Beholding and Becoming

Become What You Behold You Are In The Process Ofbecoming Every Day Is An Opportunity To Be Shaped And Formed By What Moves Your Heart Drives Your Thoughts Captures Your Gaze Is It Any Wonder That Where You Direct Your Eyes And Your Heart Matter In Your Day To Day We Become What We Behold When We Set Our Hearts And Minds On Christ And His Redemption Story Here In The Details Of Our Daily Lives Not Just On Sunday, Not Just On Holidays, Not Just When Extraordinarily Hard Or Wonderful Things Happen But TodayBestselling Author And Artist Ruth Chou Simons Invites You On A New Journey To Beholding And BecomingWith Than Pieces Of Intricate, Original Artwork, Ruth Encourages You To Elevate Your Gaze To The One Who Created All Things Today Is An Opportunity For God To Demonstrate His Love And His Faithfulness In The Midst Of Your Mundane No Circumstance Is Too Ordinary Or Too Forgotten For Him To Meet You There In Worship His Transforming Grace Turns Your Everyday Ordinary Into A Holy Place Of BecomingBeholding and Becoming

Ruth Chou Simons is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and speaker She shares her journey of God s grace intersecting daily life with word and paintbrush through an online shoppe at and her Instagram community of than a hundred thousand Ruth is an unlikely mom to six young boys and wife to Troy, with whom she leads GraceLaced s small but mighty team When not painting, writi

➵ Beholding and Becoming  Read ➼ Author Ruth Chou Simons –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Beholding and Becoming
  • Ruth Chou Simons
  • English
  • 27 December 2017
  • 9780736974929

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    This is a beautiful, multi layered book It s primary purpose is to encourage the reader to worship the Lord The text is the kind of text to savor it can be read and re read for the truths in it to nourish the heart The artwork is beautiful there is a glossary at the beginning of the book that explains the meaning behind the images the author artist chose What a joy it is I will be reading this again to study the art and to annotate the text This book would make a wonderful gift to a special friend.

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    Beholding and Becoming is filled with some of my favorite things bees, blackberries, thistles and peonies, and love for our God who made them all in delightful detail Ruth paints the page with words and watercolors illustrating in living color how touchable worship can be in everyday life When you read this book, you ll remember our world is a cathedral As soon as I reached the last praising page, I began again, this time slowly in awe of my ordinary and wonderful life and your s, too.Beholding and Becoming is an invitation to slow down, notice small things, and smile in alleluiahs.

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    ARC this book is exactly the message our world needs right now Beholding and Becoming are two themes interwoven amongst Ruth s art The central idea is that what we behold, worship at our core, is what we become Ruth s insightful and truth filled words convict and led me to repentance but also realigned my worship back to God Her art is beautiful She ties in hymns and quotes into the book that strengthen her message and deepened my worship This is a must read

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    What does it mean to practice every day worship It doesn t take long inside the pages of this stunning book to realize that Ruth is telling the beautiful story of sanctification our becoming like God showing the reader what a joy it is to behold Christ in what we may perceive as the mundane the million tiny moments that make up most of our lives The form of the book complements its purpose Over 16 chapters, Ruth explores different areas of beholding God from creation to the kitchen table and how in that exact place, God can transform you into becoming like him The paintings throughout are gorgeous, linger worthy, and full of deeper meaning a glossary of repeated motifs, creatures, and flowers makes the paintings come alive with purpose There is a lyrical seriousness, a mature beauty in both the written word and water colors, that appropriately gives this book the feel of Gracelaced s older sister For those of us who read Simon s first book and loved it, this is a perfect companion as we mature in our faith If you re looking for a book that lays Christ before you as a prize worth having, this is it.

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    I ll start by saying what may already be obvious, this book, Beholding and Becoming The Art of Everyday Worship by Ruth Chou Simons, is beautiful The artwork throughout is entirely comprised of watercolors by Ruth I have been familiar with and loved her work so much over the years, and even so, the beauty in this book exceeded my expectations One of my favorite things is the glossary where she gives the meanings of the recurring things she painted and invites you to sit awhile to experience the words and the art together and be encouraged The beauty in Beholding and Becoming is not limited to the artwork The words are just as lovely Each of the book s 16 chapters is broken down into 2 sections Beholding and Becoming Ruth gives us a concept or attribute of the Lord to Behold and then gives us encouragement in allowing Christ to work in us so we can Become The first chapter starts out with a bang in Beholding God s Greatness in Creation and then moves to Becoming It s OK to be Small Ruth asks us the question of, Are we ok with God being great and us being not great How do we see us and the Lord Are we in control or is He Other examples of chapters throughout the book are Beholding God s Provision in the Unremarkable Beholding Learning to Love What Must Be Done and Beholding God s Example for Family Becoming The Mission Field is at Your Kitchen Table My favorite is the last chapter Beholding Our True Home Becoming Actively Abide In it Ruth talks of how nothing of this world will satisfy our true home is in Him, the Lord Himself Our longings will be satisfied solely in Him because He is whom we were created for We were made to abide in him, but that abiding is an active thing not a passive one It is a choice, a deliberate pursuit If allowed, this book will pierce and prod, it will challenge and encourage It offers us an opportunity to really question how and what we think of the Lord It encourages us to allow all the workings of our everyday lives to be places and times of worship not just something to grit our teeth and get through Being called to be worshippers is not just a calling to do a thing, it s calling to know and respond to a person My very favorite thing about Ruth is her consistency, day in and day out, in pointing us to see Jesus to be looking to Him for all things and in all things Beholding and Becoming is a beautiful extension of Ruth s daily encouragements to worship in the midst of the everyday I highly recommend.

