Life and Other Inconveniences

From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Good Luck With That Comes A New Novel About A Blue Blood Grandmother And Her Black Sheep Granddaughter Who Discover They Are Truly Two Sides Of The Same CoinEmma London Never Thought She Had Anything In Common With Her Grandmother Genevieve London The Regal Old Woman Came From Wealthy And Bluest Blood New England Stock, But That Didn T Protect Her From Life S Cruelest Blows The Disappearance Of Genevieve S Young Son, Followed By The Premature Death Of Her Husband But Genevieve Rose From Those Ashes Of Grief And Built A Fashion Empire That Was Respected The World Over, Even When It Meant Neglecting Her Other SonWhen Emma S Own Mother Died, Her Father Abandoned Her On His Mother S Doorstep Genevieve Took Emma In And Reluctantly Raised Her Until Emma Got Pregnant Her Senior Year Of High School Genevieve Kicked Her Out With Nothing But The Clothes On Her Back But Emma Took With Her The Most Important London Possession The Strength Not Just To Survive But To Thrive And Indeed, Emma Has Built A Wonderful Life For Herself And Her Teenage Daughter, Riley So What Is Emma To Do When Genevieve Does The One Thing Emma Never Expected Of Her And, After Not Speaking To Her For Nearly Two Decades, Calls And Asks For Help SEE LESSLife and Other Inconveniences

Kristan Higgins is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of than a dozen novels Her books have been honored with dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Library Journal, the New York Journal of Books and Romantic Times She is a two time winner of the RITA award from Romance Writers of America and a five time nominee for t

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  • Life and Other Inconveniences
  • Kristan Higgins
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  • 23 November 2019
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    At some point, we have to acknowledge that relationships are messier and far complicated than any romantic comedy would have us believe, that s just life And here, with her 19th release, Kristan Higgins does just that Life and Other Inconveniences quells those idealistic notions of love and life that all too easily take shape in our minds, opting instead for characters with candor, scarred hearts and a sense of resiliency Over the last few years, Higgins has pivoted away from the light and fun love stories romances that have garnered hordes of fans in favor of exploring heavier topics in the women s fiction space Life and Other Inconveniences, her fifth novel along this newfound path, proves to be the most heart rending yet While Higgins signature humor makes a few cameos along the way just picture getting mixer whisks caught in your hair , longtime fans will likely note the lack of chuckle inducing scenes Sadness proving to be the potent emotion.From go, Emma, a 37 year old, single mother, is best described as likable Reminiscent of Lorelai and Rory s relationship from Gil Girls, Emma and her sixteen year old daughter Riley have a strong bond, one steeped in trust Despite the struggles of raising Riley, mostly on her own, Emma is fiercely determined to give her daughter the best life So, it s on the promise of an inheritance for Riley, which would ensure a debt free college experience, that Emma decides to return to Sheerwater for the summer And against her gut reaction, agreeing to help out her uber wealthy and critical grandmother, Genevieve The very woman that turned her back when Emma needed her most Readers should brace themselves for a summer of revelations While the majority of the story unfolds from Emma and Genevieve s perspective, Riley and one of Genevieve s neighbors, Miller on him in a minute , are given the opportunity to garner the affection of readers with a few chapters of their own There is also an extensive cast of secondary characters to keep up with, but that s ultimately what this novel delivers, people that will make you care, despite their cruel approach or other quirks Higgins pulls this off with the frankness of her characters as they unpack their emotional baggage.For me, it was Miller and his plight as a single father to a trying 3 year old that stole my breath The conflicting thoughts running through his mind were unabashed and raw, yet understandable given the hand he was dealt And while you won t find this novel shelved in the romance section, his heart still managed to steal mine swoon I had hoped my assumptions early on in this endeavor would ring true that I d be labeling this a new favorite but the novel isn t without flaws Namely, the sheer predictability of the storyline and pacing inconsistencies felt throughout the back half Although, neither enough to detract from the memorable cast or the message bestowed on readers Ultimately, it s our approach to the world in spite of the hurt and heartache we ve experienced that dictates the quality of life we lead It s an overarching theme Higgins continues to explore with her characters as of late, and honestly, a place she thrives.If you re a new Higgins fan and find yourself wondering where to head next, I suggest starting with If You Only Knew, On Second Thought or Now That You Mention It Although, fair warning, you might get the hankering to go back and devour them all hehehehe , like I did A huge THANK YOU to Berkley Publishing for sending my treasured review copy, which in no way influenced my rating or the thoughts I shared here

