Time After Time

A Magical Love Story, Inspired By The Legend Of A Woman Who Vanished From Grand Central Terminal, Sweeps Readers From The 1920s To World War II And Beyond, In The Spirit Of The Time Traveler S Wife And The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.On A Clear December Morning In 1937, At The Famous Gold Clock In Grand Central Terminal, Joe Reynolds, A Hardworking Railroad Man From Queens, Meets A Vibrant Young Woman Who Seems Mysteriously Out Of Place Nora Lansing Is A Manhattan Socialite Whose Flapper Clothing, Pearl Earrings, And Talk Of The Roaring Twenties Don T Seem To Match The Bleak Mood Of Depression Era New York Captivated By Nora From Her First Electric Touch, Joe Despairs When He Tries To Walk Her Home And She Disappears Finding Her Again And Again Will Become The Focus Of His Love And His Life.Nora, An Aspiring Artist And Fiercely Independent, Is Shocked To Find She S Somehow Been Trapped, Her Presence In The Terminal Governed By Rules She Cannot Fathom It Isn T Until She Meets Joe That She Begins To Understand The Effect That Time Is Having On Her, And The Possible Connections To The Workings Of Grand Central And The Solar Phenomenon Known As Manhattanhenge, When The Sun Rises Or Sets Between The City S Skyscrapers, Aligned Perfectly With The Streets Below.As Thousands Of Visitors Pass Under The Famous Celestial Blue Ceiling Each Day, Joe And Nora Create A Life Unlike Any They Could Have Imagined With Infinite Love In A Finite Space, They Take Full Advantage Of The Terminal City Within A City, Dining At The Oyster Bar, Visiting The Whispering Gallery, And Making A Home At The Bilt Hotel But When The Construction Of Another Landmark Threatens Their Future, Nora And Joe Are Forced To Test The Limits Of Freedom And Love.Delving Into Grand Central Terminal S Rich Past, Lisa Grunwald Crafts A Masterful Historical Novel About A Love Affair That Defies Age, Class, Place, And Even Time.Time After Time

Lisa Grunwald is the author of the novels The Irresistible Henry House, Whatever Makes You Happy, New Year s Eve, The Theory of Everything, and Summer Along with her husband, Reuters editor in chief Stephen J Adler, she edited the bestselling anthologies The Marriage Book, Women s Letters and Letters of the Century Grunwald is a former contributing editor to Life and a former features editor of

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  • Hardcover
  • 401 pages
  • Time After Time
  • Lisa Grunwald
  • English
  • 02 June 2018
  • 9780812993431

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    Mahattanhenge, a term popularized by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, is a phenomenon occurring around the time of the summer and winter solstices The rising or setting sun creates an amazing burst of light framed by Manhattan skyscrapers as the sun rises above or dips below the horizon.Weather permitting, the brilliant line of light entered the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal through three high arched windows yearly, on or about December 5 The terminal was crowded with onlookers and fellow travelers Nora Lansing, twenty three years old, looked overwhelmed and lost in Grand Central Station No suitcase, no coat, wearing a smudged pale blue dress, she appeared waif like She carried French currency in her purse A chance meeting occurred with Joe Reynolds, a thirty two year old railroad employee Joe thought she looked vivid and exciting and was thrilled to walk Nora home Enroute, she disappeared In 1938, one year later, they happened upon each other again in the terminal Joe asked, Don t you ever wear a coat It was snowing today And is that your only dress Nora said, This is just my traveling dress Where I m traveling from is not important Nora is a woman of mystery Joe is intrigued.Joe Reynold s world is centered around Grand Central Station He works as a leverman, pushing and pulling levers connected by underground cables to guide incoming trains into the terminal Money is tight Joe lives at the E 47 St YMCA Everyone I know grew up the day the stock market crashed Joe however, was a dreamer He would spin a globe and visualize a trip to wherever his finger landed One thing was for certain, Joe was smitten Wanting Nora was a constant dominating achecould be soothed only by her actual touch How was it possible that she disappeared again Joe was perplexed He had met the love of his life yet he couldn t fathom her sudden appearances and disappearances Was it possible that the day Joe thought of as the start of his real life was the day Nora s life ended A visit to the New York Public Library revealed newspaper clippings of a subway accident on December 5, 1925 Eleanor Lansing had died, but had she As Joe aged, Nora was unaffected by time She was always twenty three Joe and Nora had an infinite love in a finite space If they truly loved each other, should they let each other go Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald was an awesome fairy tale like love story The love Nora and Joe shared transcended time, age and social class I was totally invested in the lives of Nora and Joe I slept less and read This was a very captivating literary novel of historical fiction I highly recommend.Thank you Random House Publishing Group Random House and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Time After Time.