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    I have been a fan of Ruth Chou Simons for years and have been anxiously awaiting this new release and it does not disappoint I love how Ruth ties in each beautiful watercolor illustration to her words The imagery is symbolic of messages within the written text So, the two go hand in hand to really get Ruth s message across I knew this book was going to speak to me right away when it began with a commentary on our modern day fixation on social media and the digital world I often feel disconnected from my faith life by all the noise in my life And I appreciate how Ruth reminds us all to turn away from all of that noise and reconnect with God in each chapter.As with her other books, I found that I enjoyed reading one short chapter and stopping to reflect on Ruth s words and meditate on her paintings There is a lot to think about and pray about within each chapter I found that my favorite chapter was Ruth s reminder to Be Glad in Today Something that isn t always easy to do in our busy, hectic lives and something that I continually work on Whether you read this book straight through or pick it up every so often to read one chapter or focus on one painting, you will find dozens of gems to reinvigorate your faith life.

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    This book is beautifully done and life changing if you allow it to be The book is filled with beautiful art and encouraging words to help us behold what we are becoming Their are parts in the book where it may sting or hit is hard but it s all in love Ruth draws the reader in with stories, scripture and art it s as if you are conversations with her This book captured me I am still going back to read quotes The book is a beautiful book that could be used as a coffee table book as well the only thing is you will have to give a copy to everyone who picks it up I admonish you to pick up several copies Ruth says this about the book The question isn t whether we will use our everyday moments to worship because we will in the midst of ordinary places, people, sights, sounds, joys, and pains How we direct our eyes, minds, hearts, and hands in the everyday will determine whom we ultimately worship and what we ultimately become We were made to behold Him and be transformed in Him The art of everyday worship is the journey from canvas to masterpiece This is my invitation to you to be transformed, one everyday moment at a time this book will surely be instrumental in transforming you.

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    I am honored to share my review of Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou Simons Beholding and Becoming is an exquisite book nourishing, thought provoking content that engages the heart but also gorgeous artwork by Ruth Chou Simons that draws readers in as they ponder this book s message Beholding and Becoming guides readers to carefully examine their own hearts, looking deeply at their own hearts and examine their actions in light of the faith they profess I found my own heart challenged as I realized that often my actions do not line up with the faith I so deeply profess This lovely book draws readers toward God, who heals and restores Beholding and Becoming is a definite must read, lovely to share, most importantly, impacts lives for eternity I am honored to highly recommend Beholding and Becoming I received an Advanced Reader s Copy from the publisher The opinion stated is my own I have not been compensated in any way.

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    Beautiful, heart provoking AND theologically sound YES It is possible and it is done so well in this book The raw honesty of an Elisabeth Elliot and the ability to draw in all your senses with the gift of art Ruth Simons has done it in her new book I have been personally touched, convicted and molded through all of her books and her art but this one surpasses then all The Lord is using her in mighty ways and I am thankful to be a reader of her work I will leave you with this quote from the book And tell you it is worth every penny to purchase this gem When we choose to look up from folding the laundry to see the sunset signaling dinner is near, we have opportunity to behold His steady providing of time and consider the work we ve completed good He gave those minutes and hours to us They are not boring, not ordinary, not wasted, but good, simply because He remains.

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    As I was reading Beholding and Becoming I felt like Ruth had looked into my heart and written this book just for me I m sure that I won t be the only one who feels this way as they read her words and and lingers over her artwork This book is so full of encouragement to find and worship God in all areas of our lives When we believe the Giver of every ordinary moment in our every day is the faithful God who is trustworthy for each next step we take in our daily lives, we have reason to rejoice in the gift of another day This is a book that I will return to often to linger in the beauty and wisdom that Ruth Cho Simons has poured into this book.

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