One Small Sacrifice (Shadows of New York, #1)

An Apparent Suicide A Mysterious Disappearance Did One Man Get Away With Murder Twice NYPD Detective Sheryn Sterling Has Had Her Eye On Alex Traynor Ever Since His Friend Cori Fell To Her Death Under Suspicious Circumstances A Year Ago Cori S Death Was Ruled A Suicide, But Sheryn Thinks Alex A Wartime Photojournalist Suffering From PTSD Got Away With Murder.When Alex S Fianc E, Emily, A Talented And Beloved Local Doctor, Suddenly Goes Missing, Sheryn Suspects That Alex Is Again At The Center Of A Sticky Case Sheryn Dislikes Loose Ends, And Cori S Death Had Way Too Many Of Them.But As Sheryn Starts Pulling At The Threads In This Web, Her Whole Theory Unravels Everyone Involved Remembers The Night Cori Died Differently And The Truth About Her Death Could Be The Key To Solving Emily S Disappearance.One Small Sacrifice (Shadows of New York, #1)

Hilary Davidson is the bestselling author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE, out now from Thomas Mercer She s also the author of the Lily Moore series, the standalone thriller BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS, and the short story collection THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB Her work has won two Anthony Awards for Best First Novel and Best Short Story the Derringer Award, and the Crimespree Award Born in Toronto, she now lives

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    Instinct s not a superpower It s made of experience and memory and belief Alex Traynor was a famous photojournalist known for capturing pictures of some of the world s most brutal and haunting scenes of conflict and unrest But after he was kidnapped, he began suffering from PTSD and turned to drugs to help quell the visions he seemed to see whether his eyes were open or closed.At the end of his rope and high on drugs, he decided to kill himself Yet at the end of the night, Cori Stanton his friend and drug dealer was the one who wound up dead Alex doesn t remember a thing about what happened, but while there certainly were signs that something suspicious might have happened to her, the police never were able to prove that Alex was responsible for her death, so it was ruled a suicide.NYPD detective Sheryn Sterling has never stopped believing Alex killed Cori, and she s never taken her eye off him, despite warnings to the contrary Even one year later, she s the Inspector Javert to Alex s Jean Valjean, waiting for the moment when she can sneak in and snag him.When Alex s fianc e, Emily, a dedicated doctor, goes missing shortly after having a loud argument with Alex, Sterling is sure that he had something to do with Emily s disappearance Alex s stories just don t seem to add up, or they have a lot of missing pieces, and Sterling knows all too well how much of a ticking time bomb a person with PTSD can be.Alex doesn t understand what could have happened to Emily, but he can t understand why she d leave him Did she really think he was responsible for Cori s death and could no longer be with him Was she being intimidated by someone else Or was she somehow involved in some other scheme, and could that have put her in trouble The problem is, Alex isn t sure where to turn to figure out the truth behind Emily s disappearance, since he knows the police don t trust him How can a man with PTSD and a shaky memory find answers The Sterling and her partner investigate Emily s disappearance, the muddled things become Could her instincts have been wrong all this time, or is Alex better at hiding his tracks than she thinks And if Alex wasn t responsible for Cori s death and isn t responsible for Emily going missing, who was Hilary Davidson s One Small Sacrifice is a mystery full of twists and turns, as well as fascinating characters At first I wasn t sure if I liked Sterling s character and what appeared to be her single mindedness, but as the story picked up I realized there was to her and to many of the characters than I initially suspected.I don t know if anything in the book really surprised me, but I still really enjoyed the way Davidson teased out the plot, throwing out lots of information that complicated my ability to figure out what really happened.This is apparently the start of a series the second book is due out in 2020 , and I ll definitely pick up the next book, as well as check out some of Davidson s earlier work, because she created a compelling story There were a lot of interesting side plots in the book which made the story even richer.Thomas Mercer and First Reads provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making it available The book will be published June 1, 2019 See all of my reviews at out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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    A promising start to a new series Sheryn Sterling is an NYPD detective, and she s been monitoring Alex Traynor since a friend of his named Cori fell to her death While it was ruled a suicide, Sheryn thinks Alex is guilty of murder Alex is a war photojournalist diagnosed with PTSD from his time abroad He is engaged to Emily, a well loved doctor, when she goes missing Sheryn thinks Alex is to blame Sheryn is wrong about her original theory, but as she interviews the witnesses to Cori s death, she learns a possible key to finding Emily Hilary Davidson tells this story in a compelling way She dangles carrots and throws monkey wrenches at my theories, which kept me off kilter as I tried to solve what happened alongside Sheryn I really enjoyed Sheryn as a main character She s clever, but fallible, and from the start, she felt genuine I also kept questioning my feelings towards Alex He was definitely a well drawn, complex character Overall, One Small Sacrifice is an intriguing and promising start to a new series, one that I definitely hope to continue I look forward to where Sheryn takes us next with hopefully another gripping mystery I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog

