The Me I Used to Be

Download The Me I Used To Be By Jennifer Ryan In New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Ryan S Bold New Novel, Evangeline Austen Returns To Her Family S Sprawling Napa Valley Ranch, Determined To Rebuild Her Life And Expose The Shocking Truth About The Past.She S Not The Na Ve Girl She Used To Be After Serving Time For A Crime She Didn T Commit, Evangeline Returns Home To A Cold Welcome Her Mother Blames Her For Her Father S Death, And Her Brothers Want Her Out Of Their Way When Evangeline Learns She S Solely Responsible For Their Failing Ranch Putting Her Family S Future Squarely On Her Shoulders She Ll Have To Find A Creative Way To Save Their Home Before They Lose It All.She Ll Have Her ReckoningHer Only Ally The Cop Who Sent Her Away Chris Chambers Is Positive She Went To Prison To Protect Someone Else He Strikes A Deal Help Him Track Down The Real Criminals In Exchange For Clearing Her Name But The Closer Evangeline And Chris Get To Exposing The Truth And To Each Other The Deeper Evangeline Is Drawn Into A Dangerous Sting That Could Finally Bring Her Justice Or Put Her Dreams On Hold Permanently.She Ll Fight For The Life She Always Wanted Everyone S Lives Moved On While Evangeline S Stood Still Now She Has A Chance To Rebuild Her Family Ranch, Her Life, And Expose The People Who Put Her Away, So She Can Become The Woman She Was Always Meant To Be.The Me I Used to Be

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BOOKS ✭ The Me I Used to Be  Author Jennifer Ryan –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Me I Used to Be
  • Jennifer Ryan
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9780062883919

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    I really enjoyed this book I read this in one sitting because I could not put this down There are a couple storylines woven into this story and it fits nicely The story begins with Evangeline facing a parole board after serving 4 years in prison for a crime she did not commit She is released but is escorted out by the officer who arrested her, Chris Chris makes her a deal to expunge her prison record and she agrees He escorts her home to her family ranch where she faces her family who is so bitter and angry at her because they blame her for her fauther s death who recently passed away She is filled with guilt and because she has no place to go, she is forced to stay with her family Chris s deal involves the reason for Evangeline s time in prison..he believes she is innocent and wants to solve this crime He believes she also went to prison to protect someone that she cares for Evangeline wants to move on with her life and will agree to Chris s risky plan to catch the real criminals Whil...

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    NOW LIVE US UK The Me I Used to Be was a crazy intriguing story with a lot of heartfelt moments The book follows Evangeline after she s released from prison where she served 4 years for a crime she didn t commit There s no going back to her life from before she was in prison, so now she ll have to figure out how she s going to navigate this new life post jail time But with one major obstacle in the way catching the real criminals I have to say, there was a lot of frustration from seeing how Evangeline s family treated her, and many moments where I just wanted to reach into the book and slap them But I liked that the book had me reacting that strongly to the characters It had me fully captivated by everything going on that much Especially the mystery surrounding Evangeline s arrest and her crime I loved the suspense that it added and how the mystery was the thing pushing Evangeline and Chris together.Honestly there wasn t anything major that I didn t like about the book but as an overall story I felt like it lacked a little something It kept me intrigued, but also had me searching for depth from the characters Sometimes things were maybe just a little too easy to fall into place and that s what had me feeling as if the story was lacking Bottom line, this was a easy and quick read that I found enjoyable I liked Evangeline as our main character and I was definitely cheering her on as the ...

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    2.5 I REALLY wanted to like this book, I did The concept was interesting and the setting was relatable But I just couldn t get my head around it Evangeline spends 4 years in prison pretty much getting the crap kicked out of her then the cop who helped put her away shows up She makes a point of saying she s afraid of him and the power he has over her life, then BAM she can t get enough of him, can t stop thinking about him, and gives him MORE power over her life with her parole deal On top of that, is the behavior of Evangeline s family, who treats her like absolute crap Their behavior only softens a little when she proves she s worthy by saving be her nephew Then all is instantly forgiven once they realize she was innocent and protecting her dad.Her mother wouldn t talk to her and accused he...

