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Reading Blackquest 40 Author Jeff Bond Big Tech Meets Die Hard In This Techno Thriller Kirkus Reviews Calls A Clever, Spirited Tale With A Brainy, Nimble Heroine At The Helm From IndieReader S 5 Star Highest Rating Review Bond Weaves An Entertaining Story Filled With Deceit, Robots, Russians, And Tech Entrepreneurs That All Combine To Give The Reader A Reason To Flip Pages Furiously To Find Out What Might Happen Next Deb Bollinger Has No Time For Corporate Training.Her Company S Top Engineer At Just Twenty Seven, Deb Has Blocked Off Her Day For The One Project She Truly Cares About The Launch Of Carebnb, An App That Finds Spare Beds For The Homeless When She S Told All Employees Must Drop Everything For Some Busywork Exercise Called Blackquest 40, It S An Easy No.Trouble Is, Her Bosses Aren T Really Asking.Blackquest 40 Is The Mother Of All Corporate Trainings A Near Impossible Project To Be Completed In Forty Straight Hours No Phones No Internet Sleeping On Cots Nobody In, Nobody Out.Deb Finds The Whole Setup Creepy And Authoritarian When A Carebnb Issue Necessitates Her Leaving The Office, She Heads For The Door.What S The Worst That Could Happen Armed Commandos, HVAC Duct Chases, A Catastrophic Master Plan That Gets Darker By The Hour Blackquest 40 Is A Fresh Take On The Die Hard Formula, Layering Smart Drones And A Modern Heroine Onto The Classic Action Tale.Blackquest 40

Jeff Bond is the author of The Winner Maker and the forthcoming Blackquest 40 He lives in Michigan with his wife and two daughters one of whom he shares his Kindle and Goodreads bookshelf with, if you re wondering and belongs to the International Thriller Writers association As a student at Yale, I told friends I wanted to write a novel I d grown up racing through all the Clive Cussler and Marg

[Epub] ↠ Blackquest 40  Author Jeff  Bond –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 350 pages
  • Blackquest 40
  • Jeff Bond
  • 12 June 2018

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    On the very day that twenty seven year old engineer, Deb Bollinger, is launching Carebnb, her pet project that matches homeless people with places to stay each night, the company she works for insists that all employees drop everything to participate in a corporate training exercise called Blackquest 40 Deb is a hard working free spirit and hired on to the company with the understanding that she only answers to CEO Susan who is out of the country at the time and otherwise is free of any other company restrictions Deb opts out of Blackquest 40, but finds that opting out is not an option The employees have 40 hours to complete an impossible task, a task that requires Deb s full attention to have even a chance of getting off the ground The facilitators running the training exercise resemble paramilitary members rather than corporate workers, requiring the building to be locked so no one can leave, all phones to be confiscated, and any access to the outside world cut off for the duration of the exercise, with no way to contact family or friends to tell them what is happening Rebelling against the entire situation, Deb tries to escape and finds even links to a military operation, possibly a foreign, unfriendly operation, than to anything that could resemble a simple company exercise.As Deb fights against the...

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    I discovered this modern technothriller set in San Francisco through an email from Hidden Gems, and was intrigued by the premise, but dislike the unrealistically short time frame they give you for submission of your review, so was happy to see it was also available from NetGalley, who don t pester you with follow up emails It s billed as Die Hard for IT nerds and there is certainly a lot of computer talk that went completely over my head, as I am far from techno savvy so forgive me if I use the wrong terms in this review but this didn t stop me enjoying it as an exciting thriller featuring a feisty heroine reminiscent of a less violent Lisbeth Salander.Deb Bollinger is the lead IT engineer at Codewise, a buzzy tech firm who poached her from Google due to her brilliant coding skills She s overcome a difficult childhood on the streets with her schizophrenic mother and enjoys her work but her main passions are her new app, Carebnb, which is designed to offer homeless or unhoused people unused beds in the city, and her gadgets, like Raven, an intelligent solar powered drone who is part assistant, part pet On the day of Carebnb s launch, the bosses at Codewise announce a mandatory corporate training exercise for all staff, called BlackQuest 40, which includes a comms blackout and enforced on site presence for forty hours A natural rebel, Deb tries to escape but is brutally returned to the sinister Facilitators , who are running the exercise with threats rang...

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    Fast paced, full of suspense and twists, this book makes for a great read The characters are well developed and the storyline is very tight and well written This is my first book by this author but it won t be my last.I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from Hidden Gems.

