Matthew Milles Lade, A Rich Kid Whose Trust Fund Is Suddenly In Question, And Margo Valentine Melon, A Writer Whose Career Fizzled Before It Sparked, Are Two Twenty Something Strangers Stuck Living At Home, Trying To Figure Out Their Lives When They Each Come Across A Real Estate Listing For A Palatial And Significantly Underpriced Guest House In One Of LA S Toniest Neighborhoods, Their Lives Get Turned Upside Down What Happens Next Has Them Racing To Catch The Truth Before It Catches Them Unverified Has All The Magic And Making Of The Rom Coms You Love, Set In The World Of Social Media Stardom And Online Fame, With Just Enough Real World Stakes To Make It A Page Turner You Won T Be Able To Put Down What Readers Are Saying About The Book A Romantic Page Turner That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud Don T Hesitate With This One Jenni Pulos, Star Of Bravo S Flipping Out In A Category That Rarely Surprises You, This Book Does I Was All In From The First Page To The Last Katrina B Ohio I Couldn T Put It Down I Hid Out So Often In The Bathroom Reading That My Toes Went Numb Sitting On The Edge Of The Tub My Children Started To Push Notes Under The Door Asking Me What Was For Dinner Heather A Colorado I M A Busy Mom I Don T Remember What I Made For Lunch Or What My Kids Need For Their Zillion Summer Activities, But I Do Recall Exact Scenes From This Book Just So Goodeven Weeks Later Kristin C Ohio It Felt Like I Was Watching It, Rather Than Reading It There Needs To Be A Film, Because I NEED To See It For Real Julie S California Full Of Believable Characters And Real Life Moments, This Was A Super Fun, Super Fast Read Can T Wait For The Second Book To See Where Matt And Margo Go Next Keri J Illinois I Love A Good Rom Com, But This Was Twists And Turns, Laugh Out Loud Moments, Flirty, Fun Romance Super Smitten With This Writer And Her Characters Sarah F Colorado Talk About An Emotional Roller Coaster I Started Out Judging Matt And Margo And I Thought I Had Them Figured Out By The End, I Was Cheering For Them You Ll Be Surprised And You Won T Even See It Coming Kathy B Illinois I M A Huge Reality TV Viewer I Love The Shows The Most That Make You Feel Like You Re There In The Scene This Book Felt Exactly Like That And I Was So There For Every Sweet And Funny Moment Lindsay G New York I Want To Say So Much About This Book, But I Don T Want To Give It Away I Was An Advance Reader, So I Need You To Hurry And Read So I Have Someone To Talk About It With Penny A New York If You Love Discovering A Book That You Just Have To Tell Friends About This Is Book Is It Charlie SUnverified

Kristin Giese is a talent manager, brand developer, and executive producer who began her career building the entirety of the Nate Berkus brand, amongst other talent as well as partnering with the likes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, Sony, Target, TLC, NBC, PG, GMC, and so many Her love for estate jewelry is only outmatched by her commitment to vintage kimonos and her family Unverified

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  • Paperback
  • 359 pages
  • Unverified
  • Kristin Giese
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9781733992701

10 thoughts on “Unverified

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    Do not start this book until you know you will have several uninterrupted hours to finish it It s that good Margo and Matt will steal your hearts from the first page So will Kirby and Chelsea And I dare you not to laugh at the incomparable Rita I laughed so hard during parts of this book that my sides ached This book has the makings of a perfect RomCom movie endearing characters that feel so real you want to know them in person, heartwarming emotion, the struggles of adulting...

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    How do you write a book that makes me stay up past my bedtime You make the characters sympathetic and the scenery gorgeous A lot of contemporary romance novels only focus on the main two people getting together Especially once it is introduced but this was treated as a subplot which was very refreshing I found myself looking forward to their interactions rather than being sick of it being shoved down my throat It feels like this was a cautionary tale about ineffective communication There were all these secrets between people who are supposed to be close with each other but as and time passes by, the lies just become part of them I got a little frustrated with Margo for not going along with the deception easily but I started to think about it, I realized that it made sense that she was against that She was already being pulled into lies by her friend Chelsea and I think she is at heart a good person No one lies to be deceptive all the time Can we talk about Rita There were so many times that I was yelling at my kindle saying, Girl, Get out It was an interesting comic relief but I was a little pressed by the fact she never fou...