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    What a terrific novel One Small Sacrifice is I picked this as my Kindle First Read book, but still worried I had made a wrong choice I am so happy to report that I had nothing to worry about One Small Sacrifice is mainly told from 2 different POVs Alex Traynor and Detective Sterling Alex, is a photojournalist and suffering from PTSD He is also suffering from guilt over the suicide of his friend, Cori Detective Sterling worked Cori s suicide case and believes Alex got away with murder or at least manslaughter When Alex s fiancee goes missing Detective Sterling once again becomes involved with Alex s life As the book progresses we see both Alex and Detective Sterling try to piece together what clues they have to go on, but each in their own way and methods Typically, we expect detective stories to go along a certain path go to crime scene, talk with witnesses, establish timeline, etc It does do that, but what I really came to appreciate is how this book handles Alex s sleuthing journey and how it is interwoven within the detective portions Alex doesn t automatically become a great amateur detective, or PI Instead he just took the knowledge he had and acted like a regular human would As the story weaves in and out of both sleuthing journeys, we begin to see a full picture of who all the players are and what their motives might be.The story is interesting with the mystery plot well told and constructed we re always given information, but never enough to fully answer all the questions that we might have The pace was even throughout the book, never slowing down, but never too frantic Every character has various shades to their nature and as a result a lot of motive for not always telling the entire truth In fact, as the story progresses, one theme that seemed to keep showing itself was how each one of them were impacted by the flaws of others Final Thoughts Well rounded characters, consistent plot pacing, and a story that is entertaining and then ends with a hopeful message.

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    3.5 stars

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    One Small Sacrifice by Hilary Davidson Alex Traynor had been a war photojournalist and worked in the world s most dangerous environments After being shot during one of his battlefield forays, he came home with a damaged leg, a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD , a drug addiction, and a fianc , Dr Emily Teare, Emily operated on his wound in the field and gave him his single purpose he has to go on living It wasn t always so cut and dried, though A year earlier, at a low point in his life, a close friend, Cori Stanton, had fallen off the roof of Alex s building and the circumstances were never clear Alex blamed himself for not preventing it Cori s father and Sheryn Sterling, the investigating detective on the case, believed Alex had a direct role in Cori s death.Now, a year later, Emily has disappeared, leaving behind a type written note and many questions Detective Sterling believes that once again Alex is the prime suspect in a woman s disappearance, and she s determined not to let him slip through her hands this time In One Small Sacrifice, Hilary Davidson has combined the best aspects of a police procedural with a suspense novel As the reader we follow both Alex and Detective Sterling as they try to solve the puzzle of what s happened to Emily and who is responsible We see things that each of them sees that the other doesn t, but never everything, and that helps ramp up the narrative tension.Davidson s plot is tightly written, but nuanced, the story seeded with enough alternatives to keep the reader guessing throughout Characters are complex and interesting, with each of the main characters being given a suitable backstory that drives their actions Davidson writes with a confidence and assuredness that will convince you that every line was written with extreme care One Small Sacrifice is a novel written by a writer at the top of her game I received a complimentary copy of this novel to provide a review.

