Two Strangers Caught In One Crazy Lie With Everything To LoseMatthew Milles Lade, A Rich Kid Whose Trust Fund Is Suddenly In Question, And Margo Valentine Melon, A Writer Whose Career Fizzled Before It Sparked, Are Two Twenty Something Strangers Stuck Living At Home, Failing At Figuring Out Their LivesWhen They Each Come Across A Real Estate Listing For A Palatial And Significantly Underpriced Guest House In One Of LA S Toniest Neighborhoods, Their Lives Get Turned Upside Down Will They Be Able To Get It Together Before The Truth Pulls Their Worlds Apart Unverified Has All The Magic And Makings Of The Rom Coms You Love, Set In The World Of Social Media Stardom And Online Fame, With Just Enough Real World Stakes To Make It A Page Turner You Won T Be Able To Put Down Unverified Will Have You Laughing Out Loud Don T Hesitate With This One Jenni Pulos, Star Of Bravo S Flipping OutUnverified

Kristin Giese, author of Unverified, is a talent manager, brand developer, and executive producer who began her career building the entirety of the Nate Berkus brand, amongst other talent as well as partnering with the likes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, Sony, Target, TLC, NBC, PG, GMC, and so many Her love for estate jewelry is only outmatched by her commitment to vintage kimonos and

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  • Paperback
  • 359 pages
  • Unverified
  • Kristin Giese
  • English
  • 10 January 2018

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    Cute premise but a little too much going on for me The romance wasn t as central as I would have liked but the were some really great humorous parts I was a bit confused at the second part of the epilogue, though..

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    Note I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book was a full on drama fest It had jealousy, angst, lust, success, failure, anger, and everything in between It was nicely written and though it was not a non stop read, it was quite engaging What I liked about this book 1 The theme of finding yourself.2 The happy ending I am sucker for those 3 The problems faced while becoming an adult.4 Some humor that was introduced Not enough, in my opinion What I didn t like 1 Too much drama that was introduced, just for the sake of it There were just so many issues that were introduced that made the book rushed and unsatisfactory It seemed that there were issues in all aspects of both their lives family, finance, career and personal This was just too much 2 The wide shift in character s character For example, one minute the heroine is seething with sibling rivalry and jealousy, while on the next page, she is working for her Or when, the immature hero suddenly becomes responsible This made the characters insincere and inconsistent.3 The couple meets about halfway into the book It was not after the couple meet that they start changing for better So, I felt that the romance was not the central theme here 4 The easy resolution to large issues Take for example, the hero s relationship with his father Or, Margo s career in first chapter, she is a bum in the next, she is working for her sister 5 The ridiculous actions of the characters to amp up the angst and drama For instance, take the heroine s situation with her rival She brings up the idea, she does all the work and when the rival steals the idea, she goes along with her to save her sister How would it do that Wouldn t actually bringing up such employees work out better for her sister s company in the long run For that matter, if I was an employee, I would never ever dare to steal an idea from my boss s sister That is a sure way to be fired Though there were things that I didn t care for, I still wanted to read this to the end I will be certainly looking out for books by this author.

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    Do not start this book until you know you will have several uninterrupted hours to finish it It s that good Margo and Matt will steal your hearts from the first page So will Kirby and Chelsea And I dare you not to laugh at the incomparable Rita I laughed so hard during parts of this book that my sides ached This book has the makings of a perfect RomCom movie endearing characters that feel so real you want to know them in person, heartwarming emotion, the struggles of adulting and finding your place in the world, side splitting humor, and romance Superbly written and thoroughly entertaining I can t wait to read from this author

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    Need Great summer beach read This is it I literally could not put this book down for 2 days straight Crossing my fingers and toes it gets made into a movie