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    Time After Time is a captivating historical fiction novel with a time travel element Thank you to Random House for the complimentary copy Time After Time is inspired by the legend of a woman who disappeared from Grand Central It all begins in 1937 when Joe meets a woman named Nora dressed in flapper clothes and talking about the Roaring Twenties It s the Depression in NYC, and Nora does not fit in Joe falls for Nora, and while walking her home, she disappears From then on, Joe is focused on Nora and everything about her Rich in history of NYC and the Grand Central terminal, I was captivated by Nora and Joe s story Nora is somehow caught in the terminal with specific rules in place related to Manhattenhenge Time After Time is a beautiful and complex story of love It feels a touch like a fairy tale because of the ephemeral qualities If you are looking for a distinctive novel with strong writing that will whisk you away to a different time, definitely give this one a second look My reviews can also be found on my instagram www.instagram.com tarheelreader

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    Time After Time has an interesting premise Time travel set against the background of the Depression and then World War 2 However, the implementation of this idea fell flat for me The characters did not feel well developed nor were they likable, and I had a hard time caring about them and their story lines I particularly was not a fan of the ending I think this was just not the book for me I received this book to read and review.

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    3.5 StarsWhen Joe first sees Nora standing in Grand Central Station, she has no suitcase, or coat even though it was early in the December morning of 1937, barely dawn She seemed completely out of place, and her clothing seemed from another time He approaches her, offering assistance, information, whatever help she needs He s intrigued When she tells him where she s trying to go, Turtle Bay Gardens, he recognizes the neighborhood, as it s only a few blocks away from the YMCA where he lives, as a significantly posh area than his own humble dwellings He offers to escort her home, and along the walk there, she vanishes Joe is a leverman at this renowned terminal, and so when a year passes, and the solar event that occurs two mornings every year where the rising sun lined up exactly with the east west street grid of Manhattan he is there to see her return He s intrigued at first than smitten, but it isn t long before he falls for Nora.Solving the dilemma of how to continue life this way is a matter of trying to avoid what has failed, and sticking to what they believe will keep Nora in the here and now or then, as the case is , and with the Bilt Hotel attached to the terminal, Nora can remain safely there, but there are family duties for Joe that pull him away periodically, and events that, ultimately, affect both of them.Since this is a book around a time travel story, I wasn t expecting everything to line up perfectly, but there were several things in this story that stood out to me and bothered me Things that, for me, were somewhat blatant in not fitting in the era, and other things that were completely implausible, and not in a time travel related way For that reason this fell a bit short of love for me, but I did enjoy this, overall I just didn t love it.The Winter Solstice event, Manhattanhenge, that used to occur in the morning hours and bathe Grand Central Station in its light on these fluctuating two mornings a year weather permitting , is no longer visible in Grand Central Station Progress another building was built which blocks the sun s rays from hitting the window from the east as it did before And s the pity The Summer Solstice event, Manhattanhenge, is still a significant draw for those looking for a urban version of Stonehenge, and occurs as the sun sets over to the west Of course other cities in other states and countries have similar times when the sun s rays create magic, you just have to look for them Pub Date 11 Jun 2019Many thanks for the ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Random House

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    Many thanks to Random House for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review A person without a past is no alive than a person without a future Huh That was unexpectedly emotional I really didn t go into this expecting to cry But here we are I survived Time After Time follows Nora, a not quite survivor of a devastating train accident She doesn t know how or why she came back from death But when she meets Joe, she knows why she has to stay Together, Nora and Joe try to figure out what is causing the miracle behind Nora s kind of immortality Nora Nora was my favorite character Yes, she was the main character but I can still like her She was sassy, funny and full of energy It was so fun to follow her through this novel Joe Meh Joe was very How to put this Backstabb y At first, I really liked him But as the book went on and he as he revealed his true colors, I just couldn t be bothered For instance, view spoiler he had sex with his sister in law WHAT THE F K hide spoiler

