The Reckless Oath We Made

A Provocative Love Story Between A Tough Kansas Woman On A Crooked Path To Redemption And The Unlikeliest Of Champions, From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of All The Ugly And Wonderful Things Zee Is Nobody S Fairy Tale Princess Almost Six Foot, With A Redhead S Temper And A Shattered Hip, She Has A Long List Of Worries Never Ending Bills, Her Beautiful, Gullible Sister, Her Five Year Old Nephew, Her Housebound Mother, And Her Drug Dealing BossZee May Not Be A Princess, But Gentry Is An Actual Knight, Complete With Sword, Armor, And A Code Of Honor Two Years Ago The Voices He Hears Called Him To Be Zee S Champion Both Shy And Autistic, He S Barely Spoken To Her Since, But He Has Kept Watch, Ready To Come To Her Aid When An Abduction Tears Zee S Family Apart, She Turns To The Last Person She Ever Imagined Gentry And Sets In Motion A Chain Of Events That Will Not Only Change Both Of Their Lives, But Bind Them To One Another ForeverThe Reckless Oath We Made

BRYN GREENWOOD is a fourth generation Kansan and the daughter of a mostly reformed drug dealer She is the author of the NYT bestseller All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Her fourth novel, The Reckless Oath We Made is coming from Putnam in 2019 She lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

[Reading] ➽ The Reckless Oath We Made  By Bryn Greenwood –
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • The Reckless Oath We Made
  • Bryn Greenwood
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9780525541844

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    My lady If thou wilt allow me to help thee, he said When I didn t answer, he got down on one knee, like he meant to propose to me Tis my honor to carry thee whither thou desirest It has taken me so long to organise my thoughts on this book You know when you re just so sure you re going to love a book When you start reading and it doesn t immediately grab you, but there s time, and you read some , and it s just not everything you were hoping for, but you push on and finish it and look back and think that was decent, but I expected so much Thing is, I loved Greenwood s All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I thought it was a raw, honest and horrible portrait of abuse Maybe you will like The Reckless Oath We Made if you viewed the author s previous book as some kind of taboo romance It wasn t that for me Which was why I felt surprised when this book turned out to be a romance The other aspects of the plot felt like nothing than trimmings around the romance.One thing I didn t mind but it is worth mentioning because many people won t like it is the way Gentry speaks in Middle English and believes he is a knight Look at the opening quote I used and note that a good portion of this book is all written like that But I do think it makes sense Gentry is autistic and very dedicated to his knightly code of honor He spends a lot of his time and a long slow chunk of this book doing historical reenactments out in the woods.The other half of this love story is Zhorzha, who Gentry is determined to save When Zee s sister goes missing possibly kidnapped Gentry is the only person she feels she can turn to Their relationship is slow burn, natural, and heart wrenching at times, but I wish I d known I was heading into of a straight up romance before I started this one I was expecting something hard hitting, different, and emotionally challenging, like the author s first book Maybe All the Ugly and Wonderful Things just set the bar too high.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    i gave this one four stars because i didn t like it quite as much as All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, but that s a pretty hard book to top my 1 5 ratings are starbitrary, but my words are all encouraging you to read this book this is literary fiction that has put one fist in the romance barrel and one fist in the crime fiction barrel, grabbed the most interesting bits and made a whole new thing outta them i do not like romance novels, but i do like this like atuawt, it s a paradox of a love story a couple both unlikely, but also in greenwood s deft hands perfectly matched zhorzha is a tall brassy redhead a waitress who dabbles in light drug running to support her hoarder mother and to pay off her own medical bills after a motorcycle accident has left her with chronic pain gentry is neurodivergent, with the motor tics associated with autism and auditory hallucinations that manifest as three discrete advisors hildegard, gawen, and the witch oh yeah, and he s also a knight he sees the world through a medieval filter speaking in middle english, handy with a sword, and loyally serving the lady zhorzha as her devoted champion, bound to her by the witch s prophecy before they even meet cute As I came down the sidewalk, he stepped away from his truck and bowed to me I will never forget what he said My lady Thy servant I stopped, because there was nobody else he could be talking to, but I had no idea what he meant He straightened up, but kept his eyes down My lady If thou wilt allow me to help thee, he said When I didn t answer, he got down on one knee, like he meant to propose to me Tis my honor to carry thee whither thou desirest Is this your truck I said, because I didn t speak whither thou desirest. it is not your typical love story, and the romance of it is the chivalric capital r romance of the high medieval era, all wrapped up in a code of honor and duty and the chaste rescue of fair maidens until, ya know, it isn t i had concerns that gentry s knightly lingo was going to get old real fast, but i got used to it, and it somehow became natural to be reading a grit lit novel with this slight fantasy overlay, to the extent that she had me talking like gentry in my head it helps that the voice is used in moderation the POV moves around a lot, and gentry has fewer POV chapters than zee, but his descriptive passages are memorable My lady spake in a great dragon voice, all damped smoke and fury, and I feared for her She wore her anger like a cloak of fire that burned none but s a chimera of a book hard to predict and hard to pin down, but bryn greenwood has A WAY and all you need to do is show up read this book the day it comes out, wait three days, and then wish me a happy birthday i loved All the Ugly and Wonderful Things so much that when i was asked to choose the store s book club book for june, i said HOW BOUT WE DO THIS so we are.and bryn sent us amazing bookplates and tattoos come to the book club, local booknerds i m gonna write a review for this SOON, but for now, enjoy these photos of an amazing gift from bryn i make my own book schwag greenwood me, singing a song about how excited i was to find this book in my mailbox come to my blog