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    FBRC REVIEW DISCLAIMER I received an ARC advance review copy of this book for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily Thank you, NetGalley for providing me with an e ARC of this book.Unverified is a story for all those who enjoy social media and keenly follow the influencers I enjoyed this book and finished it in a day I loved everything about the plot and the idea of social media stardom is what made me want to check this book out The book is about Matt and Margo who are brought together by their unusual circumstances in life The story is about the two of them trying to figure out the solutions to their problems together The story has fake dating trope and roommates to lovers trope combined with the social media influencer world Overall I believe the story has the perfect recipe for Turkish Drama Series Matt is a fun loving, party boy with zero care for money or responsibilities He is arrogant, entitled and rich He is a trust fund baby who blows through his cash carelessly on parties, alcohol, and women Matt is given an ultimatum by his dad Brooks Milles Lade to clean up his act and, take up responsibilities His trust fund is frozen by his dad and only a small amount is transferred monthly to his account Everything Matt depended on is taken away from him and we get to witness the difficulties Matt faces as a result of his financial situation Matt s friends have all made a name for themselves His best friend has a successful business empire that makes Matt feel like he is living in the shadow of people around him Matt is also asked to move out from his home due to the misunderstanding between Brook s trophy wife candidate Tiffany Tiffany is an opportunist of the highest order and is vengeful and deceitful Most interactions between Matt and Tiffany are explosive with Matt having to face problems because of them Matt s hunt for a house leads him to Margo Melon.Margo is the kind of girl I could relate a lot with She was successful in school and college She was the one for whom life was straight forward She studies hard, got great grades Theoretically, in the real world, she should have great success, but she failed Her unwillingness to take risks left her playing safe and waiting for opportunities to knock on her door For her life is not simple and she is hoping things would get better So far she reminded me of myself She is sure of herself and thinks she needs to only work in her chosen field as an editor Her stubbornness to not look at other options leaves her jobless and staying at home in her mid twenties She feels frustrated and devastated by her lack of profession and her inability to find success in any endeavor She is rude and jealous of her sister Kirby.Kirby is Margo s sister who made a name for herself by developing her business with her partner at a young age Kirby is a college dropout who has garnered attention and respect in the business and home life with her work Kirby is kind and considerate and offers Margo a job at her company Margo decides to take on the position with full fervor and works hard to provide success at the firm Margo decides to stand on her own two feet with a small help from her sister Her search for a house leads to Matt.Matt and Margo s meeting is coincidental They get misunderstood for a couple and decides to play the role to get the house One lie after the other, the story spirals out of their control Their life changes for the better in some aspects and for worse in some others Their lies of being a social media Instagram knockoff influencer backfire when their profile meant to trick the owner of the house gets verified and catapulted to overnight fame and success Their chemistry was amazing throughout the book and the banter adding to their effortless and easy friendship The book is an easy read with lots of humor and fun scenes that will make us want to be part of it The story is an amazing rom com with a great group of characters that can be easily made into a TV series.MY THOUGHTS I loved the book and am waiting eagerly for a second book I have no idea if there will be a second book, but the ending kind of made me hopeful about it I will be immensely disappointed if there wasn t a sequel to this book.The writing in this book is a bit difficult to follow at first as the storyline and the back story of characters kept going back and forth The book I believe is apt for TV than a novel, but still highly entertaining and enjoyable.The book was primarily written for TV but didn t get picked up So I guess that is one of the reasons why it felt similar to TV series for me I have been obsessed with a few for the past month and binge watching some of them Almost every aspect and trope of this book reminded me of some of my favorite Turkish TV Series that I have seen If you are a fan of these shows I recommend checking Unverified out You will absolutely enjoy it The chemistry between Matt and Margo reminded me of Erkenci Ku A couple of characters and their craziness also reminded me of the eccentricity seen in the series The fake dating trope can also be seen in Erkenci Ku and Dolunay as well The sharing of the apartment, roommates to lovers trope is seen in Her Yerde Sen I believe this book is for everyone who will love the simplicity of the romance and the effortless chemistry shown by the characters I think you will absolutely enjoy Unverified if you love the above mentioned TV series Do check the book out and the series as well I am certain you will love it as much as I did.

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    Funny, flirty, fabulous Unverified proved my intro to a well kept secret Kristin Giese rocked my heart with her sense of humor and her irresistible characters Matthew and Margo make over the top into an unforgettable ride When two young people find themselves facing adulthood is when the fun really begins Giese and company remind hearts it s okay to find a reason to laugh Even in the hard moments.

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    This book was such a fun read Even though the beginning felt a bit disconcerting to me because it kept jumping from Margo s situation to Matt s offering us background information about them and some of the other characters surrounding them in order to set the stage for what was to come, it still kept me interested, and once those two cross paths and their words collided I was completely hooked Their chemistry was palpable from the moment they meet and I really enjoyed their repartee I love people who have a sense of humor and both these characters had that in spades And many of the other characters were a delight to read too I had a real blast with this story and I hope there s a sequel because I feel there s to explore about this cast of characters and also because I need to know what happens after that ending If this is Kristin GIese s debut novel, I can t wait to see what s next from her I ll definitely keep an eye out for her future works.

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    Writing funny is hard Kristin Giese, you made it look easy, a brilliant beginning to a career as a novelist Margo and Matt, from the first chapters to their meet cute, this was going to be one heck of a ride Their subtle romance was so charming and even though the concept was outlandish, I could totally see it happen on real life Both characters were developed individually and that made their pairing much relatable The banter between the effortless and easy to read All the side characters, Dinah, Rita and Chelsea in particular, were over the top great, playing their parts to move the plot forward The twists were unpredictable and kept me wanting to read evrn after the end The second epilogue though I laughed my way through the antics in this book, it was just the right amount of extra I have not read a book this entertaining in a long time Can t wait for the next thing from this author.Luanna

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    FULL REVIEW Wow What a fabulous book I chose to read this while away on vacation and could not put it down.I laughed, swooned, and fell head over heels for MattlovesMargo in this light hearted, but emotionally charged rom com All of the players in the game, the up to date feel with an abundance of social media presenceI kept turning pages and shushing family members so I could fully appreciate all this story had to offer.Honestly, I will probably read it againand that is saying something since I rarely read a title than once It s safe to say, this book has made it to my top 10 list of favorites I only hope there s because that Epilogue Yeah, Imma need some explanation.Until then, I ll be recommending and singing praises for un verifed 5 Fake it Until You Make it, Stars

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    Kristin Giese managed to capture my attention and keep me reading straight through with UnVerified The characters of Matt and Margo take quite the journey in this book and I m glad I was along for the trip I think that Ms Giese has a definite talent for writing thre dimensional characters with really clear voices I appreciated that Matt and Margo had flaws and foibles and that I ended up rooting for them in spite of their shortcomings Of course the dialogue is crisp and witty, and the settings beautifully drawn, which make the read easier I dont want to give away the plot, but suffice it to say I was lured by the promise of the premise and the promise was kept I would love to read from Ms Giese Dare we hope for a sequel I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.

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