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    I love the beginning of a new series so much promise, so much intrigue and suspense about what the characters will do and where they will go I really enjoyed this cat and mouse story of a cop trying to solve an old murder and a new disappearance.Hilary Davidson threw twist after twist into the story, really teasing out the plot in such an enjoyable way so I never knew how it would go or who the real bad person was The pacing was quick, the characters likeable enough The story is chock full of dialogue without a lot of description, which is obviously good for pacing but meant it didn t have a lot of atmosphere The multiple POV perspective did ramp up the suspense, though, and I couldn t wait to get to the end to find out what the truth was.I look forward to reading the next book in this series and finding out what case Sheryn cracks next I received an ARC from Thomas Mercer and First Reads in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    The way Sheryn Sterling was feeling, it might not have been the best idea to put a knife in her hand Sheryn Sterling has a new working partner and an old grudge The partner is Rafael Mendoza, the grudge Alex Traynor.Traynor is a photojournalist who is doing his best to cope with life on the civilian streets of New York His previous work in a number of war zones has left him scarred He s suffering from PTSD and has struggled on and off with self medication Sterling s beef with him is that she believes he is responsible for the death of Cori Stanton who fell from the roof of his building a year before the story is set When his current girlfriend, Dr Emily Teare, goes missing, Sterling fears that history is repeating itself and goes out hell for leather to pin Traynor down once and for all When she finds blood on the carpet of Traynor s house, she s quick to add the numbers together and the book is well written enough to have us unsure as to whether two and two will equal three, four or five.Traynor is confused Following a PTSD episode, he returns home to find a strange woman in his apartment and making a break for it through the window to the fire escape He s quick on his feet and manages to prevent her from leaving She can t explain her presence, nor is she able to tell him where Emily is Whatever her reason, things don t look right and Traynor realises that Emily is in some kind of trouble.There are two key strands to this novel In the first, we follow Traynor as he attempts to find Emily In the second, Sterling is attempting to nail Traynor before he can harm anyone else The unfolding of each element is paced nicely and each compliments the other in a way that builds the tension and continually twists and turns along the uneven path of the who did what to whom and why There s a real web of mystery here There are whiffs of suspicion about everyone we meet Nobody is quite who they seem at first glance and the ambiguity keeps us on our toes We can t be sure about anything that happened on the night Cori died as Traynor was too high to remember There are dodgy goings on with prescriptions The superintendent of the building has his own reasons to play his cards close to his chest Traynor s lawyer needs to know enough information to help the situation, but not too much to jeopardise his client s freedom Cori s father is unhinged and determined that the law finds justice for his daughter s death Sterling realises her own motivations may be clouding her judgement Friend Will Sipher is still dabbling with drugs and is able to keep a cool head even when the chips are down And Emily You ll just have to read the book to find out.Davidson does a really nice job of keeping everything just out of focus At the point at which things begin to sharpen a new dimension opens up and clouds things over once It s a little like wiping the mist from a mirror in a steamy bathroom for a while you can see your face and then the moment s gone Throughout One Small Sacrifice, you ll grab hold of one red herring while risking losing your grip on another and it s likely all your theories will be in tatters by the end.Very entertaining and available for pre order now.

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    This was my Kindle first reads pick It didn t really grab me, probably partially because I didn t have a lot of respect for any of the characters I could see no logical reason for the actions of Emily and Alex, nor why they were even together.

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    Wow from the beginning to the end LOVED this book Hilary Davidson, I m going to go follow you next Can t wait for your next book

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    The premise of this novel is whether a man who is found innocent in the death of a female friend when she fell from the top of an apartment building the year before, is now suspected in the disappearance, and possible death of his fianc Alex, a well known photographer who suffers with PTSD, is very much in love with Emily, a physician he met in a war zone of Syria Now, they are back home in New York but good luck seems to be an elusive commodity for them Emily disappears on a Friday night and nobody knows where she has gone The police immediately look at Alex with the suspicion This novel is full of emotional depth and the reality of suffering that accompanies most of us in our lives Nothing is cut and dried, nobody is perfectly innocent, and nobody is fully guilty There is sadness, mental illness, suffering, but all is balanced by the gift of hope, humane justice and the possibility of love.

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