recognised something of myself in her because she's a modern independent woman and a feminist she's ambitious and she's a lawyer well I did take a Law A level in sixth form but she also wants a man who's a bit of a challenge A force to be reckoned with wants something to reckon with it not a pushover There's a few mild political issues tackled in the story as Payton's mother is a really hardcore feminist and in your face vegan Payton recognises the importance of feminism but that some extremes are unnecessary and cross the line between pro woman and anti man I think it's fair to say I liked herThe sexual tension between Payton and JD was really hot the romantic aspect worked well and thank you so much Ms James no insta love In fact at the start of the book they pretty much hated each other well in the way two hot lawyers competing for the same job position hate each other ie I hate you so much I want to rip your clothes off By the way JD is hot He's got the whole naughty thing going on without being a complete ass he made me laugh he wears a suit sigh and he has short hair no fangs and isn't called Raphael Vishous or Angel FinallyThe sex scenes are not graphic but neither are they a 'fade to black' scenario Sometimes I actually find leaving something to the imagination can be a good thing That being said I just finished Julie James' other novel Something About You and it seems she's decided to get just a tad dirtier with that one view spoiler He goes down on her on the stairs hide spoiler

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    I feel like I read a completely different book than everyone else I was promised a lighthearted entertaining romance with lots of laughs So why am I so annoyed right now? I got nearly 80 pages in and JD the male lead has acted like a hardcore meninist style misogynist the entire time He is the definition of uber entitled white male privilege who in his own words doesn't believe in privilege Hard pass Payton the female lead is a little better At first But the fact that she's a female lawyer who defends companies when they get sued for gender discrimination and yet claims to be a feminist and somehow isn't conflicted about her job isn't something I can get over Hard pass Oh and did I mention that JD defends large corporations in civil suits? And that the two of them are getting paired up to defend a company in what's going to be the largest civil suit of gender discrimination ever? So soulless one dimensional corporate lawyers who care for their careers making money and the written law than they do real justice other people's lives and any sort of moral right and wrong? Hard pass Unless these two take a good long look at themselves turn into actual likable characters and sabotage this lawsuit Only if someone tells me that happens will I pick this back up Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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    Reread 2015This is one of those book that I read when I need something uick to munch on Something that I already know is going to make me smile and sigh Except when I was her age I still thought boys looked like Ken dolls down there so I'm sure she's smiling about puppies or somethingBut that's beside the point Little Rapunzel looks like I felt after reading this Happy content and maybe a bit starry eyedAnd let's face it when it comes to romance most of the time I look like thisBut this story Just the Sexiest Man Alive are the two books that I pick up every few years and read just becauseAre they really both 5 star books? I honestly have no idea at this point But they fill a Mighty Need in my belly for a bit of fluffy humorous romance every now and thenPractice Makes Perfect doesn't have much in the way of sex one or two scenes towards the end but I actually prefer it that way I tend to skim over the sexytimes in most books nowadays anyway Because if they aren't done to perfection they have a tendency to gross me out with all the talk of juices and scents Sorry that's just not what I personally want to read about Reading about someone licking and tasting another person has the same effect on my vagina as spreading my legs under one of those industrial strength hand dryers they have at rest stops Not only does it not make my panties moist it's like I get early onset menopauseMy reaction to reading about smelly dripping bodily fluids?Ok so in that sense these books are uite perfect for me But that's not the only reason I enjoy them Because if all I wanted was less Sweaty Slip 'n Slide I could just avoid romance entirelyAlas noI still have emotional needs that must be met And I've been married waaay too long to be under the illusion that my husband is going to swoop in and fill that role I ain't even mad baby We've been staring at each other for too many years to get butterflies in our tummies Besides I think that the fact that you don't make much fun of the way I fart in my sleep says something about how much you love meStill I'm a woman And as such I must have at the very least a fantasy life that allows me to get in touch with that gooey nougat in the center of my soul And this book lets me safely fantasize about the kind of love thatwell you can only find in booksBut I could probably find a mushy romance pretty easily So what sets this book apart from the nine bjillion other romances out there that I've read? Is the amazingly hawt JD?Well no Not really I mean he's great but in real life he's not my fantasy guy I mean he's rich smart driven and in great shapeSo yeah Who the hell wants that? Well Payton does even if she won't admit it She thinks he's nothing but a pompous ass but in reality they could be twins In fact they're pretty much just different sides of the same coin Even though they have seem to have opposing views on things they're very similar at their core Naturally this causes problems At first they were just pseudo rivals at work Each trying to outdo the other for some imaginary bragging rights But due to a new policy their firm enacted they suddenly become true rivals in order to win the coveted partnership positionAnd here's where this book wins me overFor me to truly love a romance novel it has to be funny James just shines when it comes to writing humorous situations dialogue And yes it's silly and over the top in instances but I still laughed at the stuff these two did to each other while trying to win the partnership spot Sure there are a lot of misunderstandings that complicate matters and lead to problems that could have been easily avoided And if this were a different book I'd be the first one in line to angrily point out that all the drama was stupid and that these two would never have acted so unprofessionally etc blah blah blahBut for some reason I don't mind the nonsense at allAnd when they finally get together?Be still my fluttery little heartI love this so much One of my favorites Read it immediatelyAlright just remember that I warned you that this was an old favorite of mine so my feelings and opinions might be a bit tainted No they're not I'm probably biased so take my 5 star rating with a grain of saltOlder much shorter reviews view spoilerI Loved It I loved it This is a great contemporary romance with some of the funniest scenes and dialogue that I've read in uite a while Julie James is definitely going onto my list of Favorite Authors2012 ReviewFinished a re read of this a few hours ago and I'm still smiling sighGod this is such a cute story hide spoiler