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    Captivating Enjoyable Satisfyingtl dr Post conviction daugther returns to family farm to fix things This book is like a Romance writer scripted the afterlife for the character from Orange is the New Black The story has so many expected tropes jealous siblings, insta tropes, heart of gold lawman Yet, Ryan seems to turn the expected into something surprising This fast read is incredibly satisfying The main c...

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    I don t typically read fluffy romance, most of my romance involves demons, dragons, aliens, vampires, or werewolves But I received a copy of this book from a Goodreads contest and was than happy to try it out The book was cute and told a very simple and straight forward story I think I disliked two major things first, the author over explained tremendously She would take paragraphs talking about how a character felt, but I think that by the action and conversation in a book we should be able to tell She consistently went back over facts again and again, re stating what had happened in a previous chapter or what someone was thinking It was torture The other problem is the spoiler here everything is great she falls in love, her brother gets his house, the ranch is saved, the bad guy is caught, everyone forgives everyone, and every single possible plot line in the story is reso...

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    This was ok for me I like most of Jennifer Ryan s books, but there s not much romance here.the big secret is revealed a bit too soon and the effects of her time in prison are not delved into much, just scattered about the surface.

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    o perfect

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    As soon as I read the summary of this book, I knew it would be special and that I needed to read it I was so right, very special and a pleasure to read Evangeline Austen is being released from prison, due to the death of her father, after serving four years for a crime she did not commit While in prison, she was attacked several times and is now a very different Evangeline, tougher, smarter and determined to get justice Lt Chris Chambers, the cop who arrested her, is the only one trying to make the return to her former life easier He has always been attracted to her and knows that there was to her arrest, but she would not talk He will have her record expunged if she helps him catch the guilty parties Her families ranch is in financial trouble, her brothers do not agree on how to save the ranch and her mother blames her for her father s death Evangeline does everything ...

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    I wasn t sure what to expect with Jennifer Ryan s latest it appeared to be skewed toward women s fiction than romance, had the air of angst about it, and its cover was cowboy and abs free But I should ve known I d love it After all, I have all of Ms Ryan s other books Side note I m not that invested in abs on covers, but it s noticeably different from the usual style of this author s titles The Me I Used to Be isn t overly angsty though there are emotional and tense moments and it is romance At least, in part The budding relationship between Evangeline and Chris make take a bit of a backseat to the suspense mystery surrounding the whys of Evangeline s time in prison, and her adjustment to post prison life, but it s a sweet one regardless Needless to say, there s a lot happening in this book, and all of it was kinda captivating for me, which explains why I read it so fast I usually do with this author I m just a fangirl at heart, you see but that doesn t change the fact that there s some pretty intense stuff going on It s tightly woven, well written, and than enough to leave your blood pumping Basically, if you re into a fast paced, edge of your seat style of read, you ll be at home here, as I was Likable lead characters softened some of the speed o...

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    Sit back and enjoy this read or listen as will be available as an audio book as well The description gives you a basic overview, but it is so much Once you get started be prepared to lose track of time and all else that is going on around you It is a compelling story that leaves you with so much to think about Evangeline is a strong, smart, incredibly loyal loving friend, daughter and sister who spent 4 years and 27 days spent in prison for a crime she didn t commit While incarcerated she is attacked and beaten multiple times within an inch of her life She is physically and emotionally scarred for life for which her family, the people who are supposed to love and trust her thinks she deserved and then some They almost or maybe do wish she did dies while there so they can validate their righteous anger without ever thinking all may not be what it seemed Almost immediately upon her arrest she realizes who actually the guilty party is and decides to plead guilty for what she believes is the greater good She keeps it all a secret from her family and upon her release is treated with such disdain, anger and disgust by her family If only they knew Her mother even went so far as to throw out almost all of her belongings, empty put her room and blame her for her fathers ...

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