Wicked Fox

A Fresh And Addictive Fantasy Romance Set In Modern Day Seoul.Eighteen Year Old Gu Miyoung Has A Secret She S A Gumiho, A Nine Tailed Fox Who Must Devour The Energy Of Men In Order To Survive Because So Few Believe In The Old Tales Any, And With So Many Evil Men No One Will Miss, The Modern City Of Seoul Is The Perfect Place To Hide And Hunt.But After Feeding One Full Moon, Miyoung Crosses Paths With Jihoon, A Human Boy, Being Attacked By A Goblin Deep In The Forest Against Her Better Judgment, She Violates The Rules Of Survival To Rescue The Boy, Losing Her Fox Bead Her Gumiho Soul In The Process.Jihoon Knows Miyoung Is Than Just A Beautiful Girl He Saw Her Nine Tails The Night She Saved His Life His Grandmother Used To Tell Him Stories Of The Gumiho, Of Their Power And The Danger They Pose To Humans He S Drawn To Her Anyway With Murderous Forces Lurking In The Background, Miyoung And Jihoon Develop A Tenuous Friendship That Blossoms Into Something But When A Young Shaman Tries To Reunite Miyoung With Her Bead, The Consequences Are Disastrous Forcing Miyoung To Choose Between Her Immortal Life And Jihoon S.Wicked Fox

WICKED FOX comes out with Putnam Books for Young Readers in Summer 2019.To stay up to date on my books and author life you can sign up for my newsletter, READICULOUS MUSINGS, here

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  • Hardcover
  • 429 pages
  • Wicked Fox
  • Kat Cho
  • English
  • 11 May 2018
  • 9781984812346

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    Full review now posted HERE on my blog Grandchild Grandma, why are you so bitter Me takes a swig of vodka Me lights up cuban cigar Me gazes out the window Me I was once let down by one of my most anticipated releases and I wasn t able to let it go ever since roll credits This started out SO GOOD and I guess halfway through the author just run out of ideas and it went downhill from there

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    Reading this was a dream come true A young adult urban fantasy set in Seoul My heart And it was everything that I wanted a .I absolutely loved the Korean mythology and it was perfectly woven into the story The characters Amazing I love them and the relationships that were formed My heart also broke for them I ll talk about it in my wrap up, but GET EXCITED FOR THIS This comes out 25 June Thank you so much Penguin Random House for providing me with an ARC I am eternally grateful

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    A girl who kills to survive A boy captured by goblins, saved by a killer.A choice an immortal existence for a single human life. Don t know about you, but I have high hopes for this one I love that it s centered on Korean mythology set in the modern world this is going to be amazing

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    5 31 19 if anyone is able to get an arc of this at bookcon and is willing to give it to me i will gladly take it and wish nothing but blessings and happiness for you 1 24 19 I CAN T BELIEVE MY PREDICTIONS OF THE COVER WERE TRUE IT TRULY LOOKS LIKE THIS CAME OUT OF A KOREAN WEBTOONKAT CHO PLEASE THROW ME AN EARLY COPY OF THIS I CAN T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I M ANTICIPATING THIS ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I AM A KDRAMA LOVER AND THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR US KDRAMA LOVERS 12 21 18 WiCkeD fOx 12 11 18 dear kat cho, when will the cover for this be revealed i m predicting something to look like it came out of a kdrama or a korean webtoon or korean comics or something that fits the description of the book, like the whole korean mythology set in modern day seoul aspect i m just trying to stay as patient as i can.sincerely, maggie, a kdrama addict and lover 02 24 18 so this is based on korean mythology and modern day seoul and about a girl who survives by killing but falls in love with a boy she rescued i m sorry but i am in just with that 11 10 18anyways i finally watched my girlfriend is a gumiho after sara mentioned it in the comments and all i can think about now is shin min a

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    We are being blessed this year with so many exquisite, unique, Asian inspired fantasies.

