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❮Reading❯ ➶ Cold Waters Normal Alabama #1 ➮ Author Debbie Herbert – From USA Today bestselling author Debbie Herbert comes a thrilling story of murder and madness set in the darkest corner of Alabama Everyone thinks fourteen year old Violet is a murderer After a summe From USA Normal Alabama Kindle × Today bestselling author Debbie Herbert comes a thrilling story of murder and madness set in the darkest corner of Alabama Everyone thinks fourteen year old Violet is a murderer After a summer night swim with her best friend Ainsley Violet is found confused wandering Cold Waters MOBI :ò in the forest—and Ainsley’s never seen again But without a body murder charges won’t stick so Violet is sent awayAfter than a decade in a psychiatric ward Violet returns to her broken down hometown of Normal Alabama to claim her dead mother’s inheritance and help her overworked Waters Normal Alabama Epub â sister care for their unstable alcoholic father Violet still haunted by that night eleven years ago endures horrific flashbacks and twisted hallucinations while townsfolk spit accusations—and for all she knows they’re rightAs the summer heats up details of Ainsley’s fate appear like a beast’s wild eyes watching in the darkness and grim revelations about Violet’s family threaten to devour her Already on the edge of madness Violet must fight to keep her sanity long enough for the terrible truth to burst from the cold dark waters.Cold Waters Normal Alabama #1

Debbie Herbert Normal Alabama Kindle × a USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling writer pens Psychological Suspense romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels She’s always been fascinated by magic romance and Gothic stories Married and living in Alabama she roots for the Crimson Tide football team When not working on Cold Waters MOBI :ò her upcoming books Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling and jet skiing with her husband.

Cold Waters Normal Alabama #1 Kindle ò Cold Waters
  • Kindle Edition
  • 326 pages
  • Cold Waters Normal Alabama #1
  • Debbie Herbert
  • 10 July 2016

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    20 Stars —“Cold Waters” by Debbie Herbert was another Kindle First selection that I finally got around to reading between books by established and betterthriller authors After showing some early promise I really wish I would have left this one on the shelf “Cold Waters” tells the story of Violet who returns home after several years of mental health treatment to live with her somewhat senile father and manipulative spoiled sister Delaney The book is primarily written from the perspective of Violet who turns out to be frustratingly gullible and allows herself to be bullied mercilessly The plot is fairly decent for a while as we learn the reasons for Violet’s mental health issues is 1her possible involvement in her best friend’s death as a teenager and 2her inability to recall the details surrounding this event But as the book continues the story implodes with ridiculous twist after ridiculous twist I don’t think I ever shook my head so much in disbelief as I did in the last 50 pages of this book Is there any reader out there that would buy that a policeman investigator would have access to a charred body in order to help pull off the ol’ switched planted corpse trick? — um I think not And the worst part is that this was just a precursor of what was one of the worst ending seuences I’ve read in many years My advice would be to skip this one because the last few chapters and ending of the book make it one of the worst I’ve read this year

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    Wow To say that I like Southern Noir is an understatement and when it done well it knocks my socks off Cold Waters my First Reads selection for March knocked it out of the park and into the parking lot beyond This is one amazing chilling twisty dark bookWhen Violet was 14 years old tragedy struck in the town of Normal Alabama and the town blamed Violet for its loss A young girl vanished without a trace the last person to see her was Violet who was found wandering in the forest where the two often explored and went skinny dipping in the murky lake that ran through town After being declared psychologically unwell in a fugue state Violet was sent to the state mental hospital Now she has returned to Normal in ways than one to claim her meager inheritance left to her by her mother and to help her sister care for her father But the town has not forgotten that fateful day and nothing in Normal is uite normal at allAs Violet attempts to recall the tragic events surrounding the night that her best friend died it appears that someone is making sure she is unable to do so even it means she loses what little hold she has on her fragile thread of sanity The characters that surround Violet generally are the most vile characters I’ve run across in literature in a long while; but they are as realistic as I have encountered as well I felt as if I knew each and every one of them They are the people who border on sociopathy and some who are outright psychopaths who go out of their way to ensure that others fail whose only goal is make sure that they come out on top And then there are those who think they are doing the “right” thing when in fact everything they do worsens Violet’s situation It is a sad thing to think that the state mental hospital might have been safest place for Violet to spend a decade of her life but with friends and family like hers it is the truthI honestly thought that this was going to be a paranormal book when I selected it The confusion with any book set in the “deep south” is that it often is difficult to separate the south’s folk tales folklore and superstition from magical realism What they believe in is so culturally engrained into the fabric of their existence that it is who they are without uestion without their realization The superstition in Cold Waters felt like home to me It created a darker and believable atmosphere for the book and for me as a reader because it is what I know and what I lived for the majority of my life While this is a book about murder and solving a historic crime ultimately it is about this poor young woman finally having the opportunity to gain strength and opportunity to stand on her own two feet with the realization that she is not any less normal than the rest of us Cold Waters is a book I highly recommend for those who enjoy multiple genres from suspense and mystery to women’s literature to noir and southern fiction

