A Bend in the Stars

For Fans Of All The Light We Cannot See AndThe Women In The Castle Comes A Riveting Literary Novel That Is At Once An Epic Love Story And A Heart Pounding Journey Across WWI Era Russia, About An Ambitious Young Doctor And Her Scientist Brother In A Race Against Einstein To Solve One Of The Greatest Mysteries Of The Universe.In Russia, In The Summer Of 1914, As War With Germany Looms And The Czar S Army Tightens Its Grip On The Local Jewish Community, Miri Abramov And Her Brilliant Physicist Brother, Vanya, Are Facing An Impossible Decision Since Their Parents Drowned Fleeing To America, Miri And Vanya Have Been Raised By Their Babushka, A Famous Matchmaker Who Has Taught Them To Protect Themselves At All Costs To Fight, To Kill If Necessary, And Always To Have An Escape Plan But Now, With Fierce, Headstrong Miri On The Verge Of Becoming One Of Russia S Only Female Surgeons, And Vanya Hoping To Solve The Final Puzzles Of Einstein S Elusive Theory Of Relativity, Can They Bear To Leave The Homeland That Has Given Them So Much Before They Have Time To Make Their Choice, War Is Declared And Vanya Goes Missing, Along With Miri S Fianc Miri Braves The Firing Squad To Go Looking For Them Both As The Eclipse That Will Change History Darkens Skies Across Russia, Not Only The Safety Of Miri S Own Family But The Future Of Science Itself Hangs In The Balance Grounded In Real History And Inspired By The Solar Eclipse Of 1914 A Bend In The Stars Offers A Heartstopping Account Of Modern Science S Greatest Race Amidst The Chaos Of World War I, And A Love Story As Epic As The Railways Crossing Russia.A Bend in the Stars

Rachel Barenbaum is a graduate of Grub Street s Novel Incubator program In a former life she was a hedge fund manager and a spin instructor, before moving to the New Hampshire woods to write She has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an AB in Literature and Philosophy from Harvard College A Bend in the Stars is her first novel.

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  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • A Bend in the Stars
  • Rachel Barenbaum
  • 08 February 2017
  • 9781538746264

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    A Bend in the Stars is easily my favorite book that I ve read this year hence the 5 star rating I m giving it It will be hard for any other books to be thoroughly loved in 2019 If you read and loved For All The Things We Cannot See, then this is another must read You won t be disappointed Believe it or not, this is Rachel Barenbaum s debut book She brings us to Russia and introduces us to the brother sister duo Miri and Vanya Russia is on the brink of war with Germany Things aren t easy, especially for science based practices This makes things difficult for Miri, who practices as a surgeon rare for women at this time , and Vanya, a physicist competing with the famous Albert Einstein to explain relativity Their practices bring many challenges and critiques, and with conscription brewing, their lives are turned upside down When Vanya goes missing, Miri is forced to face reality and fight for the brother she loves most.I really enjoyed that this book took us into Russia history and successfully explored the sciences without it being overkill it was artfully folded in I never thought that science in Russia would be such a conspiracy, or be thought of as witchcraft The other thing that really pulled me into this book was how much I related to Miri as a woman trying to prove herself as an equal without it being overdone No matter what, Miri fights for her beliefs and does her best even though she may feel like that s not enough I never cry, but I cried through the end of this book and I had chills It was just That Good.Clearly, I could go on and on about how much I loved this book Mark your calendars because it s coming out on May 14th You don t want to miss it Thank you so much to Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with an advanced copy of this book I have voluntarily read this book and the review provided expresses my own personal opinion.

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    I read this beautifully crafted, intelligent novel in one weekend, consumed by Miri s courage, Vanya s ambition, the twists of loyalty and sacrifice, the sting of betrayal, the wrenching pain of star crossed love In thrilling detail, Barenbaum takes readers on a journey that is both quest and cat and mouse game, crisscrossing 1914 Russia by foot and rail with danger at every turn, as Vanya races to the center line of a total eclipse in search of scientific proof among the stars of gravity s effect on light and Miri pursues her dream of being a surgeon while struggling to reunite her family A Bend In The Stars is smart, moving historical fiction Thanks to NetGalley for advanced access in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was completely swept away by this novel, transported into pre World War I Russia and the struggles and hopes of the charismatic siblings, Miri and Vanya Abramov, as they attempted to make scientific history and escape the anti semitism and violence of pre revolutionary Russia With impressive but never heavy handed research, Barenbaum builds a world of intellectualism, scientific discovery, feminism, beauty, romance, violence and hatred and illuminates the complexities of Russian Jewish life beyond Fiddler on the Roof stereotypes of shtetl life Even impressive than her depiction of the drama of impending war is the suspense she brings to the pursuit of physics as Vanya Abramov races to perfect Einstein s initial theories of relativity by completing the mathematical equations and confirming them through photographs of the solar eclipse that was visible in Russia in 1914.

