The Hard Goodbye

Read The Hard Goodbye By Chris Miller As The Old Axiom Goes, If Something Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is John Savage Realized That Too Late Following The Biggest Job Of Their Lives, John And His Small Crew Think They Ve Got It Made But A Lawyer, A Junkie, A Crooked Cop, Savage And His Girlfriend Have Unknowingly Opened Pandora S Box And They Won T Know It Until It S Too Late As The Brutally Tortured Bodies Of Their Partners Come To Light, Tensions Rise All The Way To The Screaming, Chaotic Conclusion Of This Bloody Crime Thriller High Risk Brings High Reward, But The Safe Bet Is Usually The Smartest Stick To The Plan, Or Get Ready For The Hard Goodbye.The Hard Goodbye

Chris Miller lives in the piney woods of East Texas and works for his family owned water well company He s been writing since he was young, and finally came into his own with it in the past ten years, though he didn t publish his first novel until September of 2017 A Murder of Saints came on to the scene with rave reviews He re released it through Crimson Saint Press in February of 2018 with a

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  • The Hard Goodbye
  • Chris Miller
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  • 25 October 2019

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    The only thing I like as much as this book is bacon And believe me, I love me some bacon.

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    I read this in one sitting it was that enthralling I loved it Exactly the kind of story I enjoy Each character is perfectly crafted to move the plot along This is one of my favorite reads in quite some time I highly recommend it and would give it than five stars if I could.

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    The first chapter is gruesome and sets the pace for the entire story Then the read gently jumps into a happy, in love couple don t let it fool you I felt like an adrenaline junkie maybe as much as the character Jimmy I needed the next fix chapter and I needed it now This author labels his stuff as horror this is horrific but of a blood pumping, heart racing, fear for the cha...

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    Savage, his girlfriend, a lawyer who manipulates the law, a terribly crooked cop and a junkie No, this isn t the opening to a bad joke, they re the main characters of The Hard Goodbye, by Chris Miller They have pulled off the heist of their lives an unnecessary job, if not for the fact that a few in the crew can t handle their spending habits Unlucky for them all, the owner knows who they are and wants his money back.The Hard Goodbye is brutal if you can not take the opening chapter then it s not for you But if you love a good, suspenseful, thrilling, back stabbing book of betrayal and trying to get away clean, you ll want to read this book I normally don t read these I usually wait for the movie , but I m telling you its good Very good The ending had me thinking of John Wick but with an insane monkey LOL I can t explain that part you ll have to check it out for yourself, while I move ...

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    As is often the case for readers of books or consumers of storytelling media at large, they have to work out the likeability of the characters in order to figure out who to root for This isn t exactly how crime noir works in the pantheon of literature that it has staked out for itself and this is especially difficult to expect for the main players in The Hard Goodbye, written by Chris Miller and released by Texas indie upstart and dark fiction publisher, Death s Head Press in early 2019 Miller had previously worked with the publisher on the horror anthology And Hell Followed with his short story Behind Blue Eyes As devious and unscrupulous character traits are to be had by all characters, except for the women this is a common trait of most noir as well, so don t be too hard on Chris here woman are walking angelic breasts in these types of genre stories , it can be difficult to manage for the reader who isn t seasoned by the genre in all its grimy and hard edged glory However, these and many irredeemable qualities are the very reason to pick up this book written by the man from Winnsboro, Texas.The main crutch of the story follows four friends or, should I say three friends and one dirty cop who have had a ...

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    Thank you, class, for attending today Anyone and even those hung over please listen What we say here will count on the tests Today in Criminal Literature 101 will look at crime and its consequences and the gang and its relationships You might think this is nothing but it is not Hitchcock believed every criminal action had vibrations biting you on your little butt It really does Show a thief a gem The easy bank job and the money in the safe The crib that s an easy peasy job to pull You have the criminals making a dishonest living and the victim Did you ever stop to think the victim might come after you with hell to pay No Think again Did you ever do the homework in knowing who they were and what they might do to you And conversely, how strong is your local gang and are there any unspoken tensions cracking open like an unexpected earthquake Welcome to life and all that can go wrong with all that you do.The Hard Goodbye is a fun and fascinating book A gang of three John, Jimmy and Larry were doing just fine despite their weaknesses until a crooked cop Tony wayed in There was a guy who had oodles of money just waiting to be taken Step right in and ignore the warning signs Disaster is in the offing as their group dynamics fall apart and splits into the worse that could happen John is a killer Jimmy a hopeless junkie Larry ooh, let s not talk about that Tony is less than a saint with an arrogance to match Bring in the victim colde...

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    While I m not the intended readership demographic for it, Miller s The Hard Goodbye is an awful lot of fun for crime caper enthusiasts, especially those who like their stories of a heist gone bad with a extra brutal side of gore Miller begins with a nasty sucker punch of an opener and then rapidly maneuvers the reader through the story, which gradually unravels to an inevitable showdown of violence and junkie induced madness Aptly fast paced with all the trimmings e.g., a motley cr...

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    Chris Miller has written a book so dark and gritty, I almost felt the need to cleanse myself with the blood of a virgin Thankfully, I didn t.This is a story about corruption It s about brothers criminals double crossing And a monkey A book of great qualit...

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    Brutal Fast Paced Hard Crime To his is the first novel I read from Chris Miller it definitely won t be the last All the gore, action, blood you could ask for with great character so Also as a side note this is the second Death s Head Press book I have read both were fantastic...

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    Yes Thoroughly enjoyed this one Excellent and fast pace without feeling rushed with a gritty raw feel to it Would highly recommend this

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