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    4.5 starsThis is the third book by Kristan Higgins I have read and she has now earned her place on my list of authors who I will just automatically read anything they write, I don t even have to be bothered reading the synopsis first to see if it interests me I truly love the stories she chooses to tell as well as I just feel at ease with the characters even if I don t necessarily have a lot in common with them Emma London hasn t talked to her wealthy grandmother, Genevieve London, ever since she kicked her out of the house when Emma was a pregnant teenager Emma struggled to put herself thru school and provide for her daughter, Riley, all as a single mother and despite the odds against her managed to create a pretty darn good life for the both of them She is shocked though when out of the blue she gets a call from her grandmother begging her and Riley, the grandchild she has never met, to come live with her for the summer So many valid reasons for Emma to decline the invitation, but maybe there are few reasons to say yes The story mostly follows the perspectives of both Emma and Genevieve but also occasionally follows a few of the supporting characters This is the type of book that you have a pretty decent idea from the beginning where the story is headed but that doesn t mean the journey to get there isn t worth taking I did think at times Emma came across as a little too perfect and preferred her grandmother who definitely had some flaws but seemed realistic The author just has this comfortable type writing style that I love and this was a story I really enjoyed and even managed to stir up a few emotions inside me I highly recommend this book if you are a Kristan Higgins fan or to anyone who likes women s fiction.Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

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    My first Kristan Higgins book was a big success Emma London could not be different from her grandmother, Genevieve, who is regal and wealthy Genevieve s son disappeared many years earlier, and her husband died young She had a tough life before Emma came along, but she builds a fashion empire known around the world She also neglected Emma s father.Emma s mother passes away, and her father leaves her on Genevieve s doorstep Her grandmother reluctantly took her in, but when Emma gets pregnant as a senior, Genevieve kicks her out.There s one thing Emma took with her that day Her grandmother s sheer determination And with that, she builds a beautiful life for her daughter, Riley.Twenty years go by, and now Genevieve reaches out to Emma for help How will Emma respond Genevieve, Riley, and Emma felt so authentic and real The first thing that struck me about Higgins style is the sincerity in the storytelling She cares about these characters, and so did I Also, the complexities and nuances in the relationships were drawn well The writing is easy to read and warm.Overall, Life and Other Inconveniences is a heartwarming story I could easily slip right into and with characters I want to hug I ll be reading KH soon I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog

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    3.5 Kristan Higgins is my favorite author I own all of her books in digital, paperback and hardcover forms I think she s an amazing writer and she seems to be an awesome human being too.When I received a copy of Life and Other Inconveniences, I was ecstatic As a book lover, nothing feels as great as getting a book by your favorite author Then, something happened I didn t want to read it Why because she writes a book a year and if I started it too soon, I was going to have to wait a long time for her next one Finally, this weekend, I couldn t postpone it any longer So I prepared for my weekend I asked my husband to take care of the puppies, breakfast and household chores while I took the morning off to read No interruptions, no breaks.Life and Other Inconveniences is narrated in multiple points of views The main three characters are Emma, a single mother who has abandonment issues When she was very little, her mother committed suicide and her father Clark, left her with her grandmother and never looked back When Emma meets the first boy man who shows her some love, she dates him for three years and just before she graduates high school, she learns she s pregnant Her grandmother, Genevieve is not happy and pretty much kicks her out Emma goes to live with her maternal grandfather Years later, she s starting her career as a psychologist and her daughter, Riley is a teenager.Genevieve London had a perfect marriage She loved her husband, Garrison with all of her heart She also had two boys, Sheppard and Clark She loved Sheppard, her oldest and when he goes missing at a very young age, she loses part of her heart Then, Garrison dies too and when he dies, Genevieve loses the ability to love She s never the mother that she should be to Clark her youngest son and when years later, he delivers his daughter, Emma to her doorstep, she thinks this is her chance to make amends Yet, When Emma gets pregnant, she can t be flexible.Last, we have Riley Emma s daughter and Genevieve s granddaughter A smart young woman with a good heart Riley s having problems at school and when Genevieve s invitation to spend the summer with her is given, Emma and Riley agree it could be a good time to leave town.Life and Other Inconveniences felt different than her prior novels I had a hard time concentrating on the story I felt there was too much inner dialogue by Emma and Genevieve I missed the humor I ve come to expect from KH I missed the embarrassing moments, I ve come to feel for the characters I missed the romance, I ve come to adore I like to clarify that ANY time there was a dialogue, I was 100% immersed in it Even though, the dialogue was so scattered, when it was there, I craved it.These are my opinions but I hope this doesn t deter you from reading this book Cliffhanger No3.5 5FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Berkley via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    3.5 stars thank you to Berkley publishing for this ARC pretty darn good.