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    I was fortunate to have the chance to read an ARC of A Bend in the Stars and as soon as I started reading it, I couldn t put it down The story is set in early 20th century Russia and is so well researched, the reader practically feels like you are there in Kiev The beautifully vivid writing draws the reader in you can almost smell the strawberry jam as Babushka scoops it into her tea Then there is the race for scientific discovery, with the alluring character of Einstein lurking ever in the background And the unfolding love story that twists and turns A Bend in the Stars has it all five stars

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    This was amazing I can t recommend preordering this one enough I ll be posting my full review soon Thank you to the author, publicist, and Grand Central Publishing for the early copy for review.

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    Wow If you like smart historical fiction with bracing adventure, this one is for you A Bend in the Stars will take you to places you ve never seen and introduce you to characters with their backs up against a history you may not know Russia on the verge of WWI the sparkling cities, the frozen steppe, the ramshackle ghettoes, the universities and hospitals it s all here, as seen through the eyes of a Jewish sister and brother struggling to make their mark in a society that considers them, at best, to be useful At worst I don t have to tell you Vanya, the brother, is a brilliant physicist on the cusp of a discovery that will out Einstein even Einstein he is desperate to prove his theory, but that will involve traveling incognito across Russia, pursued by soldiers and rivals, to photograph the solar eclipse Miri, his sister, is a newly trained surgeon who has to fight for her right to do medicine I don t want to give away too much but she, too, will traverse Russia, in the company of a dashing soldier who is not her fianc Think Doctor Zhivago meets Casablanca Love and ambition and family set against the backdrop of looming war I loved this novel, for its characters and story, but also because it let me experience what life was like for scholarly, talented Jews in Russia, in a time and place that I d never seen on the page The history will come alive for you and never let you go.

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    A rich, stunning, heartbreaking debut grounded in history The science blew my mind and the love story broke my heart

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    Russia, 1914 Miri Abramov and her brother Vanya have been raised by their grandmother after their parents death years before There is unrest in the country and the Jewish communities are especially at risk Miri Abramov is now one of few female surgeons, while Vanya is a physicist who dreams of solving the final puzzle concerning Einstein s theory of relativity Now an eclipse is coming and this could be the answer to solving the puzzle However, with Russia at war, it is unsure if Vanya will be able to take the photographs he needs to confirm his theory But, he will not give up and together with Miri s fiance he sneaks away from the army in hopes of taking photographs of the eclipseREAD THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION

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    What an adventure Through war, angry mobs, desparate train rides, I felt the excitement of the race, and the fear, love, and loss along the way This is a great read I can t wait to share it with my friends and family.

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    Title A Bend in the StarsSeries StandaloneAuthor Rachel BarenbaumRelease date May 14, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre historical fiction A Bend in the Stars is a sweeping epic portrait of the devastation and desperation of war This story does not read like it came from a novice writer, far from it If I hadn t known this was a debut novel beforehand, I would have expected this kind of talent from a seasoned author with years of honing their craft under their belt Once I got past situating myself in the beginning, I was flying through the book for the majority of its 464 pages That s no mean feat With every gasp that escaped these characters, every fearful thundering heartbeat, I was standing next to them in solidarity Miri and Vanya Abramov have already suffered great loss and injustice by the year 1914 Their parents died attempting to make it to America for the family, and since then tensions have escalated to the point of war As Jews living in pre war Russia, beatings and murder are occurrences that could happen without warning on any given day There is no such thing as safety, and they ve learned to live their lives as if walking on eggshells To survive the constant abuse and discrimination and get by one day at a time The siblings are both brilliant in their own right Vanya is a professor of physics, Miri a doctor who has just been approved to become one of the first few female surgeons to practice in her country But however much they excel, there are always those who wish to abuse their position of power to prevent them from succeeding Vanya idolizes Albert Einstein and has even corresponded with him once over his theory of relativity He is consumed with the idea of proving his theory and making a huge difference in the world through scientific discovery The upcoming total solar eclipse is his chance to make that contribution, and at the same time gain entry into America If he can meet with the American journeying there to take photographs of the rare event, a position at Harvard will be assured That will mean safety and freedom for his family unlike anything they ve experienced before Unfortunately the timing of WW1 breaking out is cataclysmic for his plans But he s determined to succeed and begins a perilous, life or death journey fraught with danger The historical detail was very well researched, and rich with detail without being too indulgent I never felt as if it was at the expense of a well paced plot We alternated between brother and sister until they finally intertwine towards the end near the final climax Fact and fiction were perfectly woven together to create a war novel unlike any I ve read before There was love amid the madness unequivocal love for family, and another love story that seemed doomed to end in tragedy in one way or another Why Because Miri is engaged, suddenly there is another love interest, and at any moment any one of them could die at the hands of a multitude of people hunting them I m not a huge fan of love triangles, and this one was no different but those are my personal preferences I felt almost guilty for taking off a half star because the quality of the writing was so good So gripping This romance fell in a grey area for me because of the extreme circumstances that influenced the decisions made Still there was some disappointment involved, but not enough to detract much from my love of the overall story The flash forward to the year 2000 brought everything to a close so poignantly and tied all the loose ends together crisply Rachel Barenbaum is a new talent to watch After her sparkling debut, I m a firm fan that will be following her work in the future Not to be missed FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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