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    45 starsAfter eight years of near hostility Payton Kendall and JD Jameson find themselves in a head to head battle for the partnership position in their law firm They both excel in their fields––JD in class action practice and Payton in employment law specifically single plaintiff race and gender discrimination There's also an unspoken rule in the firm that the person who does not make partner should voluntary resign and find another job Meaning? Only one of them can stay Not only are they in a competition for the only partnership position currently up for grabs they are also assigned to woo a potential high profile client who coincidentally is facing a class action gender discrimination lawsuit The two have no choice but to handle it together and unfortunately spend time with each otherI absolutely enjoy hate to love stories especially ones that remind me of Pride and Prejudice It's my not so guilty pleasure Give me slow burn witty banter and the perfect dose of sexual tension and I'm a happy girl Payton is a badass The sabotage attempt was hilarious and if what happened to Payton happened to me I wouldn't have handled it the way she did I would've cried and ran out of the courthouse But Payton was beauty and grace She's Miss United States lol I kid But seriously She's amazing She's a feminist and is all for girl power yet she's not one to disregard men and their merits I am all over that I love it When JD was ranting about the workforce discrimination in their law firm he sounded like the privileged white man that he is He's complaining about the 10 percent increase in female partners there will now be 28% female partners What a staggering number and the so called double standard white men are suffering I wanted to smack him upside the head I swear Hahaha The playing field ins't level––that's the problem You know as well as I do that these days if a man and a woman are eually ualified for a position the woman gets the job It's this socially liberal politically correct society we live in Men have to be twice as good at what they do to remain competitive in the workplace Women just have to stay in the race See what I mean?He was an ass but eventually grew on me because like Mr Darcy his personality improved over time Or rather his true self came out? I love when brooding men turn into sentimental sweet marshmallows and ugh It's adorableI love Tyler He gives fantastic advice and there's a scene where he gives JD advice using PRIDE AND PREJUDICE on how to win the girl It was amazing how knowledgable he was of PP I couldn't stop laughing The taxi driver was a hoot too Everybody knows that Darcy doesn't win Lizzy over just by being nice See it's all about the Grand Gesture That's how you get the girl I would have expected Payton's mom to be a possible obstacle since she expressed her concern against old money After the Father's day brunch there's little to no mention about Payton's motherThe cause of their eight year animosity was a bit absurd if not funny They wasted eight years because of a petty thing I almost feel bad for Payton and JDMy only complaint if I can even call it that is that I wasn't a fan of was using Chase Bellamy good guy that he is as a plot device He was used to make Payton see who she really wanted and who she really deserved After that he wasn't much in the picture The sex isn't as steamy as some of the books I've read but it works just fineBut still Practice Makes Perfect was a funny romantic sexy slow burn and swoon inducing novel and it's a major plus point that there's a huge Pride and Prejudice influence here although it's not what I'd call a re tellingAlec Baldwin approves So do ISo if you're into that you'll definitely enjoy this lovely piece of gem We never did figure out what JD means James Dean Jameson? John Dorian Jameson? Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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    I can't get into this I can'tThe heroine annoying the hero meh and the plot boring are as exciting as watching grass grow