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    Cold Waters by Debbie Herbert is the first book of the new Normal Alabama series This one is a thriller that is told from multiple points of view throughout and then also different timelinesViolet is the central character of this first book of this series with the biggest point of view in the book Violet has just returned to Normal Alabama to live with her father and step sister after being away for over a decade most of which was spent in a mental health care facilityYears earlier Violet had been found wandering the woods in a state of shock and her best friend Ainsley was found dead Many think Violet had murdered Ainsley and she herself isn’t even sure of what happened that night but she’s back to confront the pastOne thing I found out very early on with Normal Alabama was that it really seemed to be lacking anyone actually “normal” I had some suspicions early on but spent a lot of time guessing as this dark thriller played out I do think it went a little slow pace wise building things from the past and present but not too bad overall leaving me at 3 12 starsI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    Violet returns to Normal Alabama after 11 years away She returns to claim her inheritance from her deceased mother’s estate and help her sister take care of their ailing father Violet left town after her friend Ainsley went missing The locals believe Violet killed Ainsley and now with Violet’s return home they believe the truth will finally be revealedWhen Violet was 14 years old she and Ainsley met up for a late night swim That night Violet was found confused and wandering the woods Ainsley was never found Violet has been in a psychiatric facility ever since Violet doesn’t remember the events of that night but the locals believe she got away with murder Coinciding with Violet’s return home is the draining of the lake where Ainsley went missing With speculation being that Ainsley’s body may finally be found Violet is haunted by her past and the occasional flashback of what happened that nightThis book is partly mystery about what happened to Ainsley and partly family drama There is a lot of drama happening in Violet’s life She and her sister are not on good terms Her father health is failing and his behavior is odd Violet was close to her mother but her mother’s death has left her feeling alone Also Violet is not welcomed back into town with open armsThis started off as a good story but I was not feeling it by the end It starts with a protagonist with no memory of the night that forever changed her life and a small community ready to turn on her An unreliable narrator and a cast of unlikable characters always peaks my interest Unfortunately it didn’t hold my interest at the end of the book In the end everything is wrapped up but I was let down in how it was handled This was my pick for First Reads in April 2019

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    From the beginning I had mixed feelings about this book Violet’s almost constant superstitions became boring pretty uickly I think they also showed her vulnerability and child like attitude especially as she was confronted with her unusual family dynamics a common “coming home again” themeAs the story progressed Violet’s confidence grew and we learn about the tragedy that has defined her life since the age of 14 I was certainly engrossed throughout this psychological thriller The final 15% attempted to bring out all the stops with multiple twists and surprising characters I feel it could have been finished neatly until this point each decision felt very realistic with the characters reacting in a reasonable manner I did enjoy the outcome just felt it was way overdone

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    I have terrible luck with First Reads Books I didn’t hate COLD WATERS as much as I have previous months’ choices but I didn’t like it eitherViolet’s friend Ainsley disappears and Violet is suspected of her murder She spends years in a psychiatric hospital and is now back in Normal Alabama to help her awful sister care for their father who has dementiaCOLD WATERS is filled with unsavory characters from liars to mean girls women to sociopaths Violet who narrates a good portion of the book is the most likable Debbie Herbert took the plot in some interesting but mostly predictable directions Much of COLD WATERS is a downer lacking tension and suspense This is supposed to be book one in a Normal Alabama series though I can’t imagine why a book two is needed

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    One of the worst books I've ever readI chose this as the free kindle book and it was hugely disappointing The story line was absurd and the characters were poorly developed Huge waste of my time Don't bother reading it

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    Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWER20 out of 5 starsVery predictableApril 7 2019Format Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseThis review is of the Kindle editionPublication date May 1 2019Publisher Thomas MercerLanguage EnglishASIN B07HF4SCB7Not my usual sort of book but the author lives in Alabama and the book is set there in a town named Normal And the description promised that the town is anything but normal It all happens right next door in Alabama and is described by some as Southern Gothic Free from First Reads So why not try it? That was a mistake A very predictable long and tedious read The only real suspense is whether the killer will get away with it

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    Cold waters hold secretsThis was my First Read choice for April I love psychological suspense books so this was a no brainer The story goes back and forth between the disappearance of Ainsley and the present day Violet has no memory of what happened and it has wrecked havoc on her mental health since that nightBy the end of the book many mysteries come to light it is definitely a psychological nightmare It's a page turner well worth the read

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    I just wasnt that into it I was all set to give it a 3 until near the end when it turns out that every character is either a murderer covering up a murder protecting a murderer concealing evidence planting evidence framing innocent people disposing of bodies andor stealing corpses And these are the protagonists And then they all live happily ever after Hard no from me

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