Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting

Download Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting By Mike McArtor Golarion, The Exciting World Of The Pathfinder Adventure Paths And Pathfinder Modules, Comes Alive In This Massive 256 Page Full Color Hardcover Tome Primed Up And Ready To Go For Your New Campaign Detailed Sections On Than 40 Nations From The Frontiers Of Varisia To The Devil Tainted Cities Of Cheliax To The Frigid Hold Of The Mammoth Lords Provide A Full Picture Of The World Of The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, With New Rules, New Magic And Spells, Detailed Descriptions Of Than Twenty Gods And Their Religions, And A Gorgeous Poster Map Detailing The Entire Campaign Setting The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting Provides Classic Adventuring Style And Cutting Edge Game Design Perfectly Suitable For The World S Most Popular Roleplaying Game Note Pathfinder Campaign Setting The Inner Sea World Guide Has Replaced This Volume As The Main Pathfinder Campaign Setting Book The Newer Volume Has Been Expanded And Updated, And Is Designed For Use With The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game And The PDF Is Cheaper, Too Cover Art By Wayne ReynoldsPathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting

I started playing DD in the summer I was 9 years old which would be 1984 Before the end of that summer, unable to acquire actual DD books, I started writing my own bizarre, 9 year old s version of DD I didn t really stop making up games until high school After a 4 5 year full stop break from anything nerdy at all, I rejoined on AOL s TSR page circa 1996 There I met Sean K Rey

!!> KINDLE ❄ Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting ❁ Author Mike McArtor –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting
  • Mike McArtor
  • English
  • 19 March 2017
  • 9781601251121

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    Basic Premise A guidebook to Golarion, the world of the Pathfinder setting.I haven t actually finished reading this book cover to cover, but I forgive myself for lying I have read a lot of it It works best as a general reference for those interested in the world created for Pathfinder It s incredibly detailed, and while a DM really ought to read the whole ...

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    It s a world made up of your favorite gaming author s homebrew campaigns, what s not to like True, some gamers might not like the way that unfamiliar lands juxtapose against on another, but I think it makes for a much interesting world There s a curious sort of culture artifact effect going on here too, where you can tell when DM s were creating the campaigns that would make up the various kingdoms if that super science barbarian land wasn t a direct result of the 80 s, I ll eat my hat Outside of a handful of typos, I ve got two gripes The rules are 3.5, and not the Pathfinder revision This is hardly a problem, and the only thing that needs changing are a few of the prestige classes, but you d think they d put their own rule system first The book comes with a large fold out map, which is ve...

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