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    Kristin Giese managed to capture my attention and keep me reading straight through with UnVerified The characters of Matt and Margo take quite the journey in this book and I m glad I was along for the trip I think that Ms Giese has a definite talent for writing thre dimensional characters with really clear voices I appreciated that Matt and Margo had flaws and foibles and that I ...

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    Finished reading about 5 minutes ago, and still still basking in the warm fuzzy feeling this book left in me I d say this is the best book I ve read this year, maybe even in two years.It kept me up all night Not because the suspense was killing me, and i just had to know what happens, but simply because I enjoyed reading this book so much, I didn t want to put it down and i didn t want it to end I m so hoping there will be a sequel The last couple of pages made me think that maybe there was, or that definitely there should be one.What else do I need to say I highly recommend this book The story is great, the characters are indescribable, the writing is flawless, the love story is just perfect, and the wit and sense of humour of the author put this at...

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    This is the kind of book that you don t put down once you start reading it Well, that s if you love a romantic comedy or generally if you love characters who are witty and always find a way to make things work Margo is down on her luck, but she s smart and knows about marketing than her sister Kirby So, she gets a ch...

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    Need Great summer beach read This is it I literally could not put this book down for 2 days straight Crossing my fingers and toes it gets made into a movie

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    LOVE this book A perfectly sweet summer read.

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    ARC provided by All Moxie Ink via NetGalley This book is what happens when you have a good idea, you know how to write, but you have no editor and a very rough idea about plotting Beware, major spoilers ahead.The central premise of Unverified is farfetched, but pretty much what straight romance is usually about you get a girl and a boy in forced closed quarters, and they fall in love However, the first big problem this book has is that, after hinting at the premise in the prologue, the actual events of it don t happen until 50% of the book The first half is supposedly devoted to introducing the characters, their motives, and the build up to the premise However, it s too long, too much about telling rather than showing and it sets up conflicts that are never really resolved later in the book 1 Matt s immaturity and lack of purpose in life disappears the moment he meets Margo, as if by magic2 His relationship with his father is similarly thrown in, set up as a significant issue, just to be later resolved in less than three pages3 His relationship with Bibi is presented as a problematic and blurred love story, and what this means for Margo is solved in a sentence I love her, but the moment I saw you I fell in love with you Show me a woman who d be ok with this, because I haven t met any so far in my life4 Margo s rivalry with her ...

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    ARC provided free from Netgalley.DNF at 50% Unverified has so many positive reviews that I really did try to give it a chance However, unfortunately, it really didn t work for me I found it difficult to connect with any of the characters, and I found the writing style to be odd and often confusing especially when there would be a time jump mid chapter to detail the backstory of a minor character.I also didn t like the way the author wrote about her diverse characters Using the term almond shaped to describe Asian eyes is lazy and suggests that the author did not research how to realistically and inoffensively describe Asian characters This was problematic enough for me as it was but my discomfort only grew when the author went on, in the same paragraph, to have one of her main characters sexualise the sam...

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    I hesitate to write this, since it seems everyone else loved this It just really didn t work for me though.There were countless issues with this, but, at first, it was fun so I just kept going But it was very slow, with Margo and Matt not even meeting until 1 3 of the way through There were a lot of weird adverbs used that didn t fit the implied tone, and the order of storytelling felt really unplanned It was as though this was posted live and so the story wasn t editable This also felt quite a bit like it was meant to be a screenplay rather than a novel, perhaps meant to be an over the top cheese fest Hallmark movie The dialogue, especially in the last half, was super awkward, and there was SO MUCH TELLING I really wanted to like this, but it was just very shallow, predictable, and strangely written, getting so as it progressed I couldn t suspend my disbelief enough, or care about the characters.I am also scratching my head at the endi...

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