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    After reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I knew when I heard that Bryn Greenwood was about to release another book my face started doing this right here I loved that book Hard But now I m having a hard time choosing a favorite between that book and this one.I have a problem though I can rant for hours when I hate a bookbut when I love it I turn into a big old hot mess and can t word for nothing Here goes my rambling though And it s not really a synopsis of the book You can read that yourself I m going to just tell you all the ways I m in love with this book.1 Bryn Greenwood s writing This woman is one of the very few authors I read that just comes up with completely fresh new ideas She has this gift of not falling for the usual tropes and I LOVE that She writes real world to methe endings aren t cookie cutter Shit happens You deal You learn or you don t She also doesn t write perfect, gorgeous characters either Her characters have flaws They are not the typical book characters with wonderfully perfect bodies and easy lives Which leads me to number 2.2 The female main character in this book Zee aka my favorite female character in a book in years This character is so real She comes from a childhood where her dad spent almost a lifetime in prison and her mom is a hoarder who finally filled the house to the point to where Zee was left no option but to make it on her own She isn t beautiful in the traditional sense She even sells and partakes of few drugs Her choices are not always the best She does love her family though I could be this girl In fact I am in so many ways that we won t discuss on this review because I blab too much anyways The fact that I connected so well with this character totally brought this book to life in my head sigh 3 The main male character I m gonna admit..the first chapter from Gentry s viewpoint had me wondering how this book was going to vibe with me He speaks old king s Englishhas voices that talks to him and thinks he is a k night I should learn to just shut the fuck up and read because I loved this guy.4 The whole storyline I saw every single bit of this book inside my head Does that make me crazy Probably Do I care Not It s rare when I can completely lose myself in a book and it happened here I m just so mad that I m done reading it and I don t have any pages in which to spend with these people.Now for the wrap up Is everyone going to love this book Probably not It s alright thoughI love it enough for 342 people Booksource Received a copy from the publisher I would have and will buy a copy

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    All the Ugly and Wonderful Things was an amazing book While I forget most books just weeks after I read them, that one really stuck with me So I was thrilled to get an early look at Brynwood s latest work.Brynwood doesn t pick easy topics or easy characters Among other jobs, Zee is a drug mule As the story opens, she s bringing two suitcases of weed to her drug dealing boss She s traveling with her six year old nephew, because her sister is missing Turns out, her sister, a prison volunteer has been taken hostage by two escapees She s also got a hoarder mom Not much good in her life, except she s got a knight in shining armor looking after her Gentry is autistic and things of her as Lady Zhorza and he her knight He speaks in Middle English and hears voices of Gaiwen, Hildegard and a witch Lady, I am thy daughter s champion , he tells her mother These are folks you care about so much it hurts Everything is going wrong in Zee s life, dominoes falling one after another Her interactions with her mom really resonated with me And Gentry is just so sweet I m not a fan of romance stories, but this is not a typical romance It s not a typical anything It went places o just didn t see coming I was anxious the entire second half of the book, worried about what would happen to the characters And sad to see it end, as I wanted to see further into the future of the characters This is one I highly recommend.My thanks to netgalley and G P Putnams Sons for an advance copy of this book.

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    DNF at 40%No, no, no I can t take another sentence of Middle English that I have to translate in my brain before I can continue the story This is a DNF for me at 40% Example My lady If thou wilt allow me to help thee, he said When I didn t answer, he got down on one knee, like he meant to propose to me Tis my honor to carry thee whither thou desirest and on and on an on.This is such a disappointment for me I know that there is a great story here but I gave it two evenings and only made it to 40% The Middle English is just too distracting from the story and it stops the flow making it read choppy and slow.The characters were very interesting and unique and I wished I could have finished to see how it all ended.Read other reviews and see if this might be a fit for you i received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.

