Claimed by the Assassins (Academy of Assassins, #3)

Read Claimed By The Assassins Academy Of Assassins, 3 Author Stacey Brutger SECRETS THREATEN TO DESTROY THE ACADEMY IF THE ASSASSINS CAN T WORK TOGETHER, THE ACADEMY WILL FALL AND CHAOS WILL REIGN.The Assassins Have Their Hands Full Chasing Down The Creatures Who Ve Fled To The Human World Too Bad Morgan Has Been Consigned To The Schoolroom, Too Valuable As The Future Heir To The Crown To Be Risked Not One To Kick Up Her Heels And Do Nothing, Morgan Is Determined To Find Out How To Control Her Powers So She Can Protect What Is Herseven If She Has To Sneak Behind Her Team S Backs To Do So.But What Should Ve Been A Time To Settle Down With Her Mates Turns Deadly When Secrets Are Exposed Morgan Is Furious, But Determined To Fight For The Chance To Have A Future With Her Meneven If She Must Challenge The Sea Queen To Prove Her Claim On Draven.The Sea Queen Is Vicious And Will Do Whatever Is Necessary To Get What She Wantsand She Wants Draven There Is Always A Price To Pay For Defying The Queen, But Her Mates Refuse To Let Morgan Pay The Price Alone.When A Deal Is Struck, Morgan And Her Team Must Survive The Next Three Days Of Being Hunted By The Queen S Mightiest Champions If She Fails, She And Her Mates Will Die, And Draven Will Be Forced Into A Life Of Slavery For All Eternity.An Academy Of Assassins Novel Book 3Meet The Assassins Morgan, Kincade, Ascher, Ryder, Draven And Atlas.Claimed by the Assassins (Academy of Assassins, #3)

Stacey Brutger lives in a small town in Minnesota with her husband and an assortment of animals.When she s not reading from the towering stack of books she can t resist buying , she enjoys creating stories about exotic worlds and grand adventuresthen shoving in her characters to see how they d survive She enjoys writing anything paranormal from contemporary to historical.

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  • Claimed by the Assassins (Academy of Assassins, #3)
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  • 09 June 2018

10 thoughts on “Claimed by the Assassins (Academy of Assassins, #3)

  1. says:

    Dear heavens, STACEY.If no sex was the edge you were going for to set apart your RH from the rest, ya blew it hun.WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK WE READ THIS SHIT For the repetitive plots and predictable men Please yes, yes we do I mean. we are into BOOK THREE The series is almost OVER I can t imagine anything else extending this past 4 books And they haven t even seen her tits yet.At least they ve all kissed her because even THAT took awhile.I may be harsh with my words but please, we are all thinking it sisters Book one was F I R E with the anticipation.Book two was a lot like what I think men feel during blue balls.Book threeWell, at least some of my questions are answered and the men aren t all fighting her And they seem to cement their bonds through words The plot was decently engaging.But let s be honest Morgan sounds a little lifeless in this book It s the same shit over and over I have to distance myself from them be...

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    I just love this series I didn t realize the author was giving us another book after this one I m so excited and can t wait until book 4 is released.Overall rating 4.5 A Very Good Read

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    I felt like there should ve been 4 books to the series I was a little disappointed that this book went half way through almost as a repeat of the second The guys are leaving her out of hunts, she feels left out, they feel protective It felt like they had that worked out at the end of book ...

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    A little disappointed Spoiler Alert I really liked these characters, and loved the previous books But I had hoped that by book 3 the steam level would have increased But there is still no consummation between Morgan, and Any of her Mates Also this whole storyline seems to culminate into Morgan, and her men turning into glorified royal babysitters UghAlso, is there a RH spinoff forming with the Banshee...

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    GoodOk so this was an improvement since book 2 but please please let their be some action with her men in book four The burn can t get any slower at this point Haha I have really grown to Love Atlas in this bookDraven Ryder have always had my heart from book one, Cade...

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    After finishing this book I fondly looked back at the review I wrote for the first book in this series, how thrilled I had been to find a decent RH book that checked every box only to be overwhelmed but still hopeful with the second book Claimed By the Assassins doesn t even feel like it was on the same wavelength as the other books The first chapter pretty much sums up the whole range of interaction between Morgan and her guys throughout the book It s like the same things are repeated in different words over and over no matter which guy she talks with The guys POVs are the same lovesick puppy inner monologues to make them anything memorable I felt no progress in their relationship, no varying dynamics despite some perfect opportunity to create friction with the whole Draven situation The characters themselves are so. flat Except for few scenes, Morgan was otherwise bland and dull I don t know where her spunk and badass persona vanished It would have been nice to see scenes with her magic as it wasn t really explored All of her guys were one dimensional, nothing beyond being Morgan s mates Honestly it was sad to see such underwhelming utilisation of paranormal characters that had so much potential The plot itself...

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    I m a bit underwhelmed by this book It really felt that not a lot of forward movement happened, not a lot of resolutions came about, plots didn t feel wrapped up and I m just not really see why the King would agree to what they agreed to Originally the author had meant ...

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    Fight for loveMorgan is a fighter through and through Nothing has come easy for her, including love I really enjoyed what she was willing to do to keep Draven I was worried that they were acting like mates even though they weren t marked There was a bonus chapter that had an...

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    Morgan knows the guys are pulling away and trying to protect, but she doesn t need, she needs to learn and to help keep them safe But when someone comes with one her mates, she will do what is needed to protect him This book was really interesting I liked it, but I was also ...

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