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    How do you review a book that moved you beyond words time and time again How do you do justice to a story that you never wanted to end and nearly cried that you had to say goodbye to these characters I m going to do my bestKristan Higgins was a new to me author last year when Good Luck with That was recommended to me Upon finishing this book and naming it to my top 10 of 2018 list , I immediately ran out to read her backlist, loving each one and When I heard comparisons to Gil Girls for Life and Other Inconveniences, I knew I was going to love this one Emma has returned home at 35 to care for her ailing grandmother the grandmother who tossed her out and cut her off when she became pregnant at 18 Genevieve, a former high end fashion designer, is unwilling to accept her life is reaching its sunset and refuses to apologize to Emma for past behavior The one person Genevieve does soften to is Emma daughter, Riley who is Genevieve s great granddaughter who she is meeting for the first time.Told in alternating perspectives from Emma, Genevieve, Riley and a few other neighbors, we get to know this family and we feel for them We want to scream with them, cry with them and most of all, hug them and tell them everything is going to be okay Higgins has such a way with words that bring her characters to life entirely, a special quality that is rarely replicated My only sadness is that I now have to wait another year for Luckily, I still have quite the backlist to devour.Thank you to Berkley for an advanced copy All opinions are my own.

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    Kristan Higgins has always been a favorite author of mine With her ability to deliver strong fleshed out characters that you truly want to know and her emotional and yet charming heroines and witty dialogue, her books are just so much fun to devour and are always so much than a fluff read This time told in multiple point of views, I love Higgins ability to both make us hate some of the characters and later, not only care for them, but even like them Most of all, she makes us feel for them in some many different ways I love authors that can not only bring out the emotions in me, but make me truly think and truly feel, so much so that sometimes I want to both put the book down to catch my breathe and keep on reading it because I just can t get enough and have to know what happens next Truly an amazing book about people in all stages of life, each with their own personal demons, regrets, and ability to live, love, grow, and most of all, let go and forgive ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsI wouldn t say I actively avoided Kristan Higgans, but I will say as a person whose name is on A LOT of books on the paperback rack near the checkout lanes at the local Wal Mart she wasn t someone who was high on my list of must read authors That s where they keep the James Pattersons blech Then she wrote a book about fat women that got everyone s panties all up their butts and I decided that was something I needed to read When offered an advanced copy of Life and Other Inconveniences I jumped all over it without even bothering to see what it was about first Imagine my delight when I discovered it was one of my fave tropes the maybe you can go home again The story here starts with a phone call Emma receives from her estranged grandmother Genevieve informing her that Genevieve has brain cancer, is not long for this world, and would like Emma and her daughter to come spend her last summer with her The two have not communicated for 17 years right about the time Emma announced that she was pregnant unexpectedly and Genevieve kicked her out but the dangling carrot of a potential windfall via Genevieve s estate being left to Emma s daughter in order to put her through college has this family reunion happening no matter what Emma s personal feelings may be This book hit ALL the right things for me To begin with, I love dysfunctional families They make me feel like mine might not be as awful as they appear to be Second I myself am poor I love reading about rich people And this one Granny Genny created a milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard handbag empire that had all the gals going In my head she was what Vera Bradley must be like And before Vera Bradley don t worry, I know that s not a real human I m only sorta stoopid reads this and takes offense that Genevieve was kind of a bitch on wheels I loved her it s a compliment.Not to mention It s summatime summatime sum sum summatime I literally read this from cover to cover at the pool last Friday on a mental health day away from the office Anyone know a good dermatologist I m gonna need to deal with the skin cancer I probably now have I wish I could post some quotes to prove that both Emma and Genevieve were amazing female leads, this had great humor and the romance was wonderfully schmoopy However, the ones I want to use are like half a page rather than a word or two and I like receiving free shit so I shall cease and desist before I lose my privileges Just trust me that if you are a Higgins fan, a Chick Lit fan in general, or just looking for a good time while making sure your children aren t drowning, this is a must read when it is released next week ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Things have never been easy for Emma When her mother died, her father deposited his 8 year old daughter at his mother s home, and Genevieve raised her granddaughter Until she got pregnant at 18 then Genevieve kicked her out and she went to live with her mother s father, where the two of them raised her daughter, Riley Emma supported herself through school with a variety of jobs until she finally got her counseling degree Out of the blue, after no communication for many years, Genevieve, that grandmother who had banished her as a pregnant teen, asks her to bring Riley and stay for the summer What are her motives She s very wealthy is she trying to buy Riley s love Does she regret her unkindness Emma and Riley will find out as they spend a never to be forgotten summer at Genevieve s mansion, Sheerwater This is Kristan Higgins at her best humor, a page turning plot, and her trademark multi dimensional characters Highly recommended.