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    5 stars – Contemporary RomanceWOW I loved it loved it loved itSomething About You and A Lot Like Love are two of my favorite contemporary romances and overall reads so far this year and made me an avid Julie James fan This turned me into an outright rabid crazed groupie who wants to follow Ms James around like a puppy fetch her lattes shine her Jimmy Choos and bond with her over martinis Seriously she writes some of the snappiest most intelligently witty dialogue and snarkily clever lines best laugh out loud scenes funniest uips sexiest banter and hottest hatelove pushpull tension in romance Her books read like a favorite romantic comedy movie or TV show rerun that I love watching over and over again Practice Makes Perfect is one of the most entertaining battle of wills between the sexes and best enemies to lovers opposites attract romances that I’ve read It seemed like nearly every page had a humorous uotable line or scene that I adored and reread several times Payton and JD were an absolute blast riot as they warred with each other and fought the laws of attraction Their verbal sniping pun swapping I wanna kiss you senseless even though I wanna strangle you sparring and competitive antics cracked me up I prefer my romance on the steamy side and this is definitely nolow heat with only kissing and references to sex between the HH that occurs off page But everything else about the book is so utterly amazing that it didn’t matter or lessen my enjoyment one bit Although I’m definitely glad Ms James turned the heat way up in her last two releases Something About You and A Lot Like Love Practice Makes Perfect is perfection and a definite favorite for my keeper shelf Big 5 starsHere are some of my favorite uoteslinesscenesPossible Spoilers “I was just wondering whether your fellow feministas would approve of you using your sexuality as bait”Payton pulled back “I’m sorry?”She appeared pissed Good—this he knewJD pointed to the could I sneak a peek? V neck of her shirt “Planning on showing off the girls tonight are we? Is that how you plan to impress the Gibson’s execs?” When she turned back to him her gaze was icy “We’re asking Gibson’s to give us twenty million dollars in legal fees” she said coldly “If you think my boobs are going to land this deal then they must be even spectacular than I thought” “Take it easy on the suit cupcake This was hand tailored in London” “Oh—I’m sorry I guess you’ll just have to pick up another one the next time you visit Her Majesty for tea Isn’t she another friend of the family?”“I think that you are an uptight pony owning trickle down economics loving Scotch on the rocks drinking my wife better take my last name sexist jerk”“Well at least I’m not a stubborn button pushing Prius driving chip on your shoulder holding ‘stay at home mom’ is the eighth dirty word thinking feminazi”He had an image to uphold after all he was a corporate defense attorney—he got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend multimillion dollar corporations His clients expected and paid for perfection They did not pay to have their uber important opposition to class certification motions argued by some jackass who looked like he’d spilled his Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Coolatta all over himself while driving in from the suburbs in his Ford Taurus JD shuddered at the mere image“Aren’t you supposed to be married by now to a Muffy or a Bitsy or some other society type with a brain as big as this pickle?”view spoilerAnd OMG the courtroom scene were Payton defended a sexual harassment case in front of a six foot blown up pun intended penis picture while JD agonized over whether or not her high heel on the shoe he altered when he was in a mad fit of revenge would hold up under the strain had me falling off the couch snorting with laughterAs did the scene in the cab when JD and his best friend Tyler discussed Pride and Prejudice and Darcy’s crazy affect on women with the cabdriver providing some insightful advice as well hide spoiler