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    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a Kindle ARC of Time After Time. I really enjoyed The Time Traveler s Wife so the premise of Time After Time intrigued me Minor spoilers ahead Nora Lansing is a young woman who meets a young leverman named Joe Reynolds at Grand Central after the Great Depression The two have an instant connection but Joe will soon discover that Nora is no ordinary lady.Their love will transcend time and boundaries but what do you do when love is not enough There were many things I liked about Time After Time, including 1 The research that went into depicting Grand Central during the 1930s and how it grew into the central transportation hub it is now2 As a native New Yorker, I loved the depiction of New York during the Great Depression, how the community and families struggled to survive, war times and how it brought the community and people together3 I liked Nora and Joe, their chemistry and their unconventional love story Who wants to be like everybody else 4 I really liked how the author used the science of Manhattanhenge and how it was the portal to Nora s existence5 A not quite there ghost story written with heart and warmth that is very easy to suspend disbelief forWhat I did not like The cliche almost romance that developed between Joe and Faye, his brother Finn s wife, when Finn goes off to war after Pearl Harbor is bombed.Does every story that takes place around wartime have some kind of stereotypical romance with a sibling s spouse I found this trope disrespectful to Nora, especially if Joe is the kind of decent, level headed guy he is depicted to be and who loves and cares about Nora so much, why would he be swayed by Faye so easily Because she s alive and she s there That s a poor excuse.And when he realizes he and Faye are not suited to each other, he pines for Nora once again What is he, 16 I hated this part of the book and made me question Joe s integrity He began as a mature, kind, responsible man but this act made him look like every other cliche dick I read about.Second, there was a bit too much filler such as when Nora takes up painting I understand its a part of character development but there was just so much everyday routine that didn t sound monotonous and it can be tiresome.This was to be expected because Joe and Nora s life is restricted to Grand Central and the Bilt because she is tied to the station The book could use another edit to tighten the pacing There were parts toward the end of the book that dragged the story down.I did enjoy the parts when Joe and Nora went apartment hunting or figuring out how Manhattanhenge was the cause of Nora s reappearance These routine couple activities were a reminder that their relationship was anything but ordinary.Overall, I enjoyed this story, the setting of a post Depression era New York City and Nora and Joe, likable, personable characters.

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    I must say there was some initial reluctance going into this book It sorta kinda sounded like women s fiction, a very specific type of lachrymose sweeping romance And wouldn t you know, in the end it actually was a potentially tear inducing grand Grand Central based epic love story, but it was so, so good, I didn t care In fact, this book drew me in from the first few pages in a way few books do and managed to sustain that level of emotional engagement throughout its not inconsiderable girth The description features literary comparisons to famous works as these descriptions are won t to do and here they are actually not undeserved, although for me it was also very reminiscent of the movie Age of Adaline, mentioned nowhere, but a comparison in my opinion well deserved Both tales of timeless women stuck in temporary challenged love stories are very lovely, albeit in their own ways The lady that isn t in a blue dress on the cover is Nora Lansing, a 23 year old spirited young woman who, due to a tragic and miraculous set of circumstances, gets stuck in the Grand Central in New York, her presence inextricably connected to a solar spectacle known as Manhattanhenge There she meets and falls in love with a leverman, a mad wild crazy passionate love affair circumscribed by the seemingly impossible geographical restrictions not to mention familial obligations and then a world war I probably shouldn t say much here, the description says it all, in fact the description gives away too much as descriptions often tend to, I m glad I didn t read it prior to reading the book I wanted to be surprised and I was, pleasantly surprised, delighted, charmed Actually love, yeah, not too strong of a word, I loved this book, which made some of much frustrations with it all the well, frustrating And please do not read the following if you haven t read the book, it might give away too much If you ve read up to now, you already know I recommend you read this book, but now it s time for me to vent out some thoughts, so here it goes Yeah, not everyone gets to ride off into the sunset together, but that doesn t mean we aalk off into the sun alone, does it Seriously Why Whatever became of love conquers all Omnia vincit amor my ass For all its grand romance, this ended up very much being one of those loves that altered when it alteration found I m not sure why self sacrificial love is so de rigueur, but frankly it just didn t seem necessary Dramatic, yes But not necessary Surely there can be found a way for one person in a couple to travel solo and then return to their loved one My fianc has done it marvelously To go through all that the main characters go through and then separate for what seemed like fairly trivial reasons frustrating Yes, she would have stayed young, but so what, she would have aged mentally For a couple that starts off with a 10 year age difference to suddenly make a huge deal out of a 20 year age difference later on seems silly Yes, that may have been before celebrities have made such thing ubiquitous, but even back in the day it wasn t unheard of Chaplin, anyone Yes, they wouldn t have had kids, but so what, there are plenty of childless happy couples out there Plus if Nora was so concerned for her rapidly aging beloved maybe he was aging out of kid having age anyway For all the sweeping grand romance of it, for all the waiting and all the challenges and all that magic, for all of it to end over what it ended over seemed to have trivialized their love In fact it just seemed like two people who have sorted out their priorities and decided to call it quits and for various reasons mainly because it makes the best story told themselves and each other it was for their partner s own good Which is fine, it s realistic and there are plenty of stories like that, but this just didn t seem like that kind of story This seemed like it ought to rise above all the tedious triviality of life I mean, it had magic, real freaking magic So you would have expected Well, anyway I did I expected I was so engaged with the characters and their story, I actually wished them a proper fairy tale ending or something like it After all, Age of Adaline worked it out Plus the author in her afterword said she based it on her own relationship, which despite its challenges did not in fact come undone, so it made it all the unfair that it should work out that way for the couple in the book I mean, what sort of a message is that Vampire Bill had to die to free Sookie Stackhouse to love and breed in an ordinary way Or, recently and of a much higher quality of entertainment, Jackson Maine went and offed himself to give his wife a chance at musical success All this self sacrificial or as the case in book, faux self sacrificial crap can be packaged and sold as romantic, sure But for me personally it seems that the greater romance is one that conquers challenges and works despite them, not one where you can glamorously walk off into the sun There is much to be said about the selfishness of selflessness, but then again this already might be my longest review ever, so I should probably wrap it up If you read the entire thing wow and thank you May this rant have enlightened or at least entertained you I did love this book, despite all this Thanks Netgalley.