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    I won this book on a Goodreads first reads giveaway.I m not really sure what to say about this other than I thought it was as the stars say okay.There was a lot going on here, which I m not entirely sure was a good thing Somehow this book managed to feel both over and underwhelming at the same time between the constant virtue signaling, the information dump about people s backgrounds, and how everyone living on the same block seems to suffer from some rare disease it s a lot to swallow and sort out.We re treated the POVs of multiple different characters, Emma a single mother, Riley her teenage daughter, Genevieve the pretentious grandmother, Clark the flighty father, and Miller a single dad So, it s a lot to take in as it is It doesn t help that the story isn t consistently moving forward One chapter is about Emma in the present, then the next chapter is about Miller doing something with his daughter than randomly meandering back in time with little to no warning for almost the entire chapter, only to switch to an entire chapter about Emma day dreaming about when she was a teenager We re basically spoon fed bits of the present plot while the characters backgrounds are almost dumped into our lap every chapter.It felt a bit ironic that the main character, Emma, is a therapist and yet every single person including Emma herself could have used some serious therapy On a side note, why is Emma so embarrassed it took her 11 years to get a PhD in Psychology It takes anywhere between 8 to 12 years on average, so for a single mom working a minimum wage job at a grocery store she technically fell into the average Everyone in this novel seemed to have some tragic past issue stemming from some rare medical phenomenon Miller s wife died from an amniotic fluid embolism 1 in every 40,000 deliveries , Emma s grandfather lost his wife to Lou Gehrig s Disease ALS which has less than 20,000 cases a year in the US , to a character suffering vascular dementia which accounts for fewer than 200,000 cases in the US a year , Emma s younger sister Hope suffers from a medical condition so rare that a parent basically has to have it in order to pass it on and is also on the spectrum.Yeah it s a little overwhelming and a bit hard to believe that so much bad luck strikes a small group living on basically the same block Throw in themes about losing loved ones, grief, struggles with depression, POS husbands baby daddy s, enabling parents, etc etc and it that basically encompasses the entire novel The most believable story was about Emma s mother and her struggle with clinical depression, which is sadly all too common over 3 million cases a year.I m not kidding when I say it s overwhelming.The other issue I had with this story was how, well, plastic all the relationships felt It felt weird that everyone just got along so well No one hated each other, no one fought or argued seriously, and everyone was basically insta everything from love to friends.While I thought Genevieve and Emma s characters were pretty well written and interesting, it felt like the rest of them felt a little flat Which might go back to the whole thing about never disagreeing, we re basically given a surface look at everyone else s personalities Genevieve and Emma seem to be the only characters with depth, everyone else is flawed to a fault or perfect.Riley, a teenage girl, never fought with her mom, obeyed her every command, and suffers no emotional damage from her father basically having a revolving door relationship with her We re frequently reminded how pretty, smart, and perfect she is and how she s not into boys and besides one patch of teenage angst never suffers mood swings and still acts like a child.Genevieve, the grandmother, is a conniving and extremely proud woman who often tries to pick fights with Emma Emma never raises to the bait and always magically defuses the situation without batting an eye The baby daddy I forgot his name acts like a complete man child the entire story and Emma never once argues, defends herself, or does anything but demurely excuse his boyish behavior She only confronts him once the entire story about how he s acting The rest of the time she s making excuses for him or laughing it off.The baby daddy s new wife is basically Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way There s no drama or hard feelings between her or Emma They meet once and she confesses Emma makes her nervous because she s the husband s first love and they re suddenly friends.It felt like there was so much going on all at once that the plot got sort of jumbled up along the way The stories are all magically closed with little to no effort, from Miller and Emma falling in love to Emma and Genevieve forgiving each other for years of hardship in a single page The story focused so much on the characters backgrounds that the present plot felt like it was a bit lost along the way.

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