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    So much yes This was full of so many amazing surprises and twists I won t say any as I don t want to give anything away but my heart cannot take the cuteness that is Miyoung and Jihoon Love

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    where in the world have i been to not know that fantasy kdrama is the genre of the year the korean myth of gumihos is not one i was previously familiar with, but this story is making me want to book a one way ticket to seoul to sneak a peek at the little fox fiends for a debut, this has all the makings of a great story its creative, it represents a culture that isnt as mainstream, it has likeable relatable characters, and the writing is easy to read i feel that kat cho has brought a lot to this story in terms of her culture and portrays it in a really exciting way and oh my gosh the food the food sounds amazing every time a meal was mentioned, my mouth watered however, i do think this was drawn out a bit too long i feel like it could have been condensed a little without comprising the story, although the few moments of slowness werent a deal breaker for me this a pretty solid debut and great representation of korean folklore set in a modern setting cant wait for the sequel 3.5 stars

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    UPDATE 4 10 2019 For anyone outside of the US and Canada, there is going to be an international export edition AND drumroll it will be under its original title of GUMIHO Well, technically GUMIHO WICKED FOX I m so grateful that international readers will get a chance to meet Jihoon and Miyoung 1 22 2019 Cover is here follow the link for an exclusive excerpt show some love to my cover designer 12 20 18 As some of you eagle eyes have already noticed, the title was changed I finally announced it on Twitter along with pre order links Thank you for all the love you ve shown GUMIHO now retitled WICKED FOX Also, yes there is an official date now of 6 25 2019 AND there will be a cover reveal very soon Promise K drama hugs to everyone Can t wait for everyone to meet Miyoung Jihoon 3 3 3Fun facts It is told from dual POV Miyoung was a name my halmoni suggested my sister name my niece which may or may not be because my niece is a gumiho O.o It had 500% food scenes, but I had to cut a bunch Don t worry there are still a decent amount of food scenes.To stay up to date on news you can find me at or sign up for my newsletter here eepurl.com dqylFD

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    3.5 rounded up Night and darkness made a believer of everyone 18 year old Miyoung is not your typical girl, she is part Gumiho a nine tailed fox who survives by consuming the gi energy of men However, much to her mothers disappointment, she is also half human, with empathy and soft spots for some humans With the help of a local shaman who can see spirits, Miyoung only kills those who commit terrible crimes Both Miyoung and her Mother hide in plain site, Miyoung attends school in Seoul and tries to keep a low profile However, one evening she crosses paths with a handsome boy in her class as he s being attacked by a goblin in the woods She decides to help the boy and reveals herself and her nine tails to save Jihoon from certain death In this encounter, Miyoung loses her fox bead, something which contains her soul, and without it she will die.Both Miyoung and Jihoon are drawn to each other, and as much as Miyoung wants to ignore him, Jihoon is constantly drawn to Miyoung As a relationship between the two starts to develop, it may be over too soon as Miyoung s efforts at restoring her fox bead sparks an old feud, forcing Miyoung to face some terrible choices with dire consequences.Jihoon is a character who appears at first sight to be quite chilled out He is lazy and a constant gamer with very little interest in academics or life after school He is cocky in a lot of scenes and flirtatious with women especially those who are older than him and are in some authoritative position in his life However, it is clear from the book that he absolutely loves his Grandma and will do anything for her Meanwhile, Miyoung is struggling to meet up with her mothers expectations and acting as a full Gumiho Miyoung is prone to feel guilt and shame something which her mother views as terrible human emotions.Both characters have experienced severe loneliness and abandonment however, Miyoung so This is a tale of two people finding each other and bringing a bit hope and love to another s eyes This also explored what it is like to be human and Miyoung explores this side to her.This book was a great learning experience to learn some of Korean folklore as well as the differences in our cultures for example, attitudes towards mental health.It would have been 4 stars but in the last 1 4 of the book it seemed that the characters were making consistent bad mistakes and a revelation that seemed a bit too cliche for my liking I am still curious as to what will happen in the next book.

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