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    Deb Bollinger is an IT engineer at Codewise Although her coding skills are amazing, her pet project is an app that finds unoccupied places for homeless people to stay On the day of the release of her app the company decides to have all the employees to partake in this mandatory training exercise Deb is not one to follow the rules and specifically agreed to work for the firm if she didn t have to do any of these menial tasks.When Deb tries to leave she learns that there is to this exercise than what you first see and it bothers her how militaristic it is She starts to worry and decides that she is going to get the other employees and herself out of this team exercise no matter what she has to do.This book has so much computer slang in it that I have to admit I understood some of it but most probably went over my head But that didn t change this book It actually made it feel real to me Deb has a history regarding living on the streets and with someone that has mental problems I loved how she wanted to change this situation for others I also loved how she was tough, not going to take no for an answer, and was determined to beat this exercise.I do see where this is a nod to Die Hard and I loved that I think I m going to have to go back and watch this movie again to see all the Easter Eggs I missed This is a great story and one that any thriller lover will enjoy Jeff Bond did a great job with this book and I can t wait to check out his other books.I received ...

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    I started Blackquest 40 before work one morning, expecting to get through maybe 50 pages Instead, two and a half hours later, I d read the whole thing and was late I can t rave enough about this book I d give it six stars out of five if I could.For the spirit animal, I chose a raven Those birds are canny, clever, and compelling, just like this gem of a book A raven does play a part in the book in an unexpected way, but you ll have to read it to find out how.I loved every aspect of Blackquest 40 The characters are well developed without being overdone The plot is a winner and has just enough action to keep you turning page after page without being frenetic Mr Bond s prose is highly readable without being condescendingly simple and the book is flawlessly edited.The main character, Deb, reminded me of Lisbeth Salan...

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    Second novels are tricky A lot of times the premise holds great promise but ultimately fails to deliver Other times a reader has high expectations and the novel doesn t quite satisfy And then there s what occasionally happens, as it did with BLACKQUEST 40 I read the premise, liked it well enough to request a copy based on how much I liked THE WINNER MAKER, and attempted to keep my expectations low I needn t have worried.BLACKQUEST 40 starts out strong and, importantly, finishes strong as Codewise undergoes a mandatory companywide training exercise that causes Deb Bollinger, the books protagonist, to rebel and attempt to escape in order to take care of her schizophrenic mother and to debug her pet project, a way to help house the homeless using a wristband app Deb s gut tells her that there is to the training provided by Elite Development than meets the eye and, even as an unwilling participant, keeps trying to figure out what is going on.BLACKQUEST 40 is full of suspense...

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    Blackquest 40 This is my first book by this author and I was deeply immersed in the story until a statement was made that I felt had no business existing If I want to hear the stupidity that is rampant for the past two years, I will buy a TV and watch the excrement that is passed as off as news When I read a book, I do not want snide political remarks contaminating my entertainment So I will act like a democrat and show intolerance and prejudice against that statement and not read the rest of the story No, I am not a Republican or another label, except American and Texan Keep political remarks out unless the book is of a political genre I do have a question that I have asked my gay friends, why is it so important to keep announcing I m gay None of my gay friends male and female have ever acted this way and I have lived overseas, too.I did enjoy this story about a dysfunctional, but brilliant computer engineer refusing to work on the company s training , since...

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    This is a book for tech savvy lovers of suspense Readers are immediately immersed in the world of coding and elite programming This senior citizen was lost in a menagerie of terms and actions unfamiliar to me and I am not sure I ever caught up There was plenty of suspense, however, and it kept me reading The heroine, super smart coding whiz Deb, is a gutsy woman She attempts to use all of her technological expertise and her amazing tech gizmos to thwart her foes People are not who she thought, even those with whom she closely worked And the corporate training exercise is only a facade for a much serious and nefarious attack on, well, you ll just have to read the book with its twist near the end.Bond s writing style sets a fast pace for the plot I would have liked background information for the tech world into which we plunge I was lost at times in the coding...

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    Blackquest 40 is a clever, entertaining and suspenseful, tech lovers dream I enjoyed it immensely and had trouble putting it down.The plot is action filled, and the pace had me flipping the pages This is my first read by Jeff Bond, and it won t be my last I really love his writing style It s readable and immersive.The only downside of this book is the reference to coding and other technology It s a bit difficult to understand in the beginning, but I got it eventually It just took some powering through and after I understood everything, the book was really fun.The characters are well...

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    A thriller, full of suspense, which even the lack of logic here and there, and the author s love of sometimes too many details or side stories cannot kill I caught myself reading on, in spite of the loose threads or occasional lack of coherence After all, it s fiction The choice of the Russians as bad guys seems a bit old fashioned, however The colds wars of our time...

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