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    What I wanted to tell you he began deliberately was that you were wrongNow there was a friggin' surprise Payton glaredJD continued calm now his voice steadier I mean about what you told TylerHis eyes met hers and held themI would've done it for you in a heartbeat Ahhhh sooooooo I LOOOVEEEDDDD THISSSSSSSS I know I can say this for almost every book I read shut up but when your iPad glows like a nightlight you know your highlighting has reached an insane level And it's true not one page not one page went by without me highlighting it and smiling as big as the Cheshire cat It's not by any stretch of the imagination that I thought I'd hate this on the contrary I figured I'd like it But in no way did I imagine I'd fall head over heels for this book and these two characters In fact I'd even go so far as to say they have taken a permanent residence in my heart Payton's eyes uickly scanned her front room and kitchen making sure they were presentable Not that it mattered because a it was The Shithead and b he wasn't staying Her apartment was her sanctuary which meant 100 percent JD free It's no secret this is on top of the summer months when work is in full swing the busiest time of the year for me The office is hurrying to finish the closing out of the year holidays are among us and to top it all off this year we are moving to an interim location while our new building is being built Oh and did I mention that happens in two days? Yeah so this review I'm sure is going to be cut short because I'm supposed to be packing Whoops But the fact of the matter is this book was way too perfect to let slide between my fingers I REFUSE to not write a review for this one Whether this is the second to last paragraph or not I will finish this and post some of the AMAZING uotes I fell for in this one Mr Jameson Whatever this is I don't have time for it If you have uestions about Payton's attire this morning I suggest you take a stroll on over to the courthouse and check it out for yourself She's in Judge Gendelman's courtroomJD nodded Yes yes fine thank you Nice attitude by the way Like boss like secretary The source of most of the said uotes is none other than the impressive JD Cocky arrogant gorgeous infuriating prestigiouskind? JD and Payton have been at each other's throats for eight years eight years They don't even remember how it all started Vying for a partnership at the firm where they are lawyers both of them have put in countless hours to show their worth Being the main two for this year's Partnership choices they believe they both have it in the bag I mean it's the smallest pool they have to choose from to date and they have both earned it JD heard the beep signaling the end of the message and he hung up the phone He thought about what Payton had said not so much her apology which was uestionably mediocre at best but something elseShe thought about him while lying in bedInteresting Getting put together for the Gibson case they are a little weary and a lot unhappybut they are professionals and excellent at their job they aren't going to let something as small as working together hold them back from being professional and doing the job they've been asked to do Besides they only have a few weeks before the announcement for partners and things are beginning to look upuntil their boss drops the bomb that this year things will be different This year they need older partners to balance everything outmeaning it's Payton or JD And there's no longer the certainty for both of them any Oh boy If anything it was a good thing Payton was giving him the silent treatment Ha if that's all it took he should've been a rude bastard years ago Maybe now he'd finally have some peace at work No pissed off hair flips no covert you're such a wanker JD glares no secret arguments in back hallways over feminist and right wing agendasThese were the things JD certainly would not missNot at all What ensues is nothing less than they've dealt with for years forget the sweet things he said about her at their pitch dinner with the clients Forget the sincere tone of her voice when she boasted how JD was an amazing lawyer Forget ALL of it This is warand only one person can come out the victor Having finished her assessment Payton supposed that if pressed in that upper crusty Ralph Lauren y sweater thrown over the shoulders have you met my polo pony kind of way JD was pretty damn good looking I will admit that I was shocked at the level of love I had for this book It was everything I didn't expect and everything I could ever ask for I fell hard for these two and their hateful yet let's admit it heated banter and scorching looks I fell for their rivalry for their tentative friendship the realization that one or both of them have used hate as a cover for how they have always felt for one another And most importantly I fell for the unfairness of it all the way they got screwed and how after all their hard work it well and truly became a war between them because of the position they are put in JD glanced down at her hand then up to meet her gaze What is it you really want to know Payton?She asked him the uestion she had been asking herself for the past few days Why are you being so nice to me now?JD leaned forward in his chair He gazed directly into her eyes and Payton suddenly found herself wondering why it had taken him eight years to look at her that wayBecause you're letting me he said softly But when they begin to fall for one another or again realize that they've always had fire for each other the story took a turn where I could hardly breathe The butterflies were a hazard to my health and the giddiness of it all almost choked me It was a deadly combination and I am not likely to forget this one soon I think the best books are the ones that are unexpected and if someone had told me that this author was the mirror image of Lauren Layne I'd have jumped on board long ago shut up Anna I know So with this new discovery I am smiling and so excited for the possibilities that have opened up by finding this author Thank God for all my lovely friendsI applaud you for making this perilista very happy in the busiest season of the year Thank you For of my reviews please visit

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    When combining humor with romance a good writer leaves you with a smile on your face A great writer leaves you with a smile on your face AND a grin in your heart That's just what Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James did for me The characters are memorable their interaction spicy yet still G rated and their happily ever after left me with a #t eating grin on my faceThey couldn't be different He comes from money her single parent mother is a rights activist He's a republican she's a democrat He drives a Bentley she takes the bus He lives in a high rise she has a small house BUT they're both lawyers they both work their butts off they both were tops in their class and now they're both up for partnerat the same firmand there's only one opening Oh did I forget to mention that they've been involved in a uiet passive aggressive war for the last eight years? Or that they're uite attracted to each other? Or that their shenanigans kept me in stitches?I can't say enough good things about this book In some ways it reminds me of an early Linda Howard without the angst or one of Nora Roberts fun romances with a ton of humor It's just GOOD Fun flirty uirky laugh out loud humorous and sweet without being sugary For a genuinely pleasurable read with characters you'll remember pick up Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

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    45 stars Loved this one If only all romance authors wrote dialogue as great as Julie James does It kind of followed her typical formula and was light on the smexy times but it was entertaining and funny

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    This is my most fave of Julie James's books so farFor being the partner of the firmTwo lawyers fight each otherOnly one will be chosenThen the War beginI truly loved loved loved this It is my second Julie James' book I read but being my first fave of hers The plot is sooo enjoyable and never get me bored maybe because I love the plot about competition playing game and revenge in generalYesss the two main characters JD and Payton they have to fight each other to be the chosen one the partner of the firm Love the way they get even toward each other That's court scene made me lol and u guys should not miss it cux it is that fun ; JD x Payton these two main characters are smart witty sassy and being successful attorneys I LOVE THEM This book is also refer to Austen's Pride and Prejudice Arrogant Guy and Strong feity Girl I think Loved the lawyering element in the book too Julie James is pretty good at writing about themLOVED IT so If I can not be a lawyer can I have smart successful attorney boyfriend like JD? xD xD xD lol 3

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