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    Zhorzha Trego s life has never been easy not as long as she remembers, anyway Her father Marcus went to prison when she was just a child, and died there, leaving her mother to fill the holes in her heart with objects and food Her mother s grief affected both her and her older sister, LaReigne, who volunteers at the local prison, leaving her with the burden of financial support for the family on a waitress income To add to her personal issues, an accident left her with chronic pain in her hip along with a stack of mounting medical bills When Zhorzha, Zee, learns that LaReigne, along with another woman, has been taken hostage by two escaped convicts, she is riding the train with her nephew, five year old Marcus, carrying weed that she intends to sell to help pay the bills not exactly how she had planned things would be The news of LaReigne s abduction brings with it, of course, additional interest by the press and the attention of the police, which ends up with Zee losing her job, her apartment and her car one after another Leaving physical therapy two months after her accident, still on crutches, when Zee s ride doesn t show up after she s waited hours, she leaves the lobby for the parking lot, she sees a man waiting by his truck who bows to her, and says My lady Thy servant From then on, Gentry would become her champion he believes he has been tasked with this mission by voices only he can hear Gentry Frank is on the spectrum, but he is also a knight who speaks only in early modern English, and who works as a vassal of the Duke of Bombardier, riveting wings on Learjets There are nine narrators in this story, but the main one is Zee, with 37 of the 63 brief chapters being narrated by her, Gentry has eleven, with the remainder including Marcus, and a Deputy Rather than being confusing, each character seemed to bring light to this tale I loved this story, which has so much to it beyond this brief review There s an element of a somewhat unconventional romance, but in a gritty fairy tale ish way that takes many twists and turns some of them dark, but not gruesome and, like the best of stories, leaves you wanting to share your joy with everyone you know.Pub Date 20 Aug 2019Many thanks for the ARC provided by PENGUIN GROUP Putnam

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsWaaaaaaaaay back in 2016 I scored a NetGalley ARC of a little book by an unknown author Basically, the mere mention of the word meth gets me all grabby hands To say All the Ugly and Wonderful Things blew my socks off is probably the understatement of the decade I barfed my feelings out all over the intertubes about the sleeper that would become one of my favorite stories of all time In turn, I was handsomely rewarded by the author when a copy of my shitty little gif fest of a review was forwarded to her Due to our proximity, Greenwood even unknowingly persuaded me to do something I never do leave my house for this to occur I was lucky enough to be present for her book launch while my family shoveled as many tacos in their faces as they could within an hour courtesy of I officially became a superfan and stalker luckily of the slothlike, social media looking only variety rather than the Annie Wilkes sort Last November I was asked if I would like an ARC of Greenwood s upcoming release to which I responded And immediately went and downloaded a copy of Last Will to tide me over and to kind of make sure Greenwood wasn t a one hit wonder I didn t bother reading the blurb for The Reckless Oath We Made until my copy arrived When I saw Zee may not be a princess, but Gentry is an actual knight, complete with sword, armor, and a code of honor I was like Oh lort, so scurrrrrrrrrrred Plus this had like A LOT of pages so if I hated it, I would really be suffering through I put it on the backburner for a week or so and got myself mentally prepared to be a turtle sucking wrongreader When I finally did open the book on a quiet Saturday morning, I saw the following note from the author I ask readers to suspend their judgment, hold their breath, and trust me to get them safely to the other side So I did What did I find on that other side Well, to begin with, our fair damsel is a bit But with a lil extra summin summin right up Kelly and Mitchell s alley And while Gentry was a knight, he certainly wasn t what most of my fellow smutseekers would picture such as Or But instead a realistic flyover country version Who most certainly spoke in Middle English, but did so I know you re not supposed to put quotes in a review of an ARC, so just keep this on the downlow, kay Weren we elsewhere, somewhere safe, I would grind thee as a millstone grindeth grain to flour, but not here Oh my You don t get anything else I m simply going to reiterate Greenwood s words Hold on tight and rest assured she will get you to the other side If you are the judgey, offended by everything, looks for something to piss you off type realize her books probably aren t for you The rest of you, enjoy ARC provided by G.P Putnam s Sons in exchange for an honest review.

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    Putting on hold for a bit, I m loving the writing but I m in the mood for something lighter right now

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    I finished this late last night or rather, early this morning and THE RECKLESS OATH WE MADE is, without doubt, one of the best books I ve ever read A glorious epic with unforgettable characters who live outside the lines, it s about pain and poverty, mental illness and medieval chivalry, love and redemption Zee and Sir Gentry are mismatched in every way except for their sense of loyalty She s a wise ass, hot tempered, drug dealing waitress with a shattered hip who kept her family together and solvent after her father was incarcerated He s a wise, sweet guy on the spectrum, who hears voices, believes he s her champion, and speaks only in Middle English After her sister is kidnapped by escaped convicts, Zee and Sir Gentry embark on a quest like no other I will be raving about this book long after its pub date.

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    I feel lucky Woohoo

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