The Used

Ebook The Used Author Theresa Jacobs 607 People Go Missing Every Single Day Without A Trace.Jeremy Samuelson An Ex Canadian Security Intelligence Service Agent Is One Of Them.Four Months After His Mysterious Disappearance, Jeremy Reappears, But In His Mind No Time Has Passed.The Government Fear Another Country Had Taken Him To Use Against Canada They Worry He S Been Implanted With A Devious Plan Deep In His Psyche, To Active As Needed Through Forced Hypnosis He Begins To Remember Things.Strange Otherworldly Things, That Neither Himself Or The Government Can Believe, And Other People People Who He Remembers He Cares About, And Who He Will Need.Jeremy Sets Off , Against The Governments Wishes, To Reunite His Amnesic Friends And Bring Back Their Memories, To Prepare Them For A Fight To Save The Entire Universe.The Used

Theresa Jacobs believes in Magic, Fairies, Dragons, and Ghosts Yet she trusts Science and thinks that Aliens know way too much Through hard work, she has published a Horror Novella, Horror anthologies, children s books, and poetry She is a contributor to an online Horror Magazine While working full time, is also currently writing a sports figures biography, a horror novel, and a Sc

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  • The Used
  • Theresa Jacobs
  • 19 March 2019

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    A variety of people reappear in the exact location they disappeared and what follows is a sci fi mystery that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.Jacobs plays the tension for all it s worth, taking us through each character s lost time before revealing anything while nicely folding background material into situations like police interviews and familial discussions Her writing is filled with original non clic...

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    Ms Jacobs novels always show great skill at combining and then smashing genres In this case, sci fi, mystery, horror, and political thriller, all sprinkled with her unique brand of sardonic humor An entertaining, exciting, worthwhile read

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    Jeremy has retired from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and knows nothing of value to an enemy, so where did he vanish to for four months Might he have been co opted by a foreign power Government agents are tasked with finding out.Dabria, against her parents wishes, is a Harvard maths student, so why isn t her class waiting where they should be Lela can shoot better than any of the men, until her guns aren t where she put them Has time really moved on from J...

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    Theresa Jacobs spins an intriguing sci fi thriller in The Used After disappearing for several months, intelligence operative Jeremy Samuelson returns with no memory of it The novel starts like the Bourne Identity, but as Jeremy s memories slowly start to return, he discovers he s part of a plot, one that sp...

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    Fiction depends on two major factors Firstly, the storyteller s imagination and skill at spinning a yarn, and secondly, the reader s imagination and willingness to surrender to the written word Sci Fi takes this theory a stage further we are dealing with situations which are not usually modelled on people or items as we understand them.The author has developed an idea first conceived by her father, and in my opinion, she has done a superb job In our modern world most folks are hell bent on a logical reason for things like disappearance, but what if we were to open our minds accept that logic as we understand isn t the way everything works A group of disparate people find themselves being questioned about why they vanished for four months, and the unfortunate truth is, they don t know themsel...

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