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    Thanks to the publisher for providing a free review copy via Netgalley.As with many other time travel romances, the central conflict is that the traveler doesn t age the way the non traveler does Despite the repetition of that plot element, this is still a good story Joe and Nora are engaging and believable characters, and it s fascinating to see how cleverly they deal with the challenges of Nora apparently being confined to Grand Central Terminal Most of the action takes place in the 1930s and 1940s, a particularly vivid time in Grand Central history.For aficionados of time travel books, I should mention that this is not at all a science bound time travel book There are discoveries of a sort about what happened to cause Nora s situation and what rules she is bound by, but you really don t want to think too hard about them.I m not going to say that this is a great work of literary fiction, but this book did remind me in a way of Amor Towles s A Gentleman in Moscow In both books, a character is forced to live for decades confined to one building In both cases, it s a large and many faceted building, with workaday functions, hidden places and wonders, and its own regular cast of characters The main character s make the building an entire world in itself, and the authors convey that in a way that makes the reader visualize a life in such a world The story of Nora and Joe is a good one, but it s the exploration of the world of Grand Central that takes this story into a magical realm.Be sure to read the author s notes at the end of the book to learn about Grunwald s two main inspirations for the book.

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    When I saw the description of Time After Time, I immediately wanted to read it I love historical fiction, I love time travel, and I love books set in NYC, and this book has all these elements The time travel aspect is quite different from what I expected, it s not exactly time travel and I can t really say what it is because of spoilers I liked both Joe and Nora, and I loved their bitter sweet love story They are years and worlds apart but their connection and their love for each other is breathtaking I found the setting of Grand Central Station so interesting, I was fascinated by the description of all the behind the scenes I ve been to Grand Central lot s of times and always marveled at the beautiful architecture but never thought about what secrets could be hidden behind the walls and underneath the station I also enjoyed historical aspects of the book and reading about life in NYC during the depression and in 1940s Overall, I really enjoyed Time After Time and would recommend it to historical fiction and time travel fans ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Lisa Grunwald has written my favorite kind of novel Set within the wondrous boundaries of Grand Central Terminal, Time After Time is the story of Joe and Nora, the love they find amidst impossible circumstances, their fight to stay together, and the great sacrifices they make along the way I utterly loved this clever, charming, hopeful tale of true love against all odds.True story a friend got an early copy of this book and passed it on to me knowing that I m a sucker for time travel stories Not only did I love the book, I loved it SO much that I sent an unsolicited endorsement to the publisher and they ended up using the above quote on the cover So there you have it Serendipity for the win

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